The evening ended before she could train her mind to ignore the threat of ruin that was looming large over her heart. And yet, despite her absolute sense of despair, she couldn’t but notice the difference in the ways Arjun, Arnav and she were handling the evening. Arjun remained himself for the most part, laughing and singing even as his volume remained muted and eyes permanently averted from her and Arnav. Arnav stayed in the distance, as if to remove himself from the sphere of her presence. As for her, Khushi hoped she participated just enough to ensure that she didn’t insult Aman or Aditi – for whom the evening though just another milestone of professional success, was more important than it was to anyone else.

When dinner was done with, Khushi bid Aman and Aditi farewell, ignoring the curious glint in the latter’s eyes and hurried back into the tent. For the first and last time during her stay on the camp, Khushi remained away from the Ganga in her nightly sojourn. By morning, her bags were packed and her mind was closed to everything except the return journey. She felt the need to be connected with her sister and her parents stronger than before and looked forward to be reintegrated with phone networks, her family and the world in general – a world where Arnav Varun was just another human being who just happened to share ownership of her Alma Mater.

When she was seated in the large SUV – sans Arjun who had already settled into the other vehicle, she looked out to see Arnav standing in the distance, his hands folded across his chest and his eyes fixed on her unblinkingly. For a brief moment, she couldn’t help but wonder how this farewell might have been if Arjun had not revealed what he had. And then, it was gone, only to be replaced with acute vaccum in her chest, one that forced her to look away and urge the vehicle to move on as quickly as it could before her eyes gave up and spilled over.


The first time Arjun and Khushi spoke since their last conversation on the banks of the Ganga at the River, was three days after they had returned to Delhi and their life at Speed Motors. As predicted by Arjun, no one from the Graduate Engineer Trainee group at Speed Motors, was offered a full time role in Sales and Marketing – that is no one except Arjun himself. His project involving the revival of a dealership in Lucknow during the months before the River week, had caught the fancy of the Head of Sales who had approved an exception and recruited Arjun Agarwal as the first ever under-graduate Area Sales Manager to be based out of Lucknow and responsible for a third of Speed’s sales in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Kaveri Gupta, on the basis of her marquee project involving identifying cost saving opportunities in the sourcing function of Speed Motors was recruited by the Supply Chain organization for their plant in Bangalore. While she had been disappointed that she had not been considered for a position in the Sales and Marketing function, the Head of Supply Chain at Speed Motors had fussed over her enough during their final role allocations for her to be convinced that she was being sent to a place where she was wanted, even sought after.

It was at the station where Khushi was just boarding the Rajdhani Express to Bangalore that Arjun surprised her with his presence and they spoke – a first among many reparation conversations that would follow over the course of the year. To say that Khushi had been thrilled to tears to see her friend handing over a box of her favorite cupcakes from a patiserrie they had discovered and patroned extensively during their time in Delhi.

“I’m sorry” they had both said together when Arjun had finished helping her put away her suitcases beneath the berths and had plonked himself on the seat in front of hers.

“When are you leaving for Lucknow?” She asked tentatively even as she tried to process just how long the journey to normalcy was going to be – especially with the distance that they were forced to deal with now.

“Tonight. I can’t believe I am going to have to stay with Mummy – Papa and you get to be in hip Bangalore. And you don’t even drink. Bangalore is completely wasted on you.” Arjun remarked with a frown. And then he shook his head once before he smiled at her. “I’ve missed you. We are going to fix this.”

She nodded, her throat choked enough to prevent her from speaking.

“I am going to get over how I feel for you. And I promise you that we will have a better friendship when I am done.”

It was then that she had burst into tears and for the first time not cared that someone was witnessing exactly how she felt when she felt it. “I promise we are going to be friends now.” She replied.

“Ek ladka aur ladki…kabhi kabhi sirf dost bhi ho sakte hain…okay?”

They had chuckled then, hers a watery but immensely grateful chuckle and his, one of such open vulnerability – Khushi wanted to give him a big hug and never let go. “We will talk about everything, you know that right? This…” She pointed to the box of cupcakes, “doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten about what happened.”

Arjun rolled his eyes. “And there she is. Spoilsport. Okay, Madam-ji. We will talk. And remember, we will talk about everything.” He emphasized.

She had known then that he had meant that they would discuss Arnav Varun. But thankfully for her, the train had given its customary pre-departure warning jerk and that had prompted her anxious avatar to take over and literally push Arjun out of the train. When the train had finally started to pull away from the station, Khushi waved goodbye to her friend with tears in her eyes and hope in her heart. The journey to Bangalore and to a future of recovery, had begun well.


The little farewell at the station, had been effective – the thread by which a four plus year friendship hung precariously. And while the thread had been strong to contain what might have otherwise imploded, Arjun and she had to work hard to restore some semblance of normalcy in their friendship.

The first few calls were made at distinctly long intervals. The calls themselves lasted less than a few minutes and were largely populated by extended silence. The fact that they still had a few common colleagues to talk about helped a great deal. And despite how awkward it was, both Arjun and Khushi kept up trying to fill silences with debates on film and politics and general opinions that sometimes weren’t even strong enough to defend in the first place. There was now an unspoken need to ensure effort from either of them was always in balance – something Khushi was guilty of having taken for granted in the past. On his part, Arjun was the one who initiated the conversation about the past and how he was aware of his mistakes – especially in keeping from Khushi everything that he assumed she wouldn’t like. While he did not explicitly talk about his feelings, the occasional reference to how he felt were not brushed away. Instead, the unsavoriness of those moments of complete exposure were allowed to take shape in conversations and at least acknowledged if not resolved.

The first breakthrough came when the Speed Motors Class of Financial Year 2009-10 met for the first year end party in Delhi nearly four months after their deployment to their respective functions. To say that Khushi was thrilled to see Arjun was a gross understatement. And for some reason that neither of explain the reason for, their friendship seemed to be stronger and more defined. The awkwardness Khushi thought she would feel because she knew how Arjun felt for her, dissipated in a few hours following their reunion at the Speed headquarters. Mr. Ganesh Shankar and his continued penchant for singling out Khushi in his addresses to the team, contributed significantly in this direction and both Arjun and Khushi heartily thanked Mr. Shankar for his role in their lives.

It was close to the first anniversary of their time at the River that Arnav Varun made his presence felt explicitly between them. By this time, Arjun and Khushi’s conversations had gone back to being almost carefree and unhindered – with the exception of one area – rather this one person of two aqueous names. And in one carefree moment of levity reminiscent to that from their IE-V days, Arjun – of course it had to be him to do it finally – told her that Arnav Varun had contacted him, for the first time in months.

“He called me.” Arjun had said even as the two of them had fallen into a comfortable silence following a discussion about IE-V and the many things they remembered without preamble when together. “A week ago.”

Khushi couldn’t claim that she hadn’t been expecting Arnav to come up for discussion for nearly twelve months now. And still when knowledge of his contacting Arjun came, carefully put forth and still bubbling with tension at the edges, it threw her off-course. Her first reaction, silent as it was always going to be, allowed the conversation to unfurl with little caution.

“I was half afraid he wanted to talk about you. Though, I should have known really. He was never one to talk about how he felt. All the time that he knew exactly how I felt, all I had were guesses.”

Khushi had listened quietly even as her pulse had quickened. She knew Arnav hadn’t called Arjun to talk about Khushi. He had called her himself three times in the last twelve months and after the third call, she had known that she had put paid to any future attempts of conversation.

For a second, the silence that stretched between Arjun and Khushi amidst the din of new Bollywood music that neither of them really cared for, seemed to have asphyxiated the birth of an awkward conversation. And in their IE-V or River days, it might very well have been that. But this Arjun and this Kaveri were different people. They were ones who now admitted openly that the past five odd years of IE-V and the River were hardly ones of real friendship. There had been too much secrecy, too much self conscious avoidance and fear that held them back. Those walls had been crumbling bit by bit in the last twelve months. And so Arjun had taken a deep breath and elaborated even as Khushi was about to open her mouth in obvious question.

“He wanted to apologize to me. For never having explicitly told me how he felt for you. Especially since he always knew how I felt.”

Khushi had turned to look Arjun then, once again worried as she always was in this little moments of unveiled emotion. But Arjun’s face was calm. There was none of the turbulence that had once sent her world crashing. He had changed in the last twelve months. A part of her, even wanted to believe that he had outgrown what he felt for her. Except, she still remembered just what Arnav and Arjun had both implied once – that she had miles to go to achieve the emotional maturity and astuteness that she inherently prided herself on.

“He didn’t talk about you. At all. I didn’t either. Although,” Arjun paused to look at her with a pained smile. “I think he might have been hoping I would. I mean, there was hardly a conversation I have had with him in the past that hasn’t been about you in some way.”

Khushi swallowed painfully but forced herself to keep her eyes locked with Arjun’s.

“Sorry, I don’t mean to freak you out. I wasn’t exactly declaring undying love in every conversation. Just that you were always there.”

This time Khushi smiled a little and allowed her gaze to rest on his right palm like she hoped one day she could allow her hand itself to. And then she spoke, crushing the inherent need to hide and keep to herself. It was a promise she had made to herself and to their friendship.

“He called me too. For the last time, I think.”

Her eyes flicked away from Arjun’s this time.

“He is not one to give up, Khushi.”

“Isn’t he?” She said before she could check herself. Was she blaming him for not pursuing her when she herself had made in abundantly clear that she had meant it when she had said she wanted it to end between them. “He is smart enough to not pursue something if he is convinced that there is nothing to pursue.”

Arjun looked at her unblinkingly. “He just has to take one look at you to know you still feel…”

“I have never denied how I feel about him. But I have decided it is not enough to take things forward with.”

Arjun shook his head. “Look, I am the last person who…” He shook his head. “As clichéd as it is,….” He trailed off and shook his head again, with a wry chuckle this time, “Dammit, I feel like Salman Khan of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai…And I don’t fucking remember that cheesy dialogue he had in the end.”

“Arjun,” She began.

“Fine, I’m not generous enough to belabor this point. But I think you are being stupid.”

“It was not meant to be. I should have known. I am not…” She bit back her words. “I should have never even considered the possibility. I mean look at him…I don’t know if what he felt was ever serious enough. And though I wouldn’t know serious or otherwise, he definitely did. He went through an entire relationship – almost got married and then let her go…And I…I don’t even know why he was…”

She had let the thought taper off into silence. Her mind was a whirlwind, as it always seemed to be when she thought of Arnav. And she thought of him endlessly. He sprang up in her head without warning most times and left her reeling till she physically shook her head and moved on different thinks.

“You realize that you have based this entire decision on assumptions, right?” Arjun had quipped softly without looking at her. “And hurt ego.”

She looked at him and knew that he was right. Many would easily question her decision to put an end to a relationship solely because she felt cheated… what the hell was she thinking? Why was she feeling guilty about ending something that had no basis in anything but lies and secrets – even as childish as they were?

“You forgave me.” Arjun pointed out, almost as if he could hear exactly what was going on in her head. He probably could. They had, more frequently than occasionally, been able to guess exactly what the other was thinking, feeling or about to say.

“We had a longer relationship. We had something to forgive and forget for. You forgave me too. You are my best friend. The only real friend I’ve had in a long, long time.”

Arjun smiled and looked away. “Krishna is going to be very mad if she gets to know.”

Khushi smiled right back. “I don’t know when I am ever going to get used to you calling her Krishna. It’s unnerving.”

Arjun shrugged. “It suits her. She sounds like she knows the secrets of the universe – which she probably does anyway.”

Khushi’s eyes narrowed. Not for first time, Khushi had noticed the note of something very private in the way Arjun spoke of his perception of Tripti. It was too intimate. And yet, Khushi knew there couldn’t be anything to her stupid suspicion. This was just old doubt and new guilt mixed with hope, mixing holographic ideas in her head. So she ignored it and the other conversation that had just preceded this one and went on to change the topic to something a lot more mundane and fun. And Arjun, bless his soul, complied as she hoped he would.


By the time it is the third anniversary of their River trip, Arnav Varun and the week by the Ganga was a bitter sweet memory that Khushi rarely allowed herself to indulge in. Of course, force of habit meant that she still found herself scribbing the AV insignia on random pieces of paper that always ended up in the trashcan before she could be tempted to keep them safe – after all, the decision had been hers. She could hardly behave like a jilted lover.

The odd references between Arjun and her to Arnav Varun had been largely uneventful. If Arjun had felt more strongly about her thickheadedness, he didn’t let her know. Perhaps Arnav Varun would always be the character-defining crack in the ceramic of their friendship.

By the summer of 2013, Arjun and Khushi had both managed to get acceptances into three and four eminent schools of business in India respectively. That they both choose to go to the same school was no surprise anymore. However, this time, the fact that Insitute of Management, Bangalore was the ‘best’ school they both had access to, was the bigger factor in keeping them together. For Khushi, there was also the added attachment of being able to continue to stay in Bangalore – the city she had quite fallen in love and hate with.

By the end of first year at IM-B, any residual feelings of awkwardness that Arjun and Khushi carried from their River days had dissipated. Arjun had begun dating again, though his love life largely remained a secret to Khushi – mostly by design for their own individual and collective sanity and for the solidity of their friendship. Khushi’s romantic liasions remained largely non-existent even as few people managed to capture her fancy as someone else once had. She went on exactly two dates – with only one explicitly being a date that had even ended in an awkward kiss, never to be picked up again. The other was mostly coincidental and perhaps a little too dull for Khushi to pursue. Except that when it was over, those around her seemed to be convinced it had had romantic tentacles.

Whatever the case, romance of the toe-curling, film song-singing type was a phenomenon that didn’t make a reappearance in Kaveri Khushi Gupta’s life till she saw the words printed in Arial 10 point font on a crisp white A4 sheet five years after she had last seen the person behind it.

Instructor: Arnav Varun (Senior Manager, Service Area: Strategy)


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Samjhawan

Album: Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya

Singer: Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal

Music: Jawad Ahmad, Sharib Toshi

Lyrics: Ahmad Anees, Kumaar


Main tenu samjhawan ki

Na tere bina lagda jee

Ve changa nahion keeta beeba,

Ve changa nahion keeta beeba

Dil mera tod ke

Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan,

Ve bada pachtaiyaan akhaan

Naal tere jod ke




—– End of Part Two —-


Here is wishing everyone here and all your loved ones – friends and family – a very very happy 2017. May the new year bring with it hope, love and laughter in abundance, strength in heaps and infinite perseverance in moments that throw the happier ones in sharp relief. Happy New Year!

It’s time again in the River’s journey to head to a dam and conserve energy for the final leg of her journey. Simply said, I will be taking a break at this point to shape and sharpen the story so that it can be told the way I had hoped to tell it. I will return with Chapter One of Part Three: Journey To The Sea on February 8, 2017.

Till then, to all those who have been here since the beginning, to those who have just joined the journey and to those who couldn’t find what they wanted here, thank you for your support and feedback. The River and I would be nothing without you

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              That reminds me… their has been lately not much sing in happen in at the River camp… what with all that high emotion and roller coaster rides Wonder when our cast will engage in their passion again :)

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              1. Biraj deserves a tight hug then.

                True. I think there’s a long way before that. Companies do have their own version of Aarohan. But highly unlikely that Khushi would even think about it. Or the fact that it would repeat. So that’s that.

                Probably, when they do meet, songs shared may softly hum in the background ( or in their heads) and maybe, if violins play, she (or Arjun) can finally walk up to him and say Muh toh band karo uncle! ;)

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                1. Thank you Nivi. We haven’t met here but I have read and enjoyed all that you have been writing. Hope to see more of you as we count down the days. Such a long long wait……..

                  Liked by 7 people

                  1. Thank you for the songs galore Biraj! I’m trying to catch up.

                    You know, when I’d first started flowing towards the recent chapters in story (Was catching up then too XD) I’d always found a sense of familiarity with the readers here even without any personal interaction at all. Like I’ve always known without knowing. (Yeah, something like that) So, dear friend, we can strike out that ‘haven’t met before’ now nahi? :D

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                2. Haaye…
                  Tumse Milke Dil Ka Hai Jo Haal Kya Kahein
                  Ho Gaya Hai Kaisa Ye Kamaal Kya Kahein …

                  Kidhar ho Nivi jaan!? Itne din gaayab?!? Missed you lots! We need to plan a reunion here at the riverside soon, its been that long!
                  Our life is just...taareekh pe taareekh….taareekh pe taareekh right now! :(
                  Berehem logo ne 1 mahina 8 din ki chhuutti le li re! Rehem nahin seene mein! Kissey fariyaad karein? :(

                  Hope to see you around ..more often than this! :)

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        1. If we all can learn one thing from the River – it would be not to think too much. Nothing good ever comes out of it :):) No guilt here – the River is always here and no one ever gets left behind on a bank unless they want to. So big smile and helooooooo

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  14. Do pal ruka khwabon ka karwan
    Aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kahan
    Do pal ki thi yeh Dilon ki dastan
    Aur phir chal diye tum kahan hum kahan…….

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  15. Ae ajnabi tu bhi kabhi
    Awaaz de kahin se
    Main yahan tukdo mein jee rahan hoon
    Tu kahin tukdo main jee rahi hai………….

    Tu to nahin hai lekin Teri muskurahatein hain
    Chehra nahin hai par Teri aahatein hain
    Tu hai kahan kahan hai
    Tera nishan kahan hai
    Mera Jahan kahan hai
    Main adhoora, tu adhoori jee rahi hai…..

    Liked by 8 people

        1. Nahin Nahin, Abhi Nahin
          Abhi Karo Intezaar Chhodo Na..
          Nahin Nahin, Abhi Nahin
          Abhi Karo Intezaar !

          Waise I dunno what Meenu wants you to ask me about!
          The lyrics are to die for. The music is to kill for. The movie blows your mind off. Ekdam violent hogaya sab! :P

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  16. Thinking of their parting at the river camp…………kuchh bhi na suna, kaise keh diya alvida

    Kuchh bhi na suna, Kab ka tha Gila
    Kaise Keh Diya Alvida

    Sunle bekhabar, yoon aankhein pher kar
    aaj tu chali ja
    Dhundegi nazar humko hi magar har jagah
    Aisi raaton mein leke karvate, yaad hamein karna
    Aur phir haar kar kehna, kyon magar, keh diya alvida alvida
    Koi puchhe toh zara, kya socha aur kaha alvida
    Alvida, alvida, ab kehna aur kya
    Jab tune keh diya, Alvida

    Hum the dil jale , phir bhi dil kahe
    Kaash mere sang aaj hote tum agar,
    Hoti har dagar gulistaan
    Tumse hai khafa, hum naaraz hai, dil hai pareshan
    Socha na suna, tune kyun bhala keh diya Alvida Alvida
    Koi puchhe toh zara, kya socha aur kaha alvida
    Alvida, alvida, ab kehna aur kya
    Jab tune keh diya, Alvida

    Liked by 8 people

        1. I know she has a life and needs a break. I understand. But I don’t want to! :(

          I feel like a kid who wants to throw a tantrum right now. But then she will come and drop a shaant ho jao gadaadhaari bheem on me and it will all fizzle out. Pointless. This woman has all the areas covered :(

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          1. US and the women march celebrating the new president. Have a bunch of them for dinner after the march. It will be an interesting conversation…unless i have to carry the food to some jail :)

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            1. 🤣
              A friend who I met on the forum had put a message on our whatsapp group that she wishes there is some filmy style runaway bride or president in this case scenario!!!! A “ja trump ja, jee le apni zindagi, elsewhere”😂

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                1. He basically said in his speech that the system has served the elite and not the people and I’m like WTF are you if not an elite. Ok phullisstop kijhy!
                  P.S: Meera, apologies for all the political rant over here

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            2. Hmmm, march celebrating the new President. There aren’t too may of those happening. Have fun.
              I’m just glad B. Obama is coming to Socal. So tempted to drive there to meet him. He’s too cute, I have a crush on both him and his wife :)

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      1. As you can see I am having a very “musical” week 😂😛………thanks to the wait……….but we wait for Book 3 just like AV who waits………
        Hum intezar karenge tera qayamat tak
        Khuda kare ke qayamat ho aur tu aaye…..

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  17. Hi Meera…
    I had read A River….During initial days in IF…But I am glad I found it again…And started reading it from scratch…

    Must say this…River is by far …My most favourite story written by you …And I am loving the story, the characters, the pace… Everything…!!
    I apologize for being a silent reader…Still trying to get used to blog and I shall definitely be active member of Book 3…

    Can’t wait for February …

    _ Pooja (arshi-pooja IF)

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    1. Ha, what a voice, I remember a beautiful vm on this, unfortunately no longer available for our viewing pleasure. And now I better phullisstop and get out, before I start ranting on big money, big corporations and everything else

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  18. Tum mujhe yun bhoola na paaoge
    Jab kabhi bhi sunoge geet mere
    Sang sang tum bhi gungunaoge

    Woh bahaarein, woh chandni raatein
    Humne ki thi pyaar ki baatein
    Un nazaaron ki yaad aayegi
    Jab khayaalon mein mujhko laaoge…..

    PS: had to be in Sonu’s voice for Kavi 😉😛

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  19. And Kavi darling…..kahe dhadkane tujhse kya yeh Khud se to na tu chhupa…..

    Mere man ye bataa de tu
    Kis or chala hai tu
    Kya paya nahin tune
    Kya dhoond raha hai
    Jo hai ankahi
    Jo hai ansuni
    Woh baat kya hai bataa
    Mitwa……..kahe dhadkane tujhse kya
    Mitwa………yeh khudse to na tu chhupa

    Kahe koi apne ko aise tarsaaye……..

    Love will find a way……

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      1. Nope Anu. Although I have lived there once upon a time. I mean in the land of Trudeau. I am now in the land of Meera sharing the same Kaveri water 😀

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        1. Aha, I was there a month back, got family there. Spend I would say signifiant 3-3.5 years of my life there once upon a time!!
          Birajwa, you ijj the jukeboxwa, hello hi bye bye
          Beatles what more do you want? Yeah, nowhere people, even in the des I would say. The whole world has gone upside down.

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  20. I am waiting for Kavi’s journey to get here….in Book 3

    In pyaar ki raahon mein patthar hain kitne
    Un sab ko hi paar kiya
    Ik nadi hoon main chaahat bhari aaj milne
    Sagar ko aayi yahaan
    Sajna, sajna aaj aansu bhi meethe lage

    Aayi re, aayi re le main aayi hoon tere liye
    Toda re, toda re har bandhan ko pyaar ke liye
    Jaan re, jaan re aaja tujhmein sama jaaoon main
    Dil re, dil re teri saanson mein bas jaaoon main

    Tu hi re, tu hi re……

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  21. This is for mental state of Khushi and Arnav–

    *सुनो ना….*

    *कुछ बूँद हिचकियों की मिला दो इन* *हवाओं में..।*

    *कि तेरा पास होने का एहसास मेरी* *साँसों को हो जाये..।।*💕💕💕

    Suno na

    Kuch boond hichkiyoon ki mila do in hawao me

    Ki tera paas hone ka ahsaas meri sansoo ko ho jaye ❤

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  22. Someone posted a few pics of Rishikesh and i landed straight to riverland! Missing this story so much. Want to read again, but AD is so hectic these days! Waiting impatiently for 8th Feb.

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    1. It’s a different magical feeling when you read it again hain na? I had done it a few weeks ago, will give it a go again :)
      Kudos to Meeru for maintaining the continuity and the flow throughout all the chapters. Signs of a very professional author ..hain na? :) This remains my most favourite story written by her…till she writes the next one, lol cuz I seem to keep saying that to every story of hers! :D

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      1. Yes, its a different feeling when you read it again because we are connecting dots! But those feelings one undergoes while reading don’t change, one still feels the girl’s first flutters of attraction, her confusion, the total giving in to her feelings and the situation which those and her imagination then draw up, to end with that heartbreak, followed by the utter foolishness that she feels in reading a situation all wrong.
        And I have to agree this is my favorite too, probably because this is the first of her stories that I’m reading while it is been written (and have to say the community we have here has added to the experience), and also in a sense you can identify with the character and situations. And yes, till she writes her next one 😁
        And I can’t wait to see book one from AV’s perspective. Till now we have seen it from her’s and arjun’s perspective. Will meera indulge, or will it remain a mystery, in a way AV still remains a mystery inspite of all that we know.

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        1. Yes Priya I also agree to each word said by you and sohni. I absolutely love this story and having withdrawal symptoms badly to the point that reading some old ipk stories as a distraction and still my hunger and thirst is never being fulfilled. I understand what you say as I myself can relate to this Khushi and her emotions and actions easily . I know that as a reader I do not agree to her actions in the last but I do understand it so we’ll especially when I put myself in her shoes. Few years back I was like her only and have changed significantly or I can say life changed me.

          However I second to your wish and my earnest request to Meera that we definitely need whole story from Arnav’s POV for sure as like you we know do much about him but why do I feel that I know so little about him— thus is what he’ll of a character Meera has created— this Meera’s mysterious and enigmatic AV Sir and I personally can not wait to remove all the layers covering him .

          Please Meera– you have to listen to this request and show us the real and true AV soon.

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  23. Tomorrow being Republic Day, a song for both AV and Kavi which incorporates music, Rivers and Oceans, and the nation……

    Mile sur mera tumhara
    Toh sur bane hamara
    Sur ki nadiya har disha se
    Beh ke saagar mein mile
    Baadalon ka roop leke
    Barse halke halke
    Mile sur mera tumhara
    To sur bane hamara………..

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  24. The first thought that occurred to me was something which Arjun too questioned his dost abt! When khushi was able to ‘forgive’ him, why not Arnav? Is it cuz she’d always taken Arjun for granted n out of guilt n many more emotions weaven around them, to make up for the past or is it easy to forgive a friend than a lover esp one sided one ( to a large extent) sigh! The fact that Arnav reached out to khushi not once but thrice shows he wants to reconcile n maybe start afresh but the wounds are still raw..very raw.
    I guess it was easy to rekindle a friendship than love. I mean.. When there is profound hurt esp when khushi was head over heels with Arnav, twice! She had accused Arnav of being selfish in their last encounter. Dint she dawn the same role? !
    The anger, hurt, denial. With all these feelings khushi created her own space restricting entry esp to him.
    What does the future hold for them? New beginnings, here we come!

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  25. Also.. There is a fleeting yet profound mention of ‘krishna’ with Arjun. His interactions with her shows the adulation n the admiration he has for Lil Gupta.. Built…..he isn’t delving on it much, or so, just that is being projected by him like a typical Arjun. Krishna-Arjun Kahana too will be extremely interesting to read n enjoy..
    Bahia ki dimaag or miyabhai ki daring??!!! 😍😜
    Looking forward to The River like never before!! 😆😇

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  26. Another gem from the past…

    Udte baadal ke saaye mein lehraayegi
    Mujhe tadpaayegi..Chali jaayegi
    Jaise bijuriya mastaani….
    Re jhonke ki soorat me chhoo jaayegi
    Sharmaayegi aur itaraayegi
    Jaise nadiyaa…. deewani…..


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  27. Deviyon aur Sajaniyon,
    Wishing you all and yours, a very Happy Republic Day! :)

    Someone sent me this beautiful video right now, a stunning blend of languages and music to make a beautiful fusion of two very dear songs!

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  28. Just finish reading last few parts and loved it to core it was tatal roller coaster of emotions good this is khushi and Arjun r again together as besties lil disappointed how arshi parted but picture Abhi Baki hai can’t wait for 8 Feb all the very best

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  29. Happy Republic Day Guys…
    On another note…One small question…..I think this was asked before also, but some how not able to recollect…Khushi is shown to be fat …How fat is she in this story ?

    Generally when I read arsshi stories …I imagine Sanaya and Barun …So in this story I want to tweak my imagination to fit this character of Khushi ..So please , can someone tell me what’s her size ?

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  30. When this man’s music got under my skin, it became necessary for life at some point of time in my life :D
    This song was an anthem, very fond memories with mad friends singing chorus in jam sessions :)
    This ones for my Arnav erm…I mean Arnav … ;)

    We had a life, we had a love…
    But you don’t know what you’ve got ’til you lose it
    Well that was then and this is now
    And I want you back
    How many times do I have to say I’m sorry, yes I’m sorry..

    How can something so good go so bad
    How can something so right go so wrong
    I don’t know, I don’t have all the answers
    But I want you back
    How many times can I say I’m sorry

    You know, you can run, and you can hide
    But I’m not leaving ‘less you come with me
    We’ve had our problems but I’m on your side
    You’re all I need, please believe in me…

    Liked by 8 people

        1. rough days. needed a break. what better than be at the river :) yes we are almost there. hope it is a long chapter. she has to meet him before friday ( when he is leading the synergy talk)
          right ?

          Liked by 7 people

                    1. 2 weeks of how i look at it…jaanu. kya pata what convo the two had over the phone. I am confused will they finally get posted in banglaore…and the story continues thete or ends in kolkatta? Did you get that part?

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                  1. I’d put my money on this!
                    But Khushi will live it amplified. Twin urges of wanting and maybe not wanting to see him. Hide and seek highly likely. Ultimately, she may find him by the river side, with his loyal guitar; his handsomeness illuminated by silver light and music his company.

                    Will she still have the tape? I wonder.

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                    1. A river side meeting will happen at some point for sure, whether it’ll be the first we’ll have to see😄 My feeling she would’ve kept that tape, whether she continued to listen to it, not sure

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  31. A beautiful song sung by one of my all time favorite singer
    From Arnav to his Khushi…

    I know you
    Haven’t made
    Your mind up yet
    But I would never
    Do you wrong
    I’ve known it
    From the moment
    That we met
    No doubt in my mind
    Where you belong

    I’d go hungry
    I’d go black and blue
    I’d go crawling
    Down the avenue
    No, there’s nothing
    That I wouldn’t do
    To make you feel my love

    The storms are raging
    On the rolling sea
    And on the highway of regret
    Though winds of change
    Are throwing wild and free
    You ain’t seen nothing
    Like me yet

    I could make you happy
    Make your dreams come true
    Nothing that I wouldn’t do
    Go to the ends
    Of the Earth for you
    To make you feel my love

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    1. In the initial chapters I used to see Khushi as the Indian Adele. We can pick few other songs from her album 19. One and Only comes to mind. This is Arnav to Khushi or Khushi to Arnav :)

      You’ve been on my mind
      I grow fonder every day
      Lose myself in time
      Just thinking of your face
      God only knows why it’s taken me
      So long to let my doubts go

      You’re the only one that I want
      I don’t know why I’m scared
      I’ve been here before
      Every feeling, every word
      I’ve imagined it all
      You’ll never know if you never try
      To forget your past and simply be mine

      I dare you to let me be your, your one and only
      I promise I’m worthy
      To hold in your arms
      So come on and give me the chance
      To prove I am the one who can walk that mile
      Until the end starts

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    2. A lovely song D! Adele is my favourite too. :)
      There’s another song of hers which I’m partial to. A VM on Arnav Khushi cemented it. I fail to remember its creator. P would know.

      But there’s a side to you
      That I never knew, never knew.
      All the things you’d say
      They were never true, never true,
      And the games you play
      You would always win, always win.

      But I set fire to the rain,
      Watched it pour as I touched your face,
      Well, it burned while I cried
      ‘Cause I heard it screaming out your name, your name!

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      1. Nivi: Adele’s Set fire to the rain is another favorite! 😍

        I think it was Sia who created an Arshi VM on this song! 😊


  32. Arnav to Khushi and/or Khushi to Arnav 😊
    Found myself today singing out your name,
    You said I’m crazy,
    If I am I’m crazy for you.

    Sometimes sitting in the dark wishing you were here
    Turns me crazy,
    But it’s you who makes me lose my head.

    And every time I’m meant to be acting sensible
    You drift into my head
    And turn me into a crumbling fool.

    Tell me to run and I’ll race,
    If you want me to stop I’ll freeze,
    And if you want me gone. I’ll leave, just hold me closer baby,
    And make me crazy for you.
    Crazy for you…

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  33. A gem sung by my favorite rock band!😍

    Oh please say to me
    You’ll let me be your man
    And please say to me
    You’ll let me hold your hand
    Now, let me hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand

    And when I touch you
    I feel happy inside
    It’s such a feelin’ that my love
    I can’t hide
    I can’t hide
    I can’t hide

    Yeah, you got that somethin’
    I think you’ll understand
    When I say that somethin’
    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand
    I want to hold your hand…

    Liked by 8 people

      1. Sohniye 😘😘
        For me “I want to hold your hand” has always been a cute, teenage love song up until River happened!😊

        Now when I hear this song all I can think of is AV and Khushi; her soft fingers tightly interlaced in his, her wind tousled head nestled into his shoulder, walking along the shore on the cool, soft sand as the gentle waves leave wet kisses on their bare feet…💖

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  34. On Tamil songs, binge listening today and this particular song transported me to River’s AV 😊

    To say No! a second is enough.
    To bear a “No” from you,
    I will need one more lifetime,
    what are you going to say?

    Oh dear, to propose my love, a second would be enough
    To materialize it though, I would need another lifetime

    Say it today… oh girl!
    Or stop and slay me! Oh my darling!
    My life is at the edge of your eyes
    Don’t chase me away… my life won’t reach the shores

    What are you going to say? Is it fair?
    What are you going to say? Is it going to be silence?

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  35. Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday dearest Meeru..
    Happy Birthday to you! :D

    To the most wonderful person, to an amazing amazing magician-writer, to the owner of a very beautiful heart which keeps us glued to this place day and night… I wish you a very happy happy birthday! I wish you a wonderful, happy, fulfulling and peaceful year with Oh-god-I-cannot-take-it-anymore amount of fun and love Meeru Jaan! You deserve it! :)

    A big bear hug to you jaana. Stay blessed and happy, always. Love you :)


  36. Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday to you..
    Happy Birthday dearest Meeru..
    Happy Birthday to you! 😀

    To the most wonderful person, to an amazing amazing magician-writer, to the owner of a very beautiful heart which keeps us glued to this place day and night… I wish you a very happy happy birthday! I wish you a wonderful, happy, fulfulling and peaceful year with Oh-god-I-cannot-take-it-anymore amount of fun and love Meeru Jaan! You deserve it! 🙂

    A big bear hug to you jaana. Stay blessed and happy, always. Love you 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! My birthday is tomorrow but wishes are never too early or ever too late :):) I am so humbled by all these incredible words you gift me with always. Deserving or otherwise I at least always find myself hoping to be

      Liked by 8 people

      1. Dear Meera
        Looks like I missed to wish u on 30th Jan

        Belated birthday wishes dear
        Many many many many more happy returns of 30th Jan

        Have a wonderful year
        Have a blessed year

        :) :)

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  37. जन्मदिन के ये ख़ास लम्हें मुबारक,
    आँखों में बसे नए ख्वाब मुबारक,
    जिंदगी जो लेकर आई है आपके लिए आज..
    वो तमाम खुशियों की हंसीं सौगात मुबारक!!!

    Special day, special person and special celebration. May all your dreams and desires come true in this coming year. Happy happy birthday to one and only — Meera30.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Liked by 9 people

      1. Sonhi Meri Jaan,

        Mat puch mera haal! I had 7 guests at home for 19 days only in December (And I am not even talking about November and January). Imagine that, when you are living in Europe (and not in KJo dreamland with private jets and servants) without much of support group and no domestic help. And work! :-(

        And half of January, I was busy reading books (so far 8 in 2017) and writing. I promised myself that I will write more often in this year. And so far have managed to keep my promise to myself.

        But I missed being here. Missed talking to you guys.


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        1. Arey deva! I know what you mean, I’ve been there, done that! :(
          You are writing? For yourself? Or would we get to have a look as well? Would love to! :)

          Hope to see you around more often, don’t vanish! :)

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Yes, it was crazy time. It is going a bit better now.

            As far as my writing is concerned, I do not mind sharing it. :-D But I have to warn that it is nothing spectacular like our Meeru Jaan writes. :-D (It is also not fan fiction to be specific)

            During last few days, I was mostly writing about films. Was working on mostly a few blog posts (some guest posts and some for my own blog). I watched a few classic Japanese films by a lesser known film maker. They evoked a few memories and few words which I wrote down. I also was busy writing (and editing) a couple of blog post promised to a friend for her blog. So while I can share them. They are very much niche kind of reading.

            I am also writing some fiction. But again, I do not do romance well. (In real life, I was called most unromantic person too. :-) )

            My genre is speculative or horror fiction. Working on a submission to a magazine. It it gets published, I will be happy to share the news (and story which is WIP right now)


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            1. We have a star and goodness she might just be the Sun and apparently she is humble enough to praise measly street lamps! Dear Ms stunner – please shine your light and brighten our days. You might just be the discovery this blog has been waiting for :):)

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              1. Udao udao, Meera, Garib ka mazak udao! :-D

                If I could write like you, I would. But if wishes were horses…

                :-D Meanwhile, I have to say something. The amount of writing you managed to get done along with managing your rest of life, I am amazed. I am a lazy bum. I do get ideas and note them down and then am too lazy to do much about it. Last night, I cleaned up my desks (for notebooks) and laptop for all the random notes made for stories and found at least 4 more stories I worked on (and forgot about).

                It takes a lot of time and discipline to sit down and write. Considering my restless nature, I have bought a recorder and I record my thoughts. :-D And still I will not say I manage to write as much as you do. Hats off.

                I love your efforts even more now (and love the fact how you make it look so effortless)

                Liked by 5 people

              1. I was the weird kid in the house. Used to go in places where no one else dared to go, was not scared of animals or dark as a child (still do not) and was surprised to see other kids crying on the first day and asked my teacher why they are crying. :-D

                Horror is one of the genres I like but it is rarely done well. And I can handle gore too. :-) Now, do you still want to read? Jokes apart, I will share a link to a couple of blog posts which are about experience of a desi living abroad which I write for a friend’s blog. (If Meera permits)

                They are fairly ordinary so do not expect something spectacular. :-D

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                1. 😄
                  I don’t like reading & watching scary stuff. But I have no problem being alone in a house for any number of days. I’ll try and read your stuff. Especially the blog posts, that sounds just up my alley😄

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          1. Yes. And I should dance on our sofa on this number (shocking my husband into silence, not that he talks much in the first place). :-) (Did I tell I do that? Dance on sofa.)

            I was remembering about all of you when I found a few cheesy Govinda gems on youtube and I have seen almost all those films in theatre curtsey my parents. :-D

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      1. The best answer to this is paraphrasing a famous sher by Janaab Qateel Shifai,

        आप लिखे और हम ना सराहे, ऐसें तो हालात नही,
        एक जरा मसरुफ हुए है, और तो कोई बात नही

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  38. Happy Birthday Meera ! Wishing you a day and year of joy,happiness and all that your heart desires. And from all your fans an ardent wish that your pen never dries out and you have more stories to share with us :) Once again Happy B’day !

    Liked by 9 people

  39. A Hap, Happy Birthday to you dear Meera! 😘❤
    Wishing you beshoomar khushiyan, pyaar aur kaamyabi today and always! Have a wonderful day and a great year ahead! 😘🤗❤

    Liked by 9 people

  40. As Feb 8th comes closer..the excitement builds.. Meera I miss River so much . Miss ur AV..hope this time he takes a serious effort to woo her. Last time he knew he had the upper hand in a way. This time its a level playing field. Khushi obviously hasnt been able to move on.. wonder if he has. And I think this time Arjun will play the cupid. Hope Krishna returns too..i luvd the sisterly bonding . Till then.. Im waiting :)

    Liked by 4 people

  41. Happee Birthdae Meera (Big hug just like Hagrid!)
    It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to celebrate your birthday ;) XD

    Hope you have a wonderful day and year filled with love and joy!!!
    Keep Shining!!!

    Liked by 8 people

      1. HERE! It should have been posted HERE!!! ROFL! Meeru, I am just making sure you don’t forget this adorable image from Lavz, just reiterating the fact that she A-Dumbledores you so much! :P
        (Sorry Lavz! Ive got it posted in all comments except yours!) :P

        For the last time…. For Meeru …from Lavz.. :D

        Liked by 7 people

        1. Nah, I am happy you multiplied my joy by so many times by posting it all over 😄 😘
          Meera I A-dumbledore you so many times!!
          I A-Dumbledore you too Appu so many times!!
          Big hug you two lovely Senoras!!

          Liked by 6 people

            1. I know!!

              I tried it on my test blog and the image did get posted, can you see if there is any moderation at your end for comment with an image? I have to find another way to send you the image otherwise :(

              Liked by 5 people

      1. Thank you so much for posting it Appu 😘😘

        I wanted to post this image with my birthday wishes Meera, wanted it to be the perfect HP message!! I had to post it! And here it is finally!!


        Liked by 7 people

  42. I am holding my breath as I type this since for some reason this page refuses to load on my iPad and keeps crashing. Last ditch attempt from phone hoping I can manage to at least wish you Meera. Haven’t caught up with all the rest yet thanks AD, health (been down with fever the last few days) and technology playing spoilsport.

    Meeta I have neither your words nor Sonu Nigam’s voice to wish you 😛😉 but nevertheless….

    Meera, this is a birthday wish for you from all of us
    Just heartfelt and simple and without any fuss
    May all your dreams come true in splendid colourful glory
    May your words continue to always flow like the river and tell their wonderful story
    May they along the way many a soul nurture and nourish
    May they touch many lives (like ours) with a warmth to cherish

    Wishing you a very very happy birthday Meera and your pen many many more wonderful stories ( although that’s actually a gift for us 😛) 😘


    Liked by 9 people

    1. Oh Teri!!!! Poori poem likh daali! This is above words and above Sonu’s voice jaaneman! So beautifully put in words Birajwaa! 😘😘

      main shaayar …toh nahinnnn…. 😀😘😘😘😘

      Liked by 8 people

    2. The beauty of words is that the feeling behind them make them shine brighter than the best diamonds out there. So my dearest friend – thank you so so so much for such lovely wishes! Kya Sonu and kya Sona in front of such generosity :)

      Liked by 8 people

  43. Hi , I came across your story some time back and have been a silent are a brilliant writer..what better day to start commenting than today? Wish you a very happy birthday! Have a great year ahead! May you always be inspired to write such beautiful work . Thank you for sharing your story with us. Got to know that you have written some other stories too which are private now. Hope to read them some day when you make them available. Again wishing you a great day and blissful year ahead. Waiting eagerly for third part of the River..

    Liked by 3 people

  44. “No one sings this one quite like him.”
    For NK Sir and his rendition of teri deewani
    And also for certain other person who is a deewani of a certain person who appears in the video. That is cryptic enough I think😉😛😎

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Oye hoye! Main na jaAnu tum kis ki baat kar rahi ho P! :P 😂 🤣

      I loved the way hes sung ‘yahi ishq di marzi hain…” ❤️ Not bad P, thank you so much sharing this 😘 😘

      Liked by 8 people

  45. One more week to go.. Then we will get our regular weekly dose of river…. Can’t wait for this week to be over already… Really missing river😟😞😞😞

    Liked by 7 people

  46. Khatm hogaya ji!!! January khatm!!!!! Phew!!! 😅
    Haathi gaya, poonchh reh gayi! :P

    8 din…!
    8 din ..kuchh ghante…kuchh pal…
    Bas… thoda intezaar aur….

    This one’s stuck in the head nowadays …

    City of stars
    Just one thing everybody wants
    There in the bars
    And through the smokescreen of the crowded restaurants
    It’s love!
    Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else
    A rush
    A glance
    A touch
    A dance

    A look in somebody’s eyes
    To light up the skies
    To open the world and send it reeling
    A voice that says, I’ll be here
    And you’ll be alright

    I don’t care if I know
    Just where I will go
    ‘Cause all that I need is this crazy feeling
    A rat-tat-tat on my heart

    Think I want it to stay..

    City of stars..
    Are you shining just for me?
    City of stars..
    You never shined so brightly….

    Liked by 8 people

                1. XD XD

                  Milenge milgene haan milenge milenge
                  Aap se yakeenan milenge milenge
                  Ho sohniye mannmoniye
                  Milenge milgene haan milenge milenge

                  you must be thinking kahan se laaya aye gaana! I have to remind you from the same place where you got the Rabbi ya Ralli song (something like that)😂😂😂

                  Liked by 7 people

                    1. I can never forget his Jhalak dikhaaljaa…ENK baar aanjaa aanjaaa aanjaaaaa
                      There is something called getting emotionally scarred because of a song …and then there is a hindi “sadmaa” !!! I managed to get both! 😥

                      Liked by 7 people

                    2. It came out from the horse’s mouth. I knew he produced (Khiladi 786). But serials – I was unaware of it, and their kind, for quite some time.

                      I think I remember someone mentioning that he used to sing bhajans when he started out. But singing film songs, well….I guess before singing, he uses the mantra he coined – ‘Jai Mata Di. Let’s rock!’ XD

                      Liked by 2 people

                    3. Mad: “Do you know he used to make (equally atrocious) serials before he started as music director and (shudders) singer.”
                      Oh my I’m glad I missed scarring by that😄

                      Liked by 2 people

  47. Belated B’day Wishes Meera. Wishing a happy, peaceful and successful year ahead!!
    I feel the pain of Arnav, Kushi and Arjun. I hope the reunion after years will bring forth only the sweet memories and not the bitter ones. I would love to see how they managed to survive their heart breaks, and to know if they have they changed in anyway. I hope they have come out stronger than ever and now knows what they want and will strive for it. Eager for your addictive updates, Meera. :)

    Liked by 5 people

  48. When lingering dreams of irises like sunrise
    Set aflutter in your stomach a million butterflies
    When images of faint scars above eyebrows and deep gashes on arms
    Make you sway between wanting to soothe or swoon at the charms
    When just the wafting of an ocean breeze
    Is enough to make you go weak at the knees
    When the strumming of a guitar
    Makes you want to wish upon a star
    When the strains of a distant familiar song
    Makes you wistful and long to sing-a-long and belong
    When every poignant melody seems to hold its breath and wait
    You know then that you have already sealed your fate……..

    ……and…..and that it’s far too late…..
    Now you can neither fish nor cut bait
    Such is our suspended state
    That all we can do is just wait…..wait…….and wait…..
    For the next update!!!!!!😛😛😛😀😀😀

    Liked by 7 people

    1. Before you throw chappals at me I plead temporary insanity 😂😂😂

      Blame the authorsahiba for this interminable wait! 😂
      Add to that my frustrations with WP. This page is crashing on all my devices 😢😰
      Crazy things are bound to happen with so much head desk 😜😜😜

      Liked by 8 people

        1. It started like that for me. Now it crashes before it can load on iPad and then refuses to load altogether. As a last desperate resort I managed to log in and post from my phone yesterday to wish Meera ( although I hate logging in from phone). Today it’s crashing on the phone too. Loads once every 3-4 attempts. Tomorrow it may stop altogether. Had the same problem with Chapter 15 of book 1 too while I was rereading. The rest of the pages load. 🤔 I don’t know whether this is a WP issue or an iOS issue or a Safari issue 🤔 But I have lost all my hair in the bargain! 😀

          Liked by 9 people

          1. Ah, sometimes WP can’t handle the awesomeness around here and feels like a child lost in a Mela. So many people. The app however, doesn’t have this problem though.

            When we cross a certain number of comments on the page and move onto the next, things will become fine. So comment away. :)

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      1. 😂😜
        That’s your writer’s talent for making the ridiculous sound sublime 😂😛
        See what you have to suffer while we wait……… 😜

        It’s finally February already!!!!!😎🎶🍾 …… just a few more days….

        Liked by 9 people

  49. Dear
    I logged in to put a message about the next update and ended up feeling guilty about missing your birthday

    Countdown starts dear
    Eagerly waiting for the next update.. Feb 8th
    One more week to go :)

    Liked by 3 people

  50. wish u a very happy belated birthday missy. 🎉🎂🍹Hoping you’ve had a great start to a new year ….. wish u a year full of many more cherishable memories, joyous moments and higher endeavours.

    Missing River a lot and since I had a chance to catch couple of new releases this weekend, I can’t help but share the songs that make me miss your story and Varun Kaveri even more….

    Meera awaiting book 3 eagerly and I can’t wait to read how u unfold Khushi overcoming her complex, how Arjun will help her face her demon/shortfalls and also find his lady ❤️ (hopefully) and how Arnav will be redeem himself ( not really sure he needs to…..(he just needs a fair chance to state his side without being getting misjudged).

    🤗😘 To all my sankis around.. let’s river on….

    The countdown to book 3 officially begins tomorrow…….

    Liked by 9 people

  51. Since it’s now February already and just a few more days to I am trying to shake off the craziness and get back to mode I was in at the end of Book 2.😀 Setting the stage for Book 3. So a song for AV and Kavi
    (Trying to do this for the first time from my phone so I hope WP stays meherban for a bit)

    Main jahan rahoon
    Main kahin bhi rahoon
    Teri yaad saath hai
    Kisi se kahoon
    Ke nahin kahoon
    Teri yaad saath hai……

    Kehne ko saath apne ek duniya chalti hai
    Par chupke iss dil mein tanhai palti hai
    Bas yaad saath hai, teri yaad saath hai
    Teri yaad saath hai, teri yaad saath hai……

    And for Kavi

    Man tera jo rog hai
    Mohe samajh na aaye
    Paas hai jo……sab chhodke
    Door ko paas bulaye

    Jiya lage na, tum bin mora
    Jiya lage na

    Main muskaaoon, sabse chhupaaoon
    Vyakul hoon din rain
    Kabse na aayi nainon mein nindiya
    man mein na aaya chain

    Jiya lage na, tum bin mora
    jiya lage na……

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  52. Itna na mujhse tu pyaar badhaa
    Ke main ek baadal aawaara
    Kaise kisi ka shaara banoon
    Ke main khud beghar bechaara

    Isiliye tujhse main pyaar karoon
    Ke tu ek baadal aawaara
    Janam Janam se hoon saath tere
    Hai naam mera jal ki dhaara

    The river seems to have paused; its gushing waters dammed by the hurt from recent disclosures. Is it a question of who is right and who is wrong? Or is it a matter of what has happened, has happened, how do we move forward from here? In trying to break through the obstacles in her path, the river seems to have hugged one of her banks more than the other. Would this result in calm? No, it would flood one end while the other side becomes drought ridden. Where one side is blessed with life, the other side becomes barren and wilts.

    Kaveri, the nadi who has flown down the years amassing her experiences of the people and places she has been. Carefree, self-conscious and minding that she flows within her bounds. Choosing discipline over passion, safety over adventure. Recently she decided to see how it feels to be in spate, to gush in happiness, to gurgle with joy. She flooded her banks and before she knew it she had been dammed! She yet again chose to retreat to safety rather than follow her course, push herself to overcome the overhanging branches and boulders in her way and rush forth. she chose to be cowed by the shadows rather than look at the sunlight sparkling bright on her waters or take heart from the starlight twinkling in her. She chose to change course than challenge nature.

    What she forgot is that it is the natural course of things that the river may meander miles yet she finally needs to find her way to the ocean. That is her journey. That is her calling. In choosing to be diverted, she has elongated her journey but has forgotten that her destination would not change.

    Pani Pani rey pani pani rey
    Pani Pani rey khaare pani rey
    Nainon main bhar jaa
    Neendein khaali kar jaa

    Paani Paani in hawaaon ki ghataayon se guzar jaana
    Dhuaan Dhuaan kuch vaadiyaan bhi aayengi
    Utar jaana
    Ek gaaon aayega mera ghar aayega
    Jaa mere ghar jaa
    Neendein khaali kar jaa…

    I wait for the day the river gathers courage, takes her heart in her hands and gushes forth, skips and jumps over rocks, crashes against boulders, laughs out loud at the skies all the while reveling in the passion of her journey, of her existence. Until that day the ocean shall wait.

    If the ocean attempts to rush in to meet the river, he will wreck havoc and destruction. He will upset the order of things. He has no choice but to be patient, to believe that the river will find her way, that she will bring the icy waters from the glaciers to mingle with his salty waves. That she will come rushing full tilt to embrace his vastness, darkness and depth.

    Arnav, an ocean whose depths we have discovered in stages and feel there are still those hidden under the shadows and shifting lights. He has done what he has done and he accepts it. He did what he thought was right, he knows he did it and cannot undo it. We either accept it or not. Whether acceptance means forgiveness I am not sure. It does means making peace with the events, resulting outcomes and any heartache.

    Arjun and Krishna – mythlogically a very interesting duo. Even here, Kaveri feels only Arjun knows but so did Krishna. She guessed it way back but for whatever reasons didn’t flag it to her sister. Why? They seem close.
    It was Krishna who enlightened Arjun much like in the stories. Why does it feel like Krishna still has a role to play. To show a mirror perhaps.
    Arjun did his karma, like the banks of the river, he walked alongside her, bearing her withdrawal, her floods, her ebbs and tides, all her moods just to be able to walk by her. She changed course and still he walked with her. But he also realized that if he is the earth, he borders the rivers and the oceans. If he is the river’s companion so is he the ocean’s. He spans the distnaces, the lengths, his vistas change, he has hi hidden valleys and caves but he cannot shrink the journey of the river to her ocean.
    He momentarily forgot that he is only a companion and not the destination. If she remains, she stagnates like a pond. She gains some depth but loses her vibrancy. She is calm but she is no longer passionate. He knew her so intimately, her secrets, her fears, her joys and her happiness. Yet he shook himself to cast that boulder in her path. Maybe it was a challenge, maybe it was to defend but all it did was delay the inevitable.

    Each chapter I read, a myriad of emotions assailed me – happiness, anger, indignation, pity, sympathy and sadness. But when all was said and done, all I felt was empty. Like there is something missing. Like I am existing but not really living. From Benaras to Rishikesh, this tale has seen so many twists and turns but the Ganges from her origination through her journey learns and settles, expands and nurtures to finally meet the ocean at Kalighat. In her journey she sees the plight of so many, she loses her impishness and speed to settle into a rhythm. She matures into a Mother figure who is revered, on whose banks Shakti (Kali) resides. Her strength lies in knowing her depths and embracing her varying forms across her journey.

    A River who is she
    a girl?
    a woman?
    a mother?
    a companion?
    Or is she all of them and therefore a flowing river – assuming multiple forms depending on the situation.

    Feb 8th – hurry up please!!!!

    Dear Meera,
    Firstly I apologize for not having commented for the last so many chapters. Real life caught up and if I had time the thoughts didn’t align. I have rambled above. I hope you don’t mind. I have tried to capture what I felt across the time Khushi was at The River camp and all the events that unfolded. Looking forward to Book 3.

    You have a gift, of weaving images with your words. Be it a girl by a window, a lighthouse, a red flower on a rainy road, blazing eyes across a bonfire or a broken heart across the emerald seas. Its the visuals that stay with me long after I have read a chapter or the entire story. And for that thank you!


    Liked by 9 people

    1. Thanks Haa for taking us through a beautiful flash back of thr story thus far while we all wait for Book 3! Thoroughly enjoyed reading the commmet that touched all the characters.

      PS: But, you missed the much loved Mohan and NK😉

      Liked by 7 people

      1. PS: I think for some, that means the field is clear. XD?

        I was going to ask about Mohan, but I guess if I do that one more time and chappals are going to fly my way. ;) A long way from now, Meera can let us know if Arnav attended Mohan’s wedding.

        NK – he deserves a story. A heroine. Don’t you think? I’m imagining the possibilities and degrees of metamorphosis, if in case we get to read about a reunion.

        Liked by 6 people

        1. Now that we know Arjun is going to get his love story, next in line is NK… a reunion of the three men who once fell for the same girl would be awesome!!! Now, wasn’t there a girl who walked back with Tripti on Aarohan night? Wasn’t she Anu too?! 😉😉😉 Can we pair her qith NK? But I don’t mind if NK’s girl shares the first letter of his name too! I know a ceratin somone is overzealous 😁

          Meera, are you listening!!!

          Liked by 5 people

    2. You’re back! ( It was the first thought that came to my mind as I saw your name.)
      And how beautifully have you captured the essence of all that make the River, her friend and her destination – her dream.

      It has been a journey for Khushi hasn’t it? Acknowledgment came in shadows as the chapters passed but a re-read did show that slow but strong shine of the changes. And I understand better with your words. Thanks for that HAA! It’s great to have you back. :)

      Liked by 8 people

    3. That was beautifully written.
      I just finished re-reading book one and two and at the end of it I’m left wondering, as you so eloquently put it: “Is it a question of who is right and who is wrong? Or is it a matter of what has happened, has happened, how do we move forward from here?”
      My feeling is that she never worked through that first heartbreak, not completely, she still had questions, especially about those songs, something precious which has remained in her heart. Now the new revelations mean she has to correct the images that she carries, stripping them of their magic….

      Liked by 7 people

    4. Words like these and so many others on this blog and every other I’ve had remind me why I write and perhaps will always do. Thank you so much. Somedays you need something – today it was your words and whatever I say will be inadequate to express how much they mean.

      Liked by 7 people

    5. This has to be one of the most fabulous comment, I have read on this forum and THAT is no mean feat.

      Now, if I spend all my free (and not exactly free) time reading all chapters again, I found someone (apart from Meera) to blame it on.

      Liked by 6 people

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