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He would have dived right into the water, with or without a life jacket, if only it hadn’t been pitch dark as it was at this time of the night. He really needed something to take his mind off what had just happened. His body buzzed as the softest graze of her lips sang like music in his veins. What the hell was he thinking? He had not intended to kiss her – definitely not when she had assumed so confidently that he wouldn’t. Or was it the challenge in her voice that had egged him on? He shook his head. She was not a tease – there was no challenge in her voice – just plain conviction that he would be the gentleman he knew she thought he was. If he knew her well – and he knew that he didn’t – she didn’t even understand the extent of what she was able to affect. He couldn’t blame her. Hell, he wasn’t sure even he understood what was going on.

Here he was, merely three days after seeing her again and he was acting like a randy teen. He had been a randy teen once – look how that turned out. If anything, he needed to take it slow. And yet, his need to take it slow had screwed it up, hadn’t it? He had not intended to act on what he felt. He had assumed it was too soon. Now, standing here with her words echoing in his mind, he knew it was too late. He should have known. He should have stayed away. He should have kept his guilt to himself. If he had he wouldn’t have seen her flustered explanations denying she felt anything for him – ironically confirming exactly what she didn’t want to. All of this – this mess – was because he had decided to apologize, because some twisted part of him wanted to feel what it felt like to be adored the way she did. He had guessed years ago and he had known now. And knowledge was a powerful thing. It corrupted minds into believing more of themselves. She had done that to him and he…

Why the hell did he have to kiss her? It was easier without the complication of desire amidst everything else that churned between them. Now, all he could think of what it would have felt to really kiss her, till her ever-curious eyes fluttered close. Instead, he had scared her. The fear in her eyes when his lips has brushed hers in a barely-there kiss – was twisting his stomach into knots. He had not intended to do that to her. He had never intended to do anything that might hurt her and yet there was nothing else that he seemed to be doing.

He felt like smashing something against the rocks just to see if destruction did in fact bring the relief that it promised to. Why the hell had he left the camp earlier today? Why had he taken the evening off, like J had suggested? And even if he had, why did he have to give in to the urge of riding alone to DevDwar? He had just been there last evening. Why couldn’t he have just stayed on the camp to figure out what he was going to talk to her about? No – he had to leave the River and ride through the mountains just so he could clear his head about not having kept track of her in the last four years.

This is ridiculous, he told himself. He knew exactly why he hadn’t tried to find out about her. He had not even allowed himself to think about it. He had worked on it. Consciously. And he had succeeded. Just like he succeeded in doing everything he took on. Then why was he here – in this mess? How could someone who he hadn’t thought about consciously for years affect him like this?


He shook his sister’s voice from his head. Ti-Di had always been that to him – his conscience that refused to keep quiet even when he most needed it to. If Aditi was here, he would asked her to shut up. When she was not physically around, shutting her up was almost impossible.

He cursed a foul word under his breath and winced as one would when they smoked for the first time. He was never one for swearing. Even in college, he had been famous for being the one who would refrain from using any swear words other than ones beckoning hell and damnation. He blamed Aditi again, of course. She had always been very vocal about how swearing always meant using derogatory words for women – in any language. It was tough to swear then without thinking of what Ti-Di would say if she found out. At twenty six, he still found it rather cumbersome to have to explain to those his age and older who looked at him rather queerly when he was not careful to hide his distaste for colorful language.

Saira swore beautifully. He had found it weirdly sexy when he had first acknowledged there could be more than friendship for her. Till he didn’t. And she had ripped him apart for changing. It was one of the first things that had gone bust between them.

He felt like a hypocrite now for swearing exactly because he didn’t know what else to do when it came down to this particular girl.

He had not been kidding when he had told her today that she knew nothing of him. He was simply            reiterating what was gnawing at him – probably had been for years. He knew nothing of her. Except her exemplary knowledge of Hindi songs and a voice as unpainted and fresh as the rest of her, there was nothing he knew first hand. And that was what he had wanted to change. He wanted to hear her talk. He wanted to know what the last four years had been like. He wanted to know why she was here and not in some top-tier b-school. And for that, he knew that he needed to tell her about himself. And as much as it troubled him to talk about Saira – especially with her, he was ready to do it. Because that was the only way they could move forward from the awkwardness that they seemed to be stuck in. And yet…


He clenched his fingers into a fist till his palm hurt and breathed deeply. He looked up at the sky and closed his eyes as a light breeze picked up around him. A second later, he felt water on his face as the wind strengthened and teased the river. He could smell the pine in the distance, the scent of imminent dew as vapour touched leaves and melted into spheres. It would be dawn soon. And he had another long day ahead. He had not been sleeping well for days now. It was bound to catch up with him soon. He only hoped now that it would after the Speed Motors team left.

The realization came as swiftly as his eyes opened with a snap. A pale thread of ice was weaving its way down his spine. The team at Speed Motors would leave in less than two days. She would leave in less than three days. His throat dried as his legs slackened.

It’s a good thing, he muttered under his breath. Let her go. All you can give at this point is explanations and hope. She has more waiting. She always had more waiting. Arjun…She was doing the right thing. She was making the right choice. Three days from now, he didn’t even have a reason to meet her. He still had work here at the camp. Even if he did take the offer with A&M like J suggested…

Damn! He cursed again as he kicked a pebble hard into the distance.

“Munna Bhaiyya,”

The sudden appearance of voice behind him, made him stumble as his heart skipped a beat. He turned around to see Mohan standing behind him, his hair disheveled and eyes blurry.

“Mohan, what did I tell you about calling me that?”

“Sorry Bhaiyya,” Mohan said with a sheepish grin. “Woh Didi…”

He was going to kill his sister. She was doing this on purpose. She knew he didn’t like being called Munna – it was a terrible name – one he didn’t allow even his mother to use very often.

“What are you doing here at this time? It’s late.” He asked, slipping into Hindi.

Mohan rubbed his eyes even as he tried to hide a yawn and a sigh. “It’s not late, it’s early” He mumbled before he looked up. “Didi asked me to tell you to get the Siyaar set up since you are up anyway. And then, she asked me to tell you we need some more things from Rishikesh. We will need to make a trip. So when the…”

Arnav shook his head. “Flying Fox,” He corrected instinctively and rolled his eyes at his sister’s doing. She referred to everything in their Hindi translations when talking to the camp helper in the guise of being sensitive to their language skills. In reality, playing with words and language was her favorite game. Arnav had always maintained that she had missed her true calling as a writer by being here on the River – just so she could be with Aman. Aditi vehemently disagreed, of course.

“Woh Didi…”

He put his hand up. “Never mind your Woh Didi’s. What is this about supplies? Didn’t she just get food, groceries less than forty eight hours ago? How can it possibly be time for replenishment?” He asked with a frown. “And…why are we talking about this at this hour?”

“Didi woke me up early. She came to ask me if I could help you early today…”

“Ti-Di told you to help me set up the Flying Fox now? At this time?”

Mohan nodded miserably, “I asked for leave today. Yesterday she said no…and then late last night – I was already asleep – she got Ramcharan to wake me up,” He grumbled, “And she said if I helped you early this morning, I could go with you for the supplies trip and then have the day off.”

“Why do you need leave? And how will one day’s leave help?”

Mohan grinned and since it was dark, Arnav couldn’t see quite clearly but he was sure the young man was blushing. “Woh…My parents want me to go see this girl…”

Arnav rolled his eyes. This was the fourth time Mohan was going on his ladki-dekho trip this year and it was only still early March. “Phir se? What is with the hurry?”

“Amma wants me to get settled before I go astray. My brother married someone from a different caste and ran away to the city,”

His insides tightened when he heard that innocuously uttered statement. It was a reality in the country, even his more urban friends from IE and IM thought otherwise. And yet, it never failed to get his goat. He could feel his hackles rising in barely hidden fury. He forced himself to take discreet deep breaths even as Mohan looked on curiously. He needed to change the topic.

“And what will you do once you get married. I don’t know if your wife will want to…”

“No, no. She will stay in the village with Amma. Mostly Amma wants a daughter-in-law more than she me to have a wife. She had all hopes pinned to my brother. Now I have to be the better son.”

“And what about the poor girl? God, Mohan, I hope you are not going to marry someone who is not eighteen yet. How old are you, by the way? Do you know marrying before twenty-one is illegal in the country for men?”

Mohan grinned and looked away shyly. “Arre nahi Bhaiyya. I will be twenty two next month. And I don’t want to marry a child either…Aditi Didi already gave me one big lecture on that. And I told my mother…Amma knows that…That’s why it is taking so much time. The three girls I met – all of them fourteen or fifteen…”

Arnav cringed at the thought. Fourteen was as old as his youngest cousin – it was wrong. Up in the hills, it was difficult to believe the existence of a society that had evolved from where the previous generation had been. Some days, it got to him so much that the thought of going back to the same world and joining corporates like A&M seemed like a completely selfish thing to do. The worst part was not being able win the battle between the urge to renounce the superfluous and the life he was programmed to desire as a child – stability, income, accomplishment. Maybe someday…

“Bhaiyya – can we please have the Siy..Flying Fox set up and leave before morning. That way I’ll still make it home…”

Arnav sighed and shook his head, but set off with Mohan in the direction of the small forest behind staff tents where there were a few trees and a clearing earmarked for the Flying Fox. During training season, the ropes and gear usually remained set-up. The Speed Motors team was first for this season and hence found the River less structured than Aman usually preferred. Setting up the Flying Fox was physically hard. It took strength and Arnav had volunteered himself indefinitely when he had officially come on board. He had always relished the ache that came with a job well done. Today, however, it seemed like it was exactly what he needed to prevent his mind from straying away as it was threatening to.

“Mohan, catch,” He said as he sent the rope flying up to the younger man who was now perched up a branch. It was where the team would have to climb to swing from. She would have to do this…And he knew she would but…He had seen the nervousness in her eyes seconds before her chin rose and her back straightened – every single time. It made him smile even as he pulled the rope and twisted around the trunk in knot. His eyes fell on the deep black gash on his bicep extending all the way to his forearm – two thin lines with ridges in a perfect imitation of heated rope.

He pulled the rope harder and finished his knot with several tugs to ensure strength before he could go back to the tree where Mohan was working.

In the next hour, even as the sky began to lighten and the trees came awake, the two men worked in silence punctuated only by the occasional instruction. So it was unnerving when his sister sneaked up on him even as he was getting ready to do a couple of rounds of test runs on the entrapment.

“Better now?”

He turned around and frowned as he stared at Aditi’s freshly scrubbed face and immaculate appearance. Even as diminutive as she was physically, it was this no nonsense look that reminded him of just how strong she could be when she wanted.

“I was never worse,” He answered even as it suddenly dawned on him that he had been set-up.. Of course she had noticed as keenly as Aman had. His sister probably thought it was hilarious that he was pacing up and down the river and riding in the mountains in the middle of the night.

“You are harassing that poor fellow, Ti-Di.” He said wryly as he nodded at Mohan standing below the other tree. “Every sentence out of his mouth begins with Didi ne kaha…”

“Better than Amma ne kaha,” Aditi rolled her eyes. “Idiot wants a bahu for his mother,”       

“You believe that?” Arnav inquired with an incredulous laugh. “Two months after the wedding, he will be asking you to employ his wife on the camp. And I know you – you will say yes.”

“Well,” Aditi shrugged, “If it will keep him here and focused instead of thinking about how to…”

“Don’t” He put his hands up in front of him. “I know where this conversation is headed…”

Aditi chuckled and half hugged him before she made a face. “You are too tall, Munna”

“Like that prevents you from calling me Munna. Really Di…” He shook his head with a resigned sigh. “I guess I should be grateful that you don’t call me Munna in front of…” The half-smile on his face slipped. Damn!


He groaned. “You did not. Please tell me you did not refer to me as Munna in front of the Speed Motors team”

It was the glint in his sister’s eyes that stopped him a second before the realization of what he said caught his tongue. As expected, Aditi’s left brow hooked even as her face remained serious.

“Munna, when all this is over…”

He fixed her with a blank stare. If she was trying to get a rise of him, he wasn’t going to oblige.

“I mean when the Speed Motors team is gone – which is not too far a day now…”

He clenched his teeth into an uncomfortable grind. He had forgotten just how annoying his sister could be when she wanted.

“…take me to that place Aman and you go to – you know – to smoke?”

That surprised him. “You know about that? I mean you know he smokes…” And I do too…Shit this was awkward. Even if she did, couldn’t she have kept her mouth shut? Did she have to…

“Of course. You think a wife can’t tell when her husband comes home after a smoke. Mint and coffee – either or both – don’t really help you know. I can easily tell when…”

“Shucks, Ti-Di – stop….I do not want to know…” He said as his face colored. Aditi really could be such a…Wait a second…Oh shit…he hadn’t realized….he put his hand on his mouth and cursed himself for being an idiot….Shit…He had smoked today. And he had kissed her.

“What…what did you do?”

He looked away from his sister as Khushi’s face swam in front of him, the feather-like touch of her lips tingling in his…


“What supplies do you need?” He asked, changing the topic quickly. “We should go before morning. Mohan needs to be home by ten as well.”

“Silver nitrate and some other medicines,” She said even as she glanced at his forearm.

“I am doing this thoroughly. No one will get hurt if they do it properly.” He absently covered his gash with his other palm. “If there is nothing else, the supplies trip can wait till these guys…” He clenched his teeth as discreetly as he could, “till next week.”

Aditi looked at him blankly. But her eyes – they saw him too well. He knew then that the conversation was finally where she wanted it to be. “You weren’t going to tell me.” There was no accusation in her tone. Damn her. She really knew how to work him.

He looked away even as he found the grooves in the tree. He placed his right hand in the highest groove he could reach. “There is nothing to tell, Ti-Di. Don’t start”

He put his left leg in the lower most groove and pulled himself up in one swift motion.

“So the fact that you didn’t tell me they were from IE-V and that she is the same girl you wanted me to mee…”

“Stop it, Ti.” He said harshly. The slip of the Di from his address of her was a habit that stemmed of years of pushing and pulling between them. It was in moment of anger and unexpected love that they slipped into calling each other Ti and Munna

“You better be careful, Munna. She is not like Saira.”

“I don’t know what that means,” He bit out and turned away from her. He really couldn’t go down this path with his sister.

“You never know what anything means when it is about Saira, Arnav. I think I have given you your space but I have had enough…”

“Look, you were very clear about your feelings for Saira. But that story is over. And I do not appreciate you – or anyone else – bringing her up. I am not ready to bitch about her yet…”

Aditi stepped closer and pulled at his t-shirt so that he turned to face her. Her eyes were blazing now as she looked up at him. “Saira was my friend – the sister I always wanted – as much as I love you. But liking her or loving her like a sister doesn’t mean not seeing that you and she were not meant to be…” She pushed him away from her. For her size, Aditi could be really strong when she wanted. “And because of the mess the two of you made – I lost a friend. As did Papa and Maa..”

Arnav took a deep breath and looked away. He walked up to the tree where he needed to fix the rope ladder than the team would use to climb up. He found the grooves and placed his right hand on the topmost one he could reach. Then he placed his left foot in the bottom most groove  and pulled himself up. He couldn’t do this. “I’ll go to Rishikesh and get the damned medicines, okay. You manage the rafting today. I’ll get out of this place. That’s what you want? You got it.”

He didn’t wait for his sister to respond before he gingerly reached up for the next groove and pushed himself higher up the tree.


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Bin Tere

Album: I Hate Love Storys

Singers: Sunidhi Chauhan, Shafqat Amanat Ali

Music: Vishal – Shekhar

Lyrics: Anvita Dutt Guptan, Vishal Dadlani & Kumaar


Ajnabi se huye kyun pal saare

Yeh nazar se nazar yeh milaate hi nahin

Ek ghani tanhaayi chha gayi hai

Manzilein raaston mein hi gum hone lagi

Ho gayi ansuni,  har dua ab meri

Reh gayi ankahi,  bin tere

Bin tere, bin tere, bin tere

Koi khalish hai hawayon mein, bin tere



Author’s Note:

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  1. Oh poor Arnav! He is a mess. He maybe a perfect man in eyes of Khushi and many more, but he is normal person and has his faults.
    What ever i could understand about saira and Arnav is that they were child hood friends and started liking each other but they could not bring that compatibility in their relationship which Arnav find in Khushi. He is enjoying all the adoration from Khushi which he might had not get from saira. Khushi and he share same liking for music, which saira could not understand and support him. We need read more about why they break up.
    Is he regretting kissing her when he knew that she has made her decision for Arjun? But he sure regrets for not approaching her years back, not find more about her. But what’s the point now. He messed up a big time.
    Tidi did knows him well that’s why she made him work at this hour of time so that he could use his energy and frustration. Now she knows that it was Khushi whom he wants to meet her. And that cigarette and kissing thing was so sweet. He is now worried that they kissed for the first time and he smoked before that. Hope khushi could not find it😁.
    I loved how you about his state of mind. He is jealous too, of Arjun.
    Thanks for marvellous update Meera.

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    Missed the river and fun by the banks. MIA was due to untimely. thank you Anu for being my voice. Recovery is slow but something is better than nothing. Had some hurdles which slowed the process but hoping I am over all that now.

    First of, Thanks to each and everyone of my Sakhi’s here for wishing me a speedy recovery. Ur kinds words and support means a lot.

    secondly, Wish u a very happy birthday twiggy dear and a wonderful year ahead.

    3rd, having difficulty liking every comment but have been reading and silently enjoying along with each and everyone here. You all are a riot. Esp the Q&A with our beloved Author-ji herself, what an indulgence, and to think I missed out on that. Damn. And did we reach the 700+ club. Whoa. Ab Kya bolu, author ji aap lajawb hain :) and YOUR fandom rocks.

    Now to the comment:

    Meera, u gave major shocks in past 3 chapter….trust me the pain during my accident was nothing compared to the snap I felt with Arjun’s proposal and shock with the lip brush. -btw better written than pool side almost kiss and actual smooch, ur moment although brief was indeed sizzling.- Now the interlude – 3rd ?!?! And yet we are just as confused about AV as before only achieved by ur skillful writing.

    I’ll keep it short inspite of having loads to say. Docs and Minu’ s orders. Sorry :( plus Sohni, Nivi, Anu and the rest have such wonderful comments up there so with all their thought together I’ll just add something I felt while reading AV’s monologue.

    I still feel Arnav is stuck at a stage where he want to find out where all this he is feel for Khushi is going to lead. First effort during AaRohan was interrupted by Arjun in regards to Saira and the this time again Due to Arjun talk regarding Saira never happened. Wah re kismet, car tere by nyare. Isn’t that why they say, nothing happens before its time.

    Scared of his impulsive act with Saira and impulsive conclusion of her being THE ONE and then finding out that was not the case. Saira seems quite a strong personality, not that thats a bad thing but the other person in a relation ends up being over shadowed or not be able to be him/herself.
    Sometime, it’s also a case of one ending up making many compromises willingly or unwillingly, ending up feeling like ones loosing oneself. Not a happy place be in.
    It doesn’t mean Saira was bad, she was just not right for him and he could not be himself with her.

    Khushi on the other hand seems to have made him feel like he could be himself without being judged. He felt valued, wanted, idolized, when he was with her and that’s huge for someone who is coming from a relationship where he is playing a second fiddle.

    I don’t even think he was in a comparison mode when he was distancing himself from Saira. He was just not happy being the person he was becoming and so was running until Khushi happened – literally. Surprising him out of his wits and showing him an alternate. Making him want to explore it further.
    And yet he is awaiting THAT chance to explore.

    That’s why, more than what one do or say, how one make a person feel plays and important role in shaping up the destiny of any relationship.

    Hope I am making sense. Sorry can’t elaborate much.

    Meera. I am loving every bit of this story and would want it to go one forever won’t even complain if u have zillion filler updates.

    Minu I’ll email u and keep in touch. 😊

    Anu dear,…thank for always being there in tough time.🤗

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      Beautiful analysis. We all have totally different take on same chapter and it is so much fun to read all diverse viewpoints. I agree with you about confused state of Arnav and his relationship with Saira. Ditto on that.


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  3. Har ishq ka ek waqt hota hai … woh Arnav ka waqt nahi tha …Nahi ab uska waqt hain… par iska yeh matlab nahi ki woh ishq nahi tha

    Arnav Varun – The enigma in this story !!!
    He is just a normal guy like any other guy. He has feelings too. He too misjudges emotions. He regrets his actions. He curses his fate. He is always beaten by destiny. He is just a desperate lover like you and me.

    On the Aarohan day, he wanted his Ti Di to meet Khushi. But on that day too many incidents happened with his parents agreeing for the marriage and Arjun suddenly telling Khushi about AV sir’s engagement and the little sparks he felt in being with Khushi died a premature death even before it was lighted.

    And then with all the mess in his personal life and later professional life, Khushi remained as just a unrequited love who would appear in his mind now and then. Never ever he thought he would meet Khushi again on the banks of River Ganga.
    But looks like fate was still not satisfied with its cruel games, it did make them meet and sparks again flew between them.

    Now Arnav wanted to confess his feelings to Khushi, come clean on what happened 4 years ago.

    Alas, again destiny was not on Arnav’s side. Or else why would he go again to DevDwar and why would Arjun confess his feelings at the time Arnav was supposed to.
    Now Khushi is confused and Arnav is lost. He does not know what to do and there is nothing he can hold onto and bounce back.

    Is there a reason why Aditi is sending him to buy supplies particularly today? Is she consciously slowing things for Arnav?
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    Saira seemed to be a person who was beautiful and intelligent and who was probably very proud of it.
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    Meera, Interludes are indeed very special to read. Thank you for another wonderful update.

    I looked up on the web to know more about “Flying Fox” and below are the pictures I found about them.
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    Ok– this is true as I am dancing since this unexpected AV sir’s mind and heart talk was revealed by Meera and my billion thanks for giving this to my starving heart. I agree that this chapter is just another layer out of many others which are still unknown about This randy teen, AV sir, Munna and what not. But I am happy and at peace now because one thing I am sure about that he cared for Khushi on Aarohan night, he still cares for her very significantly , possibly unknowingly . His feelings for her runs very deep to notice her minute expressions, her curious eyes, her nervousness prior to jumping and straightening of her back before doing any adventure,—- no wonder he jumped in river in his fear to save Khushi in rafting trip❤️❤️👌👌. He is tying all the ropes very carefully as he knows speed motor team and Khushi will use it and he wants to take no chance for her safety. This line stood out to me.

    “The realization came as swiftly as his eyes opened with a snap. A pale thread of ice was weaving its way down his spine. The team at Speed Motors would leave in less than two days. She would leave in less than three days. His throat dried as his legs slackened.” I died after reading this. He is truly an ocean full of love but has to know about himself yet.

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    I have been always hurt by Arnav until this chapter because of his indifference/ silence towards Khushi and possibility of loving Saira— but not anymore . I know he is still very confused and needs to learn a lot and grovel before he becomes eligible to take Khushi with him. My heart still breaks for Khushi as we readers know his POV but poor Khushi does not know anything and now he has ruined her with that kiss also. Why the destiny plays this cruel game . Eventually they both are heading for long journey of pain and anguish—that’s why ye pyar vyar ka chakkar is all rubbish but Dil Kya Kare jab kisi ko kise se pyar ho jaye— waiting for Arnav to say —- khushiiiiiii—I Love you, khushiiii I love you❤️.

    Won’t say much about the Gash except that our heroine and many fan girls find it SEXY( Khushi will have to face lot of competition eventually later on also). I also feel there is some mystery and history associated with this Gash. No doubt I am hell curious to resolve this mystery.

    Our Munna is true gentleman at heart👌👌. He is worried about his impression on Khushi after the kiss and smoke and Khushi is so naive to figure out it was smoke—” wah — ye Kya Ram milayi Jodi “. It was hilarious and cute.
    Loved the bond between Tidi and Munna. She is sweet elder sister , however may be she should not have interfered at this moment by sending him away. I am still not sure why she said Khushi is not like Saira— was it to protect Khushi from confused Arnav or she wants Arnav first to do something with his career or something else— seems lot of secret behind that one liner dialogue.

    Meera thank you again for writing this another brilliant amazing story which has made so much place in my heart that I am thinking about it while cooking, driving, working, and what not and many times have been caught red handed grinning and smiling alone by my friends and family. They all think I am now certified crazy.😅.

    Monday— come soon as I want to give big and tight hug to Khushi.

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    1. Meenu… i dont know how you manage to write this heartfelt comment after intense rivering for over three days! If I start reading comments before i write my own, my thoughts will be all over the place and wont even get one word out!!! 😨

      Liked by 7 people

      1. Hahaha Anu. Tussi great ho👌👌👌👌. Thankooji.

        Hey I am not able to comment bec of not getting my ME time but my initial thoughts and feelings still Stay in my head till I am able to express. I am pretty strongly opinionated ( sometimes does not fit well with me and hubby you see😂😜) and my feelings etc does not get influenced by other comments ( that’s why I am still in team Khushi despite big and dedicated line of Arnav fan girls🤒😤😻😻). But one thing is true that by the time I get time to write— I certainly feel that there is not much left which others have not said already and I curse my AD for this situation😭😭😭😭. I still write my 2 cents even thought it is lot similar what others have expressed anyway— too boring .

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  5. Im late by 3 days, reason being, when i read the update i didn’t understand head or tail of what is happening in the story :(
    Im giving my comment first before reading the others.. :)

    Meera, when u try to throw some light into what v had asked for, u r bringing in more complexities …
    Hats off to your writing dear!!!.. Feelings of Arnav for Khushi has been so so so very beautifully penned…

    Btw, who all r going to come in between AV sir and Khushi ????

    First it is Arjun, who always enter at the wrong moment, and now Ti-Di !!!!
    She literally confused me to the max!!!

    No more speculations from my end… Im going to sit back and enjoy
    :) :) :)

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  6. I was listening to this song and can’t resist posting here imagining Arnav and Khushi ‘s almost kiss🤓. I know it does not fit exactly but I love the way rafi sahib has sung this:

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    1. Lovely song Meenu…except, err…the choice of the actress nah? I mean if her honth are naazuk…….ummm…!! I am tempted to say more, but will zip it! :P But we should be used to unrealistic casting in Bollywood films by now cus the age of the character and the actor do not tally most of the times! :D

      Liked by 8 people

      1. You know you will be surprised that Meena Kumari’s age at the time of this song is perhaps less than Priyanka Chopra or Kareena Kapoor’s age today. It was the time and body type, attire that makes all the difference. Even westwards – see the Colin Firth BBC version of Pride and Prejudice – none of them look the age Jane Austen meant the characters to be. The Keira Knightly version does better – it’s just a function of the times we are used to I guess!

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Oh god you are right! She is the same age of PC in this movie! I would’ve guessed it to be anything to the north of 40s! Body type I understand. But I guess theres a lot of explanation hidden in those layers of make-up and as you said, the attire as well. Fortunately or unfortunately, we have gotten used to fit frames and well toned faces of the female protagonists, so the result of comparison is shocking.

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          1. It’s super interesting that this comes up here in a story where the female lead is sort of struggling with exactly this! :):) Meenu – your song just took this to another level :)

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            1. I was just reading up on her. Unfortunately she was an alcoholic apparently. The difference between Chhoti Bahu from Saheb Biwi Aur Ghulam and the woman in this movie is quite a lot, given its only few years apart. The transformation in her face is remarkable.

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              1. Yes she was alcoholic and I have seen alcohol doing bad to skin and all as same happened to beautiful Manisha koirala. For me Meena Kumari was forever tragedy queen ( that’s nick name for me given by my hubby😭😭) but I liked her acting wise. My favorite from that time are vageeda rehman and Madhubala.

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            2. Sorry, this whole conversation unsettled me a bit Meera.

              I don’t know if it seemed like I was judging. What Khushi is struggling with wasn’t at all in the scope of what I was trying to say in jest about our beloved film industry! After having 2 kids, I am struggling with weight issues myself. Or lets put it this way, I have ridden the entire sine curve in terms of weight in my life and I am still riding it!

              The lyrics of the songs, the depiction of a character in words…against what is shown on screen in our industry is always a source of amusement to me and many other I think(I won’t dare generalise!) Something like Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhein being picturised on an actress with coloured eyes is truly amusing to me. There are many such examples of the mismatch, I cant recollect any at the moment unfortunately.

              The above song being a classic example. “Naazuk” for me is delicate and I think I have seen delicate lips of a 70 year old woman as well! Of course, we all have our own perception and ideas of what all these adjectives mean, especially when it comes to poetry. For me, what I saw in that clip up there was not ‘naazuk’ ! Or may be she has those delicate lips and the make up artist has thoroughly screwed up the effect! I really can’t tell the difference. By no means does it imply that she is fat, or looks horrible or anything close to it. Also, the lips suit her, not the lyrics of the song . I can’t imagine MK in lips thinner than what she had, it would be …not her I guess? Anyways.

              And that…was pretty much what I was saying. I am sorry if it has come across at something else and if it has, I apologise.

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              1. Oh Sohni – it is my reply that has caused you distress and I am the one to apologize profusely for making you feel that you might have said something incorrect. All I said – and perhaps I did take something said in jest too seriously – character flaw! Please forgive me.

                One cannot deny that attire, body type, level of fitness, make-up – almost everything does play a role in how people perceive us. And as a heavy/fat/overweight person – that is typically what bothers one the most (I can say with some confidence on this topic :P) That’s all I meant by saying this is what Kaveri deals with.

                I didnt mean to imply that I found you judging or otherwise – it was just a Eureka moment. The fault is mine – I haven’t even scraped the surface on that issue here in my writing and that is intentional – this is not a the story of a fat person, this is the love story where the lead happens to be fat and insecure about it.

                Please do not worry about it sounding like anything I was judging from here. It just resonated with me and I impulsively reacted. I do not intend to cause any pain / distress -and to the very people who make me want to talk – something I have rarely done while writing my previous stories.

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                1. Limitation of the medium I guess. It’s You and that’s why it mattered and I spoke about it. I would not have..had it been anyone else. You’ve allowed us an environment where anyone can voice their opinion or say anything without hesitation, and I think you get to do the same too!

                  Please don’t apologise, all good 🙂

                  So, lets just forget about all this and concentrate on the update on Sunday this week 😋

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                    1. Yes yes… but guess it will be sans Munna 😣😣😦

                      Anu please don’t put ideas into Meera’s brain ;)…who knows what Meera has planned for coming update another passionate encounter during the flying fox adventure maybe :P

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                    2. True… ditch Ti-di’s advise, ditch Mohan, ditch Silver Nitrate…..

                      “Impulsive”manna returns just to make sure his Khushi is safe during the longer and probably tougher rafting trip!!! 😉

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                  1. seriously!!!! Kitni formality here.. with all the sorries and stuff!!!! How can anyone ever misjudge or misunderstand Meera or Sohni here??
                    Ek main hoon, ke Meera ko dhamki diye jaati hoon — with no cares at all!! I thought we crossed those fomalitiy- ka barrier loooooong back!!!


                    And the update is on Sunday this time??!!! WOWOWOW!!!

                    Could so do with some lax time at work…… just no time at all to do some rivering!!!
                    and no one even misses me here!!! :(

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                    1. I miss you, Meenu, ladkijhy, regular riverites, I still feel new here to call out all you guys .. As Sohni mentioned this week it has been less Rivering…. where are you guys ? Kahan ho tum ? Kahan ho tum ? (funny song XD for all you guys!!)

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                    2. What I can say to you Kavi… when I myself have been MIA….

                      I guess we all get it… that AD being ruthless is what hold us back from here … so that much space we can give… right?!

                      Now gusta not suit you Kavi.. esp on Friday… cheer up pl ☺

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                    3. I am loving the fact that Meera hasn’t yet said NO to Sunday update. Either she is still gusssa or we are on On SUNDAY! :D
                      I have a feeling, and its a very intense feeling…that she is going to kill me today and she has her reasons Im sure. :P

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                    4. Sneaky Appu!!! Ek toh phansa diya with the Sunday update. And now emo blackmail by using words like gussa. Are you sure you wouldn’t prefer Arjun to AV :p

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                    5. She had a lot of names, but it was always Appu/y for the people she loved … 😋 😘

                      And lol, the only Arjun I know, is from Mahabharata, so I don’t know who you are talking about! 😋

                      Ok, on a very very serious note, please update on your scheduled time and day. We will be waiting for Monday like mad monkeys always🙂

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                    6. Anu, Sohni — hugggs back at ya!!

                      Anu — u still manage to respond to some comments! I dont even get time to read all the comments!!

                      Miss being in the midst of all this chatting!!!
                      Dont kmow when work will slowdown!!

                      But waiting for the update— last time meera surprised us by keeping us happy with the interlude!! But it only delayed the inevitable!! So i guess its time for ……

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              2. Aparna and Meera… I am in the office swimming amidst the backlog …. but have to say this after reading both your comments.

                You both are the last people that anyone of us here will even consider “judgmental”. We understand the spirit of what you guys said, and will nod for sure as we read. So, please don’t be too critical about yourself, least of all, on a Friday evening! No need to apologize ladies…

                No offense was intended and none taken…

                Will be back in the evening, when I have the luxury of time….

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                1. Friday evening it is Anu and it’s been a long week. I need a Mojito 😋 Wish we all could meet at a pub or something..

                  And… We are 300 comments short this week, how the hell did that happen?! 😳What’s up with everyone?!

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                  1. And for me, WP issues too… I was getting notifications of comments via email. But could not like or respond via the links in the email for some reason… so was a silent readrr for a while until I had time for the older scroll scroll technique to find new comments and respond.. by then my brain forgot half the stuff I wanted to say!

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                    1. Ok. It is your day– I had to drink lemon margarita only as that was the only flavor we had at home( my hubby is good bartender)— so I drank on your behalf too dear Meera because Sunday update jo mil raha hai——-🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉❤️❤️❤️❤️.

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                    2. Really Anu– I don’t care for MIL now. However why don’t you let your MIL drink it as lemonade and make her TALLI too , that way she won’t remember anything—- wink wink— just saying.

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                    3. anu, once u get MIL started on a Virgin drinks and tell her ur enjoying the same ……. U will be rocking…..

                      Trust me that ho my mother in law started (of course with my coaxing) and now she even wear swim suit and goes vacationing…..

                      Make them join the party dear.

                      Btw anu,….get ur mil to meet my mil. Trust me u’ll be set for life…..we are not even too far. 😝

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                  2. And, we dont have an almost kiss in this update to notch it higher than 700 right?! 😉

                    Gosh… i have a wicked grin as I am thinking of the day when they actually will kiss …. WP will crash 😀😀😀

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                2. I am added my unsolicited 2 cents to Anu’s comments …😜 Aparna neither you nor Meera can ever be accused or speaking, meaning or alluding to anything derogatory !! So please don’t be hard on yourselves. Hugs to you both. 😘

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                3. Yes me too agree with Anu here absolutely. I never for a second thought anything like that for either Sohni or Meera. I know it was just spur of the moment comment meant for fun and let’s just have fun otherwise I will hesitate to post any song or making a comment. Let’s not over analyze. I love you both and Meera it is an honor to see you opening up to us in this story– I and I think we all love you a lot for doing this. So thanks again .

                  Aparna same for you and I keep on writing these funny comments — I hope you don’t mind them .😀😀👌👌

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                  1. If Priya is here, we will hear MamiJi’s version of the same thoughts.. along the lines of “bahuth huyi gawa… hamare sar pe painwa aaa gaya hain… is emotional baathein padke…hello hai bye bye… Jaiprakas head ache ki Medicine laao jaldhi”

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              3. time for fit bit ladies,…..shall we take kaveris weight struggle to next level…..

                Should we all have a river fit bit group and set a goal to be fit by the time River ends…..which I m hoping is not soon as I shall need a long time…..😍

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  7. AH!! Finally a kiss..I think I expected it to happen but ofcourse not this way. Took me my surprise. Like Khushi even I had thought of AV to be someone who was lead by his mind than his heart. Isn’t it strange that impressions our mind create can sometimes be just that creations of our mind and not reflective of the person. AV during IEV came across as someone who has his heart, mind and life in control. Contrary, he probably was going through a transitory phase within himself…confused, unclear on what he wanted. He somehow seems to have been imparted or has accepted the burden of the image people have of him. I feel this very image issue at both times i.e during Arohan and on the River made clear communication difficult between him and Khushi.. He is the ever sensible AVSir, the guy everyone looks upto and who can take no wrong step.

    Khushi, I definitely wouldn’t want to be in her place. Never wanting to hurt a cherished friend but any choice she makes will end up doing just that. I wonder is it possible to cultivate feelings of love for someone you don’t have them for?? Respect, companionship one can but Love is a different ball game. Arjun deserves someone who will truly feel those feelings for him. Khushi cares even loves him but she isn’t in love with him. Whether she is in love with AV, I am not sure. Can one love someone without knowing them really?

    Arjun, the happy go lucky guy has so much hidden depths to him. He seems to love khushi for who she is. But then she has never given him a glimpse of her inner world. Will he be able to give himself a second chances at a reciprocated love?

    Meera, again wonderfully written. This update has brought many questions to my mind. I like such stories which make one actually think…

    As usual waiting for Monday to come eagerly,

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        1. Is it?? I dint know there was another great mind :P ….. Meera’s Aman always capture my mind ….the one in the Isle refuses to leave my mind alone :D

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          1. The other great mind is drooling over Aman despite a bad fracture.. wait until she gets back to you!!!

            PS: it is funny how all three male characters have us lined up behind them! Some ladies never waver in their devotion to their guy, and others (like myself) keep moving from one queue to the other depending on that weeks’ update 😀😀😀

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            1. Ahhh !!! hopes she gets better soon. Can’t wait to meet another Aman loyalist.

              On another note there is something to be said about moving queue, afterall variety is the spice of life. Special if the spice is like what Meera has on display ;)

              Liked by 8 people

                    1. Leh! I meant the characters who played Shiv ji in Mahadev show and the character who is playing Ram in Siya Ke Ram show! Bhagwaan agar ho toh meko maaf karey! :P

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                    2. Lmho,….omg that confusion had me doubling up and laughing.

                      Monitoring is dfntly too sexy…..and and and ……if I am not mistaken he was the aman in EI……

                      Also Ashish is sizzling the screen as Ram although the only seen it in snippets….but he dfntly look drool worth compared to gourmet chaudhry…..

                      And most dfntly * Godji where ever u are please for me too.*…lol

                      Which brings me back to Meera……pls character Page update kardo please Meera he……
                      Broken wristwali ki chotisi Kwahish poori nahi karegi aap……*pouty face*

                      Thoda zyada ho Gaya na???lol

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                    3. We will plan a meeting Avni as soon as you get better.

                      I like the uber cool MIL!!!

                      Mine is the typical Tamil Brahmin traditional one… all the booze is lying in the basement cold room!!! My hubby makes sure he packs them off before they arrive…

                      She is generally good… honestly I cant complain much. But, a drink in front of her, will be stretching it too far!!!! I’d rather have other things my way than getting her buy in for a drink, if you know what i mean 😉😉😉

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                    1. Oh gosh— so many typos. I meant to say many friends here were completely flat mad on this guy who played mahadev and he did good acting. But I am ruined by ipk. Has not watched any show except Mahabharata long time ago.

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                    2. Lol Meenu, this is a dazzling example of an autoeffed…I mean autocorrected comment! Lol but no worries, I have miraculously understood each and every word you said 😀

                      I didnt watch all of Mahadev Hun, some 10-15 episodes. But I am watching Siya Ke Ram right now. This is the Ramayan I have no clue about! Some of the incidents and situations in it are unheard of, I’m sure even my nani’s nani didn’t know about these. There is an underlying meaning, an intention or a reason behind everything that happened in Ramayan, and it’s quite intriguing!

                      For example, in the middle of the war between Ram and Ravan, Dashratha’s (Ram’s father) first barsi was performed by Ravan, apparently the only knowledgeable brahma pandit available in Lanka at that time! I had no clue!

                      And I also don’t have a clue why I am talking about this right now 😄 but yeah, Ashish Sharma is a good actor and very easy on your eyes 😀

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                    3. Thanks Aparna for all the details. I am surprised to hear this type of Ramayana and somehow don’t want to watch as the classic image is very sacred to me. I hope you understand what I mean. That is the reason I never watched newer version of Mahabharata as they changed it so much and made it more glamorous.

                      I will check on this guy for sure who plays Ramji just to see who he is when my AD permits.

                      Those typo— oh my god— I was like , wanted to hit my head on the wall but that time my iPad was playing funky as I could not see what I was typing.

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                    4. That’s the point Meenu. I don’t know this Ramayan. Surely the writers can’t take so much liberty in changing the actual mythological script ..Which then makes me think as to where are they pulling this out from ? They do quote quite a lot of books which have been used as sources for whatever is shown on the screen but the validity of it all is a big question. Unless they are trying to show us those aspects of Ramayan which never came to light. I really don’t know because I haven’t read Ramayan or any other book related to it.

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                    5. True Aparna but I have read both Ramayana by Tulsudaas and Balmiki ji– which are most authentic one. Therefore I don’t know how much truth they are showing in show especially I have seen that they distorted new Mahabharata completely just to gain trp I think. Anyway I could be wrong . It’s just Ramayana has very different image in our brain. Luckily I read all these books in my summer vacations multiple times when I ran out of my reading quota of novels and mystery.

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  8. I want to pull his cheek and call him Munna too…really
    TI-di is still playing cupid. Though he doesnt understand it..
    this munna is doomed with out TI-di and J cupid team.
    even Arjun seems more assured and gutsy right now.

    Why Khushi is staying one more day than the rest of the team?
    was it for some reason preplanned. or is it going to happen for some reason?

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  9. Kuch bhi kaha na…

    Kuch bhi suna na…phir  bhi..

    Bechain dil hai hamara ..

    Behke kadam hai

    Mushkil mein hum hai…dekho 

    Sambhle Bhala Kaise yaara ….

    Chaahe bina hi …

    Nazdeek hum chale aaye…. 

    Shayad Yahi Toh Pyaar Hai…?

    If I could, I would put a kaala teeka on this song, it is that beautiful for me! 

    I really hope he gets to meet her before she leaves 🙁

    Liked by 7 people

    1. I know. What a beautiful song. Very true about our Arnav baboo until he makes mess again— I hope not. I also want them to meet again on River before speed motor team leaves– even if they don’t talk or stay away ( but how will they both stop eye MILAN😍)or with lot of gussa as you mentioned but meet . If he leaves now and speed motor leaves than there will be huge emptiness in my heart. If they meet than to Ba’at ban gayi even if temporarily—vaheeda rehman saying this— not

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      1. This is composition in Raag Bageshri if I am not mistaken, I am not sure though. The notes tend towards divinity lol…hence Bageshri. Love the way the song starts and ends, absolutely divine raag and a beautiful composition. And this I am thinking aloud and digressing! :p

        I agree about the emptiness, it would trouble me. At this moment, I can’t think of what Meera has planned … how does this end for them before they meet again. The more I think about it, the more I feel for Arnav (surprise surprise!) Its just his situation, he thinks he doesn’t have the right to ask her to reconsider and he doesn’t have it in him to forget about it all either. Waiting desperately for this particular update..

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            1. Lavz, I agree with Aparna.. it will probably be a sad parting :P

              Roothi Roothi Saari Raatein
              Pheeke Pheeke Saare Din
              Viraani Si Viraani Hai
              Tanhaayi Si Tanhaayi Hai
              Aur Ik Hum Hain Pyaar Ke Bin Har Pal Chhin
              Chhan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna
              Jag Soona Soona Laage

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                    1. Toh ? :P

                      Anyways, bahot timepass hogaya!
                      Meera doesn’t listen to anyone Lavz jaani, woh apne marzi ki maalkin hain! :P Nobody’s words can change the update date or the update content …so we will all wait for another day, without going nuts :)

                      We have to accept two things because we love her:
                      1) Its her story
                      2) She has a life! :P

                      So, another day to go… !

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        1. Oh yeah, there is this we were speculating, Arjun wants an answer, we want another AV khushi passionate encounter, more of Aman for the hearts who are missing him and all this by the end of the trip…Meera we all love u loads and loads 😁

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          1. Let’s not forget first aid using silver nitrate and liberal dose of resuscitation…. and not cheating using peripheral characters 😉

            Meera… all these requirements even without you asking for our thoughts.. God knows what demands we will put forth if you ask for suggestions!!!!

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            1. Is it true that there might be update tomorrow. Oh I can not rest now thinking about all these possibilities and may be neera will prove all of us wrong. I just want to see done interaction between AV and K. Well AV sir was trained in first aid and now getting silver nitrate etc— please plz let Khushi have some accident ( I am being mean I know but it is for her benefit only😷😷)

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              1. Doing gud lavanya thnq for asking.

                I read one of the comments of another Riverite, 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻…..more the merrier…..
                uski fandom badhegi tabhi tou story Mein zyada chapter space milegi😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  10. Gori teri aankhen kahe
    raat bhar soyi ahi
    chanda dekhe chup ke kahi
    aur taare jaante hain sabhi

    ke kisne dil le liya
    kisko dil de diya
    yeh dil ka lagana koi jaanta nahi

    Gori teri aankhen kahe
    raat bhar soyi nahi

    Dil mein teri yaad basi
    tu samjhe ga nahi
    jo hain mere paas hai tera
    mera kuch nahi

    kyun akhiya chupao
    kyun tujhko satao
    dil tod ke tera mein kya pao
    bol piya bol piya bol
    piya bol piya bol piyaaa bol

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    1. Lavs,…that’s such a beautiful song…I absolutely love the tune and the beats…..each instrument and the whole ensemble is just ………wow…..

      The words are so apt for these 2…..

      Thank you for sharing.

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      1. Kyun khwaabon pe tere saye hai
        Dil kyun hai tanha mera
        Kyun khamoshi hai zubaan meri
        aashkon se keh paaon na
        Kyun dard hai itna
        tere hi ishq mein

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        1. Divz, do you have a gif shot of Arnav with K outside Khushi’s Laxminagar house…here he says “Pati hoon tumhara, haq hain tumhara…mujh pe?” or something like that…where she accidentally holds his collar? I miss that look on his face where he is teasing flirting smiling smirking all at the same time :P I don’t get hotstar here, dammit! :(

          Liked by 8 people

                1. Fcuk! This …is….IT! You just knocked me dead and made my evening Divz! Love you so much meri jaan! Thanks a ton for this!!!!!

                  How on earth do you do this? The gifs I mean! Big Muah to you! Thank you! :D

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            1. Omg love you Divz! Aaho ji, bass yahich! Bass, the part that happens after this meri jaan! The close up of his face and the dialog bass. But I guess must be difficult to get that. Thank you for this babes! :)

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  11. Sanu ik pal chayn na aavay ..sajna tere bina
    sada kaliya ji nahi lagda… sajna tere bina

    Anyone heard this one? Came on my playlist right now, listening to it after ages.. :)

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                  1. Nahin!!!! I wish I was, or at least wish my hubby was! :P
                    Ek chance mila raha tha….. but … :P

                    I dunno why, had this fascination for this language Divz, love the sound of it :D I am a Maharashtrian, Marathi mulgi :D

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        1. Hey, I’m part of the hungry readers too, you know. :D I wait everyday for your comments Meenu. And your songs!
          I didn’t know you guys actually waited for poems, and that too when there’s so much else more beautiful to be read and reveled in. But, thank you very very much. The River and you guys are what keep me going. :)

          Liked by 9 people

    1. Sorry Lav, I did read them all as you know and thoroughly enjoyed them. I read bits and pieces throughout the week. You guys keep me going.

      I’m down with flu but the River and this
      sisterhood shouldn’t be disappointed. So a little something is posted somewhere below. :)

      Liked by 8 people

  12. Hello everyone. I know I am pretty much late this time. But what can I do??
    I was speechless and couldn’t form proper sentences. So i wanted to write about Arnav through Aman. Please do give it a read. Hope you will like it. And the link is given above. :)

    Liked by 6 people

                  1. Chalta hain? Yeh bhi tum hi decide karogi? Arey hadd hain!!!! Waise, you are right. Utni bhi badi nani hoon tumse… 1-2 saal upar neeche, thats all :P

                    OK Bhavi, dinner time for me….will catch you laters sweetheart. :)

                    Liked by 8 people

                    1. 😀 lol
                      Par di mein sachi bol rahi hoon. I would have thought about the rules if you were 60 but you are not. So aap utna bade nahi hai aur chalta hai yeh sab.

                      Liked by 7 people

          1. Haa haa.

            Aparna is Nautanki Senior: and Bhavi… you are Nautanki Junior 😉

            Fishing for compliments are we Bhavi ?! 😉

            We did miss you! Each of one of us bring our own uniqueness to the River. So yes, each ad everyone of us will be missed by the sisterhood ☺

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  13. A trembling finger trails in the sand,
    A wish, a word; their story.
    Writing what echoes in the heart’s land,
    Washed away, what was a promise of glory.

    The touch of lips imprinted forever,
    A memory, a moment, a priceless treasure.
    A time too late, his heart whispered,
    With a tear, a cry, trembling hopes whimpered.

    Unsure and unsteady he stands today,
    A heartbreak, another, before paths stray.
    A day and one more to change the course of things,
    Or surrender to the power of destiny, and what it brings.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. Yeow! ROFL! Nivi, ok that sounds weird now that I read it again. Im going to rephrase that! ahem…

      A kiss to the fingers that wrote these beautiful lines! Phew! Now that sounds alright.
      Bhaggu ji rehem khao mujh pe yaar !!!😀😛

      Liked by 6 people

    1. Yeow! ROFL! Nivi, ok that sounds weird now that I read it again. Im going to rephrase that! ahem…

      A kiss to the fingers that wrote these beautiful lines! Phew! Now that sounds alright.
      Bhaggu ji rehem khao mujh pe yaar !!! :D :P

      Liked by 8 people

  14. Gosh — you girls here are a riot –led by the most riotous of the lot Sohni!!!
    Miss being able to chat here.. If weekdays are crazy, the weekends are worse!!! pata nahin kab time milega .. rather when i will be able to steal a few minutes for some rivering!!!

    Liked by 8 people

    1. Time milta nahin hain …nikaalna padta hain ! lol Quote from Munna – Movie Tezaab! ;)

      Kitna kaam karti ho jaaneman! I understand your situation, but we do miss you :) Aaj Monday hain, so sab time adjustments kar ke idhar pahonch jaao bass. :D

      Liked by 9 people

      1. Sohni jaan — dekh time nikala subah ke 5.30 ko!!! Aaj se schools reopen!! Added work😞!!

        Haan aaj monday hain!! Frequent teips to the breakroom to read and re read the update😂

        I hope things ease up in a couple of weeks — changing the group that i work with at work!!

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        1. Good morning meri jaan!! And schools re-open already?! In August? I didn’t know that, guess you guys close early then? We open in the first week of September here.

          Ok, that pretty much settles your routine then, the dance begins!! Hope it gets better for you love, especially on the work front.

          You sound like you could do with a little break. However impractical it sounds, I say idhar aa jao, party karte hain :P

          Liked by 7 people

          1. 😘😘😘 Sohni!! And hugggggs

            Yeah schools close first week of June yahaan!! So its time now to reopen!! 8th grade😞! Already!!!

            A break is impossible since i had the 2 week trip to europe july mein!!
            But this thread keeps me going !
            Even tho i havent been able to chat when u all are around, i try to catch up on comments when i can!!

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  15. I am not sure Divya. You may be right. Kaliya means like leaf from tree and could be synonym to single/ lonely but have not come across it being used like this but in Pakistan they use slightly different Punjabi and my knowledge is limited as well.

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  16. Thank you for all your wishes. I feel a whole lot better already. You guys <3

    I was wondering again – It is at a very crucial juncture where Arnav, Khushi and Arjun are, right at this moment.
    She has to chose. The freedom of choice this time, isn't power. Rather a question of breaking one's heart and accepting the other's. Or breaking both and hers along. She is stuck in a very difficult situation, and also an awkward one.

    Even if things turn awry with Arjun – which they will even if temporarily, what's in their favour is time. And given their friendship, it would be difficult not to acknowledge the elephant and put it away.

    But with Arnav, she obviously doesn't know their paths will cross again 5 years later. What if fate (Meera) didn't have other plans? This could've been the last words they exchanged; a last touch before paths diverged, never to meet again.

    What they have is 2 days, which will determine how they emerge, what – big or small changes within when they part ways; how much of what lay unsaid, will remain unresolved. Will Khushi consider that? Will her decisions stabilise the tipping boat or will she jump into the waters?

    I wonder if Aditi and Khushi were to have a conversation again, how much of it would actually influence Khushi's decision. A very tough spot to be in.

    But one thing I do know –
    She will rise. Not unscathed but rise she will. After all, she is the River.

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Thank you for putting into words and so well!! have been thinking the same throughout the week.

      Dil toh dukha hain teeno ka aur dukhega par kya kare kambakth ishq hain aisa!!

      Arjun Khushi – Dosti ki hain toh nibhani padegi !!
      Arnav Khushi – Yeh Ishq Nahi Aasan Bus Itna Samajh Lijiye
      Aik Aag Ka Darya Hai Aur Doob Kar Jana Hain

      Khushi – Jo bhi karna apne dil ki sunna!!

      Liked by 7 people

  17. A yes or a no for Arjun – this conversation between K and Arjun is mandatory I guess. Arnav and K… I don’t know. May or may not happen, but some form of communication will take place I think. There are a few hundred scenarios in my head because anything can happen from now on.

    And I don’t know about Khushi Nivi jaan, but if we all didn’t know that their paths would cross 5 years later…everyone would be on pills cus of hypertension and all stress related issues for sure.

    Liked by 9 people

    1. The mother of all suspenses wud be Meera taking us straight to the prologue at this juncture and leave us all still pondering over what cud ve haopened the last day on the camp!!!😁

      Liked by 8 people

      1. You can never rule out the possibility! But improbable lagta hain, theres a lot that needs to be settled. Unless she plans to tell us all about it in a flashback! Rabba, why can’t i shut my brain off? :(

        Liked by 7 people

      2. Yes – The biggest of all would be this !! Please Nooooooooooo!!! I am not able to handle this, will surely go nuts thinking in circles until revealed. There will be flood of Speculations if this happens XD

        Liked by 8 people

  18. Kavi!!! Hurray to back to school and double hurray for Monday!!!!

    WP suck … in that I am not able Tonkin outpost from the email thread… so here you guys go…

    Evil Kavi… you are becoming evoked than Meera! What.. FF to Prologue!!!! In Prologue scene Munna makes an appearance only on the later days of the orientation yaar! If my memory serves right probably the last day!!! Can no wait so Lon until Munna’s darshan. Remember how long the few days at the camp have been.. and even though we were bestowed with his milan on Day 1 itself…

    So hoping we see him soon and Book 2nd is only about the camp and nothing else… 😕

    Liked by 8 people

  19. Anuuuuu😘😘😘
    Yes hurray for monday!!
    Only speculation from my side knowing Meera’s penchant for throwing us googlies and offtrack!! Nothing else!!
    I dont honestly know what to hope for anymore knowing the prologue!! Either way it will be sad!!
    Just want to ff to the prologue!!!

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Meenuuuu hugggs…
        its only speculation sweetie … dont go by what I say—- since I am usually wrong!!! Thanks to Meera’s shaatir writing skills!!!!
        be confident ki mera kaha hua sachh nahi hoga!!!!!

        Liked by 8 people

      2. Actually I have a feeling we can’t head to prologue yet,….as Arjun seems a tilted ticked off about AV… there seems to be something left before the prologue….

        Plus he is still awaiting Khushis response to his proposal…

        2 more days are left before speed motors leave….

        And I would like a confrontation if not a face off between Arjun and AV, or something to break that worship image of AV in Arjun’s eyes.

        Back to prologue is highly unlikely. That is in my opinion.

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  20. honthon se chhoo lo tum…mera geet amar kar do
    ban jaao meet mere….meri preet amar kar do….

    jag ne chheena mujh se…mujhe jo bhi laga pyaara…
    sab jeeta kiye mujh se …main har dam hi haara
    tum haar ke dil apna…meri jeet amar kar do….

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Absolute fav.
      Sohni you are not helping!! the nervousness. I am trying hard not to think here!!
      I am already very down feeling and thinking about Khushi please don’t add Arnav’s pain!!!!!!!!!!

      Liked by 6 people

      1. Feeling down? You should be excited! Cus no matter what scenario you build in your head, Meera is going to knock it off with a blow lol. So expect the unexpected…and wait..because this way or that, you will love it ! :)

        Liked by 6 people

      2. Feeling down,….kyu?

        No worries Lav, if nothing else then atleast during Firefox we shall definitely enforce extreme caution and that shall reveal the story behind the mysterious GASH ……

        Kuch tou hoga….abh dhamaka hoga ya dhamakedaar yeh tou Meera hi Jaane….lekin pain ……no no….no more of that…😊

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  21. I just hope if not talk btwn Khushi and AV…..there is atleast lotsa songs that AV will sing during the night cap that will leave no doubt in Ti-Di, Aman Arjun and Khushi of his intentions towards Khushi…..

    Wouldn’t it be nice to heard a few of mixtape songs actually seems sung by him…..

    Ahhhhhh… and my wish ful thinking….

    Liked by 6 people

  22. Finally read this chapter. Arnav’s feeling was unexpected read but kind of expectes if you no what I mean. He is right on the fact taht Khushi or we the reader don’t really know him. All we know is the hero worship image of him from college. What is reLly is why he is so is still untold part of the story.

    His past with Sarah and the separation is one thing i feel will have to wait and hope that in future Arnav will be able to share it with khushi.

    But I don’t get it why Aditi wants him to go away? If ahe understand that khsuhi is the girl Arnav had or still have feeling for than why does she wants them to stay apart? Did she see what happened between them at night or between Arjun and khushi? Or does she feel that Arnav is completely over his past to commit to another or involve another in his life?

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Mere tute hue dil se koi to aaj yeh puchhe
    Ke tera haal kya hai….
    Kismet Teri rit nirali…….

    My heart breaks for Arnav. …. he’s only human and to lose coming so close to his hearts desire must be agony.

    I can so see Aditi setting him up to give him some time to sort himself out- did she sense his unease or did she overhear some/ all of the confrontation?

    Arnav Varun took another piece of my heart in the moment when he worries about pecking khushi after smoking. Awww😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 3 people

  24. Oh Arnav…tu bas aaja mere paas. Sab dukh door bhagaa doongi :)

    “He had assumed it was too soon. Now, standing here with her words echoing in his mind, he knew it was too late.” That’s sad. He wants to apologize, albeit clumsily and even perhaps humiliating her further, but to me that’s one step in the right direction.

    Again Aditi’s influence on him is obvious. Much of his belief, his attitude, his treatment of women has been influenced by her — and in the best possible way. She’s been quite the perfect older sister I feel – nagging him when needed and giving him the space he needs without him asking her to buzz off (well mostly!).

    And he wanted her to meet K all those years ago? That’s telling. And I’m sure it wasn’t only because of their shared love for music. Somewhere inside Arnav knew K was special enough to share her with his Di.

    And at 26 he still cares that his Di knows he smokes occasionally.. and (gasp) so does her husband :) Why do men persist in believing we women have no sense of smell or sight? My brother used to come home reeking of smoke and thought no one knew.
    And he’s worried he kissed Khushi after his smoke. Too sweet.

    Yet as he acknowledges, K and he really don’t know too much about each other. Right now the only common thread is IE-V and music. Beyond that, what? “Because that was the only way they could move forward from the awkwardness that they seemed to be stuck in…” I agree completely.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. Was that a kiss or a peck , anyway whatever ,it was enough to derail Arnav and Khushi. Arnav is a quiet a confused person now and even when he was with Saira . This is not un common, sometimes friendships and mere physical attraction or sexual tension can lead many to think ”;This is the one for me ” only to later realise there mistake often too late

    Liked by 1 person

  26. Arnav’s frustrating behaviour shows how confused he is…like khushi he is also in a big dilemma of what he wants…
    He wants know more about her that is his intention of conversation wth her tonight…but he got angry when she talks about arjun so he kissed her…now he is in mess thinking about how will she react to that kiss…
    Once he wanted to feel her love…her adoration how it feels…i think this is same thing he has expected from saira also which is not at all available from saira…nd it caused their breakup…
    Till now i think arnav also didn’t realise how much khushi is affecting him…i hope he better understand and handles the matter carefully…
    So aditi also knows about arnav and khushi….she wants to distract him… that’s so sweet of her…but she is also scared of arnav’s previous reationship with saira…

    Liked by 1 person

  27. He is frustrated, agitated & self-deprecating & admonished with himself. Same as our Khushi was doing. Aditi wasn’t blind. She sense it & knew his feelings towards K.
    Brushing his lips over hers has & will ignite the fire that will never demised in spite how much they need or want to. The touch both received from small brush, need will arise & that will change course of their action. K will change her mind.
    About Saira…Arnav still don’t want to admit his feelings for her or what has transpired between them. So Aranv must have spoken to Aditi about K & wanted to meet before that his fate was decided, ruining his chance. Well she wants him to stay away from camp side. Is Aditi is worried about Arnav? Has resentment against him for losing her friend & their parents with their’s too.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. I was only prepared for one interlude per book, but I was thrilled to see this in-between. AV is taking centre ground. I couldn’t live without knowing what went in his mind now? However, one question – did you always intend for Book 2 to have more interludes from AV’s POV or did fan demands got to you?

    Somewhere in the corner of his selfish heart, AV approached her. He wanted to be revered again. He wanted to know if the dejected soul, who back in the day was everyone’s hero could still mean something to someone. He was seeking validation and what a price he paid for it. By ruining that poor girl’s heart and embarrassing her. These interludes help us break that perfect, holier than thou, the image of AV. The one who could never go wrong or wish wrong. Thes intervals help us realise that at the end of the day – he is just a regular guy who is allowed to be selfish and can make mistakes. Kaveri’s POV did make him sound nothing less than the perfect guy. He is, too some extent, but not entirely. ” He had never intended to do anything that might hurt her and yet there was nothing else that he seemed to be doing.” Every word that you write compels me to react Meera.

    ” derogatory words for women – in any language.” And, do you know what I hate more. Girls using those very words too.

    ” renounce the superfluous and the life he was programmed to desire as a child – stability, income, accomplishment. Maybe someday…” This random bits of truths are compelling and bring forth debate, the bests of us have given into thinking about. Maybe this is why the story resonated with us. It was just not just a story. It dealt with real issues, problems that were interspersed. Brought forth topics that the best of us think about and talk about. It was a well rounded and grounded story.

    Tidi bhi na kitni cute hai. She is so endearing and pesky. She knows how to pull strings and approach topic with a directness only elder sister can achieve. Why didn’t we see her in book 3? Maybe in a future possible update? If it ever comes on your mind. C’mon, You can’t possibly be not wanting to write some tidbits of A River.

    Ho gayi ansuni, har dua ab meri
    Reh gayi ankahi, bin tere

    Liked by 1 person

  29. So we are getting Arnav’s POV in interludes. I am still wondering, did Saira leave him because of Khushi? A normal tiff could not have broken their years of friendship and engagement. Arnav is emotionally in a fragile condition. I am not sure whether Aditi’s intervention helping him in anyway. I can understand Khushi. She harboured feelings for Arnav and can’t get over him. She realised Arjun having feelings for her is normal and inevitable keeping their friendship and his conditional support in the last years. She even missed him during the period he was not with her at Speed Motors. But, if she can’t get over Arnav fully, then there is no point in saying yes to Arjun yet.
    Can’t wait to read the next chapter.


  30. Arnav and Saira is like Arjun and Khushi… They are best friends but not life partner…
    I don’t think their break-up reason is Khushi.. maybe partially but there’s more…
    Aditi knew about Khushi but didn’t get the chance to meet her…
    Arnav is a mess.. Poor fella… I hope he will get a chance to talk to her.. and please somebody tell him that he didn’t kiss her.. It was a PECK..

    Liked by 1 person

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