There were times when being an introvert paid. This morning was one of those times and Khushi couldn’t be more grateful to herself. Of course, if it hadn’t been her own stupid heart that had handed itself over to the man in question and never really recovered, she wouldn’t need to be grateful for the cover of her own silence. She let her pen scratch zig-zag patterns on the paper in front of her and drew horizontal strike-offs through them. The damned things still looked like the two alphabets she didn’t want to see and it made her want to scream. Where the hell was the conviction from last night when she needed it the most. He would walk in to the damned board room anytime now and she still needed to find that restfulness that she so prided herself on being able to fake effectively.

“Tumhe kya hua, Kaalia?”

Khushi turned at the sudden intrusion only to see Raagini looking at her curiously. With her hair pulled back into a braid and most of her curly hair still tucked into her scalp since it was just the beginning of their day, she looked fresh ready to take on the world. There was something innately pleasant about Raagini’s face – unblemished and cheerful, open and honest. Her eyes though small in her face, twinkled with mirth, like they had never known anything but this light heartedness than seemed to radiate from her. Khushi couldn’t help smiling back at her new friend. “I am ready to end this week and this insanely endless list of powerpoint presentations that we have been subjected to.” She said with a shrug. It wasn’t all a lie. The week had been rather grueling with training interspersed with the real life case simulation which had kept them awake right up to the middle of interceding nights and woken them up early in the mornings till they didn’t know dusk from dawn.

“Tell me about it. And then they go ahead and end the week with team building. Like we haven’t had enough of HR globe in b-school.”

Khushi nodded but only half heartedly. Unlike most of her classmates in b-school, Arjun included, she didn’t quite mind the “globe” subjects where decision making was a lot more subjective and right-brained than otherwise. Though her scoring was always better in the other subjects – it was in subjects like Marketing, Organizational Change Management, HR and the likes that she had truly felt alive. So while Arjun Agarwal found his niche in Finance, Kaveri Gupta ended up majoring in Marketing and Strategy – a fact that amused the two of them to no end for finally having found points of divergence only to be recruited with A&M together just months later.

“The only solace is that we have AV for the session.” Raagini said with a small smile.

When Khushi looked at her with what she was sure looked like annoyed surprise, Raagini went on to explain.  “He recruited me – so he obviously has great taste.” She said with a smirk which despite the context, Khushi couldn’t help smile at. “He’s an IM-A alum,” She went on to explain unnecessarily. “And apparently he leads recruitment for the Strategy practice here. And being the senior-most IM-A alum, he always makes it to campus events.”

Khushi swallowed as she let Raagini’s words settle. Of course she remembered that he was an IM-A alum even though she had ignored the reminder every day since Tripti had made it to the same institution nearly eighteen months ago. But, he headed recruitment? Did that mean he knew Arjun and she were being shortlisted, interviewed, selected…? The process had kicked off almost ten months ago when Khushi had submitted her application for the opening at A&M. Had he known since then? Did he have anything to do with….No, she shook her head. She had given a great interview and there had been Partners who had interviewed and selected her. Even if Arnav was the rockstar he seemed to be still, he couldn’t possibly wield that kind of influence.

Then she frowned. Why was she assuming he even wanted to recruit her? What if it had been the other way around? What if he had discouraged her hiring? Perhaps even Arjun’s? What if both of them had made it despite and not because of Arnav’s position on the recruitment team?

No, she shook her head again. He was not a petty person – that’s the one thing she was rather sure of even after all these years.

So perhaps he really had been indifferent to it all. That Arjun and she had made it to A&M, had nothing to do with Arnav Varun?

Oh damn damn damn the man! Why couldn’t he just leave her life alone without reappearing at regular intervals like a bad penny?

“Hello, hello? Ghar mein koi hain?”

She snapped out of her reverie and nodded. “Yeah I know…him. He is an IE-V alum too.”

“Of course!” Raagini slapped her forehead. “Arre baba – our worlds are rather interconnected, aren’t they? And clearly leading recruitment means filling your firm with your juniors – if not from b-school then from engineering.” Raagini commented with a chuckle, much to Khushi’s dismay.

“I’m sure they are more ethical than that.” She said softly.

“Haan, consulting firms are better than the big investment banks, yes. But you can’t tell me that you don’t know these things matter?”

Khushi shrugged. “Networking is an abused word. But yes, during placement week, it did become rather apparent that those who had spent time “expressing interest” repeatedly and with dedication, did seem to have made their presence felt. I didn’t bother with any of those so needless to say the big three were out of the question for me.”

“See? I knew I like you for a reason.” Raagini grinned even as the chatter around the class quietened amidst the sound of footsteps shuffling into the large training room.

Khushi closed her eyes briefly and looked straight ahead, wishing that she had had the foresight to pick a seat other than the front row like Arjun had.

“Good morning, everyone!”

Her eyes flew open as soon as she realized that it was not the voice she had been expecting to hear. And sure enough, the man standing in front of the class was no AV. She let out a deep breath and immediately turned around to search for Arjun. She found his gaze on her as soon as she turned and a small silent wave of understanding passed between them. She let her mouth curve into a grateful smile and turned back to face the instructor who was filling the class in on the fact that Arnav Varun was stuck in a client conference call that was running over and hence would be late for the scheduled session. Temporary relief though it was , Khushi couldn’t help uttering a small prayer of thanks to Shiv-ji because it seemed like He understood just what it meant for her to have postponed the impending agony. Shortly thereafter as the A&M class of 2015 began their umpteenth introduction to their latest instructor and colleague, Khushi’s entire demeanor relaxed soon she found herself completely immersed in the proceedings.


Khushi put down her pen and looked up to see that she was the first few to have finished the assignment. She looked to her left to see Arjun still struggling with his piece. The class had been split into groups of twos or threes based on those who came from the same business school and hence had known each other long enough to conduct an exercise that had them evaluating each other’s personalities for both positives and negatives.  Khushi looked at her notes and for a minute worried if Arjun would be surprised by what she thought were his strengths and weaknesses. Then she smiled to herself. No, she thought. Arjun would know exactly what she had written. She on the other hand, was bound to be surprised by at least one thing on Arjun’s list. As far as emotional quotients go, there was at least this level of awareness she could claim for both of them.

“You guys look like you are writing the Corporate Finance paper at school.”

It must have been comical to see both Khushi and Arjun whip their heads around in the direction of the voice that had sliced through the immersed silence in the room, the voice that she had first heard almost a decade ago as it had instructed a rowdy classmate to “shut it”

To say that nothing could have prepared her for the sight of him, so familiar and yet so new, would have been utterly inadequate. The last time she had seen Arnav Varun had been with betrayal glistening in her eyes, disappointment in his and the sound of a gurgling river in the backdrop.

She tore her eyes away from him even as he walked through the aisle and made his way up to the center of the room. Her heart was now pulsing in her temples and her hands had dropped to her lap, crumpled into intertwined knots behind the cover that the desk presented. She knew she couldn’t keep her eyes averted too long. But she needed the few seconds to prepare herself for the real jolt that she knew was awaiting her.

Swallowing the dryness in her mouth, she forced herself to look up at the man now standing in slightly to her right. If her heart skipped any beats at the sight of an immaculately dressed man, hair suitably gelled in place and face set in a pleasant if formal expression, they weren’t fatal. Or perhaps she had died a little again without knowing it. Irises she knew to be sun-rise flecked were dimmed in their radiance behind rim-less, anti-glare lenses that sat almost daintily on the bridge of his still sharp nose. If this was the same man who had a long, angry gash, one that almost mirrored the one she carried on her back, on his arm, she couldn’t tell from the dapper visual that she was now presented with. If this was the man who had once pulled her into his embrace and kissed her till she couldn’t think straight…

She blinked rapidly as mortification filled her cheeks with carmine. Of all the things she had to remember, did it have to be how it was to be kissed by him? Oh why in Shiv-ji’s name did she have to live with that memory in the first place?

It was in that exact moment that he looked straight at her.

No, she told herself several minutes later when the session had resumed and people had started talking about their self discovery exercise, time had not come to a stand still when their gazes had clashed momentarily. It had been one of eventuality – something that was bound to occur in the universe with certainty that even electrons weren’t allowed the freedom of. Yes, he had known to expect her. Yes, he had even been prepared to see not just her but also Arjun. It was evident in the way the rest of the session progessed – unhindered, professional to a fault and completely devoid of any undercurrents that might have been. He even called Arjun out to share their assessment of each other and remained expressionless as Arjun – just as professionally talked about what the two of them had chosen for each other as feedback. In the event of his scrutiny, she even forgot to commend herself for correctly predicting the eventuality of being surprised by one each of her strengths and weaknesses that Arjun had listed. (He thought her creative – a word she wouldn’t have dreamed of for herself, and unpredictable – again something that went against her basic philosophy of being open and honest in every interaction.)

When the class took a coffee-break, she and Arjun shared a quick glance before heading out their separate ways.

She was waiting for the uniformed staffer behind the counter to hand her a cup when she felt his presence next to her. It bothered her that she could still sense his person with such clarity when time and distance should have but buried this instinct with immovable layers of leaden cob-webs. She remained still and continued to watch the man with the black waistcoat pour a milky brew – weaker than she cared for – into a gleaming white cup.

She had the coffee in her hand when Arnav asked for cup as well and allowed his hand to rest lightly on the table, just inches away from her cup.

No ring.

She bit her tongue down as the unwarranted thought flickered and died in her head. She didn’t care whether there was a ring or not. If anything, the lack of one only disappointed her. She had once carelessly assumed that a chance with an unattached man, this unattached man, was worth taking. Not this time. Not ever again.

Knowing that she couldn’t exactly avoid looking at him without giving away that it affected her as much as it did, she turned to her left and looked at him, only to find him looking at her. This time, the second hand on the clock must have paused for at least half its impending rotation. The barrier of lenses did nothing to shield her from the impact of his sunrise irises – just as brilliant as they had ever been.

“Hi,” She blurted out without thinking of possible options or waiting for him to break the silence when it was evident that it was he who had chosen to approach her.

He smiled, the arch of his mouth barely grazing the arc of his eyes. No, she realized. The years had been a farce. He may have moved on. She may claim to have too. But there it was, in the blink of his lashes – thick and prickly between them – the last words they had ever exchanged.

“How are you?” He asked almost offhandedly, as his smile turned wry and his face became blank again, high cheek bones – hard and unfazed, the eyes almost unseeing.

She nodded and whispered something unintelligible even as the cup rattled softly on the saucer beneath. If only she could sip that coffee, as unappealing as it looked at the moment. Something, just anything to stop the invisible shaking.

“Welcome to A&M. It’s a great firm. I hope you find everything you want here.”

He said as she allowed her eyes to return to him after having roamed around about the crowded pantry.

She watched open mouthed even as the instinctive thank you died on her lips. The words, volleyed her way by so many others she had met this week, had been uttered as gently as she had ever heard anything from him. They seemed friendly and without a trace of anything that might pass as undercurrents. And yet, there was no genial, benevolent smile on his face that might have once been. This…was almost as if he only wanted to get over with that first awkward conversation and go on to being colleagues – professionals. He had once used that word with her. She knew it meant something to him. As it did to her.

He nodded as he received his own cup of coffee and stepped away from her, never looking back even as she struggled to bring her own senses back in control.

She continued to watch as he headed right to the group that was standing by the entrance to the training room, Arjun right at the head and talking animatedly, as always. She watched, her eyes glued to the pair of them who came face to face and before she knew it were shaking hands and exchanging tentative smiles. She saw Arnav say something to Arjun following which Arjun chuckled wryly and shook his head. Even from the distance, she could see Arjun’s eyes wary and distant and yet his entire stance almost hopeful in the way it tilted towards Arnav Varun. Crush or not, when she had had her heart broken, he had not only had his smashed to bits but had also lost his hero to a sense of betrayal that could only come from a bond much deeper than she had ever known. A part of her was now glad that the two men seemed to be programmed differently enough to be able to start over without the awkwardness that she would struggle with for life. The other part of her, envied both Arjun and Arnav for their ability to at least attempt to rebuild what lay broken.

She watched for one last minute as Arjun said something to Arnav and the rest of the group chuckled even as Arnav shook his head as if secretly glad that somethings never changed.

She looked down at her coffee and decided it was not worth her while, afterall. Placing the cup and saucer back on the counter she had picked it up from, she headed towards the rest room to freshen up before she could head back to class.

River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se

Album: Gumrah

Singer: Mahendra Kapoor (Video posted here has Sonu Nigam’s voice blended with Mahendra Kapoor’s in a tribute)

Music: Ravi

Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi

Na main tumse koi umeed rakkhun, dil nawaazi ki
Na tum meri taraf dekho, galat andaaz nazron se
Na mere dil ki dhadkan, ladkhadaaye, meri baaton mein
Na zaahir ho, tumhari kashmkash ka, raaz nazron se


Thank you all for coming back with such open hearts. Paraphrasing the mighty Jack Nicholson, let me just say – “You (all) make me want to be a better writer/friend/human being”

Next Update: Wednesday, Feb 22 2017, between 9pm-10pm IST

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    Even if the opposite
    Is what I pray.

    It tugs –
    This thread that binds us.
    Its end unknown,
    Its beginning in our eyes.

    In remembrance and anew,
    Once again they meet.
    And when you look away,
    It doesn’t matter, I lie.

    A new page, a new road,
    But fading footprints tickle the toes.
    And I wonder how long
    The pretenses can be.

    Helpless, the greeting slips,
    And I wait for you to see.
    Missing the smile, the twinkle,
    The warmth that had once been.

    Oh this traitor that beats,
    Like the melody on sheets,
    A haze embraces,
    till I know not what is,
    and what isn’t mine.

    But O keeper of my heart,
    Would you tell me?
    Are we nothing or
    More than love this time.

    Are we nothing or
    more than love?
    This time.

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    1. The first stanza set the mood for me and after that, it was all bonus! Loved it to bits Nivi!!
      Did you take any poetry writing classes or is this your innate talent? I am amazed!!

      Now I want Arnav’s version of the same Nivi :) …ho sakhta hain?

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      1. I wish I’d taken the classes. The birth of all I know and of the few I’ve written, has always been by the river side. 

        Arnav’s version – definitely. But I’m unable to gauge his exact mood. 

        Is it – 
        Aisa zakhm diya hai 
        Jo na phir bharega
        Har haseen chehre se 
        Ab yeh dil darega

        Hum to jaan dekar 
        Yunhi mar mitey they
        Sun lo ae haseenon
        Yeh humse ab na hoga…


        Dilbar mere
        Kab tak mujhe
        Aise hi tadpaoge…

        Main aag dil mein lagaa doonga woh
        Ki pal mein pighal jaaoge

        Need a little help here Lavs (even though I can guess the answer). And I may be a bit late delivering. That’s ok? I’ll be happy to try an Arnav Version.

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  23. Were they up for hide and seek?

    How would they proceed from here.

    Was he trying to keep the distance because Arjun and Khushi back in same place? Was was the hurt keeping him away?

    Who is going to take the initiative?

    Let me guess, Arjun or the new found friend would play the cupid?

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  24. I really would like to take a peak inside Arnav’s head.. I know he’s good at pretending but I still want to see his inner turmoil in his words! Khushi probably is reminiscing ‘yeh dil bewafa se wafa kar raha hai’ moments to keep her sanity n pride intact but the question is what is Arnav telling himself…

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  25. awesome update.. finally they met :)
    i think arnav would have known in advance about khushi and arjun joining but am sure he would not have had any positive or negative influence in their recruiting.. also, has tripti talked to arnav through the IM-A connection as well?
    would like to know what exactly is going on inside arnav’s mind..

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  26. Hello Meera
    Khushi and Arjun’s friendship is back on track, thank god.
    Thank u for this wonderful story Meera.
    Thank u
    Just4this from IF


  27. When this story started and the prologue or first chapter laid out the upcoming meeting after many years between the 3 protagonists, I was so intrigued. Now I am surprised at how I have changed my pov and allegiance. At the risk of having virtual rotten eggs thrown at me, I so want AV to have a love interest….irrespective of the ring less hand…or at least have Khushi I just can not get with the narrative of her great ‘betrayal’ . This is the first Arnav Khushi story that I do not want to end in ‘happily ever after’ for Arnav and Khushi. I feel like Khushi was right when she was able to overlook and forgive Arjun’s part because she had a relationship to salvage with him versus she nad nothing with AV. I so liked his professional attitude and want him to treat her as a colleague and nothing else.

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  28. Beautiful update
    Definitely a beautiful song

    So finally d has arrived for Arnav & Khushi to meet each other.
    Well I am really very curious to know what was going on Arnav’s mind & how he must have prepared himself for this date.

    Even now after 5 years Khushi’s feeling haven’t changed a bit no matter how many times she has said to herself that she has moved on, but it still d same.

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  29. All time favourite! Always – Eric Clapton! 😘 😘 😘 😘

    What’ll you do when you get lonely
    And nobody’s waiting by your side?
    You’ve been running and hiding much too long.
    You know it’s just your foolish pride.
    Layla, you’ve got me on my knees.
    Layla, I’m begging, darling please….
    Layla, darling won’t you ease my worried mind….

    Haaye! ☺️ Is this Varun to Kavi? ☺️
    Omg, Varun sounds so sexy! ☺️☺️☺️ It has that Rrrrrrrr in it..more pronounced than in Arrrrrnav! ;) :P

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    1. Eerie!! The first thing I did this morning was listening to this song and the first thing that crossed my mind was AV!!
      Do you have other powers too?👀 👀 👀

      Love the song, played it a number of times this morning!

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    2. What was spoken in those three phone calls that he made to her, in that first year after the river meeting? That’s important I feel.
      Otherwise are we to write off, minimize, trivialize her pain (twice), the hurt and betrayal she felt as not important and whereas the hurt he received at her hand is somewhat more? That what the guys did, stupid and silly yes, and so the resultant pain and hurt is not valid? Was there an acknowledgement of the hurt caused and the pain she must surely have felt in those phone calls?

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      1. Yeah lots to speculate on that P!!

        There are few lines in the update P…. which made me think of few things but nothing beyond that…dead end …

        The last time she had seen Arnav Varun had been with betrayal glistening in her eyes, disappointment in his and the sound of a gurgling river in the backdrop
        the voice that she had first heard almost a decade ago as it had instructed a rowdy classmate to “shut it”

        Meera gave us the last time they had seen each other and the first time she had heard his voice! I so wish it was the other way around! :lol: :lol:

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        1. Lavz, reading all the comments I somehow felt that we’re not been fair to her, that in some ways we were dismissing what she felt and went through. There has to be an acknowledgement from his side too of what she went through. We haven’t seen that, hence the question about those phone calls. There was an explanation about why he did what he did and an apology of course. But like she had felt then:
          “You. Everything is still about you, she wanted to scream. She swallowed painfully. “You can’t feel…” If you felt anything for me at all, you would have told me about Saira then, about Aarohan now. She wanted to say the words out aloud but what purpose would that serve? Either he would apologize – following which she would have no ammunition to protect herself from being so cruelly fooled again – or he would state every reason there was – Arjun primarily – to excuse himself and thereby worsen how she felt about this whole thing.”
          I don’t know if I’m making any sense! But I feel what ever she went through is valid from her perspective and she has a right to make a decision.

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          1. And as usual Priya, I am with you on this.

            She wanted love as a reciprocation for love and not guilt. And probably what she got (or felt she got) was only guilt and a bit of attraction. Her choice was a result of her guilt and she had a right to do it. If AV had a right to choose first time, his (supposed) duty over his feelings for her, she had that right.

            I still do not think this tone that she felt bad, then she deserved it a bit cruel. She made a choice. That does not mean she did not feel hurt, unhappy. (We all make choices which we may not regret but still feel bad about).

            I am as curious about those three calls. (In a span of a year, no less)

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          2. I am totally on this with you!! You are making complete sense!!

            I had written a comment on Unfinished business which could be summarized to Khushi and her decision and the fact that it has to be respected and not questioned. AV has to acknowledge and understand why Khushi did what she did before leaving the river camp.

            The last meet at the river camp was overpowering with so many things, AV was not ready to let go of her when he finally realized something more for her and in that anger, he completely blurred out Khushi’s side and termed it as her ego.

            Not completely dismissing Khushi’s side at all, it is one of the biggest aspects of their relationship I think, without speaking about it, they won’t be able to move forward. Right now it is just the excitement of seeing him.
            I am hopeful about AV this time because he had years to understand the words spoken by Khushi at the camp. He must have figured out by now where Khushi was standing at the river camp and her side of the heartbreak. This time around things will be different from both the sides only then they will be able to move forward.

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              1. Every time there was a chance of start of something more there was something else all together pulling them back. But there was always strong attraction towards each other, maybe this time around everything will come together because of time space and age :)

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                1. Never the Time and the Place
                  BY ROBERT BROWNING

                  Never the time and the place
                  And the loved one all together!
                  This path—how soft to pace!
                  This May—what magic weather!
                  Where is the loved one’s face?
                  In a dream that loved one’s face meets mine,
                  But the house is narrow, the place is bleak
                  Where, outside, rain and wind combine
                  With a furtive ear, if I strive to speak,
                  With a hostile eye at my flushing cheek,
                  With a malice that marks each word, each sign!
                  O enemy sly and serpentine,
                  Uncoil thee from the waking man!
                  Do I hold the Past
                  Thus firm and fast
                  Yet doubt if the Future hold I can?
                  This path so soft to pace shall lead
                  Thro’ the magic of May to herself indeed!
                  Or narrow if needs the house must be,
                  Outside are the storms and strangers: we
                  Oh, close, safe, warm sleep I and she,—
                  I and she!

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                  1. A part of why men seems to easily move on while women are not comes from the social conditioning. The whole glorification of first love makes it’s impact knowingly or unknowingly.

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  30. Meera though I’m am very late in commenting i was one of the few to read your update first piece by piece in between meetings. Loved it with no words to say. Every one have said everything that I wanted to say.
    My only thought was Arnav has played a major role in selecting her. Him coming to this session all the way from US is proof enough that he wanted to see where this leads them.
    Not sure everything will happen here or in Bangalore but he will pursue her once he confirmed her reaction to having him back in her life. This time with more maturity and more honesty he will woe her and win her back. After all the river has to join the ocean at one point.

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  31. Am I the only one who was surprised with the “No ring” thing? :-D

    After moving to Europe, I realized, that is one of the things checked by people. In India, however, men not necessarily wear a a ring. Or even single men wear it. And We do not have standard wedding or engagement rings. (I still see a lot of flashy gold stuff without stone)

    I am married to a Telugu guy and saw a lot of his single male cousins and friends wearing gold rings. It confuses me how can you say which is an engagement or wedding ring. My dad and brother (both married) do not wear any ring. And my cousin loves a ring.

    (I am a no jewellery person so do not like/distinguish between things, so pardon me if I am showing ignorance about something typical)

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    1. I get what you’re saying. Would I look for a ring, I don’t know really. I don’t generally wear any of the symbols of marriage common in our culture, my mister has never worn his ring. But in the west the ring is a major giveaway. I see our women adopt the western pratice here of wearing two rings, one with a stone to symbolize the engagement one and a band for the wedding one.

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    2. This is true. Both genders in India tend to sport much more jewellery on their hands irrespective of marital status. Urban india however – seems to be more aligned to western influences. In the last decade men I’ve seen around at work mostly – have rarely sported rings without being engaged at least. I guess I took that liberty :)

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      1. Traditionally at least where I come from and what I know of the south we didn’t have engagement rings. Rings were exchanged as part of the wedding ceremony. But nowadays that has become part and parcel of engagement ceremonies.

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      2. I thought Kushi was checking for ring and with overdrive mode of thinking that Arnav might got married to one of those gori Monica, Rachel, phoebe or Janice enhaaa ehaaa enhaaaaa 😜

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  32. Hi,
    I felt like I must be Khushi to be so hyper to see when is AV giving an entrance….And they did meet finally!!!!
    It was obviously awkward….they will act normal till they can… I am glad Khushi has Arjun, her friend, who must understand what she is going through!!!!
    At this point, I don’t want to question why can’t Khushi let go of what happened rather than taking grudge about it?
    May be she was hurt beyond others will understand….But I want to see her giving herself and Arnav chance because they want to and not because of any other thing…But that is definitely nowhere close…First they have to get over with this awkwardness….accept each other’s presence in their life, albeit professionally…
    Great update as always!!!

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  33. (Umm…I got too excited and posted my comment in Chapter 1. However, Imma post it here too. Yeah, thats kida heads up to the crazy comment you gonna face)

    Dear Meera,

    Okay, right now, I feel drunk (But I’m not. Never tried. Should do that sometime soon. 23 is way more than legal an age, aint it?)
    Apologies aforehand if I’d just blabber and make no sense whatsoever below.
    The bottom line though, is that I love you for whatever I’ve gotten to know about you through your astounding works. Coz, I believe, or rather know that a writer’s works have the writer’s soul flowing through them. One way or other – the thoughts and emotions that reflect through words are actually what the person penning them down own inherently.
    And if I turn out to tell many a things and make you wonder what I actually wanted to say, I want you to know that I admire, adore and respect you <3

    (Heads Up: Its gonna be pretty lengthy. The comment or umm..letter sorta thing this will shape up to be)

    IPK happened to me after IPK went off-air. With me being 'soaps? What crap?!' kinda girl, it took someone to compare my little brother with Arnav Singh Raizada (which is true except for the dark past and the borderline walking on the gray shades) to get down and watch IPK and…I was hooked.
    Whom am I kidding? I still am hooked.

    Though I've always been an ardent reader, I've never come across a concept of Fan-fictions. It was after IPK that I got introduced to this world and…The Emerald Isle Tales is one of the first fan-fictions I've ever read!!

    And girl, I was hooked like never before, I swear.

    I mean, you serious? How did you even think of such a wonderful plot that ranged over generations and generations?
    Connecting, interweaving, reconnecting…you made me fall in love with the art of telling stories.

    It wasn't just the magic, but the emotions, the faith, the love, the pain, the loss…the realistic take to the magical world…I fell in love with everyword you've put in there, I swear!!

    If I had thoughts swirling in my head, you, Dear Meera, helped me sort them out and name them as a plot. I am not a bit ashamed to tell that its through your writing did I understand how important and fulfilling it is to go to the depths of not just the minimal details but also the collective, individual reactions and repercussions.

    Oh no. Hell no, I have never copied any of your work. But yes, the way I mostly inspired by how you write. Taking my own time to word everything I wanna say, add the details, make it a wholesome experience.
    And for that…I want to thankyou!!!

    Why now? Why not just back then?

    Coz I lost you, lmao.

    I dint even know IF back then. I read it on your blog.

    And then I read Careless Whispers. (I'd rather not begin fan-girl-ing now, lest the er…comment might go lengthier than the update)

    And when I got into IF, I dint know how to search for a writer in IF.
    I did start with a few fictions, which people really liked and now that I look back, I feel like laughing at myself. I mean,,,that was way armature of a narration. Not that I excel now, but yeah, I've come a long way now.

    And then I got recruited and had to go on a hiatus for until I settled down and then, a couple of months back, I found you back. Reciting this yet another wonderful tale.
    Believe me, it felt like finding something I lost. A real valuable one at that.

    I always wanted to tell you how much you and your works have inspired me, more so..made my day. Be that after a shitty day at office or the emotional turmoils every once and then…you have always managed to calm me down with a smile lingering over my lips.
    For all those times…thankyou <3

    I dont know why I dint tell you all this all these months. Its not like me to sit quiet when I like something. There are just a few things that really touch me and when they do, I am extremely vocal about it.
    But yesterday, one of my readers+friends was asking for a good work to binge read and I was like 'Emerald Isle Tales' 'Careless Whispers'
    She asked for rating and I was like ' outta the world'. I cant possibly rate it. Its not something you can rate and I began to tell or rather push her to read it, telling her how it is the one work that inspired me to be a writer. That just…captivated me. And I kept praising and praising and…I realized that I never told you how I felt about it. Of how much I love it and every other work.

    I just..couldnt believe I dint ever tell you. I mean, as a writer, I know how much it means to hear people liking your work. How much every review mean, no matter how many you get.

    And so…here I am..

    To tell you that…I love you, respect you, admire and adore you. And cherish your every work I've read so far.

    I also wanna thankyou.

    For simply being the way you are. For the stories you narrate to us. And for the way you narrate them – making them be a part of our lives almost as if it is the most natural thing ever.

    A River Runs Through It is…Meera…I just cant bring enough words to tell you (yeah, the heavy irony there) how I feel about it, everytime I read it.

    Thankyou soooo much!
    Loads of love and hugs!!!

    A lunatic crazy fangirl,

    Meera now reminds me of Tanhaiyan ;) <3
    Barun slayed it, dint he?
    I mean, he just owned it in all style and intensity and boi, I fell in love with him all over again.
    Okay, I'l shut up now.

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    1. I nodded my head through your comment. I am still nodding even when you are done writing it! :D
      She is something, isn’t she? :) Wish she knew!!!

      One more time, all over again…I hope and pray you never stop writing Meeru..ever! :)

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    2. Some days you ask for a moment of joy and the universe sends you shooting stars with wishes on their tails. Five years of writing and such lovely lovely words from people utterly kind and generous as yourself. Thank you for this. For someone who has no clue how, why or where this journey started, every little milestone along the way is nothing short of the destination itself

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      1. Er…I think Im having a little fangirl moment here (a huge one, may be)

        Oh Gawd!

        You are…wow.

        For someone who began a journey and has been kind and generous to have hundreds of people on board – I dont think thanks would be quite enough.

        See..the thing is..every little word has been a soothing escapade in itself.
        The best thing about reading is it just transports you to another world – a better world. A world that wouldn’t hurt you.
        But your world..Meera..engulfs us. Atleast me. It just..I might sound repetitive just makes my day.
        The feeling of being plummeted by the personal and professional worlds – and then come to not just get lost and escape but also get rejuvenated to chin up again – the warmth and smiles that your words bring – they are something I am forever grateful for.

        Okay, enough of the serious talk, but yeah..Waaaaowww!!! Awww you replied!!!!


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    3. A very warm Welcome to the River — Chaverah!!
      For those of you who dont know — Chaverah is an astounding writer herself!
      Her story — Like Never Before — is one of the best there is out there!!!
      Read it — if you get a chance.

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      1. Kavi, I swear I’m blushing like hell. I mean it.

        Babe… *hugs and hides*
        Thankyou by the way, babe <3

        Er..hello people! *waves awkwardly*

        Well, Im here as a reader tho. A very crazy, excited and ardent reader <3

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          1. Why do I feel like I’m an impulsive teenager all of a sudden, even if virtually (that reminds me, I’ve never been an impulsive teenager. Should’ve done something to write a story upon) ?

            I feel like I’ve joined some cool squad or a rebel gang or something and its like..dope.

            I mean, books and stories always had this effect on me.
            But being with people sharing the same craziness? Boi..this is lit!

            I think I should stop blabbering now.

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            1. Welcome to River Chaverah! Have read your works too. Ardent fan of your stories here! Also welcome to being that teenage rush, we get everything here at River, from crazy madness to toe curling romance. 😍❤

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        1. Hello Chaverah :)
          I can vouch for Kavi’s words… she has mentioned and promoted your work n number of times in her own way :)

          Heartfelt comment of yours for Meera. Happy to see the exchange and the inspiration!!
          River is the first place where It all began for me, I started commenting because of her words ;) :)

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          1. O.O

            Okay.. Kavi, just.. *bear hug*

            Jesus woman. Dont get me all emotional now *wipes away her nonexistent tear*

            But seriously Kavi..thankyou so much yaar. I mean it. a first actually. No one’s ever promoted my work. Not that I am aware of. So..whaow. Thankyou <3

            And thankyou so much, readingbee (coz I dunno what else to call you but I really like your alias.)

            I kinda binge read River. And I am glad I have come to par with the ongoing chapters.
            Specially now that I've got wonderful people to discuss and talk and go gaga over with.

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  34. Was it shorter than usual or is it me who felt so?
    First awkward conversation is done with but all awkwardness has surely not gone away. Wonder where will they go from here, hopefully towards each other ;)

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  35. Wrote out something over the phone intending to come back and edit it and post and lost it all : (
    I see a lot of comments about the action Arnav will take. At my end I want him to do nothing. He did what he had to all those years ago, he even reached out, now I just want him to wait. She accused him of playing her, twisting her emotions. If he does something, she will get an easy exit and say see I told you so. No he will wait. He has waited all this while (No ring!). He heads recruitment, saw their names and yet did nothing. He bared his heart and she trampled all hopes. Now they are face to face and this time he will take his leads from her. She is professionally aloof, so will he be. If Khushi is discomfited by it, well tough luck babe, you chose this. If hse wants closure, she should make the first move. Pass him a note, message him, email him. anything. But she has to ask to meet. Or if they happen to meet outside the training, she has to call out to him and say Wait! I need to talk to you.

    She decided for both of them all that time ago. Now she has to accept the time gone by and take teh first step if she wants to bond with him again.

    P.S: Maybe Ramu develops a crush on Arnav and he is polite to her but Ramu confides in Khushi. She decides to take the high path and encourage the “romance” while burning from inside all the while. she construes all his actions of politeness as care and concern and convinces herself that he was just being nice to her too and she got carried away. (Of course I would like to see her justify their kiss). Because she cast Ramu similar to herself nai. Then how is it that Ramu dares to hope for a Arnav and her; a good looking guy and a geek..How How??? (Jane Austen’s Emma anyone?)
    Where is Krishna? Can she make a visit to her sister and Ramu asap please. I need some mischief making done.

    P.P.S: Sorry if I sound unforgiving of Khushi. I am in one of those moods today thanks to the comment being gobbled where I just want this thick-skulled, too controlled girl to be given some hard medicine.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Are Sohni meri jaan,

        Navra has out both of us on something called Keto diet and is planning to make me work out a bit. :-(

        He lured me with a long distance motorcycle trip, all over the French and Italian Riviera . Recently, I realized that doing 200 km at a strech is taking it’s toll on me. Too tired by the end of it.

        So need to be much more fitter for that. :-(

        And I have yet to write a few words on the updates on your story. But there are two things which are taking my time, procastination and “Castle” (I am binge watching all the seasons of the serial)

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    1. “Arun bhaiyya Arun bhaiyya, ek din nahi khaongi toh mar nahi jaongi” (Can you hear Tina?) jokes aside – quoting Mr India is the sure shot of ensuring you have my full attention :D

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      1. Meera,

        I can sit watching it (there are a few such films Jo Jeeta being one more(that’s how I remember “halki fulki pappi, pappa ke barabar”, Sonhi) and can quote the ENTIRE film’s dialogues. :-D Remember, my name is Mad :-D (I do not do moderate versions of anything. :-D )

        “Arun Bhaiyya, Arun Bhaiyya, Mr. India hai, Mr. India hai, Mr. India hai”

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        1. Oh indeed – two movies I can watch any time it’s playing and from whatever point the movie is at and repeat along with music! I think I cry too every time Tina looks at those samosas and pastries.

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  36. First of all sorry for the later than the late comment… This is what happens when you dream about fireworks between the leads and get a candle to sit with… Yeah I am complaining here😞😞😞😞
    I kept dreaming about dupattas falling, winds blowing and khushi in arnav’s arms already… Yeah Yeah too filmy I know what what can I do??u should not leave us for a month to dream and change the plot of the story in our minds… I know what u r writing is far more beautiful and sensible than the things I had in my mind but they say that an empty mind is devil’s home..and rightly so…. See what this one month did to me😜😜😜😜😜😜
    Now coming to the update… I loved ragini and khushi’s chit chat session… Finallyyyy poor khushi has a girl to talk with😂😂😂😂😂 arjun as usual is a sweetheart and I am hoping that this time he will take up the role of cupid between arnav and khushi….
    And coming to arnav… I stopped breathing for a second when he looked directly at khushi in the introduction session…. Damn that was hot… I know some people find it normal but I keep sniffing for romance everywhere and I found this utterly passionate somehow…. Looking at ur lady love after all this time with those piercing eyes is surely romantic for me…. And I can imagine that sauce look arnav must be carrying now… Khushi will soon say goodbye to her resistance and denial…. Charming ASR is here…. She is a mere mortal after all😜😜😜😜
    And I am damn sure that Arnav picked up khushi and arjun to work with him deliberately…. This can’t be a coincidence…not at all…
    Now I am waiting for tonight’s update….
    Pls give this romantic craving heart something to play with😜😜😜😜 if u know what I mean😜🤑😍🆘
    Continue soon

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    1. And coming to arnav… I stopped breathing for a second when he looked directly at khushi in the introduction session…. Damn that was hot
      Hell, yeah!!!! Breath hitched! He saw her after ages didn’t he? That one proper look at her… uff! Qayaamat! :P

      PS: ASR? He is there in this story as well? How the hell did I miss him? :P ;)

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  37. O.O

    That reminds me…

    We’re gonna get an update today.
    Or um..we’re gonna get an update today?

    And whoa. You guys are fun. How did I miss all this? O.O

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  38. intezaar , intezaar, intezaar, intezaar.. AV, tere aane ka , Kushi tujko paane ka , phir na jaane ka intezaar :-) thats lame I know..but am desperately waiitng for new update Meera

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  39. Ye raathein – ye mausam
    Nadi ka kinaara
    Ye chanchal hawaa

    Kaha doh dilon ne
    Ke milkar kabhi hum, na honge juda

    Yeh baahon mein baahen
    Yeh bahaki nigaahen
    Lo aane laga zindagi ka maza
    Yeh raaten, yeh mausam
    Nadi ka kinaara, Yeh chanchal hawa

    Sitaaron ki mehafil ne, karke ishaara
    Sitaron ki mehfil ne, karke ishara
    Kaha ab toh saara, jahaan hai tumhara

    Mohabbat javaan ho, khula aasaman ho
    Kare koi dil aarazu aur kya
    Yeh raaten, yeh mausam
    Nadi ka kinaara, yeh chanchal hawa

    Kasam hai tumhe, tum agar mujhse ruthe
    Kasam hai tumhe, tum agar mujhse ruthe
    Rahe saans jab tak
    Yeh bandhan na toote
    Tumhe dil diya hai, yeh vaada kiya hai
    Sanam main tumhaari rahungi sada
    Yeh raaten, yeh mausam
    Nadi ka kinaara, yeh chanchal hawa

    Kaha doh dilon ne, ke milkar
    Kabhi hum nahonge judaa…

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  40. I have been crazily busy last week and the next few days are worse. Miss hanging out here 😥. I fell asleep while waiting for the update last night. Can’t seem to,find it now. Did I miss an update or there hasn’t been one? Didn’t get a notification. It was Wednesday yesterday right????

    Liked by 1 person

      1. This week was just as bad but this was last week 😂. Never mind….bade bade deshon mein…….😉😉.. Haven’t even read the ODAT update yet 😢😢😢. Wanted to read it when I could sit down and savour it rather than read it on the run.

        Liked by 2 people

  41. Wonder what they both want… the characters hardly have any history but the vibes…oof, and this journey with all the emotions at play keeps them intertwined making it so damn interesting.

    Liked by 1 person

  42. Awww the update was 🤗🤗
    While reading I was only picturing the both at coffee counter… in my imagination Arnav is looking very handsome in his professional attire..
    can’t wait to read the next update..

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  43. New friendship is building with Raagini. She wanted to leave this place without meeting/seeing him. How is that possible? So much second guessing & negatives.
    Bumper! Was waiting to see what would happen, but he is known for remarkable entrance. Yeh toh hona hi tha…😜🤗
    Awkward…went well than expected. Each showing their indifference but still intuitive towards each other.
    Best thing was for him to walk away…didn’t want her to feel more uncomfortable

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  44. Meera, the best thing about your writing is the attention to detail you provide without making it seem boring or overwhelming. You do not brush through the technicalities, in this case, recruitment, orientations, workshops and so on. You provide good space and prose to such details that we as readers get into those processes with such an ease that we tend to experience it as though at first hand. Sometimes it’s not like reading, it’s like living through those moments, all credit goes to your style of writing.
    Finally Arnav and Khushi have a face off. We cannot exactly call it a face-off though with such professional personalities and professional ethics being followed by everyone to the core. But even in the midst of all the prim behaviors, Khushi’s nervousness, anticipation, expectation was beautifully displayed. Khushi is so easy to relate to right from her behavior, her reactions and her insecurities. She looks for a ring on Arnav. I bet any of us in her place would have done the exact same thing. The kind of hold Arnav has on Khushi’s life (I doubt whether he is even aware of it), it is understandable that she is trying to get over him while at the same time hoping against hope that may be she has something she can hold onto. Arnav might or might not have an influence on their recruitment but he is definitely going to use this opportunity to correct some wrongs. He has taken the first step in approaching her although on professional front. He will for sure walk those extra steps to meet her.

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  45. Khushi is doomed .. she has no control on how AV affects her. And he seems to know that.

    Quoting – The other part of her, envied both Arjun and Arnav for their ability to at least attempt to rebuild what lay broken.

    Dear Khushi, Guys have tht easy way of slipping back into groove, some women can do that too.. but most of us hopeless romantics just cant :-P

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  46. khushi again can’t decide wat reaction she actually wanted from arnav…she claims that she had moved on…arnav is doing the same but it’s not giving her satisfaction….her feelings from the depth of her heart is awakening

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  47. Both r trying to be indifferent ..
    Can they ever move on..
    It’s just matter of time .. they r only there..omg..
    I m more eager than Arhi themselves..

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  48. So Raagini knows AV as well. What a small world. Khushi’s mind is working like a devils den. She had a problem if AV had a hand in their recruitment and she had a problem if he did not have. What a predicament. Arnav and Arjun were in talking terms. So, they don’t have any issues if they see each other in person. They have managed to gutter a Hi and How are you. I am waiting to see how they start a conversation.

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  49. AV is now full fledged ASR, no ring & he says ‘hope you find whatever you are looking for here ‘Hayee
    Marjawan 🥰
    Studied indifference is it to make kh pine for him , as if she stopped thinking about him
    , kya hora ha hai between Arjun & AV
    Bro code , machi
    Ramu is good for Kaveri , atlast a girl friend

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  50. Khushi really is being thick headed! She wasted so many years of her life for misplaced betrayal that she felt! Why not same treatment for Arjun? Just because he is her friend?


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