Varanasi, 2005

It wasn’t as if he hadn’t seen her in days. He had. They were together for most of the time they spent in college between classes, lab sessions and breaks in between. And yet, it was almost as if she was galaxies away mentally. She seemed to be taking notes in class as usual. When asked about something that had been discussed in class, she participated as she always did. And yet, he couldn’t help feel that there was something going on. And if he were honest with himself, he knew what. It was evident in the way her entire being came alive in the evenings, when she sang.

With AV-Sir.

Why the hell was it bothering him so much? Arjun clenched his teeth and tried to focus on what NK-Sir was saying. And yet as he looked at his third year senior, he couldn’t help remember that NK-Sir too…

“Agarwal, pay attention. Surbhi Singh daydreams can wait.”

He looked at NK-Sir but avoided the other pair of eyes that he knew were trained on him.


“If it is bothering you that much, tell her how you feel.”             

Arjun looked up to see AV-Sir looking at him seriously and rolled his eyes. And though the words were uttered with sincerity – he couldn’t help wonder if AV-Sir actually meant them.

“There is nothing to tell. Plus, I really do think I would be wasting my time.”

This time AV-Sir remained silent even as he sipped on his tea and then sank into the thin faux-leather seat next to his, the half-full Styrofoam cup cradled in his hands.

Arjun turned to look at him and sighed. There was no point overthinking it. He needed to know first. Later, he could decide to analyze why he cared and what he would do with the information. “I think she likes you.” He said quietly. “And I am not joking.”

AV-Sir frowned and shook his head. “Arjun, you are being absolutely…”

“I am not. I know people. And most of all, I know her.”

AV-Sir stared at him intently for a few minutes, his face revealing nothing. “Has she said something?”

Arjun burst out laughing. “Kaveri Gupta isn’t going to tell me if she is falling in love with someone. Not even if it is with me.” He shook his head as the dense fog lifted from his head. “Damn, I am behaving like I am in love with her! I am not.”

AV-Sir continued to stare at him but this time disbelief was evident in his gaze.

“I mean,” Arjun shrugged with a sheepish smile. “Perhaps, there could be more. I mean…fuck….oops, sorry Sir. I know you don’t like to use such language….” He trailed away at that and peered at his unofficial hero. “You really never feel like swearing?”

AV-Sir rolled his eyes. “Of course I do. And there are plenty of words which capture the essence without the need to be degrading to the most important women in my life anyway.”

Arjun’s face flamed. If Kaveri was in love with this guy, this was the kind of information that would cement that. But how would she know unless he told her?

Fuck, he swore guiltily in his head. He was now beginning to sound like a vamp from one of those horrible shows his mother watched all the time.

He shook his head. “No, it’s just that…all you people…” And in that moment, Arjun was glad in just a few days AV-Sir and he had established a relationship were he coul take the liberty to be this open. “…All of you make these insinuations…”


“Fine, my vocabulary sucks. You are all rather direct..but the point is you guys say all these things…it’s enough to make any man wonder. I don’t “feel” anything more or less than I always have. And I am saying this again, I really think she likes you. And while most of the first year female population “likes” you, I can assure you if Kavi does, it’s the serious sort.”

“I have a girlfriend.”

His eyes narrowed again as he looked at AV-Sir’s expressionless face. The little piece of information had been thrown at him too quickly, too forcefully. It didn’t make sense. “That’s not possible.”

“Thanks,” AV-Sir said wryly.

Arjun shifted forward in his seat. “Arre, that’s not what I meant. I mean, of course you have a girlfriend. I mean if you didn’t already, there is no way you could have gone through four years without one…”


He put his hands up in front of him to ward off AV-Sir’s annoyance with his verbosity. “All I meant was that if you had a girlfriend, I would have known. I mean I know too much about too many less significant people…”

“I am blushing.”

Arjun shrugged. “NK-Sir and I are proud to be the flag-bearers of the AV club.”

“Really, Agarwal, you need to stop. Flattery never helps.”

“This is hardly flattery, Sir. Flattery is when I compliment NK-Sir on his social skills. But okay. I will stop.” Arjun said earnestly. “You have a girlfriend.” He paused to consider the revelation. “I assume she is not from IE-V? There’s no way I would not have known if she was. So she is someone from back home?” He asked even as curiosity and relief course through his body in a joyful symphony. And then it dawned on him as suddenly as most things in – moments of serendipity almost. “Why aren’t you happier about it?”

AV-Sir frowned but this time the streak of red – anger or embarrassment – he couldn’t tell, was visible clearly. “I don’t like talking about it. Not too many people know.”

It was enough for Arjun to know that they had reached the end of the conversation on that topic. So he leaned away and breathed in deeply.

“If you really think she likes me…” AV-Sir’s voice crackled in the silence. “Tell her. That I have…”

If he wanted to be his dramatic self, Arjun would have vowed to remember this moment forever – the moment when doubt lodged itself in his skin and poked like a nasty, invisble splinter every time the conversation veered to this man and this girl. Why did AV-Sir’s voice sound like it pained him to let Arjun use the information? And heck…“No. If I ever want to tell her how I feel, it won’t be because I’ve covinced her any alternative is unavailable.” He knew he was contradicting himself – he had just seconds ago declared he didn’t feel anything different for his friend. But this thing that had creeped into his head about Kaveri was a treacherous lover. It was going to be the death of his sanity.

“Oh God, AV-Sir. We are both going crazy.”

“I’ve been out of my mind for a while. Speak for yourself.” AV-Sir chuckled morosely and then rose from his chair.

“Beer on your tab?”

“Did you turn twenty one since we spoke last about this?”

Arjun laughed and rolled his eyes. “I don’t think you are twenty one either. And we are still going to get that stall for Aarohan. Let’s not have Tiwari-Sir hear your legal opinions and get into another battle of wills”

“I know how to pick my battles,” AV-Sir retorted as he rose and walked away.

For the next several minutes, Arjun sat there replaying every bit of conversation in his head.


“That much enthusiam is positively nauseous, Agarwal.” AV-Sir commented softly as the rest of the Aarohan group filtered away from them at the end of the evening.

Arjun looked up at him and grinned. He was happy. He couldn’t hide it.

“I take it you have concluded that your Kavi doesn’t “like” me after all.”

Arjun’s eyes almost popped out of their sockets but he contained his amazement at AV-Sir’s ability to know him so well.  “Goodness, Sir. You must think I have no life outside of my interest in Kavi’s likes and dislikes.”

“Do you?”

“Ha ha.” Arjun laughed and then cringed as he realized that he had almost forgotten than AV-Sir was four years older and not exactly a friend. It was a good thing the man was so easy going. And he had practically encouraged this complete lack of reservation on Arjun’s part. But still there were boundaries one didn’t cross. So he sobered and straightened his spine – vowing to infuse more restraint in his interactions with AV-Sir – though these vows were rather easily broken and thereby had become almost a daily occurrence in his head.

“She’s not my Kavi, Sir.” He said softly with a small smile. Yet.

“But you are ready to admit that you wish she was?”

Arjun smiled broadly and winked at his senior. “I have been thinking that she may not be interested in you after all. She positively gets annoyed when I try to probe her feelings for you. I mean, no offense….but since you are not really available or interested…” He let his words trail away.

“No offense taken. You are right. I am not available. Besides, it is always better when you find a partner in a friend. So all the best with that.”

“All the best? Oh fuck! You are wishing me luck. To do something….No…no…” Arjun shook his head as his heart beat quickened. “Not Kavi, Sir. I cannot tell her how I feel. Plus I am not sure how I really feel. I mean I know I like her…Of course…she is a friend but..”


“Ok wait…let me,” He held a hand out in front of him and took a deep breath. “See…I can’t ask her out…”

AV-Sir frowned. “Why n…” and then the frown on his face into lines of understanding, sharp and keen in the middle of his forehead, right between his brows. “If you ask her for coffee, it won’t be any different from what you already do…I mean you are practically together every waking moment there is already.”

“You sound je…” Arjun began but then held himself back with a sheepish grin. “Sorry, let me say it differently. “I am awake now but not with her at this moment – so no we don’t spend every waking moment with each other. She spends many of those singing with you and heck, I am a little jealous of that.”

“You are there for all those sessions. Sorry you sing awfully else I’d be happy to have to join the little chorus.” AV-Sir pointed out in a flat, emotionless voice.

“True.” Arjun conceded. “Coming back to the point – Yes, generally speaking, you are right. Whatever I do needs to be more than just coffee…Or even a movie. We already did see one together a couple of weeks ago and it was…too ordinary” He shook his head. “No, it has to be something else.”

AV-Sir shook his head and smiled almost wearily. “You’ll figure it out.”

“You know, you would think I will. But…” Arjun paused. “You are obviously experienced. How did you ask your girlfriend out?”

AV-Sir’s smile faltered and once again Arjun cringed. Why did he have to bring that up when it clearly wasn’t received well? Why though, he wondered for the hundredth time?

“She asked me out.” The older boy said briefly.

Arjun chuckled. “Of course. AV-Sir, aapke charan kahan hain. I am never going to be that lucky. And with Kaveri Gupta. Ha! No way. I need ideas.”

The two men fell silent even as the auditorium cluttered and clinkered around them.


He hurried up the stairs, taking two at a time even as his breath caught in his throat by the time he had reached the end of the cemented ones. He took a couple of seconds to steady himself at the topmost landing and then pushed the little wrought iron door facing him outwards to open the way to a smaller passage leading to a curved metal stairway leading up to the terrace. As he climbed up, he closed his eyes and promised not to give in to the growing sense of discomfort. This bare bones climb almost always rattled him given he wasn’t very fond of heights in the first place.

Once out on the terrace – more a farm of solar panels on one end and water tanks on the other, he calmed down and hurried towards the place where he knew he would see him. And surely enough, seconds later, he was walking up to where AV-Sir was sitting on the parapet, his back to Arjun and legs swinging down from the edge. His favorite guitar was resting against the wall, face out. And around him…

“You smoke?”

“Jesus!” AV-Sir exclaimed as his shoulders jerked for a second before he turned his upper body, new ringlets of smoke circling up into the air even as the thin, long cigarette in his raised hand dimmed. “Agarwal, I could have fallen to my death here. Or worse – permanent disability. Are you crazy, sneaking up like that?”

“Jesus – really? Itna pseudapa? Kam se kam Banaras mein toh Bholenaath ko yaad kijiye, AV-Sir. And I did not sneak up. You would have heard me if…” Arjun shook his head. “Fine. Sorry. But I am shocked. You smoke.” He couldn’t help the rush of disappointment that curled his tongue and sharpened his words. “How many more things are there to know about you?”

“I don’t smoke all the time. Just…It’s not an excuse and I am not proud of it. But I don’t know why I am supposed to explain myself to you.” AV-Sir’s voice hardened and then he looked away. A second later, he crushed his cigarette in the little Styrofoam cup he had by his side.

Arjun stepped forward and leaned against the wall next to AV-Sir. “I’m sorry. It’s just that smoking is such a…” He shook his head. He clearly wasn’t required or expected to lecture his senior. “I wanted to talk to you about something but if you are preoccupied, we can talk later.”

AV-Sir didn’t look at him but nodded. “Let’s talk later if that’s okay.”

Arjun nodded and smiled. “Sure, Sir.” He pushed himself off the wall and started walking away, his brows knitted in a frown even as the now old doubt prickled in his fingertips again. He was almost at the door when he heard AV-Sir call out to him again.


He turned to see AV-Sir waving to him still without looking at him.

Smiling, he jogged up to the wall and waited as AV-Sir turned to look at him, half a smile on his face. “Let’s talk now. Perhaps it will help me clear my head too.”

“Everything is okay, Sir?”

AV-Sir sighed softly but said nothing. Arjun didn’t push him further. Instead, he jumped right to the topic he had come here to talk to AV-Sir about. “I’ve figured it out. And I am so stupid I didn’t think of it earlier.”

AV-Sir looked at him quietly for a moment and then said, “Music.”

He grinned. “See, it was that simple. Why did I not…”

“But you sing atrocious Hindi songs to her, for her all the time. If anything it makes things worse I think. I am not sure this is the best direction to be headed in. Unfortunately, you are…well…tone-deaf is the official phrase.”

“I’m not exactly auditioning for Sa Re Ga Ma you know?”

“But if you are trying to impress Lata Mangeshkar…And before you say anything – I don’t think she sings as well as Lata Mangeshkar – I use the thespian’s name as a placeholder here.”

Arjun grinned. “You can’t complain you don’t know me.”

“Well, if you don’t like how easy it is to know you, you might want to speak less freely about…”

“And you are all snobs. Kavi, NK-Sir, you.” Arjun interrupted. “I thought you were better. But apparently I know nothing of you – which is evidently by design.” He said wryly, unable to look at the cup holding the sodden death-stick.

“Well-played.” AV-Sir commented and picked up the Styrofoam cup and put in on the other side where Arjun couldn’t see it anymore.

“But,” Arjun held up his hand. “I am not an idiot. Of course I am not thinking of singing myself…” He let his words trail as he smiled sweetly at AV-Sir.

“Dude. No.”

He grinned.

AV-Sir shook his head. “You are crazy. And I think I have given you too much leeway. You forget who the senior is here.”

“Arre, Sir. Padosan style. It will be perfect. Kishore Kumar, Sunil Dutt and Saira Banu…” Arjun stopped as he saw the geniality leave AV-Sir’s face in a whoosh even as his expression fled his features and once more, nothingness took over. Goodness, how had he not noticed this side of AV-Sir? “What, what did I say?”

“Nothing. But this is a stupid idea. You are actually suggesting I sing while you lip-sync…First…it’s stupid. Second…it’s ridiculous….Why would you want anyone else in on your moment?”

Arjun paused at that. He hadn’t thought about that. “You might…no…I mean…sure you will be there…but it’s just for that song…then you can leave…and…I can declare how I feel.”

“Too much information, Arjun.” AV-Sir said looking away. “And do you want to do something serious or this…spectacle…”

“I have to be me.” He shrugged.

At this AV-Sir smiled. “You’ll drive any woman crazy but it’ll be one fun ride.”

Arjun grinned. “Awwww-Sir. That is the best thing you’ve ever said to me. I almost want to give you a hug.”

“Touch me and die.”

Arjun chuckled loudly even as AV-Sir laughed softly and turned around to jump back on to the terrace. “Let’s go get chai,” He said as the two of them walked back into the hostel building.

River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Kya Karein Kya Na Karein

Album: Rangeela

Singers: Udit Narayan, Chorus

Music: A. R. Rahman

Lyrics: Mehboob

Roz roz hum, sochta yahi

Aaj humko woh agar mil jaaye kahin

Toh aisa bolega, saala, waisa bolega

Khullam khulla uspe dil ka raaz hum kholega

Woh saamne chamakti hai, saans hi atakti hai

Aur yeh zubaan jaati hai fisal





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    If Arjun was my BFF, I would have been really disappointed with him. And would never have been able to have that kind of friendship again with him.

    I am eager to know why Khushi decided to maintain the friendship with Arjun while shunning Arnav away from her life.

    Till now the only mistake I see of Arnav is that he was confused, utterly, four years ago.
    And he being this extremely nice guy, did not take any firm decision not wanting to hurt many people including Saira or Arjun.

    Liked by 9 people

  7. It occured to me and is bothering so I will say it :)
    Arjun- I had earlier cried foul when he had revealed Khushi crush to Arnav. A complete no no for me from a friend. In this update I excused him as young with lack of filters. Some of us have excused him for not been a close friend of khushi yet.

    He has known her till 8th grade in school…she beat up somebody for him..close enough that he knows her favorite songs. ( that is a close friend to me)Was it a song or list of songs ,her favorites,that he wanted AV to sing? Anyone remembers the song?

    Lying my omission Arjun? She does prefer sonu nigam to kishore…AV knows it from practice (priya?) Arnav’s had input in song selection and change ( her favorite love song… something like tum raat din mujhe chaati ho…? Did Arnav know it ?)

    Also from this conversation Arjun is aware of Khushi crush and it got confirmed the way the two sang at Aarohan…would you then gloat to that girl (supposedly your friend and love interest) of the engagement ? You do not need to grow up to know she will hurt even if it just a crush. And Arjun did not stop talking about it to her for weeks afterwards. Insensitive and selfish or he really cannot think ?

    More will be revealed in 2 more updates…

    Liked by 7 people

    1. You are right Shradha jaanu!
      There is a high probability that Arjun DID NOT know many of her favourite songs, so he gave Arnav a weird playlist thinking Kavi might like those. She obviously never talked about music or her likes/ dislikes about her type of music with Arjun. But with Arnav she did and at length. So Arnav knew about those songs which she loves and will enjoy. There is a high probability that Arnav overrode the selection and put in her favourites, attempting to help Arjun. But Arjun did not appreciate it and did not sing that night. He obviously saw how they both were with each other that evening. He was probably livid and fuming after what happened and may be confronted Arnav. Whatever happened, he then decided to blurt out about Saira to Kavi in front of Arnav without wasting any more time!

      Phew! Scene speculation done for the day. I can sleep in peace now!

      Liked by 10 people

      1. Knew Arnav ki jaanu would respond :) I just read Priya’s comment and it appears I remembered it wrong about Khushi beating up somebody for Arjun. She in fact was pushed to the ground !

        Somewhere I read last week about books (or fan fictions here) that I will quote/paraphrase .. “We cannot interrupt books but only ourselves while reading them. They are expression of a individual,,,they speak to us… demand that for some time we put aside our beliefs and prejudices and listen to someone else’s.”

        So it seems that I am/was unable to keep aside my beliefs :( I have to confess that to me a friend/admirer does not tell your secrets.. here happens to be her crush. (there are other ways to gather information ) And if you care for someone and know that the person would hurt you would try to minimize that pain. To me in both fronts he failed. But that should not matter as it is “my” yardstick of a good friend. It hardly makes him vile, just a bit insensitive and selfish to me.

        Liked by 9 people

    2. Hayee, I had decided to be mouni baba till next monday!
      “she beat up somebody for him”: you’ll have to tell me where that is mentioned.
      ““Jai Mehrotra…”
      “He pushed me to the ground because he didn’t want you to score a six in stupid corridor cricket at Lunch time!” Khushi countered, surprised that she remembered exactly what Arjun seemed to too.” Do you mean this? Umm there is a mention of her hitting someone for calling her khud khushi so arjun is not the reason there.
      ““How long have you known her? You seem really close.”
      Arjun smiled. “We were in school together till about four years ago when her parents shifted to IE-V. But we were never close back then””
      My reading is the first time they have really hung out with each other is at IE-V. I think bollywood is a common love that they share, so it is plausible that they talked about it.
      Coming to the songs, he said whatever was not on the list was his suggestion. So starting with udit narayan and followed by the sonu nigam medley & the dil chahta hai song, it was his suggestion, or I’m guessing so.They were planning to start off with “pyaar humein kya mode pe le aaya” originally.
      “She had always been partial to the romantic lilt in Sonu Nigam’s voice. Something she had casually mentioned in one of the practice sessions amidst yet another session of the eternal Rafi vs. Kishore debate. She had never cared for that particular rivalry. For Khushi singers had their place just like songs and moods did. Her favorites, however, remained Sonu Nigam and Udit Narayan – one that never failed to rouse exclamations from those who were around when she pronounced her judgment. Except Arnav Varun, of course. He had, despite the silent cold war that they had so childishly participated in, smiled affectionately. It had brightened the sun that afternoon.” So yes he knew about that.
      Now even I don’t know why he kept AVs relationship status from her. He does say that he wants her to accept him for himself and not because someone is not available. And coming to the fiancee information even if he hadn’t told her she would have come to know because by then it was common knowledge, even NK was excitedly looking around for Arjun to tell him.
      I don’t think he’s a villainous character, he made mistakes, stupid ones at that. But if blame has to be assigned I think it should go to both men.
      “Surbhi Singh? Really?”“But that’s not who you keep staring at when she is around, do you?”
      “She sure has a lot of Mechanical Engineering tied up in knots.” He looked at Arjun with that unwavering gaze that was so inherently him. “But you, Agarwal babu, are leading the cause, aren’t you?”
      “If it is bothering you that much, tell her how you feel.”
      Who was saying all these things to him?
      Read Book 1 chapter 14 & 16, the portion where she’s talking about taking couple of days off from practice and the fianee news basically the whole place had nothing else to talk about. She was pretty successful I think in keeping her feelings hidden.
      I don’t know if all of the above makes any sense and if I flunk my quals all of you are getting blamed! Hello hi bye bye

      Liked by 11 people

      1. Bang on Priya👌👌👌👌👌. There you go— no wonder u r encyclopedia on river story and our reference book. Take a bow Priya. I just have to say I love u, I love u, I love u( remember this Zumba song❤️).

        I agree with every word you said. Till now I do not see any villain in Arjun and see flaws in both Arjun and Arnav. As you rightly mentioned– even if I feel mental turmoil and helplessness of Arnav much more than Arjun— still I can not blame only Arjun and also will continue to agree that Arnav was at fault too.

        Future will prove if Arjun was villain or not— so far — not at all.

        Anyway you said everything and no way I can describe as succinctly as you have already.

        And don’t you dare to keep Maun Vrat ever when it comes to river 😳😳😜😜😂.

        I always look forward to read your unbiased opinion.

        Liked by 7 people

      2. P, I was just reading D-Day of Reckoning …

        Forget about the hot topic of debate – Arjun bad or not bad
        Forget about Arnav good or bad at this moment
        Forget about Aarohan

        This is just Arjun and Khushi. Good friends. Arjun knows Khushi has feelings for his senior Arnav. She is an introvert, shy, sensitive person. She has been hiding her feelings from Arjun with great effort. Unfortunately Arjun knows whats going on because he is a perceptive person. We all know now that he had realised that she liked Arnav. Lets just give it to him that he had his justifiable reasons to hide Saira from her. But then something happened during that evening. So he decided to tell her.

        He decided to tell her about Saira for the first time, when he knew she had absolutely NO clue about it….in front of Arnav!!! His attitude — feigning nonchalance, jovial!

        “Nishant Sir told us that your parents are here to surprise you with their acceptance. I didn’t know ki aap Romeo-Juliet type ki ladaai lad rahe the ghar pe…No wonder IE-V girls were never good enough for you…You must be relieved now…Shaadi kab…Oh…”

        With that he turned to Khushi and smiled. “Kavi – Congratulate AV-Sir. His parents have finally accepted his love story. They are here today to surprise him…That is what Nishant-Sir wanted to tell me…Bose is waiting to party all night…” He concluded, referring to their hostel

        That was brutal for me P! Which friend does this ? Saying all this to a totally clueless Khushi, that too in front of Arnav?? For the first time? Breaking her heart in front of Arnav, not allowing her a minute of privacy to handle the jolt, forcing her to deal with this heart breaking news in front of the man responsible for it? Putting her into an uncomfortable difficult position! Forget about all the logic that went behind the thought processes of the illogical foolish men in question. Im not interested in the blame game here. This wasn’t some silly joke or argument that was meant to be discussed in public.

        It concerned her heart. And because Arjun loved her, it should have been his prime concern! Because he was her friend, he should have taken care of how he breaks the news to her. He could have congratulated Arnav later and told her about Arnav and Saira when he walked her back home? Or the next day? Or whatever? Or just requested her to walk with him instead, when he saw her walk away with Arnav… because he needed to talk to her urgently, something that couldn’t wait? But no! He was busy joking, playing the joker that he usually did, blazé attitude ….and then just threw her into this difficult situation, out of the blue. She had no cover. She had nowhere to hide. She just stood there, stoic.

        Does it really matter what happened during Aarohan? Who plotted what? Who deceived whom? Who was the villain? Does it matter? The poor girl’s heart was broken ruthlessly and she couldn’t recover from the blow for long.

        Who should I call upon and demand answer from for this careless behaviour….Arjun, the good friend? Or Arjun ..the man who claimed to love her so much that he couldn’t wait to tell her about his feelings?

        The moment he stopped caring about how she would handle this blow in front of Arnav of all people, his feelings for me ceased to matter, period. Forget about the fundamental law of friendship cus many may argue that they were not the best of friends. I would argue that for the camaraderie they shared, its still binding on him that he take care when it comes to her heart, but I let that go. But for the man in love, who couldn’t wait to tell her that he loves her? I dont know what to say!!

        Please dont make this about Arnav. Its not about him. For a change, its about Arjun :)

        Liked by 11 people

        1. ““I saw them…Krishna said hello…I asked…. Arre…that’s not important. Didn’t you hear the second part of my statement? The news about AV-Sir…How can you not be curious? It is the best piece of gossip…AV-Sir the Ramchandra-avatar of IE-V apparently is more Hare Krishna than Hare Rama…”” This comes before that
          Will be back have to go somewhere…

          Liked by 9 people

        2. Agree with yu here sohniye and that’s why I will wait for next chapter to see what exactly happened leading to aarohan scenario. Me too deep in my heart wish to see Arjun doing villainous type act so that I can easily hate him but so far I am waiting like not guilty until proven. For me it was always Arnav and Khushi but Kya karoon— meera darling is doing an awesome job of forcing me to think from Arjun’s perspective. Hooe next two chapters tell us much more detailed information sohniye as our heart and mind are completely fried with all these ongoing discussions and speculations for so called LIGHTHEARTED story in Meera’s language😂

          Liked by 8 people

          1. Meenu — I wouldnt consider him villanous but rather more like AV put it — -he is emotionally savvy and does not hesitate to use it to his advantage! That is usually alright, but in this case however, he did wrong! He ended up hurting his best friend and ended up putting them all in this mess. Clear instances that cannot justify any reasonings… Breaking the news of AV and Saira the way he did on Arohan night, not telling Khushi about AV’s breakup with Saira, and then the timing of his proposal to Khushi the night she was to meet up with Arnav.
            Clearly not acceptable..

            Liked by 7 people

        3. Every comment of your Sohni makes me like your comments more and more.

          There is a reason why Arjun had to tell Khushi about Saira suddenly like that.
          He knew Arnav wants to talk to khushi. He knew he had to act just like he is doing now in the River camp.
          I just hope he does not repeat his actions when the story goes to book 3.

          Liked by 9 people

        4. Ok hum ijj bayck
          Sohniye you’re absolutely right. I was not trying to be anybody’s vakeel or justifying his actions. I just feel that maybe we need to give the kid some leeway, that maybe he doesn’t deserve all the bad rap he’s getting. I’m also keeping in mind that their relationship at the prologue time is pretty good, so assuming he’s not without any redeemable qualities!
          Now we both have talked a lot about his habit of keeping information from her. I still don’t buy into his justification for not telling her about AV’s girlfriend (at that point he just knows he has a girlfriend, nothing further). He SHOULD’VE told her, especially when AV himself told him to tell her. Why did he finally choose to blurt it out in front of AV himself, knowing her feelings towards him? Now, we all think the guys are pretty good at reading her, but did they really?
          Arjun absolutely hero worships AV, there is no doubt about that. Now he hears the juicy news about his hero which probably increased the heroness to even higher levels if possible, the girlfriend was not just a girlfriend, their love story was the stuff of books and movies, on par with romeo & juliet no less. We don’t know how all this news was shared around. When he came across khushi, he wants to walk her home (he had returned after dropping off tripti and friend), he doesn’t know she’s waiting for AV or I’m assuming expecting to run across him at that precise moment (his family is there so the assumption would be he’s with them). Now this is were immaturity and thoughtlessness enters the picture. Shradha had mentioned AV chiding him for talking too much, blurting out stuff. He sees AV and hero worship trumps everthing else…..
          That’s it, going into mouni baba mode 😄 But before that I have a feeling there are things that will come and hit us on the face in the next two updates.
          Shradha, if there’s any merlot or malbec around will join you. Actually in the current state of mind, laphroig straight seems more appealing😎

          Liked by 7 people

        5. Sohni jaan — tussi great ho!!!! I wish I had more time to really really spend on the blog..
          Vociferously with you on this explanation. There are a few things that Arjun has done that defy any kind of justfication, in the name of friendship.. and that totally overrides any iota of sympathy I may have had for him.

          Liked by 5 people

      3. Thanks Priya. Why did I not check with ppedia before :) I was wrong about she beating somebody. This was not to exonerate Arnav. I agree they both are wrong. Both have been selfish. This was just about Arjun.

        Even if it is common knowledge, the engagement or any sad news… most times friends help you shield the pain. Khushi feelings were a open book… both men seem have been reading her well. So not sure Arjun could have missed it. But maybe like you said she hid it well.

        Liked by 5 people

      4. Priya — you really are an encyclopedia of the River!!! WE dont even need to go back to read the past chapters!!! You have all the answers ready!!!
        Kudos girl!!!
        Miss chatting with you here!! AD is killing me!!!! :(

        Liked by 5 people

    3. Shradha, ladkikijhy, Sohni, mrieshka

      Read all your views and I understand your pov. Sharing my thoughts :)

      This is what I think might have happened ..
      After the aarohan singing session, Arjun is sad, the words were supposed to be his but the feelings conveyed through the songs were shocking for him, and news from NK added to his anxiety. Seeing Khushi with Arnav, he blurts out the news to warn Khushi? (any friend would do this I think, this was more like a warning) warning Khushi to stay away from Arnav, yes there could have been many ways he could have handled it but this was also to make Arnav realize what he was doing? (like on one hand, Arnav was helping him and on the other behaving differently when singing songs). so, he chose a way to warn Khushi and indirectly Arnav I think.

      when revealing AV’s sir news Arjun might not have realized at the point of time – the state of Khushi because he thought he was all clear from Khushi’s side (there were no signs from her behaving differently towards AV before Aarohan). Maybe he wanted to protect Khushi from falling for AV after the aarohan singing session….

      But Khushi’s state after Aarohan night must have made him realize the impact of the aarohan night. And also that night maybe he took a step back to understand things better.

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Brief visit out of mouni baba mode 😄 Lavz I think you just nailed it! This is from interlude 4;
        “He could feel Arjun’s eyes on him. Khushi may have been clueless but Arjun was not. If anything he was sharper than most other boys Arnav knew. And not just gold medal sharp – which was a pleasant surprise and yet strangely expected. Arjun was emotionally savvy. He understood dynamics, used it to help – himself and others – rather beautifully.”

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Of course he could feel Arjun’s eyes on him! The hero had just engaged his would-be-gf in serious amount of eye sex right in front of his eyes! Ghooooor ke dekh raha hoga usko! More like…” Gaddaar! Tujhe toh main dekh lunga baad mein!” :P

          Liked by 7 people

        2. P!! Dancing with joy for pasting these lines from the interlude 5 :)
          How did you connect yaar? Brilliant!! The lines add so much power to my words :evil: :grin:
          I don’t know what coming chapters would reveal but for now, I am happy!!!

          Liked by 6 people

      2. Warn her? About what? Ki langda bhoot aayega? :P (Sorry Lavz, that is a line from Gulzar’s movie “Parichay” where a cutest little kid is being told a story of a langdaa bhoot by Jeetendra, you shouldn’t miss this scene in case you haven’t watched it :) )

        Sorry, yes, you said he was protecting her from falling for AV? Was a little late for that and he knew it…hain na? Or that Arnav would play with her feelings? I must say …that was a fantastic way of doing it! Dramatic! Sorry Lavz, not sitting well with me. Your logic makes sense, but how he executed it is weird to say the least. He could’ve done all of this later. And as I said, he could have told, questioned, confronted Arnav later as well…in fact that would have been more effective! Pata nahin yaar.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. I will watch the scene :grin:

          I agree truly questionable actions, but then running high on emotions, thinking must have gone out of the window. I understand, waiting to see what must have really happened. I could be totally wrong.

          Liked by 6 people

          1. I am running super high on emotions too!!!! I am at this for the last 2 hours fighting with my daughter for the laptop – and still not done with the comments!!!!! Need to sleep – but on a mission….

            Liked by 6 people

        2. I watched the scene, I didn’t realize you are talking about this movie, watched it before but a long time ago. True the kid is totally adorbs!!
          But maan-na padega, movie along with scene and dialogue yaad rakhna – Wow you sound like Khushi/Arjun from the story with your Bollywood knowledge 😉😄 and Meera too.. I am amazed you guys!

          Liked by 6 people

            1. I didn’t even realize it was by Gulzar Ji until you mentioned. I watched it an age when I didn’t know the awesomeness of Gulzar Ji :)

              Please you keep track of things like Meera ke Mohan, Chandi ki cycle and whatnot! 😂(don’t laugh but the song is stuck in my head and have been humming it for couple of days now 😂)

              Liked by 5 people

                1. No idea… but whenever someone sings songs D does appear…so she will reply soon I think..
                  Kahaan Ho Tum Kahaan Ho Tum Kahaan Ho Tum Kahaan Ho Tum
                  Aye Haye Aye Haye Haye D

                  By the way, I have not seen another Riverite – Mad (madhuri) ? Appu any idea?

                  Liked by 5 people

  8. Ok I’ve to admit I loved the senior junior bromance 😁 But the two needs to take a break from trying to play dr love and mr Cupid for Kushi or Kaveri what the 😤

    Arjun for all his good qualities actually thought of that lame route to propose 😠 I adore Arjun the friend but the so called part of him who got the eureka moment that he loves her is a total letdown

    Dude you like your best friend go take a risk maximum you lose the coveted one and only BFF status 🐥🐒

    Arnav seriously needs to stop playing Dr Love to the Kaveri Arjun romance

    Khushi so needs to give these two men a piece of her mind 😈

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Here i feel like Arnav is really trying very hard to not to feel any feelings or attachment to Khushi. He is struggling….. he knows he is falling for her but couldn’t do anything because of Saira. It can be clearly seen that he is not happy wherever Saira mentioned. The struggling relationship with Saira is holding him back from admitting his feelings for her. He is trying to be brave in front and helping Arjun to express his feelings for Khushi in all padosan way ……
    And Arjun is stupid as ever …the confused soul. He is not sure about his feelings for Kavi, but he is ready to express it due to insecurity. May be he has sensed Arnav’s feelings for Kavi and wants claim first before Arnav does.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. it was always there…Arnav knew it then..he knows it now….and for Arjun, he had his doubts but eventually he accepted his feelings which Arnav could not do..It would be wrong for him in many levels….
    I was really glad to read a part of past..makes a lot of things clearer…how both of the guys could not help but fall for her…..

    Liked by 3 people

        1. It’s totally fine, you don’t have to go back and search for it although I would be happy if you did. But, that’s ok I understand I don’t want to put in you in a spot but had I been there in your place I would search through the ocean for your comment. All good no worries 😫

          Liked by 4 people

    1. The first one. …” meri chahat hain abhi nayee nayee” and the second one…fits khushi so well…”masoom ho jo pyaar jaisi”…..

      Not just a mix tape…he was declaring that he had fallen for her? Am iI losing it or spending too much time with Arnav ki jaanu..,Sohni :)

      Liked by 3 people

  11. Kaise bataye , kyu tujhko chahe
    Yara bata na paye
    Bate dilo ki , lake juba pe
    Kaise tujhe ham bataye
    Tu Jane na , tu Jane na

    My heart goes out for both of them. Both Arnav and Around are confused right now. They both strongly feel for khushi but can’t pinpoint the exact meaning of their feelings. So they both want to know what exactly other thinking of her .

    Arnav getting agreed to sing for Arjun is a big mistake , we all know what happened on Aarohan day on stage Arnav sang all the song for himself .

    Meera take a bow . You are such a gifted writer . How beautifully you nail Arnav’s and Arjun’s behaviour, their conversation everything it’s just superb.

    Liked by 3 people

  12. God Meera! This conversation was so hilarious, made my stomach hurt :) I can actually imagine Arjun lip-synching for a song in padosan style. It so fits his personality. Arjun is quite observant, he has been a friend to khushi for quite a long time, but he has even caught the uncomfortable vibes from arnav when the latter mentions his gf. Arnav was his hero and champion … one can see that with the way they talk to each other. The disappointment arjun felt when he saw arnav smoking was just a sign how high on the pedestal arjun has put him. arnav has feelings for khushi … he knew already then that the way to khushi’s heart is music!
    Superb update Meera … like always!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. These two have talked at stretch about Khushi and planned ways for Arjun to declare his feelings. Arjun is a sweetheart, really! But the present Arjun creeps me somehow, not so much but a tad bit. This college Arjun with doubt about his most liked senior AV sir liking Kavi and her liking him too is what a teenage would feel. More so with all the ‘insinuations’ and feelings he has had over the period he has known her. Arnav has not been open about his relationship , but he did tell him to tell her about having a girlfriend. Well, he met her almost everyday and he could have told her directly too, if Arjun was making it known to him about her crush. Don’t know what I’m saying, but this feels so real. Like someone’s story in college and how tangled up people feel at such state.
    Arnav cringes at the mention of girlfriend, the paḍosan, we know why. Things were really not looking up for him and Saira at the moment and then Arjun telling him she likes him and his own feelings for her. God! Nobody is at fault and everyone is at fault somewhere in hiding things for others and their own better situation in the making. I am hooked for now. Off to next. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Wow. This has been a real treat. I have been extremely extremely curious to know about Arnav’s feelings from the past and present, to know exactly what was going through his mind, was he just friendly towards Khushi or did he actually harbor feelings for her, if he did feel something for Khushi, what was the depth or intensity of those feelings, I know too many questions. But this was what I always speculated about him. Although we do not get to know about it from Arnav, Arjun’s point of view was a great solace. It reveals somethings and conceals more things.
    I am glad that Padosan wala style was actually Arjun’s idea not Arnav’s. We cannot expect Arnav to do so, if he had any slightest idea about Khushi’s admiration. I cannot help but sympathize with Arnav in this Chapter, how could he deal with all the mess and the confusion and help Arjun with his not so sensible ideas.
    Once again Meera, splendid writing. Thank you for taking your time out to weave such beautiful stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Past & present…unanswered questions are now revealed. In a way seeking help from AV Sir only pushed Arnav more towards Khushi, his feelings towards her. In a way it might & have hindered Arjun. Self-doubt in Arnav’s heart of what he felt or is feelings for Khushi & his relationship with Saria if he wants to venture further. Too much muddled & messes & twined their relationship has become.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. AV has been suppressing his feelings for Khushi ..
    Not only Saira’s fiasco is there,but also Arjun has certain role in it..
    This’s what I get from Arjun’s perspective..
    Still I can’t lose hope..
    Arjun can’t be a dark character ..

    Liked by 2 people

  17. It is heart wrenching to know Khushi find out all of it parts of it 5 years later, when she was about to give a second chance to her relationship with Arnav. Now she doesn’t even know what she feels for Arjun. So much happened behind Khushi that my heart goes out to Khushi.

    Liked by 2 people

  18. AV cringing to Padosan comment , Saira Banu 🤓
    Arjun chose the songs, but maybe AV changed them to fit kh ,as he knew her Sonu& Udit ‘s liking
    Why did he sing with desire looking at kh ?
    What about the mixed tape ? Why give a star struck girl a romantic gift , if u have no future with her ?
    Why didn’t AV tell this to kh on his own ?
    Coming to Arjun, I am not buying his friends turned lover bs
    He knew AV / kh s interest in each other , asked AV to sing on his behalf ,letting it know that he is in love with kh , at the same time learns AV is engaged but keeps quiet , doesn’t rat out to kh
    choosing to blurt out in front of Varun , only when AV was supposed to talk to kh
    Again keeps AV s the break up news to himself , proposes to kh only when Arnav is available & present at the camp
    Was Arjun playing candy crush for 4 long years
    I hate this competition between 2 alleged friends ( ishq wala love )
    Sid & Varun Dhawan had mutual admiration club until Alia looked at Sid
    Till then Varun was ‘nt serious at all, messing with half naked Anjali ( SRK s too grown up 🤓above the hip BETI)
    Suddenly they are fighting Cold War , dance off , giving side eye , chi, All for a girl
    Arjun claims to be her friend from school, while Arnav knew her for less than 8/9 months
    The timing / intention to apprise kh ( she has only arjun s version ) always seems sinister , though it is coated with cheer, fun & goofiness
    For this alone Arjun belongs in the dog house , not in BFF category


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