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Khushi read her first romance novel at the age of sixteen – with her mother’s permission – as surprising as it was. Her Maasi – her mother’s sister – had given her a worn out copy of her own first romance novel from years ago. Maybe Gayatri Gupta assumed that romance from the late seventies was a better bet than a novel from the new millenium. She wouldn’t have been wrong, anyway.

At sixteen, the thought of the hero pulling the heroine into a passionate kiss was a thing of toe-curling intensity, one that had made her swoon in wonder and envy the girl with fictional DNA. At eighteen, with a few illuminating articles about consent – read and digested in the quest of being a true modern Indian woman who wouldn’t let a man decide what her fate would be, she had scoffed and suitably shuddered at all fifteen romance novels she had read in less than two years. That she still read the occasional romance and even enjoyed the occasional toe-curling kiss on paper, was however, no indication of her own personal beliefs on what was acceptable under the guise of romance. If anything, she had been quick to claim that if a man ever tried to pull what so many “heroes” in romance novels, films and TV shows did, it would be the end of him – if not physically then at least in her world.

Now she wondered if she believed that some level that this was never going to happen to her and hence was able to curl her lips in distaste at the thought of it happening to anyone.

Perhaps, she wondered, she was also not being very fair to Arnav Varun in her assessment of his “kiss”. One, it was hardly a kiss. They had brushed more skin than this in the last three days. This time, it just happened to be lips. Two, it was not really a one-sided affair like she wanted to believe it was. She had been ready to kiss him earlier in the day. And she would have if it had not been for some inconvenient muttering from his mouth.

She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, laying completely still, straight on her back in her tent even as faint night lights from the sky filtered in through thinned patches of canvas interspersed between sheets of tarpaulin. Every sentence they had shared just minutes ago, was playing back in her head in a continuous loop. And as the minutes morphed to hours, she realized that it was she who had sounded like a petulant child when she had spurned him. Maybe all this attention from two wonderful men was really getting to her. Maybe this is why women who had men swooning at their feet had such auras – sometimes even bitchy confidence, about them.

What the hell was she going to do? She had made up her mind about giving the possibility of a relationship with Arjun a chance. Why did Arnav have to come and ruin it by showing her promises of what could be? What did he mean by asking her how she would feel if she could have what she wanted? Now, irrespective of what she did, she would end up breaking either a heart-warming past of friendship or a toe-curling future of passion. Not to mention a chunk of her own heart.

No, she shook her head as she opened her eyes ago. What was she thinking? She couldn’t allow the lure of a distant dream the chance to salvage the past that was so intrinsic to who she had become. If she couldn’t do right by Arjun, what kind of a person would she be? Someone who opportunistically took what she needed and couldn’t step up when it meant something to him? No, she was not that person. She had not been raised to be heartless.

Don’t break my heart, Arjun had said. And she wouldn’t. Arnav Varun had changed nothing with his words or his kiss. He had made her think. And her will was now stronger. Maybe what had happened was for the better. Now she really knew who she wanted to be more than what she wanted.

As her eyes fluttered close, her last conscious thought however, was a little prayer of thanks to the universe for at least allowing her to sample what hopeless wishes that came true looked like. If nothing else, she at least had a memory. She could live with that.


If sleeping with Arnav’s face swimming in her dreams was difficult, waking up to Arjun’s hopeful and yet cheery one, was positively scary. She saw him at breakfast from afar and almost wanted to run away. She may have decided in her head but she wanted to give her heart the time to ease into her decision. But one look at his effort to keep things normal between them, was enough to make her want to give in and say yes right away. Or run far away so that she would never really have to give him an answer at all.

But Arjun was Arjun. He couldn’t let things be. So he walked over to her and pulled her by her hand to one corner.

“You have to stop looking at me like you want to run in the opposite direction.” He said softly.

She couldn’t help notice that nothing in his touch was remotely as disturbing as a certain someone else’s had been. Or exciting, that cruel little voice in her head prompted. She shook her head at him. “I am not doing that.” She assured him but looked away nevertheless.

“I have been wondering if I should have kept quiet all night, Kavi. And I can’t seem to regret that I did not. I know I made it awkward for you. But…” He leaned in closer even as she stole a look at his very serious face – she had rarely seen him like this. “I needed to find out. I have been wondering what we would be like for too long to let this go.”

Her heart twisted at the earnestness in his voice and the slight nervous edge he had when he most wanted to hide it. Like before a viva session with her father in Advanced Fluid Mechanics during their third year. She had attributed it to the nightmare that Fluid Mechanics was. Now she wondered if it was because it was her father.

“I promised you I would keep it normal and…” He broke into her thoughts and grinned widely. Too widely.

“Don’t do that…” She frowned at him.

“What?” He asked, bemused.

“Grin like this is nothing. It’s either a joke or it’s…”

“It’s not a joke.”

“Then don’t laugh it off, like that.” She scolded him. It seemed to bother her today that he might have put on the cheery mask more than once in her presence. She didn’t want that. If she wanted to think about Arjun the way she needed to, she needed to see the real him. Not this…jester he tried to be at all times.

“See, now that I like better.” He said, his grin easing into a more indulgent smile – one that she knew now was genuine. She could feel her lips curving up in sub-conscious response.

“What?” She asked with a fake frown.

“This – you being…well,” He shrugged, “You.” A second later he added with a little glint in his eyes. “With me.”

She felt her cheeks turn pink. And it was not entirely an uncomfortable feeling like blushing had always been for her.

“I like that you can be honest enough to call me out when you think I need to be. It is so refreshingly different from the polite, diplomatic person you usually are.”

It struck as odd that Arjun liked about her what she was with very few people. And then it made sense because she was infact this honest about her feelings and responses to only two people in the universe – Tripti and him. Arjun did know her better than anyone else. And she – she liked him so much. Loved him even as a friend. Was it really going to be such a big jump from that to being his…?

Being his what? Girlfriend? Was that the term to be used? Lover? Someday – wife?

Her already warm cheeks positively glowed with heat now. And out of nowhere, the memory of a fleeting kiss stole up her spine. This was so wrong…

“And I also like that I can make you blush like that.”

She looked at him and blinked rapidly. She couldn’t say yes so quickly. It was so…She decided she needed to honest with him – about her feelings for him even if not about everything else. “Arjun, I need time to think…”

He smiled and shrugged. “As long as you aren’t mindlessly dismissing this as one of my many pranks. Because it is not one. I promise.”

She sighed. No, it wasn’t a prank. He wouldn’t prank about this…

“Ab chalo, I’m starving.” He seemed to shrug something off and pulled at her wrist. She looked at her wrist where his fingers curled against her skin. He looked back at her and raised an eyebrow. “What? I can’t do this while you are thinking?”

She stared him with a wry expression, amazed that he could be so…Damn! He really needed to stop doing this. “Arjun…” She started severely.

“Listen, I am not going to let you think in isolation. If you say yes, things will be different. I can’t play fair till you make your decision. After that…well…” He shrugged with a small smile. There was no hesitation in his voice. He seemed so confident that she would say yes. And she knew she would. But something…

“No is also an answer, Arjun.” She whispered quietly. In normal circumstances she would have avoided saying anything till she had to. But the hope in Arjun’s eyes – even as aligned as it was to her own decision – was scary. And there was the feeling of losing all control. She needed him to know that she might decide otherwise. She needed herself to know that she had considered saying no and rejected the idea because that is what she wanted,

He looked at her with a deep sigh and tugged at her wrist. His fingers were caressing her pulse almost unthinkingly as he looked into her eyes. She shifted nervously scared that if he looked long enough, he would see Arnav’s kiss in her eyes. And whatever else she could do to him or not – she couldn’t do that. However, she needn’t have worried about Arjun seeing anything in her eyes. Even with their gazes locked, it felt like he wasn’t seeing her at all. It was…it was a weird thought for it to make an appearance then but suddenly she wondered if he was really thinking of her when he decided he wanted to give “this” a chance.

“I know no is an answer. I know that you are completely free to say that this is not what you want. And I will have to accept it and live with it if it happens.” His voice was almost a whisper as he looked down and she saw his foot find a stray pebble and kick it. She tugged at her hand, just so he would look up. What was she doing? What were they doing?

Before that train of panic could hit her full force, however, Arjun had looked up. This time, she knew he saw her. It was evident in the little imp that his eyes always had around her. “But I can’t believe it.” He shook his head. “I have to believe that you are going to say yes. I have to…If only to have you think about it seriously.”

With that, Arjun turned away and began walking towards the breakfast spread with her hand in his and her tongue hanging out of her mouth. They went through the morning meal as if nothing had changed between them. Arjun laughed with their colleagues, mimicked Ganesh Shankar and a couple of other senior leaders from Speed Motors, guffawed with Aditi when she came over to brief them about the day’s schedule, made fun of her when she gawked at Aditi and unblinkingly asked what a Flying Fox was. She would have forgotten just what Arjun had said to her last night and quite categorically again this morning, except for the fact that suddenly every little inch of distance between them was noticeable. She felt his gaze on her for the first time, the touch of his skin against hers after years. She noticed how he stayed in her orbit, how despite being completely oblivious to her otherwise, he made sure he paid attention once she had said something aloud. Her cheeks remained flushed – less with worry about the Flying Fox and more because of this sudden change in Arjun. Or was it always like this? Is that why Aditi assumed they were together?

Did that mean Arnav had also…She hissed in her head when the thought popped in her head on their way to the woods where the Flying Fox was set up. Couldn’t the man stay away from her thoughts for a few hours? He clearly seemed to find ways to stay away from her physically rather often. Like at the moment, for instance…where was he?

She strained her neck to see if she could spot him in the distance. She couldn’t. It was only Aditi and Aman who were both dressed in black River Tshirts and beige shorts, standing with hands on their hips.

By the time they reached the clearing in the woods, Arnav Varun had been relegated to the back of her thoughts – especially aided by the knowledge that he had gone down to Haridwar for the day. But not before she had wondered if he had left on her account. It should have given her some measure of relief to know that she could influence him so. It didn’t come.

Instead she focused on the activity for the day, which was, if she might admit at least to herself, the scariest one yet. Flying Fox was a misnomer. This exercise should have been called Tarzan 101. And it should have been restricted to those who wanted to test their primate origins. People like her – all one hundred and sixty plus pounds of her, couldn’t swing on a mobile metal hook zipping along thick ropes between trees. It was just not one of the things she needed to do to prove anything to herself or others. It didn’t help that Aman, Aditi, Arjun and everybody else around her now assumed that she would take this particular activity in her stride and complete it with ease – like she had done many others.

When Aman and Aditi took chances to give demos with clear instructions on keeping their body and neck straight and simply let physics do its job, Khushi’s fear evolved into pure terror. It didn’t even look simple – there was clearly skill and luck both involved. And she had very little balance on both. The fact that Arjun volunteered to go first and swung from one tall tree to the lower end of the opposite one with lissome grace and came out eyes shining, did not help.

When it was her turn to climb up the tree using a rope stair, her legs were positively shivering. She was sure that everyone could see her tremble as she joined one of the helpers – Ramcharan – up on the tree and put on her safety gear, stumbling with the harness, wires and straps that had to be significantly loosened to fit her. The rest of the team, standing on the other end – the lower side where she would land, was watching silently – or maybe it was the thrumming in her head that drowned out every other noise. So much so that Aman had to shout up at her twice to make sure she had heard his final instructions even as she reached the edge of the thick branch and allowed Ramcharan to clip the metal hook to her harness.

“Keep your hands away from the rope. Crouch and jump straight ahead – like you would into a swimming pool”

She looked down nervously. The height of the tree was in fact lesser than the cliff she had jumped from. And the rope was inclined – progressively edger closer to the earth as it swung from one tree to the next. She swallowed as her palms turned to ice and her stomach churned. She was going to get stuck in the middle between the trees. It was going to be so embarrassing…

“You can’t get stuck in the middle – gravity remember?”

She would have appreciated Aman’s accurate assessment of her fears on any other day. Today, all she heard was a low rumble from somewhere below as Ramcharan urged her to take her position and jump. But Ramcharan was no Mohan and this was no exhilarating cliff-jump. That was about weightlessness, this about every gram of her body that made up the person she was. The only solace of the moment was that there was no Arnav Varun around to witness her humiliation.

She should have known something would go wrong when that thought crept up on her and stole her breath. The moment she jumped off and heard the metal hook sliding along the rope in a jarring mirror of friction, she knew she was in trouble. For the first few seconds, it seemed like the hook just did not move ahead under her weight. She blinked and tried to remember what Aman had said. And then realized that she was holding her arms frozen to her chest. So she let them loose and spread them like a bird – accelerating her descent many fold – too suddenly for her liking. The next few seconds blurred past as she felt herself twist and the metal hook turn. The forest around her reeled in as leaves and branches blurred in front of her eyes and made her dizzy. This was not right. She was supposed to swing straight through but she was now twisting left and right. She felt a tug on her neck and realized that her hair had gotten stuck to something and was pulling at her skull. Her eyes closed – only half in pain as voices of panic screamed in her ears. Her eyes hurt with the effort she was putting on keeping them shut when she finally felt hands on her trying to still her and quickly disengage her hair and eventually her from the hook.

“Shit, Aman,” She heard Aditi scream. “The rope – her neck….Hurry!”


It was only when she heard Arjun’s swearing that she felt the first sting on the left side of her back just below her neck and shoulder. Her skin singed and her breath filled with the smell of burnt cloth even as her eyes smarted and she was pulled away from the harness and to a corner.


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi

Album: Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi

Singers: Anuradha Paudwal, Kumar Sanu

Music: Nadeem Shravan

Lyrics: Sameer


Dil hai ke manta nahin

Mushkil badi hai, rasm-e-mohabbat

Yeh jaanta hi nahin

Oh, dil hai ke manta nahin

Dil hai ke manta nahin

Yeh beqaraari kyoon ho rahi hai

Yeh jaanta hi nahin



Author’s Note:

  1. A very very happy birthday to Sia (siashah021). Have a wonderful day and year ahead!
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    Now when I think about Arnav and this mishap with Khushi, my heart literally breaks for him as he was thinking about her when he was fixing the ropes of flying fox and took extra care. Now he will be devastated after this and will feel even more guilty about everything. I am praying for Khushi’s speedy recovery for us and for Arnav also as he will be emotionally overwhelmed after this accident— I think.

    After khushi’s accident and sad and devastated/ guilty Arnav, injured Khushi, emotionally charged Arjun all in same frame along with Aditi and be guilty Aman— seems definitely receipe of some disaster— I am scared what is going to happen.

    I feel in some way, Arnav and Khushi both are similar. They are selfless and kind hearted and honest person. I feel Arnav was trying to give his all to his previous relationship with Saira to the extent forgetting his passion of music and follow her likings and rules etc. Now he may feel guilty and responsible for all the pain and hurt Khushi going through. Hey Bhagwan—yay Kya ho Radha hai. Both are stupid, silly people who don’t know how to live for just themselves( Raab ne bana Di Jodi, ek AANDHa ek kodhi 😫😫)
    One thing I have to say Meera in the end that you were unfair to leave us hanging at this cliffhanger in the end— now you have to fulfill our wish by flying our dear Arnav sir to save his Khushi as he got telepathy about this mishap—— blink blink—- sun arhi ho na Meera darling sache Dil ki pukaar———😤😤❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.

    No words to describe the beauty of your writing.

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    1. You bring lots of calmness with this post Meenu !! Thank you for this!!
      Loved Loved reading your comment. Some very good points about Khushi and Arnav – agree with you totally!!

      Yes Arnav took extra care while fixing up the flying fox equipment, don’t how he will react this time!

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    2. minu❤️💛💚💙💜❤️💛💚💙💜

      How beautifully you wrote about Kaveri. Exceptionally mature beyond her age and yet pure like a blooming flower. I agree with u regarding this being due to how she’s raised by 2 well educated people and part of t also come from being an older girl child who have a younger female sibling. The older sibling is forever paving a path for younger sibling and thereby silently expected to always and forever make better choices. Almost silently coached into thinking about younger/ others before themselves.

      Where as Varun,…..being the youngest, forever lives in guilt or not being able to live up to expectations. too hard for them to change or waver from the choices they make at early age. They may be supports but they live with the weight of guilt in others eyes. First Probably parent and sister, then Saira then khushi……but more ppl they put themselves down a lot. Mostly due to growing in the shadow of an older exemplary sibling.

      Sometimes it’s a curse to be either – older or younger. And yet both have their pros too….

      Your comment brings about a facet that plagues lot of relationships. Some flourishing and some failing miserably- mostly because they are seen from self point of view and experiences.

      After reading your comment – I don’t know why I feel Khushi really needs a heart to heart with Tripti. Siblings are usually a mirror to ones inner most feelings. Whether we share or all or not they see right through us.
      Now will Aditi be that or Aman yeh toh waqt hi batayega.

      Sorry for not responding earlier, but Minu, love your comment that opened a whole different level of thinking about Varun Kaveri and Arjun situation.

      *Kaveri is that loving – ithhrati, balkhati naadi – which changes as per the surface it travels over, is forever impacted by external forces and yet always flowing in single direction.

      *Varun is that steady force – Chora Ganga kinare wala – that takes in all that flowing Ganga delivers – purity, beauty with all its imperfections, heady, nostalgic, peaceful yet forever calming.

      *Arjun sweet and strong – the Garam chai ki pyali – a cup wants to in small sips, one u can’t do without, an addiction only one of its kind,


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      1. Kaveri – ithrati, lehrati naadi 👌🏻👌🏻
        AV – Ganga kinare wala chora 😉😂
        Arjun – garam chai ki pyali 😳
        What is Aman ?? Bolo bolo… 😉
        Masti aside that truly was a lovely comment 😘

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            1. AMAN AMAN DEAREST AMAN 😍💛😍💜😍💙😍💚😍❤️😍* Sigh!!!!*

              Aman – A North Star : omnipresent, forever sparkling and guiding silently. phir koi Nadiya kinare ho, chai pine Ruki hua ho 😝, ya beech majdhaar Mein phassa hua, the north definitely lead them to their ultimate destination.


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      2. Thank you for beautifully expressing my comments — way much better than I wrote but you got the Geist girl and love you for this. It is very heartfelt analysis and I am in AWE of you for writing like this.👌👌👏👏👏👏.Tussi chaa gaye ji. Your use of synonym for Khushi, Arnav and Arjun is do apt and beautiful. But what you said is true. Our upbringing influence us significantly and in someway I can relate myself so well with this Khushi. I had a very distorted body image myself and therefore used all my energy in academic achievement and behaved like a tom boy just in denial. Now when I look back– I can see how stupid I was at that time. Yes siblings are great and unfortunately I had none but what you said is true. I can see that happening easily with both of my daughters and elder one always suffers in a way as she has to be mature and understanding and setting good example for younger one( no I don’t force these things on her but it just comes naturally to her which makes me sad also).

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  8. To: thesisterhood@arrti.ganga
    From: nivi@purgatory.nolife
    Subject: Kya bolun ab?

    *Greetings from me currently residing in Purgatory*

    I’m really sorry guys! :/ I want to say so much to the wonderful replies you’ve given me and the other awesomeness that is going on here, but it seems like AD’s D stands for something else entirety than duniya.

    I’m determined and sure, I will get to them. Main wapas aaungi!

    God knows how you guys manage to engage here so actively inspite of having a million things to do. Hats off, seriously! :D

    Are we heading towards a new record this time? I hope so.
    Like Kizh says, ‘Keep calm and River on! ‘.

    Much love,

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    1. Finally found some time to come to the riverside :-)
      I don’t know what to think anymore Kavi. Prepare for the worst? But we’ve been doing that for a while now. Bunker down behenas!
      Arjun has turned out to be the dark horse here. Like we both and sohni have been harping on for a while now, it definetely feels as if he has kept things from her and for what purpose we don’t know. I can’t wait for the next update too, even if its going to be hard :-)

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      1. Me too Priya– dont know what to think anymore! Prepared for the worst but still desperately waiting for thr update!

        And we miss u Priya! Stop by herr whenevr u can!! ❤️❤️😘😘

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    2. I agree totally. Can’t wait for Varun’s reaction when he finds out…..❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
      Lagta hai ke self imposed *giving her space* ka baandh usne banaya hai is definitely going to come crashing down.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
      But whats to be seen is who/what is going to float/drown in this tsunami from the *ocean*😳😳😳😳

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      1. Me too and this wait is killing me. I am praying to Shivji to solve all issues and things for Meera so that she can finish her responsibilities of her AD and able to give her update in time at least on Monday❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️. Shivji you have to listen as I do keep Monday fast too– you see.🤗😋

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          1. That’s me Divya. I always do “deals” with shivji ( another similarity between me and khushi😜😜) since my childhood but they are very reasonable and genuine majority ( 😷)of the time.

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  9. Hey this week River song is repeated isn’t it?
    And I badly want to know the cast. I imagine
    Barun as AV😍
    A bit tanned and fat sanaya as Kaveri.😘
    Sonu nigam young as Arjun.😉
    Aliya bhatt as Aditi😃
    Rang rasiya hero as Aman.😅
    What do say sisters?😋
    Now don’t hate me if you don’t like my choice OK?😁😏😝
    Aman – I think someone else should play that role. Who do you imagine when you think of Aman??(Avni di , you must answer are from Aman’s camp right😜)
    Meera diiii are you listening.i mean reading?

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  10. I have no idea where i should start my comment! i missed alot, sorry im in one crazy schedule where i have no time to read even a news paper..

    i read 4 updates together.. now im all over the place so im gonna put some of my thoughts here
    khushi kinda disappointed me at first glance with her impulsive decision,but i can see where she is coming from yet again, would her inferior feeling justifies the behavior and decision which had the power to hurt 3 people?she had anticipated and longed for that particular moment,and she threw all that away in no might sound wrong to put arjun proposal in one side of your brain and go for a chance with arnav still i felt she should have given him a chance to speak. although as arnav seems to be a master of words(sarcasm) i have a strong feeling even that would be a disaster.
    what i absolutely love about your stories is, i cannot take sides! NEVER. there is never a black charcter in your stories, when i was pissed at one character in an update, u you will make me adore the same one in another update.just like what you did with arnav, how subtly proven that arnav not only is a genuine guy but also has an immense amount of respect for women in interlude 2! i fell for for him hook ,line and sinker.
    arjun, i equally adore this guy, no matter what.i feverishly hope him to have a great future with happiness,but not with khushi, thats isn’t just becoz i root for arnav khushi, it will be unfair to arjun to have someone who cannot love him as much as he does.its unfair to all three of them,i hope that silly girl realizes that soon.
    you had to end there? come on meera.. and really she shouldnt have gone up there with this kind of absent mind and distractions.
    yeah she has 2 extremely hot handsome lined up.. she had better get over with her inferior issues!

    my time is out.. need to go.i do not know if i will be able to comment on every chapter further.. but always remember that i will be your reader and fan forever meera.

    take care

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    1. The above comment is in reponse to

      Avni’s comment –
      Sohni Sohni,….
      Lav ka dil AV pe aya Sohni
      Uske liye lard gayi thodi
      AV uski bhi Jaan hai Jaan hai Jaan hai Jaan haiiiiii
      Sohni Sohni,
      Karegi Kya AV share thodi?
      Manege yuhi apni Lav chori.
      Kehti hai Kya Kuch bol deeeeee

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  11. Just heard this song but haven’t seen the original picturization…
    What lovely composition esp the the guitar strums and the word IMO fit perfectly with Varun dearest here ❤️❤️❤️

    Forget the original cast, for me this is forever Kaveri-Varun (KaRun) song.

    Meera, perfect rhyming eh 😝😝😝 -SaRun KaRun. U were really thinking this one in minute detail…😂😂😂😂😂

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  12. 900 odd comments.. and most of it from less than 10 readers…you all had or are having a blast :)
    Arjun relentless pestering seems odd…would make a person uncomfortable. Hope her injury is minor.

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  13. Awesome update Meera:)! But a cliffhanger:(! Hope Khushi’s ok! Felt bad for her mental stress and now physical as well. Can’t wait to read Arnav’s reaction and your brilliant story😊😊😊! . Khushi shouldn’t make any hasty decisions and ruin 3 lives if not more. I’m eagerly waiting for Arshi romance 🤔😉!

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  14. Hi gals.. Had a rough week but missed river ..just logged in to say I am awaiting Monday .. If the update is on time..a happy dance …if not just say ok n restart reading this story but for now count down had begun..about 38 hrs.. -:) ..happy happy

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  15. I am sorry M. Last week was hectic of all with Rakshabandan eve. Couldn't find time to read properly and comment. And today when I read and was searching my comment, I saw a load of 888+ comments. Thought it is better to leave my Res as Res.
    Arjun is annoying me now. He wants Khushi's unbiased answer or what?  He is clearly forcing her to say yes but then may be I am too much into Varun-Kaveri that I don't want him to try even. But when he does things like this  I couldn't help but think that did or does he know something about AV's sir feelings?  Remember AV sir distanced himself from Khushi during last days of Aarohan? What makes him do that?  His new feelings towards khushi or something else?
    Also in prologue khushi first ask Arjun that till when he knew  about Arnav? I really dont understand Arjun now. Need an Arjun interlude 😉

    OMG. Hope she is safe. I guess Arnav will be furious seeing khushi's injury or may be Aman send khushi to hospital thereby ending their this middle journey and his chance to see her?
    Is she going to get a same gash like him?😍

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    1. Arjun interlude…..hahahhahaa now that’s a million dollar suggestion.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👍🏼👌🏼

      Seems after this chapter Arjun is more of an enigma then Varun. Can’t wait to hear Meera’s thoughts on this one 😝

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  16. Hi Meera and river friends.

    I know it’s been a crazy week for you Meera. Hope it calms down enough this week for u to enjoy and catch up on the antics that unfold around this virtual sisterhood.

    As much as I wish to see a scheduled update, I understand AD takes precedence. -If you decide to update early tomorrow, maybe I’ll be able to read it before my flight….just saying you know…😝-

    A small head up to you all, I may be MIA again for a couple updates – nothing to do with my wrist thankfully – but hubby had booked a vacation before that even happened so going forward with that plan. Off tomorrow and back on Thursday following week. cant promise craziness like last week – 900+ comments 😳 – but I’ll TRY to sneak in, if I am able to put down margarita. 😂

    Like Someone said,…Keep calm and river on. 😝

    I’ll miss you all🤗

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  17. We have a note from Meera for the rescheduled update date on the Index page.

    Will be MIA for the next couple of weeks as well, lots of things happening in AD including travel for a week. Going to try my best to be here whenever I can :)

    Avni, have a good trip and safe travels sweetheart.
    Will miss you all dearest sisters…Take care and yes Avni, as Priya said,
    Keep Calm and River On! :)

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  18. Meera we missed you last week :( ..when you were not around for last of couple of days I was dreading that we might not get an update today….but we understand!!

    Please join us for Rivering Meera when possible :)

    Anu, Avni, Sohni, Priya we’ll miss you guys but u might miss Meera’s Rivering if you are gone for too long..Samajhe ?? :evil:…keep checking this space for more update :P

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    1. Meera, I had to share this with you. Was atop the London Eye yesterday(for the nth time!) with friends, but the first time with everybody’s kids. Me and my older one were looking at the River Thames splitting the London land mass into two, a sight mesmerising, stunning and worth beholding! I was pointing out to the parts of London she knows about and she suddenly squealed” Look Maa, its like London is cut into two parts because The River Runs Through It” I had a smile on my face all through the ride!

      As you can see, A river runs through everything in my life right now 😊 I am always around the it, can never be far away :)

      Its another story that I am going away from the river..towards the ocean ;) But that can be discussed later :P

      Promise to hop in as often as I can, will miss you guys.
      Hope it gets better for you Meera. As Lavz said, we do really miss having you around. Kasam! Seriously and honestly! :)

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      1. Oh I agree. It is not a happy Monday for sure. Me too missing Meera badly and seems like this judai will continue for one more week😭😭. And now to make it worse— you and AVNI also leaving us. I know I know— you have AD. Jokes apart— wish you both a happy and safe trip. Enjoy and keep in touch as much u can. Will surely miss you along with River.

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        1. Minu….ill miss u too dear…..🤗🤗🤗🤗

          Just had hubby download all the river song, mixtape, and the ones shared in the comments sections by sakhis on my iPod😝 Just so I can take river along with me to the ocean….😍😍😍

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      2. Blimey that must have caught u by a surprise……..I must say tho, .your daughter is quite intuitive,….catches onto what’s on mums mind instantly……😝

        Thames indeed cute right through eh,….literally north & south London.😍 Some Ppl I’ve met from north also have a different accent compared tooth Lon….ainnit?

        Been on London eye before too and I completely agree, the sight is truly mesmerizing.

        So, your and my journey to the ocean is about to commence,…hopefully Kaveri will enjoy the same soon….😍

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  19. Meera,

    A somber and strange Monday this without the warbling, gurgling, gushing, sloshing, murmuring, skittering, rushing, babbling of the River and her many friends….oh, and of the Ocean as well of course…..waiting to see it resume its many moods and whimsies🙇🏻😘💐🚣🏽



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      1. Translation of the song for you guys :)

        Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye
        My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear

        Ghan dham dham kare, darr jaaye
        The clouds are thundering, my heart becomes afraid

        Ek boond kabhi paani ki mori ankhiyon se barsaaye
        A drop of water sometimes flows from my eyes

        Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye
        My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear

        Teri jhori daaroon, sab sukhe paat jo aaye
        When I spread (open) your bag, all the dry leaves come

        Tera chhua laage, meri sukhi daar hariyaaye
        When you touch me, my dry branch (body) becomes green

        Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye
        My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear

        Jis tan ko chhua tune, us tan ko chhupaaoon
        The body that you touched, I am hiding that body

        Jis man ko laage naina, voh kisko dikhaaoon
        The mind that you saw with your eyes, who do I show that to?

        O more chandrama, teri chaandni ang jalaaye
        Oh my moon, your moonlight burns my body

        Teri oonchi ataari maine pankh liye katwaaye
        You are up on a high balcony; I have cut off my wings

        Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye
        My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear

        Ghan dham dham kare, darr jaaye
        The clouds are thundering, my heart becomes afraid

        Ek boond kabhi paani ki mori ankhiyon se barsaaye
        A drop of water sometimes flows from my eyes

        Dil hoom hoom kare, ghabraaye
        My heart is gasping, it shivers in fear

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  20. Hey Merra, last couple of weeks has been busy to get proper time to read the last two updates. Finally, today I got some me time to read the updates.

    If in my last comment I mentioned Arnav as one we don’t know but hero worshiped, here after reading this update I feel Arjun has been nothing but pretentious. Like khushi, even I wonder if Arjun said it for himself or for there friendship. It seems like Arjun is hell bent on getting yea for an answer even if it means khushi is doing it against her wish.

    I agree with others here we do need an Arjun Interlude to know whats really going on in his mind and heart. Did he times his confession intentionally?

    I hope and wish khushi is well and have’nt attain bad injuries. I gash like Arnav and at the same place would be acceptable though ☺️. But really wanna know how Arnav will react as well as Aditi.

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  21. Awwwwwwwwwww Meera Jaan……..🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

    Thank u for making ur presence felt,….now I can go in peace. 😊😊😊😊
    Will definitely miss u but hoping u have a better week ahead. 🤗

    PS: will look forward to a Mega-maha-update Next week 😝

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      1. XD
        Meere you are one Smart Cookie !! (Mean it in the best possible way)

        I should have been careful (about the title!)..Next time ;)

        Give us something to tide over this week… anything will do 😁

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  22. the update was very gave an insight into Khushi’s thoughts…Khushi is in dilemma as to what to choose, on one hand she has her best friend Arjun who is holding his hand out to be something more than her friend on the other hand Khushi’s past has come out alive and Arnav is also extending his hand for Khushi to explore what she always wanted, that is a life with him…I really hope Khushi chooses wisely rather than breaking all three hearts and I really do not want neither Arnav nor Arjun to be heartbroken..the activity has put Khushi life in danger, I hope Khushi does not get hurt…Khushi pulled to a corner away from the harness, I wonder if it is Arnav who is Khushi’s knight in shining armor saving her…well written update…keep it up! :-)

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      1. Awesome!!!! These 2 weeks have been so painful without our dose of the river!!! Seems like ages already.. Cant wait to read!!!! ;
        Hopefully it will be a loooooooooooooong update!!!! ;)

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      1. You’re welcome Lavz 😘
        My ghanti bajooed when I was looking at my schedule for next week, especially for Monday and realized mon is the 29th. 😂😂
        River ke update ko res/padne ke liye kya kya planning karni padtee hai 😉😂

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  23. I know I am being greedy here but will you be posting the following update on Monday Aug 29th ?!? 😉😘
    Kya karoon yeh dil hai ki manta hi hain, always maange more !! 😊😍

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  24. In this universe, I – a speck of dust, lived a predictable, unchanging life for years too long. One day, wandering through the forests of fan fiction led me to a paradise – this paradise, where the river runs, an ocean enchants, music infuses the air and nothing was ever the same. As easy as ice melting down the slopes, dancing into the grey waters, I immersed into the river.
    Each time I emerged to return to the realm of reality, I carried a small amount of the river in my palms until the next time I could plunge into it – sometimes out of air with the anticipation of the thrill, but full of life. It won’t be wrong to say without it, I lose a part of me. The restless wait along its banks will finally come to an end as water trickles down and so does happiness.

    This week has to be the dreariest ever and it has no competition. I still cannot fully express how hopeless I have been all week. ( Distractions, however plenty, are not effective.)

    Hanging by the same rope set-up for the Flying Fox, with my heart beating faster than normal in anticipation of what is to come – what burns and what builds, you should think the feeling wears down as the days pass by. That’s a big – Nuh-uh. I guarantee.

    Thank you Meera, for bringing the River back, aur doori main seh nahi paati. I hope things have settled down at your side.

    I know I’m late but – Happy vacations Avni and Sohni! Do drop in when you can, yeah?
    To the sisterhood chattering beside the gurgling Ganga – just a day to go – We ready? :)

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    1. Wow Nivi– what a heartfelt and poigant way to describe the gloomy and sad feelings we all sisters are going through along with you in absence of River and Meera. You are awesome and you have to write a arshi ( yes I am biased) FF for us Hungary readers . I feel myself lacking appropriate way to describe about your brilliance. 😀😀

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      1. Thank you Meenu! <3 I just sprout things from time to time, that's all. Awesomeness is the sisterhood, who gurgle in the little amount of water I carry back from the river to reality.
        You guys are awesome! You’re here almost everyday with your wonderful views. I really really admire that. I know it takes all kinds of magic knowing the zaalimness of AD.

        PS: Me and Arhi FF?! The day seems too far away my friend. Perhaps there’ll come a time when I’m not a bundle of nerves at a mention of this. But with your encouragement I cannot not try, no matter how daunting it may seem. :)

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        1. Nivi– you write beautifully and just need a story to add to your writing. Also rest leave it to Arnav and Khushi as their name will bring automatic story/ imagination in your head😀😀.

          Thank you for your kind words– yes I come here daily as it is beyond my control.

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    2. Nivi – such a poet you are and thank you for always being so so wonderful to the River and by extension to me :) This week has been dreary and dull and with the chapter tomorrow – hopefully the cheer will return :)

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  25. I was sure somethinglikethiswouldhappen when I read that Arnav was tired and hadn’t slept, and yet was putting up the Flying Fox. Poor Khushi! Ab kya hoga?
    My heart goes out to Arjun. The poor guy is in such a turmoil inside, yet putting up a brave face and smiling. He doesn’t deserve this! No worries Arjun. Main hoon naa! 😘

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  26. What’s up with Arjun being so persistent all of a sudden? Is it because khushi finally knows arnav is unattached? ???

    Khushi dear think carefully, listen to Shor of your heart, not your brain.

    Dil kyun yeh mera shor kare….Idhar nahi udhar nahi..Teri aur chale. ….

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  27. Oh bloody hell. Yeh kya hua? Are they going to have matching rope burns now?

    Seriously though, after the pull and push with her feelings and decision about Arjun now this? It’s enough to put her right back to where she was with her weight-hate.

    Arjun is being so positive that she will say yes. As nzmonica said he’s suddenly so persistent. Is it more to convince himself or her?

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  28. Let me start with I enjoy Neruda, Rumi , Ghalib,Hemmingway , Austen, Amitabv Ghosh but this does not preclude me fro throughly enjoying a bone melting Romance and I m a sucker for Happy endings in books and movies.
    Meera your ‘A river runs though it ‘ reminds me of Amitabv Ghosh Ibis Trilogy – your writing just flows like a river
    I drop a lot of chores just to rush back and dip my legs in the river.While I am at it let me mention I didnt know what IPPKND or FF’S were 6 months back but now a Forever addict.
    Along with you Meera I discovered JennyM her ‘Saffron Fields’ and ‘ALS’ , and RockBarbie who has written ‘Heartbeat Radio’ and’ Lonely under the sheets’
    You all and some more writers are amazing Thanks for introducing me to this world of beutiful FF’s
    comment on chapter to follow

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  29. She is already very disturbed…and now this…how she will going to handle handle this situation…cant wait to read next chapter…
    Cant wait to see arnav’s reaction because he is the one who prepared the task flying fox…

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  30. She wanted/expected toe-curling 😘 … In return received brush of his lips…not happy. Her mind is working like yo-yo…she is scared about hurting others rather than thinking about her happiness & herself to what she wanted. She is scared shitless….bolt any moment rather than face head on.
    Arjun is so sure she would choose him. He is not playing fair…hope Arnav won’t back down. I try to imagine what facial features you have in mind in regards to Arjun…dying to see…put a face to a name.
    Gosh! She got hurt…to much thinking & not paying attention. Well she is marked….same as Arnav…which only means they are meant to be together.😀😀😊😊

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  31. Speechless.. the journey khushi is taking is enormous and beautifully depicted..
    Its frustrating to see her oscillate.
    Its heartbreaking to see her lean toward guilt.
    Its sad to see her compare.
    Its hopeful to see her question the path she wants to choose.
    Its everything.. and beautifully worded!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. I am aged 22, and I feel as strongly about swoon-worthy kisses and toe-curling romance and intimacy. I read my first Mills and Boon at age 14, and I still remember feeling this big want to have a similar passion for myself. Then there was IPK. I was 16-17 when that came out. I was rendered speechless with the intensity with which Arnav looked at Khushi in that red saree (the office time). I still get impacted by the look in his eyes. Ippknd’s concept of that heavy emotions might have appealed to my teenage senses, but now, I wonder sometimes, how Indian serials can project women in such low fashions.

    ” Now, irrespective of what she did, she would end up breaking either a heart-warming past of friendship or a toe-curling future of passion. ” The question of stability over passion comes to my mind. The one KJo asked in his Katrina-Anushka episode of KWK.

    ” thanks to the universe for at least allowing her to sample what hopeless wishes that came true looked like. If nothing else, she at least had a memory. She could live with that.” Aww Khushi, you are so cute and innocent..You are a beautiful person and all I want to say to her that it will be okay for her in the end. Huh, I wish I could.

    Arjun seems happy. Must be nice to have that feeling off his chest. Too not think about what-ifs anymore. The ball is in Kavi’s court, and he hopes it comes back to him. He is positive that Khushi would return his feelings. Their friendship, her dependence on him, their years together have to mean something. Khushi senses this optimism, and it bugs her that she might have to break his heart. How can she destroy her friendship with the one who knows her so well, who is so close to her? Such complications.

    ” Dil hai ke manta nahin
    Yeh beqaraari kyoon ho rahi hai
    Yeh jaanta hi nahin”

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  33. I started reading books (romance or otherwise) when I was 13. I was encouraged to read. No looking back since then.
    Arnav was so sure that nothing is going to happen with flying fox. He underestimated how his kiss affected Khushi and she almost got as big a gash as him on her neck/back. Hope she is fine and will be asked to stay back and assuming she will get a moment to sort her feelings. Now that he expressed his feelings, Arjun is doing everything in his capacity to hasten the decision.

    Liked by 1 person

  34. For the first time , I agree with Mitra, Arjun is too pushy
    Kehadiya na, bus bhi karo
    why push the defenseless girl into affirmation
    Not fair
    Hope kh is ok
    Arnav won’t forgive himself


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