She knew the moment her lips touched his mouth that the last kiss they had shared was nothing at all. This – this violent burst of sensation in her bloodstream as she heard his sharp intake of breath and felt his lips mold against hers, fire to flame – was what kisses were supposed to be made of. Any description she had read, any visual she had gawked at in her twenty plus years on the planet, were no match to what was happening.

She pressed her lips into his, need she had rarely felt before, taking over her senses as her arms snaked up the front of his T-shirt and grabbed the lapels of his collar. It was akin to the sense of imminent loss and the promise of goodbye in the near future. Which was weird because wasn’t a kiss supposed to be the harbinger of good times? Shouldn’t she have felt her lips curving into a smile?

A gruff moan escaped his lips just as her brows knitted together as she felt his other free hand wrap itself around her waist and pull her flush against his body.

She had never been a physically affectionate person. Four years with Arjun had changed that to some extent. But nothing – NOTHING – could have prepared her for what Arnav’s body did to hers as her mind processed every single little detail with excruciating awareness – starting from his fingers that were splayed on the small of her back to his thighs that stood firm against hers right up to where her breasts were plastered against his chest. She could feel the hardened skin on the edge of her neck and the lick of his lashes against her cheekbones. It was then that she became aware of her glasses and how they stayed conveniently out of the way, much to her surprise. Her eyes flew open at the thought and she curled her fingers into his skin at the base of his throat.

As if reading her intentions, he tightened his hold on her – at the waist and the neck and slowly licked her lips with his tongue. Shocked at the surge of electric pulse in along her nerves, her mouth opened in a small captured gasp as she felt his kiss deepen.

She made an embarrassing sound as her left hand left his collar and curved around his neck. She had no clue if she was doing this right or not but since he wasn’t pulling away, she assumed she was free to ask for more.

Unfortunately for her, getting carried away with a kiss was clearly an eventuality she had not considered. If not for the fact that their bodies – paradoxically firm and fluid at the same time – were giving their deepest desires away, it was the sudden jerk of her arm that stretched her wound and made her audibly flinch at the blinding pain – enough to bring tears in her eyes. Or was it the overwhelming emotion that seemed to be coursing through her veins, finally spilling over?

“Shit!” He swore as he broke the kiss and let both his hands slide up her and down the small of her back in soothing circles. “I’m so sorry.” He stepped back and immediately turned to retrieve what she only now noticed was a small military style back-pack. Even as she stared, lips singing in slow chorus that was echoing in her ears, he extracted something and walked back to her.

“This is probably a little late…but…” He didn’t look at her while he spoke in barely audible rasps. He leaned in, crowding her senses as her eyes blinked and closed for a brief moment. She felt the cool touch of gel and skin on her burning skin – light and strangely uncomfortable in many ways. And then it was over.

She looked up and into his eyes, glazed and blurry. He looked flushed and golden, his hair even more tousled than it was when he had just walked in. She forced herself to not stare at his mouth – had she really kissed him so fervently? It was visible on his lips and in his eyes. It didn’t help that he wasn’t able to look anywhere other than her lips either.

“I’m fine.” She said softly as she tried to ignore how her mouth felt. Or the fact that she had just been kissed. Thoroughly. Completely. With no doubt of whether or not it could be classified as a kiss. And she had liked it. A part of her scoffed – liked? By Shiv-ji, she was so dead. What the hell had she done? How did one ever go back from here? By kissing him, she had consciously made the decision to keep this – and him – in her memory for the rest of her life. Five days ago, AV-Sir was still hovering around the edges of her past – one key milestone yes but still one that could be hoped to be forgotten. Now he was Arnav. And he had kissed her. How was she ever going to get over him now?

She frowned as her chest thumped nervously from within. Why was she thinking about getting over him? This should be the beginning. This was the true beginning

The answer was so obvious she was surprised it had taken her all this while to come to it. She blamed him – this person who was still holding her.

Shiv-ji, she groaned silently. He was still holding her. And she couldn’t stop thinking about going back to that kiss. Save me.

“You are going to say this was a bad idea,” He whispered and pressed his forehead against hers. “And that we should forget about it.”

Her heart slammed again against her ribs again. He seemed to be able to see through her and that scared the hell out of her. Relationships, her mother had said and she had always believed, were best worked when it was one of equals. This…this thing with Arnav Varun – it would never be equal. He would always hold this insane power over her. She knew it now. She had known it years ago. Yes, he was right. She knew this was a bad idea. And though she was a coward for not saying it out aloud, she believed it.

She shook her head and then realized she had no idea why she was shaking her head.

She took a small step back and watched as his arm loosened and fell away. He gingerly pulled himself away and looked up at her, his eyes searching her face.


“Arjun.” She whispered back in confirmation and bit her lips before looking away and taking one more step back. Away from him.

“We are not going to forget about this.”

Like she had claimed she had did before? She looked back up at him and saw him staring at her with that glint she had seen so often on this trip – it was almost as it was this brittleness that separated the AV-Sir she once knew from this Arnav.

This Arnav who had been so sure Tripti hadn’t been talking about Arjun that night.

This Arnav who had clearly not bought into her rationalization about not having feelings for him.

Of course, she concluded. He was never going to be convinced. She thought she was a good liar. That kind of confidence was bound to fall apart someday. And who better to discover the little crack than the man she kept falling in love with?

“I will not forget about it.” She said softly. I cannot forget about it even if my life depended on it.

“There is no going back to Arjun, either.”

In fiction, she knew, his words might have sounded like a command. Instead they were uttered like a plea, its polite, almost formal edges laced with a shard of urgency. She wished his words didn’t radiate little flashes of thrill up her solar plexus. “I was never with Ar…” She stopped herself in time. She may not have been with Arjun technically. But she had made a silent promise to herself. And to him. And now it lay broken. “If I was, I would never…I could never do that to him.” The warmth of the kiss was fast fading from her lips. A part of her was almost tempted to lean in and kindle the fire again. Except, Arjun had sneaked into the space between them. And he now stood their midst – a wispy memory and feeble voice she couldn’t drown out. Don’t break my heart.

Arnav took a deep breath and invoked damnation softly before pushing his right hand through his hair. He wasn’t looking at her now. And she could take those few minutes to study the desperation that seemed to be inked on his face, lines around his mouth. It made her want to wrap her arms around him again and kiss him till she could feel nothing except the drum of his heart against hers.

What had she been thinking when she had decided to give what Arjun was suggesting a chance? There was being delusional and then there was this…She had failed herself. And she was going to fail Arjun. “I have to tell him first,” She blurted out, more to herself than him, before panic completely drowned her senses. She needed to tell Arjun sooner rather than later. And he was going to ask her for reasons – which she now knew would break his heart. The angry outburst just last evening might have been ignored. But it couldn’t be forgotten. Her jaw clenched as she realized that her conversation with Arjun was hardly going to be a pleasant one but the extent of damage could in fact be of unimaginable proportions. When something unpleasant happened, it was in the nature of the Guptas to assume the worst was going to happen. She had, in relaxed times, laughed at it with Tripti. But now, with the fate of her friendship with Arjun hanging over her head, she found it far from funny.


She forced herself to look at Arnav to find that his eyes now were strangely shuttered. She watched as his jaw tightened as if he was gritting his teeth. He seemed angry and yet there was no reason for him to be angry. She had just said she needed to talk to Arjun first – it implied that she would come back to…this…that they shared. Even if she knew within that it was probably not as simple…Why then…She frowned. “I owe that to him,” She began and then fell silent, not knowing what to say.

He let out a deep sigh and shook his head. “I know and I understand. But…” He put his hands on his hips and turned away. “This is a mess. All of us…we really need to talk…” His words trailed away as he took a steps away from her. She didn’t hear what he finished that sentence with. But mostly because her mind was stuck on his words.

This is a mess

It was a mess. But the mess was hers. Unless…the only thing that was still tangled between them was his past with Saira. And she wanted to tell him that she didn’t care about what he once had with anyone anymore. Except she wasn’t even remotely capable of living with that curiosity. If this that they shared was real, then what did he have with Saira – the girl he was going to marry? And if that had come to naught, then what would this…ever come to? What did she want it to come to in the first place? Is that why he wanted to talk to her first. So that she would still have a way out if she so wished? Did that mean her feelings and her inability to walk away from him were invisible to him? Was her heart safe after all? And if it was, why wasn’t she more thrilled about it?

“But first, we need to go Rishikesh.” He said as he turned around, his face back to being even and placid as always.

She looked and him and shook her head slowly. “No seriously, I don’t want…”

“Unfortunately, I don’t think we are liberty to give in to our wants at the moment” He said softly to her, his eyes finally twinkling as they rested on her mouth and flipped back to meet her gaze.

She blushed furiously and swallowed in the hope that the little action would keep the blood from rushing to her face. “No, no…I mean…I can’t go like…” She looked down at herself trying to indicate to him that she was not dressed to leave the tent, let alone the camp, when she realized her clothes were in a complete disarray. The shirt she had opened most top buttons off to keep it pushed back and away from her bruise had slid down and had exposed a significant swell of her right breast. The left sleeve, loose as very few clothes were ever on her, had fallen away to her forearm. Her bra straps were peeking out of either sleeve. She looked up in utter shock, her face paling as she realized just how wanton she probably looked at the moment.

She stepped back and pulled her shirt up, her arms stretching her wound as she tugged at her clothes in urgent steps. She refused to wince even as Arnav shifted on his legs but refused to look away from her.

“Do you have a wide-necked vest or something…” He began, his voice raspy and sand-paper coarse as it slid against the column of her neck.

A vest? Was he kidding? She couldn’t step out of the tent with just a vest…not unless she wanted the entire world to see every part of her body spilling out of cloth. And why was he giving her clothing suggestion anyway? He needed to get out of the tent. She was just going to have to tell him to go as uncomfortable as it was.

“You remember reading about tetanus and lockjaw, right? Middle school biology? That is a real thing. Getting that tetanus shot, is non-negotiable. We need to go. And now.”

She bristled even though his tone was absolutely courteous. And she didn’t appreciate that he thought the only way to get to her was invoking school lessons and highlighting medical scares – even if it was working. Damn him.

“I’ll wait outside.”

With that he turned around and walked away, leaving her gaping at the rustle of the tent flap that now separated her from him. What the hell had just happened here in the last few minutes? She sunk to her bed and took a deep breath even as her thoughts churned into a whirlpool. She had gone from being kissed for the very first time to worrying about losing her best friend to feeling utterly naked and exposed to eyes that had never strayed from her gaze.

And now she was required to be alone with the man she didn’t want to peel herself off of.

She groaned and held her head in her palms, her eyes closing as her pulse procreated and chose to beat in her lips with just as much relish as it did just below her left shoulder.


Eventually, it was a kurta she had tossed into her bag at the last minute while packing that came to her rescue. It left her back bare but stuck to her body and dipped too low on the front and the back to be decent. And in her current state, a dupatta was out of question. She looked at herself in the mirror and sighed. The bun Aditi had so carefully pulled her hair into was now a messy heap of entangled curls, most scraping her already injured skin, leaving flashes of burn memories behind each time. She pulled the band holding her hair down and tried to pull them back into a bun, only to wince every time she tried to raise her hands above shoulder level. Giving up after a few minutes of concerted effort, she pulled her hair into a bunch and let it hang on her other shoulder. She then took a deep breath and decided she couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer. The fear of lockjaw was way higher than the anxiety of being alone with Arnav again. Clenching and unclenching her fists, she walked towards the exit flap of her tent and stepped out into the sun.

Arnav was standing just a few feet away, hands folded behind, his back ramrod straight and held held high, like he was looking at something in the distance.

She walked up, her voice box trembling as she decided she would have to call him something to get his attention. AV-Sir – he didn’t feel like anymore. Arnav seemed too personal…anything else…Clearing her throat and saying let’s go was an option she didn’t quite like. As filmy as she was, embodying the sixties heroines was not exactly her idea of who she wanted to be. Why couldn’t he just turn around on his own?

Enough, Kaveri Gupta, she scolded herself. There should be an expiry date on melodrama. Get over it.

No sooner had she muttered that to herself, Arnav turned around and she stopped in her tracks. She had rarely known what to say to him and now that they had kissed, all she could think of was that. She needed to think about other things – anything that wouldn’t involve the memory of how it felt to…

“It might be a good idea to tie your hair up.”

“I’m not able to…erm…lift my hand…It seems to be jammed…” She shook her head. He was right. She plucked the cotton scrunchy off her wrist and gently lifted her hands to tie it on one side, without lifting her arms.

“I can…let me help,”

“Huh?” She asked as she squinted up at him, trying to see what his expression looked like but it was too bright and the sun was right behind his head, casting a dark shadow on his face and a halo around his head.

Before she knew it, he had come over around her, with his palm extended. Stumped, she quietly placed her band in his palm and waited as he gathered her hair, his fingers brushing against her scalp, her neck as he quickly pulled it up into a bunch behind her neck.

“Okay?” He whispered, his breath against her neck, his fingers grazing her shoulder before his hands fell away.

She nodded, unable to spit out a word in the aftermath of a bundle of nerves that her body was in the moment. She turned around to look at him again. There was something in his eyes that she couldn’t ignore as he watched her unblinkingly. For a second, it almost looked like he was going to kiss her again.

So she blinked and spoke quickly, before she lost her head. “How will we go to Rishikesh? The SUVs must have left to pick the others up from after rafting?”

She saw him smile softly as he looked at her.


He shook his head. “You didn’t say car.”

She couldn’t help the fact that her lips curved of their own accord. “I am a mechanical engineer. And a Speed Motors employee. They are not cars. None of them are.”

This time he chuckled. “Hatchbacks and sedans?”

She shook her head. “Segments. Based on wheel base. Desi company. Only marketing and Sales is allowed to use international classification”

The two of them laughed and Khushi watched as Arnav’s face changed. There was glimpse of a boy she once knew – the one who had spoken so beautifully about wanting to spread his wings and explore new skies. It was heartening to see that he might still exist under all that gravity he now carried with him.


She shook her head. “How are we going to Rishikesh?” She asked again.

This time his smile was sunshine and secrets, flirting, boyish. Drop dead gorgeous. “Bullet Electra.”


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Sairat Zaala Ji

Album: Sairat (Wild)

Singers: Chinmayi Sripada, Ajay Gogavale

Music: Ajay – Atul

Lyrics (in Marathi): Nagraj Manjule, Ajay-Atul

For the English translation of the song, please visit this link. I  personally believe translating takes away the essence of the poetry (Hence the lack of translation for other songs). Marathi, however, I assume is less present here and hence the translation). Knowing nothing of Marathi though I have personally still not needed words to go with this song.

It’s a song about that streak of wildness, the little unspoken words that can catches you unaware one fine day – even if it is not as dramatic as our movies would have us believe!


Next Update: Monday, Sep 19, 2016

As many of you know, I no longer post on IF owing to forum rules. If you have any friends who you know still wait for the IF update notification in their My Posts, please do let them know.

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    Here is a link with translation of the lyrics in English if anyone is interested –

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        I lived my life in one day before I saw you
        And when you came back
        I live my whole life as one day

        I used to
        I used to love you
        I used to
        I used to love you and I learned the secrets of your love

        Only one heart feels you
        It’s my romantic heart which melts in you
        Everything isn’t under my control, and I don’t find any solutions
        Sorry but my eyes used to say the truth

        I used to
        I used to love you
        I used to
        I used to love you and I learned the secrets of your love

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              I love some of the arabic music and I love this one. This was sort of a rage. Remember cheb mami who sang with sting on desert rose. I saw sting in concert in dubai and cheb mami was there too. Good memories :-)
              This one is turkish and a favorite

              Music really doesn’t need any language

              Liked by 7 people

              1. Lucky gal if you heard Sting live! Desert Rose is beyond words..It’s a religion! You bow down to such compositions hai na? I love Cheb Khaled as well. Amr Diab’s Habibi was a rage too. Good memories 🙂 I know this one remembers all songs from that era because of one song from the past!🙂

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  12. I was completely mesmerized by the update. The beauty which lies in your words, I have no words left to explain. You took me to another world where I was witnessing the first kiss of two people, who were one in many ways. Sigh!
    I think for the very first we saw the possessiveness in Arnav’s behaviour towards khushi. He was tending her wound with so much care. And finally khushi realised that now there is no going back, atleast not to Arjun.
    These people as AV said really need to talk. To clear the issues.
    And Bullet Electra! Is that playfulness in his voice which we witnessed when he was in college? I felt it.
    And I want this bike ride to happen. Anyhow! Some more alone time to these two bas! I know the time of separation is coming close. 😑

    Liked by 9 people

        1. Its like you are sitting on a magic carpet and flying over with notes of the composition Avanti. There is no need for speech when you are flying nor do you need to know who the magician is. Just feel it, absorb it…its a treat! The notes do the talking, all you have to do is listen to them! :)

          I understand what you say. Words add to the beauty and if you understand the language, its just magical. But this song isnt one of the best written songs out there, so you are not missing much! All it talks about is of the first love, dhakdhak, acidity and how everything has gone completely out of his/her control! :D

          Liked by 9 people

  13. Dear, awesome update…

    To start with, Khushi – she has really come off age from a simple college girl to the one who is ready to initiate the kiss with her dream man…So far, she has been dreaming about Arnav in her sleep and now, when something really starts, she is thinking of if the intimacy could be a farewell between the two..I couldn’t understand this part…But i leave it to u as u are too good in leaving some hints about future updates…

    Now the question is, we have been seeing Khushi having such a strong feeling towards Arnav, did she fall for AV sir or for Arnav???

    What i loved about this update, is the easy convo that these two could have…i was missing this terribly before, as i felt it was always the attraction between the two that is brought to light in the story and was wondering if they could really talk like normal people…U took care of that in this update…Superb writing dear… :)

    I have to now definitely mention about the dream man of Khushi :) Should i refer him as AV Sir or Arnav..No idea… :)
    Wow, Arnav was simply superb in this update..he was a perfect lover boy for Khushi in this..I liked the way he said “Not going back to Arjun either”,
    Beautifully written Meera..U r such a wonderful writer…

    Once again, an awesome update…

    Liked by 8 people

  14. Nice so atlast they kissed n I’m really enjoying this flirty arnav n blushing khusi but how things got ugly n they separated again is it bcoz she will say no to arjun n three of them have some kind of clash n to avoid it khusi part her ways n leave both of them

    Liked by 4 people

  15. Just spoke to my parents Meera, is the situation in Bangalore any better? Nivi? Are there curfews in the area that you live? Are you guys staying home? Hope you and your loved ones are safe! How ironic…the reel and real world has decided to fight for Kaveri! The less said the better…

    Liked by 7 people

  16. What a kiss…made me wish for one….exactly like this.. Sigh….
    & Khushi badly in need of come out of her confusion…
    which also made her mind beautifully messed up…& only with him…totally…😘

    Hahhaa..😁…..his science knowledge on “Tetanus & Lock jaw”…he sure know how to turn tables…

    Waiting for their bike…sorry… “Bullet Electra” ride…😍

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Yes yes but still…
        Any way I find so many changes on the site. Seriously I have missed so much.

        Di now I understand why you people say AD is being a pain. I really do. I still didn’t get to see the comments. Not even one! Assignments are assigned and exams are going on..
        Well there is so much I wanted to say but….

        Di I have missed you and all the sisters too.

        Liked by 9 people

  17. The lil moment at the end dissipated the nervousness i was feeling throughout the update. All my feelings are just jammed up right now!! Only thought is the upcoming ride on the bullet Electra. Damn M! Y did u hv to stop there :(
    The update made me anxious anticipating the future yet such a thrill it was!!!

    Liked by 3 people

  18. I didn’t expect anything less than the above update, which was fabulously fantastic, charming, beautifully written. The emotions were just ripe and over flowing. I like this introvert Khushi. And this Arnav who is a Switzerland. Heaven embodiment of every girls dream!
    The kiss, omg, it was mind boggling. Truly!
    But what nailed the update was the conversation after the kiss. I could just see the whole scenario taking place in my mind. And I loved the realistic approach you kept to this story and these awesome characters.
    my best part of the update was “we r not going to forget this” and the very natural reply
    “I will not forget about it.” She said softly. I cannot forget about it even if my life depended on it.

    “There is no going back to Arjun, either.”
    But they are gonna separate, as far I can guess. And now Arjun’s reaction!!! I am dreading it, and waiting for it.
    Over all, an awesome update….
    update the next one soon.

    Liked by 6 people

  19. I never Res’d! I read it and went my own merry way. Der hi sahi, here’s my thoughts…

    Ohhh myyy goddd!!! The kiss was amazing! I mean I was only reading and I was breathless. That’s the power of your words weave magic.
    But..Khushi has this feeling already? She’s taken it as fait accompli that they will break up at some point in the future. But why? Does Arnav give out non-committment vibes?
    And Arjun…sigh..his heart is going to be broken so badly. But it had to happen..that relationship would always have been a compromise (like the one Naina and Rohit agreed to in Kal Ho Na Ho). Friendship can be a good basis for a relationship but not when one is in love with another person…however much Khushi may deny.
    Haha..Khushi testing herself for lockjaw lol..that was funny.
    Aand…the bike ride (yes I said bike even though I am an engineer) is finally going to happen. Yippee!

    This update was worth all the wait. Superb Meera as usual!

    Liked by 6 people

  20. Talk about worth the wait. I’ve finally caved in. I need Arshi to happen but I have feeling that it’ll take so much more time for them to finally reach a happy place, together. The kiss, oh the kiss will always be so memorable, I am honestly surprised, pleasantly however that Khushi as able to vocalize the significance of it to her “I will never be able to forget this” And oh Arnav, his teasing ways and talking about desires. [Insert happy sighs]

    I am completely going to ignore that Arjun’s impending heartbreak is near because my heart will definitely break with him.

    As always Meera, you’ve only given the best to us. I think this might be one of my favorite chapters.

    Liked by 4 people

  21. Just got around to reading this post…. Awesome…
    Why, with this, you almost feel they are at their climax of the love story… Yet… I still feel something is yet again going to play a spoilsport… Well not a spoilsport since it’s what will give a wholly new direction to the story arc…
    But I wish you prolong this for some time… Please… :)….
    Khushi.. Is a real mess… Arnav is getting carried away… I am waiting to see arjun’s response or play….
    This was actually unexpected and now how they move ahead suddenly has couple of more directions…
    Jeez… Meera… You rock girl….
    And the song…. Ohh dear… What a song… I agree you don’t need words to feel how wonderfully unrestrained and wild one gets when in love….
    Also I would recommend all the songs in this movie… (Zingaat not that much but still ) Each one has a different DNA… Yet they somehow come together ….

    Liked by 4 people

  22. Where will they go from here? Apart from Rishikesh I mean :D
    Yes it is a mess at present especially because Khushi had hinted to arjun that she will give them a chance and now his heart is going to be broken and how!! Arjun had asked Khushi about Arnav but she always ignored/denied. Denial is no more an option for her.

    Liked by 2 people

  23. After reading this chapter— this is what I feel😘😘
    फिर कोई जख़्म मिलेगा तैयार रह ऐँ दिल ,

    कुछ लोग फिर पेश आ रहे हैँ बहुत प्यार से .


    Phir koi jakhm milega taiyaar rah a dil
    Kuch log phir pesh aa rahe hai bahut pyar se.

    Liked by 8 people

  24. finally managed my time to read it. it was sooooo wonderful. finally it happened for real, not an imagination or not a simple touch. it was a real kiss that khushi wanted to know. whats the mess arnav talking about? did he by any chance knew arjuns feelings for khushi from a long time? anyway waiting for the next update

    Liked by 3 people

  25. Loved it! This update and the last! The emotions are so strong and soooo beautiful, I keep coming back to read the update over and over again! You weave magic with your words….and I’ve said this before….

    AV and Kavi…tweaked names but the emotions are as intense…maybe more than I remember before….

    Tell me….where can I read EIT again? Would love to take that journey again! Thanks!



    Liked by 3 people

  26. I’ve read the entire chapter thrice. And savoured every bit of it, every time. That’s all I have to say.

    “Phir le aaya dil majboor kya keeje
    Raas na aaya rehna door kya keeje
    Dil keh raha use maqammal kar bhi aao
    Wo jo adhoori si baat baaki hai”

    The entire song, really. <3

    Liked by 6 people

  27. Although this update was full of romance, lighthearted and heartfelt feelings and undercurrents of emotions , I can not get away from nagging thoughts of calm before the storm despite the much awaited and promising dug dug ride Meera. After reading many bautiful and detailed comments, I really don’t have anything to add and hence this delay in writing. Today I was rereading the chapter and could not stop myself from scribbling something. Meera you are a master in describing not only vividly aibeit naturally. The whole flow of starting a kiss from their touching of lips, deepening of kiss, reactions of their hands and body parts and mono dialogue of Khushi, leading to their post kiss disheveled state and than care by AV sir for her wound and than talking about not going back to Arjun with so much Hak— leading to suggesting change of clothes / tying her hairs( haye mai mar jawan ) all those intimate gestures and ultimately promising a 😻😻😻😻😘🤑 bullet ride—-this all Completely stole my breath. However I fail to understand why Khushi was feeling as if it is the end rather than new beginning. Does that mean she will do something silly leading to future separation. I won’t be surprised if she decides to be a martyr herself and Arnav as she can not start relationship with Arnav after causing heartbreak to her dear friend Arjun.

    Whatever happened in past with S( no I can not write her full name)–Arnav cares for Khushi and is attracted to her. He also addressed her as Khushi( well if he would have called her Kaveri after that toe curling kiss, I would have personally hit his head with BELAN😘—just saying)— good for him, yes he is improving especially on actions front— I hope he does not make a mess with words in future.

    It was good to see some lighthearted and flirty moments between them. AV sir was flirting especially when he said this

    ““Unfortunately, I don’t think we are liberty to give in to our wants at the moment” He said softly to her, his eyes finally twinkling as they rested on her mouth and flipped back to meet her gaze.”
    Oh I do want to know their wants at that moment🤑🤑.

    Seems to me he was constantly gazing at her lips many time. I like this Arnav a lot👌👌👌👌.

    Arnav tied her hairs and his hot breath caressing her many time– bechari Khushi to gayi kaam se. Also Arnav ka bhi haal to behaal tha — must be telling himself control control — after all our Khushi herself admitted she has a sexy and beautiful neck🤓.

    After this kiss and all what happened between them, I know for sure that Khushi is completely ruined for anyone else . She is too deep into Arnav to ever come out of it. Arnav also seems attracted to her and cares for her. Now what on earth will happen to cause this long separation and I know that I am saying it again and again but despite trying hard, I can not stop thinking about this.

    I loved the song and video at the end even though did not understand a word but as many have said — indeed music does not need any language❤️.

    Meera I missed seeing you on blog today— please ye Judai badasht nahi hoti😭— come soon even though for brief as understand AD can be cruel and best wishes to you with all going on in Bangalore. Hope you and all your loved ones are safe and well.

    Just like Khushi— waiting for upcoming bullet ride while holding my breath.❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 12 people

    1. Meenu :) …. about right time! Usually whenever I am missing river that’s when you post detailed comment and it instantly puts a smile on my a way your comments are special bcoz it does the perfect job of quenching!

      Mast!! Phir se SKD main chali gayi 😊….

      The song – adds so much to your comment and makes it totally sweet ..have heard this song before only audio no video, mazza aagaya 🐳

      Liked by 7 people

        1. True the song 😉… the lyrics are 😊….

          Shokhiyo.N mei.N gholaa jaaye, phoolo.N kaa shabaab
          Take a swirl of mischievousness, and the youthfulness of flowers

          Us mei.N phir milaaii jaaye thoDii sii sharaab
          In those mix in a little bit of wine

          Hogaa yuu.N nashaa jo taiyyaar
          The intoxication you create like this

          Haa.N , hogaa yuu.N nashaa jo taiyyaar, woh pyaar hai
          Yes, the intoxication you create like this is love

          Shokhiyo.N mei.N gholaa jaaye, phoolo.N kaa shabaab

          Ha.Nstaa huaa bachpan woh, bahakaa huaa mausam hai
          It is a childhood of laughter, it is a deceptive atmosphere

          ChheDo to ek sholaa hai, chhuu lo to bas shabnam hai
          It teases you like an ember, but when it touches you, it feels like a dewdrop

          Gaao.N mei.N, mele mei.N, raah mei.N, akele mei.N
          Whether in a village or in a fair, whether upon a street or by yourself

          Aataa jo yaad baar baar, woh pyaar hai
          That memory that comes to you all the time is love

          Shokhiyo.N mei.N gholaa jaaye, phoolo.N kaa shabaab…

          Liked by 6 people

          1. Lavs thank you for translation. Have to say translation for this particular song is not bad compared to original— it still gets to the meaning somehow—

            Any way samajhne wale samajh gaye ji na samajhhe wo Anari hai———p, 😷😷

            Liked by 7 people

  28. Saans me teri saans mili to mujhe saans ayi…..
    Rooh ne chhu li jism ki khushboo tu jo paas aayi…….

    The first kiss, especially after both of them are somewhat clear about their feelings for each other…..surely khushi will no longer reject arnav.
    But if not then, why do they separate yet again?

    Arnav’s desperation, khushi’s yearning, ae dil sambhal ja……there will be a happy ending.

    Liked by 8 people

  29. hi meera di….. iam here after a long time. Iam so happy seeing the progress in relationship between AV and Kaveri. You know what, you are such a fabulous writer(everybody knows that…). Di Emerald isle tales is my one of fav arshi story. This story is a kind of stress buster to me. when checked last time it was protected.pls give me access to the site , if it is possible. No pressure on you. But please CONSIDER MY REQUEST . Because this story is close to my heart. This may sound crazy , but whenever iam under pressure or something , i always wanted to read this story. So pls di . pls give me acess to the story please please…. waiting for a reply…

    Liked by 2 people

  30. Wow di one amazing chapter missed out on this update 😕I’m not receiving notifications of updates stalking it is 😬🤗

    Kushi is so filmy but a sweetheart😍Arnav is well a prickly rambutan 😂All prickly outside soft inside😜Can’t wait for these two to start their real journey 😊🤗😘

    Liked by 1 person

  31. The floor beneath me becomes a dancefloor every time this one comes on, I prefer screaming this song to singing it lol…yep – every – single-time! :D

    Update day sisters! 🤗🤗 Head bobbin’….I wait for tonight’s update! (Meeru Jaan, something tells me Im going to need a glass of red! ) Dare I say I loved a certain Mr Khan in this movie? Polka dots shirt did you say? Yep I can do that, I am the only one who can do that!!! ;)

    Shaam Hai ..Jaam Hai …Aur Hai Nasha..
    Tann Bhi Hai.. Mann Bhi Hai… Pighla Huaaaa..
    Chhaayi Hai ….Rangeeniyaaan..
    Phir Bhi Hai ….Betabiyaan..
    Kyun Dhadakta Hai Dil …..Kyun Yeh Kehta Hai Dil
    Deewanon Ko Ab Tak Nahin Hai Yeh Pataaaa
    Hona Hai Kya…Paana Hai Kya…. Khona Hai Kya….!!!

    Liked by 10 people

  32. Kitne hi chehre dekhe magar… Maine chuna hai bas ik tujhe… Har pal ho meri bahaaon mein tu.. Mil jaaye aisi kismat mujhe (mohabbat kabhi Maine – Sonu Nigam) 🎼🎼🎵🎶🎶🎶🎶
    That’s the song I hear in my head whenever Arnav looks at Khushi….
    Today is Monday and I can’t wait for an Arhilicious update 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Oopppssss. That’s why I feel so much for this song… I must have it in the back of my mind 😘😘😘😘😘😍😍😍😍😍😍 I also have “phool khila chupke se” in my Playlist since I read it in here… And I always this clear image of khushi singing it and Arnav in awe of her… It’s a must have in my Playlist.. So is mohabbat kabhi maine…. I love this musical journey 😘😘😘😘😘

        Liked by 3 people

  33. Lovely update and a lovely song to go wid it..
    Haai I had been waiting for the kiss to happen n it did happen.. Although m kinda feeling sad for Arjun.. Yeah she is gonna break his heart.. Jus hope he takes it sportingly n dat doesn’t affect their friendship..
    Gonna read next chappy.. N sorry m late.. :)

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  34. The collective sigh from all your readers is enough to cause a windstorm here, Meera.

    What a lovely first kiss. Just perfect. Kissing’s important business and if it ain’t done right it ain’t something you look forward to the next time. :)

    But he’s right. It is a mess. They need to TALK. And fast. They don’t have the luxury of time in the immediate future. Once she goes back and when he’s ready to take up the offer from A&M it will be a while before they can see each other again, if at all.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Excellent chapter meera…
    Arnav and khushi shared their first kiss…that was lovely…
    Happy that they decided not to forget their kiss…
    “You are going to say this was a bad idea And that we should forget about it.”
    These lines by arnav shows how much sure he is about khushi’s reaction…at the same time he was afraid of khushi’s reaction…
    He insisted her to take a shot…she agreed with arnav…
    Once again he is offering bike ride…
    I think they really need to talk…i hope they will do that….
    “There is no going back to Arjun, either.i am in love with this dialogue by arnav…it made by day….he commanded her…
    He tied her hair that is so sweet of him…lovely gesture…
    First time i am listening to this marathi song already playind it repeatedly…

    Liked by 1 person

  36. Omg! Finally the kiss 😘 she had awaits for long time. Her dream fantasy come true. The romantic novels she read in her younger days, flash before her eyes the experiences, desires, & the whole nine yards. The pain she endured now forgotten to la la land. She needed the distraction & she got one but two. One was him & another was the kiss. She will never forget the kiss if life depended upon. Marvelous👍👏👌
    You can’t go back to Arjun. That said a lot. You are mine & not willing to share. 🤗
    Going back to reading, would like to catch up on the reading before next week is over & have to head to real hectic life.
    Excellent Meera👏👏👏

    Liked by 1 person

  37. OMG!!!! I am a dead meat. That kiss was hot Meera!! I was praying all the time “Don’t say yes to Arjun! ” because no matter how practical that decision might be it wasn’t good. And fair to all three of them, as Arnav said specially to Khushi herself. I am so glad she is out of her little goodie good world.

    P. S:- I am here and i am reading n i hope u do remember me from old times,pls don’t close the blog too soon.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. Where do we go from here, when the treacherous heart wants to stay.
    Where do we go from here, when the mind says to run the other way.
    Love is a tangle, we cannot afford to weave,
    But live without it, without one another,
    To survive another day, other than in each others arms,
    To open our eyes to a future without loving you,
    Makes me never want to leave!

    .. Sorry your writing inspired :-P.. Couldnt help meself .. Had to jot it down.

    Liked by 1 person

  39. The kiss was as explosive as expected. That tender moment of mutual desire and affection was explained in the manner it deserved. And, we were left as a mere spectator who felt wrong about intruding on their special moment. A first of many we believed. And, yet I pronounce myself guilty for indulging in their fantasy.

    ” Relationships, her mother had said, and she had always believed, were best worked when it was one of the equals.” This line, reiterated by my mother and sister as well, has affected me so much that I too believe in it.

    ” She needed to tell Arjun sooner rather than later. ” Yes, Arjun deserved it. He was her best friend after all. She owned him that much. She owned him her honesty. She owned him the truth about her real feelings. How she couldn’t possibly love him when she was already in love with Arnav.

    Saira. She is a mystery. What was her reality here? What did she mean to AV? From Khushi’s POV, I could only acknowledge the frustration of not knowing. Her insecurities about the future of this relationship are understandable and voicing them is the only option. However, how does one show one’s weakness to one who we want to show our confidence, our best? Kaveri has become someone who has started reflecting on our insecurities and our dilemmas.

    These 2-3 chapters are so endearingly cute. The rush and expectation of something more. The possibilities of new beginnings. The thrill of coming together. You are just left with a feeling of peace and excitement. Like there are rainbows in the sky.

    ” There was glimpse of a boy she once knew – the one who had spoken so beautifully about wanting to spread his wings and explore new skies.” See, there is an underlying softness here.
    Finally, the back ride is here. Couldn’t ask for more! Could we?

    A song not in Hindi. There is an upcoming Hindi remake of this movie. I wonder if the title track is I have started realising that I should learn more languages. There is so much variety in India.

    I wonder if this translates to the original song. Obviously, it doesn’t. But, it has flair.

    “Ek dooje ke liye hain
    Neend meri khwaab tera”

    “Solah saal ke saawan jod ke
    Pyar se thamna, dor bareek hai
    Saat janmon ki yeh pehli tareekh hai”

    Liked by 1 person

  40. Feeling sad for Arnav n Khushi..
    Their chemistry is mind blowing..
    But Arjun… n Saira …
    There r a lot of things to be addressed..

    Pyar hoga tou zaroor per abhi nahin..

    Liked by 2 people

  41. Arnav knows kh isn’t with Arjun , but she won’t stay with him too, why ? How ?
    They surely complete each other , cos he knows even before she speaks
    I think, kh has martyr syndrome, she will ok to Arjun , be miserable & torture Arnav too
    Waiting for bike ride
    Like AV sir told maybe ‘ One Day ‘ , this is the lucky day for Kaveri & us


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