It was almost as if Arnav Varun’s “engagement” was the only topic that could keep the part of IE-V that she belonged to, bound in the wake of Aarohan. Or maybe it was the only conversation that caught her ear even as her brain ignored everything else. For weeks, even months following Aarohan, not a day went by without someone referring to the fact that IE-V’s beloved AV-Sir was hitched and so, so in love. The details of his “love” story were also freely available for interpretation, imagination and gluttonous consumption if only Khushi paid any detailed attention to it. Nevertheless, with Arjun Agarwal still strongly rooted beside her as her best and sometimes only friend, it was impossible to gloss over the details.

They were childhood sweethearts – she a year younger than him and studying medicine in Patna – their hometown. Their parents were family friends. They belonged to different religions but never really expected any trouble given how close their families were and how their fathers’ friendship went right back to their own university days. However, when the news of their involvement broke – accidentally as it had been, things changed as dramatically as they only did in Bollywood created fiction, or so Khushi had always assumed. Friends turned foes as the infamous “mazhab ki deewar” that seems to exist rather exclusively in the Indian sub-continent reared its ugly head, tearing through the years of shared Diwalis and Eid celebrations. The couple held their own and “fought” for their “love” while maintaining their dignity and never crossing that line that no one really cared to define. At long last, the impasse had ended as abruptly as it had come into existence, from his parents’ first. Her parents had come around shortly thereafter. The coast was all clear and the news of the impending shaadi-nikaah was just a matter of time. Girls across IE-V branches and years, were heartbroken, Arjun swore. And boys – inspired by the college hero’s dedication and commitment, many attempting to pursue their own love stories on campus – to varying degrees of success. Some, rather petty folks, Arjun had mentioned in a wry, unimpressed voice, did raise questions about the judiciousness of getting married straight out of engineering college. In Arjun’s, and he swore many others’ opinion, no time was early or late, as long as true soulmates had been found. Plus, there was always the rationale of young, modern lovers, looking at marriage only as seal of companionship and not really a full-stop to personal and professional growth.

None of this, Khushi had expressed any explicit interest in. And when Arjun had finished narrating the saga with much gusto having peppered it with color commentary only to end with an offer to reveal AV-Sir’s fiancée’s name almost as it it was the secret to life itself, Khushi had put her book down rather forcefully and stared at her friend in the eye. “I really wonder if it is AV-Sir’s story that has found its happily-ever-after – or yours?”

To this Arjun had only chuckled and responded rather mysteriously about her being the one person who would definitely know when he found his happy ending.

She had been in no mood to analyze what that meant. And so the comment had been ignored unceremoniously and the topic of Arnav Varun and his love-story had been dropped for a good two weeks thereafter.

In those two weeks, Mid Semester results were announced and for the first time in years, Khushi found herself not at the top of the class. While her grades and relative position in the class had not been as drastically depressing as her worst nightmares usually led her believe, it was enough to rattle her.

How any of this fitted with what had or had not happened that evening during and after Aarohan, Khushi couldn’t answer. So she blamed herself for having read too much into every action that in hindsight could be argued as polite, friendly and nothing more. After all, on his part, Arnav Varun never really tried to contact Khushi ever again. She didn’t stop seeing him in the months that followed but she rarely met his eye when their paths did cross. In none of these chance meetings, were they ever alone, just the two of them – not even for a fleeting moment. And it was more by design – hers she liked to think – than it was attributable to chance. There were no solitary trips to the library or the secluded University Ghat. She kept her head down and Arjun by her side for as long as she could remember that year.

The fact that Khushi’s Semester end results had been better than Mid Sem and yet less than satisfactory, helped immensely. This time Khushi’s performance had been better than anyone from First Year Mechanical Engineering had expected, she knew she was capable of more. Her parents did not have to express their disappointment with her marginal improvement in relative ranking. Her own resolve to make her way right up to the top was enough. She drowned herself in her books in way that disappointed Tripti and yet even Krishna Tripti Gupta had seemed to know better than to rouse a wounded lioness.

By the time AV-Sir’s spectacular business school results had surfaced well into the second semester later in the year, Kaveri Khushi Gupta had found her groove again. Now she was not just that first year mechanical girl, she was the first year mechanical topper girl. And that was the only cure Khushi had access to for what some might refer to rather dramatically, as a broken heart.

The last time Khushi saw AV-Sir was a day before the farewell ceremony that had been organized by the first years for the Class of 2005. It was touted to be a spectacular event, somber and yet beautifully befitting for those who were leaving the nest for the big, bad world and would, years later be names that bring glory and grandeur to their Alma Mater. She had tried to smile at him and silently wish him all the luck in the world. Unfortunately for her, it was that day that the tears she hadn’t realized she had been holding at bay, had finally made their presence felt.

It was good for her sanity then that she was required to travel out of Banaras for a family wedding that very evening; to return long after the presence of Arnav Varun on IE-V grounds was a thing of history.

The mixtape with lesser known but melodious Hindi songs from the 90s, most of which she already knew and loved, that he had once gifted her, had echoed in her room for the first time the day she had returned to an empty campus. And found its place in her heart just like its creator once had.


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Chhupaana Bhi Nahi Aata

Album: Baazigar

Singers: Vinod Rathod

Music: Anu Malik

Lyrics: Rani Malik

Mohabbat kaise karte hain,

Koi toh humko samjhaaye

Kahin aisa na ho ke, pyaar bin umr kat jaaye

Tumse milne ka koi, bahana bhi nahi aata



Note: This chapter (intentionally short) brings us to the End of Part I: Once A Mountain Stream. But before we move to Part II: River of Joy, I will post another short Interlude – Arnav Varun’s thoughts. Of course, I don’t promise that it will be what everyone is looking for but I am adding it purely as a response to all the requests. I hope it will be something worthwhile.

Next Update: Monday, Apr 18, 2016

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    The update has left me angry,heartbroken and irritated. AV just left college and she didn’t even try to talk to him after Aarohan! Seriously what is wrong with her? But that is what girls do,don’t they? I do the same.Concentrating on my work more than required but still not meeting my own set expectations. He is unconsciously living in her mind and thoughts deterring her somehow. But Kaveri did a fabulous job of working hard each and every day. No talk for more than a whole semester! How does one do that? Such perseverance! I fail in just few weeks and go crawling back to bae asking questions. This is more than heartbreak. She accuses herself of building castles in air without knowing his feelings.

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    1. For Meera on a posted quote above….

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      Guy God, my emotions are like a freaking YO-YO thrown going in a tizzy.

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    With your splendid writing, u have really brought the way how it is with some girls

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  8. 1) I am proud of Kaaveri. Because at least she channeled her emotional rush into something productive. Because there is love and there are priorities. You don’t stop loving, but life must go on. You cannot forget where you come from and why you are where you are.

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    4)Mixed tapes. Sigh. How can reminder of heartbreak be both bittersweet and brutal?

    5) Interlude ain’t no chapter. It has to come mid week so we can move on to River of Joy next week :)

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  11. I suspect Arjun harbors some feelings for Khushi — perhaps it’s my bias towards AV Sir, but I see them best suited to each other as friends. I’m very interested to see where that goes though — I would think, if she doesn’t reciprocate, that it could impede their friendship for a short while, but going by what I remember of the prologue… they clearly move past it? I’m reluctant to guess, because I just want to see where you take it. Actually, that’s one of the lovely things about this story — a guy and a girl *can* have a solid friendship, even if one harbors feelings and such. It’s not the be all end all that movies would like us to believe, at least in my experience. I’m very excited to see AV Sir’s perspective, and I’m also curious to know more about this mysterious love that he has. I am also very proud of K — she didn’t wallow in self misery, no matter how tempting that must have been.

    Love always,

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    1. Your comment made me reread the prologue. They both seem to have moved past Arjun’s feelings, but the shadow of AV lingers (even with Arjun). Wonder what else happened in the past decade. These two are very comfortable with each other, Khushi is always in her element when she interacts with him. The adult Khushi is confident not shy different from the teenager- no self talk about appearance or about food avoidance. It will be interesting how this story enfolds.

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      1. Yes! I felt that as well — I’m wondering if something else also happened with AV that hangs over them. I didn’t feel like Arjun was hung up on her in the prologue — they really do compliment each other well. It’s that in between where they work so well but… the attraction, on one or both sides, just isn’t there. Need the trifecta for a relationship to work, right? :)

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  12. This is how real world is, this is how real life is. Exactly this! This update hurt a lot, but unfortunately, thats how the first crushes of thousands of girls or guys all over the world die a sudden death! Beautifully written again Meera, felt everything that Khushi went through and it hurt bad. May be, I am not looking forward to Arnav’s POV to be honest, cus it will be all about the girl we all don’t want to hear anything about! :)

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  14. hi,
    just read the last few chapters now and what a roller coaster ride it is when you read it in one go! one moment we are in wonderland with arnav acknowledging khushis feelings , even sort of reciprocating to some extent, in a world of music, laughter and college fest where as the next moment we are dropped back to harsh reality with arnav varun having a secret love affair and a heartbroken khushi!
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    but glad that khushi channeled all her energy to her studies and came with flying colours. so arnav has left the college never to come back or would he? let’s see.
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  18. Meera,
    It was a short but heart tugging chapter. Khushi did the good thing by moving on (or pretending to, coz after all, which girl forgets her first love?) I am eager to read AV’s POV, only if it’s limited to Khushi and college. Not sure if I am tough enough to read about his “lovestory”. Sometimes it’s better to not know why, how and when the love of your life fell for someone who’s clearly not you. Heartbreaking stuff! :(

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  19. Oh the heartbreak of unrequited love !
    AV-Sir’s love story – I just can’t get myself to believe it. There’s a mystery as to how his parents suddenly agreed and accepted their love and what exactly is the hurry for the shaadi-nikaah. AV-Sir ki Love Story ke dal mein kuch kaala hain. * Rotates hand in ACP Pradyumann Style * XD

    I understand why Khushi would try and avoid any sort of confrontation with AV-Sir. As if the memory of that one pure heart shattering moment wasn’t enough, spending time with him would just serve as a reminder of what it could’ve been, weighing down her already splintered heart. Discerning what Khushi might be feeling – the strength of her emotions, renders me with a very heavy heart.
    But she’s taken the right step by channeling her energies and focus into academics. It couldn’t have been easy but she’s done it and that’s left in me a deep sense of respect for her, the way she has handled and risen from such an ordeal.

    I think Arjun’s liking towards Khushi runs deeper than I previously thought. He doesn’t show it in its true magnitude, mostly using gentle flirtation or good-natured ribbing as disguise.

    I expected something more in the Cassette that Arnav gave Khushi, maybe some recorded message depicting his feelings to bring Khushi out of misery. I’m still sure he felt something too. My over-imaginative mind rewinds back to the instance when Arnav was missing for a few days right after Khushi floored him with her performance on Pyaar Hua Chupke Se, and I think that was the first time he acknowledged that he felt something for Khushi and maybe deciding it was wrong to do so specially having a girl back home, he must’ve disappeared from IE-V probably to spend time with his supposed love. Crazy thought, but it really did come to my mind.

    I want say it out before I go back to wallowing in Khushi’s heartbreak. I don’t think many writers can instill the multitude of the emotions that their characters feel and you’ve done it effortlessly. Beautifully written Meera !
    I look forward to the interlude and the River of Joy, hoping it brings in the much needed joy it promises.

    PS : Chhupana bhi nahi aata fits this chapter flawlessly. And when the writer is a Shahrukh fan, it’s certainly a treat !

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    1. You are right! I had forgotten or it didn’t just register that Arnav was missing too after that song! I was so busy investing myself in Khushi and her definite impending heartbreak that I had forgotten this small detail! So now….one more addition to the list of speculations, which brings the count to 64,899! ;)

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      1. Haha. It’s just that my mind is constantly occupied with the thoughts of Arnav Varun and Kaveri Khushi these days, and it is at such times that I come up with these crazy connections. And, if all the readers sit together and start speculating I’m sure Ginti bhool jaayenge !

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        1. Hahaha! I agree. What I LOVE the most about Meera is the fact that she doesn’t change anything in the story, the readers may stay miserable, anxious or anything else that adds values to these adjectives from the thesaurus …she writes what she needs to write, period! What I HATE about Meera is the fact that she doesn’t change anything in the story, the readers may stay miserable, anxious or anything else that adds values to these adjectives from the thesaurus …she writes what she needs to write, period! ;)

          Sorry Meera, lol..was kidding. I love what you write and won’t change a thing no matter what we or anyone says. Look forward to the rollercoaster ..and one helluva ride ahead :)

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    2. I love reading the comments here almost as much as I love reading the updates. This community we have going here at the moment over shared heartbreak and speculations (my speculation of the moment, Juliet is also named khushi ! :-) )
      Like mami will say, daal mein kuch black jaroor hai hello hi bye bye :-)
      The thing is all of us are able to identify with Khushi. Her heartbreak is ours. We get her need to protect herself, probably she feels angry for reading too much into things.

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      1. Absolutely ! Reading the comments and speculations is half the fun and this story promises all that and never fails to deliver. Hmm, Juliet shares the same name as our Khushi? Maybe, par apni Kaveri Khushi is laakhon mein ek, no ? We’ll wait for writerji to reveal Juliet’s name.
        Baaki sab ke liye, hello hi bye bye, inbhestigation kareka padi ! XD

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          1. This had me grinning right from the start. There’s very little that a dose of Shah Rukh Khan can’t cure, and I’m already crazy about this song. Pair it with Barun’s expressions and that’s it ! There’s no Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham, there’s only Khushi Khushi and more Khushi :)

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          2. Haaye! I forgot what I was reading and thinking watching the man in this video…I mean THE man! ;)
            So…what were we thinking? I mean speculating? Juliet shares the same name? Hmm! Was that why he suddenly called her Kaveri…out of the blues, just to make sure he doesn’t confuse himself anymore?

            Seriously, even this bit intrigued me. Why did he call her Kaveri ?

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  20. God I forgot to go through the songs on THE tape!!! You’ve got some selection going on there Meera! Wow! There is one movie amongst all those that I had almost forgotten about, and god will never forgive me for it!! Khamoshi! Thank you Meera…one more thing to thank you for besides such a beautifully written story! I think its one of the rare albums where I have loved almost all the songs. I lurveee “Kuch Mere Dil Ne” a lot too! Ok…that collection on the tape is amazing, the almost forgotten but beautiful songs!! I don’t know and couldn’t figure out if they have any link with Arnav’s emotions, so you’ve done a clever job of keeping the tape pretty neutral!

    We all are going cuckoo over the story line – over Kaveri’s heartbreak, over Arjun’s feelings, over Arnav’s thoughts about Khushi, over Aarohan, the songs and of course the consistently demanded pleaded and begged for – Arnav’s POV(!!)….lol….speculating and driving you and us crazy in the process. I can see you sitting with a cuppa, looking at your screen …smiling and at times laughing mad reading all the comments! Mazaa aa raha hain Author Sahiba? ;)

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  21. Whatever but the songs in tape all point that he had feelings for Khushi if he chose those songs to show his emotions but again who knows what is there in AV sir’s mind — truly a mystery. I am still very hurt and sad.

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  22. Please please update soon. Can’t wait to get a glimpse into the mind of the man. Can’t believe he remained unaffected by the storm he unleashed in our lady’s life. Khushi of course reacted in the expected manner, burying her broken in a heap of books and in turn becoming more introvert n academic than before, ie , if such a thing is possible.

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  23. Listened to the song in the cassette. After hearing the lyrics its not possible for a guy to give something like that without being involved. Who misunderstood whom is what I keep thinking. And the news of his engagement came out at the worst time. A less reticent girl may have taken him up for that but Khushi being the Khushi in this story buried her dreams at the first sight of trouble

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  24. Yet life moves on !!!!

    That is how it was, it is and will always be.

    Khushi tried to move on. She had to. And she channelized all her energies on the one thing she is strong in, that is academics.
    If on the farewell party was the last she saw of Arnav, then why so much hesitation to meet him almost after a decade. In all probability, he never knew of her feelings. Then why is she dreading to face him again?

    Does Arjun have feelings for her? And how did he come to know of her love for Arnav?

    So AV sir got into a B school after his engineering.

    Meera, since you said you would give an interlude from Arnav’s POV, was thinking about him.

    He is a decent guy, well bread with extremely good manners, a charming guy no doubt. He is also a dreamer isn’t it. The romantic emotional kind of guy. My guess is he fell for the first girl with whom he interacted closely. I am not judging his choice or the girl. For all we know, he might be happily married with two kids now.
    But falling for a girl who is of a totally different religion at such a young age does tell us more about him.
    Having a guitar on his shoulders, singing romantic bollywood songs, and falling in love at such a young age, well according to me Arnav is surely a guy who is hopelessly romantic at heart and probably falling in love was quite easy for him.

    Did he develop feelings for Khushi during his interactions with her, probably not. He treated her as a friend. And being the charmer that he is, Khushi got carried away easily.

    What is going to happen in book 2 now?

    I really hope he is not divorced or widowed. Anyway waiting to see what else is in store for Kaveri and us, readers and where does this flowing river take us finally.

    A song which came to my mind about this whole situation:

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  25. The songs on the mixtape surely brought back so many memories to me. A few songs which I used to love but had forgotten over the years, it felt nice to listen to them again.

    Thank you for the wonderful collection Meera.

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  26. Though I was expecting the heartbreak, it was a heart wrenching to read it. How come Kushi’s was not reading him correctly?! I am finding it very difficult to understand. But though Arnav may not love Kushi with the same intensity as her, surely he was interested in her. I was frustrated reading that they did not confront each other thereafter about their moment!! Kushi being Kushi put her whole self into studies to divert herself ..I am glad she tried to do some positive thing. And I am wondering if I am reading into Arjun’s words more than necessary..I love Arjun and feels helpless to see him heartbroken..Eagerly waiting for the Arnav’s POV…

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  27. Just like that, he’s gone from her life. I’m sad..too melancholy. I know I should’ve expected this from the Prologue but this was so heart-rending.
    Arnav’s thoughts…I almost don’t want to read them, I’m so scared of it.
    Good thing… She’s class topper and for someone as studious as Khushi that means the world… I know coz I’m a nerd too.

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  28. This is how so many teenage crushes end – in the blink of an eye! People move or maybe find someone else! But of course when reading a love story we always have the hope that they are going to come together again somwhow :-)

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  29. My dear namesake… this response is so very very late, but I simply couldn’t get past this update without dropping a line, especially given that this is the end of part 1.

    Two things stand out to me – the castles we build in air, while rootless, give wings to our hopes and dreams and Khushi dared to dream. Ah the signs of young love. <3

    The second thing that struck me was Arjun and his steadfastness, his loyalty and his friendship. I see his heart that he has adorned on his sleeve. It is visible to all except Khushi. Isn't it? His teeny tiny heart breaks, perhaps not as dramatic, yet painful. I feel for this fellow.

    So, you leave us with young hearts growing up… getting past those growing pains…

    Looking forward to part 2…


    Liked by 3 people

  30. Fast forward and naturally so..afterall how much more happenung can ones real life be at a stretch?
    anyway though I dont doubt the future of “love marriage” where Arnav “fought” for it.. How old he himself must be.. 22 or 23 :B hehe

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Kudos to your talent – you made me go through the heartbreak Khushi is going through.
    So many questions that only arnav can answer.

    Looking forward to part 2

    Liked by 1 person

  32. Khushi is hurt…happy that she is moving on…i am in a dilemma of what to decide about arnav’s behaviour
    …why is he avoiding her…khushi also avoiding him but she has a reason to do so…cant wait to read next chapter…
    Chupana bhi nahi aata love this song…

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  33. I read part 1 all parts in one go.
    Poor Khushi fell in love with college heartrobe AV Sir….. oh! He loves someone else !!!!
    Loved the way you described mechanical engineering students and about college atmosphere.
    Loved the way Khushi took decision to divert her mind to studies then getting involved in things which were not in her hands
    Loved full of life Arjun character… i guess he loves Khushi.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Khushi’s reaction and berating on her actions is hindsight is expected.. but disappointed not to see any attempt from Arnav… by now it is clear he realised khushi has a crush… but y, y, y was there no reaction :-(

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  35. Wow, apparently being the most famous person on the campus, his story would be the most exciting piece of gossip. Even I would indulge in it. Love it, had I not just witnessed what happened with Khushi. Those were mixed signals.

    AV’s love story certainly seems like made for movies. But, I can’t seem to enjoy it like others. I am just too affected by Khushi’s heartbreak and all those unanswered questions.

    I would not enter into the debate over marrying just out of college and after years. To each his own. I think people are intelligent to figure out that since they are 21+, that they have to take their own life decisions.

    ” So she blamed herself for having read too much into every action that in hindsight could be argued as polite, friendly and nothing more. After all, on his part, Arnav Varun never really tried to contact Khushi ever again. ” Wow, I could imagine what must she be going through. Questioning the very foundation of the perfect evening of her life. Doubting ever word, reference, meaning and other things. I can hear the heartbreak from here. I am sad that AV never tried contacting her after that evening. Why?
    “Ae Kash Ke Hum Hosh Mein Ane Na Payein”

    And, just like that farewell came and he was gone. Where are the tissues? I need them. The gloom, I can feel it. They both just left like this, leaving things so incomplete. So many things left undefined?

    At least Khushi still did great in the face of heartbreak. She worked hard on herself, instead just losing herself in self-pity. She fared well than most.

    “hatheli par tumhara naam
    likhte hai mitate hai ..
    (Didn’t Khushi just do that all the time……..)

    kahin aisa na ho ki
    pyaar bin umra kat jaaye…
    tum se milne ka koi bahan bhi nahi aata “

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  36. He had gone from her life like nothing happened…..
    sometimes silence makes the greatest noise……
    that’s what khushi is doing……
    but somewhere i think he had some intrest in her..

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  37. Hi Meera,

    Very sad but realistic update!
    Really admire khushi for facing the situation headon by moving on.. she is so graceful…
    Liked her best buddy relationship & time with Arjun…
    So they did not even say bye to each other… but i really thought arnav liked her & seemed interested.. he was also confused & sad afterwards.. it was sweet of him to give her tape..

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  38. I guess that is how all, rather most of the teenage crushes come to an end. So, Arnav got engaged to his childhood sweet heart and Khushi nursed a broken heart. I am glad she channelled her energy in achieving the topper status again. But, the first crush always remains in the heart until she finds her soul mate. Arjun has given enough hints that he can be her childhood sweet heart. But, Khushi has no such desire or intention. Is he going to nurse a broken heart too!

    Liked by 1 person

  39. Khushi s first crush , imminent heartbreak made her strive harder to get the distinction of being the only girl topper in first year Mech
    Why did she not talk to AV sir even once
    Never said goodbye too
    Is Arjun going to get his heart broken, such a good friend 😬


  40. i generally dn judge anyone for their relationship n gere i m not only judging but accusing mr arnav varun to break the heart of already emotionally frail kaveri khushi’s heart…godddd i thought i never wanted arnav’s pov as his nuances in action spoke volume but now after this i demand his answer…sry for my dramatic comm nt its just that m so angry at him to not evn once he seek khushi for any clarification

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