It was almost as if landing an opportunity to work with Arnav had unearthed a portal to the AV world that she had managed to completely stay removed from in the last four months. And this time, she couldn’t even claim any credit for deliberately staying away. She hadn’t gone actively looking for infprmation but when it came her way, she let it filter into her consciousness like she would information about any other prolific member of the A&M society. But now, it was almost like there was nothing anyone else could talk about. Her batchmates – the new recruits of A&M looked at her in awe that she was unaccustomed to – some of them had even gone on to say the words out loud – “You are so lucky.” The unsaid part was fairly clear too – and not just because Arjun had spelled it out for her. She was lucky to be working with AV. And she was luckier still to be travelling to the US on a client project so soon

She had touched-wood enough initially and then decided the jinx Gods had better things to do than come to her rescue every time she ‘felt” her “good” fortune would be robbed solely by others’ envy.

It was true, she couldn’t deny for too long. And it was true for both reasons. Firstly, she would be the first person to travel to deliver a client project – which was almost certain to come through given how stellar the proposal presentation had been. And then there was the chance to work with AV. If nothing else, just having been witness to him presenting their proposal to the client was enough learning to merit a year of inspiration purely based on memory of those sixty odd minutes. And this despite having been on the phone and thousands of miles away from the room where Arnav Varun spoke about what they planned to do for Wyatt Motors. Every word had been laden with confidence of a man who had delivered excellence and carried a secret knowledge of being smarter than everyone else in the room. And yet, there was humility in the way he responded to questions – especially doubts that the client stakeholders had – few as they had been. The fact that Shyam Anandraman had stayed silent through most of the presentation, talking only when explicitly asked to by Arnav himself, was the seal of approval from the highest authority in the firm. And who was Khushi to need anything more than that.

So here she was, all set to travel in less than a week and only now truly panicking at the thought. Of course, she was not stupid enough to panic because this meant being in the same physical space as Arnav Varun. No. The last couple of weeks had been proof enough that they could talk professionally and be mature adults. Of course, so far, except one occasion, they almost always had Shyam in the conversation – an effective buffer if there was ever one.

The one time that Shyam had been delayed in joining the call, had not been the smoothest sailing. Khushi had in hastily uttered words, informed Arnav that Shyam had asked them to wait for him for a few minutes. Arnav had been silent for a second and then easily asked her to excuse him so that he could place her on mute and use the bonus minutes to get his morning coffee. Khushi had in turn muttered a quick okay. In the few minutes that had followed, her pulse had soared and her stomach churned. She knew there was no reason for her to feel any of what she was feeling and yet…Thankfully, Raagini had walked in just then and upon learning that Arnav Varun was on the call, gone on to strike up a conversation with him just as easily as she was able to with most folks. Minutes later, Shyam had walked into the small team room and Raagini had walked out, leaving Khushi’s world upright and manageable once again.

“How about this one?”

Khushi took a deep breath and turned to pay attention to the seventeenth blouse that Raagini was holding up. “Let me check if they have a size.”

Raagini clucked disapprovingly. “Arre, first decide if you like it. We can look for sizes…”

Khushi sighed. “I am used to buying things because they are available in my size and not because I like how they look – on me or otherwise”

“You know when it comes to most Indian stores and brands, I agree with you. I have the same challenge as well – in case you had forgotten. But this,” She swept her arms in a half-circle around her, forcing Khushi to scan the store they were standing in. “This is a plus size woman’s heaven.”

“You mean this is a rich, plus size woman’s heaven,” Khushi retorted even as she looked at the price tag and shuddered. “Three thousand for a blouse. We have to get out of here. I am not about to spend half my monthly salary in one shopping expedition.”

“Well, you had better be ready.”

“Raagini,” Khushi whined, “I thought you didn’t like to shop.”

“I don’t. But Shyam was right. And I am beginning to think we have been a little thick-headed about this for too long.”

Khushi made a face and walked on as she placed the burgundy blouse Raagini was holding up, back in its place. Raagini was referring to the unfortunate incident that had prompted this current shopping trip in the first place. About a couple of months ago, over lunch – a particular terrible menu at the cafeteria where they ate their meals, Raagini and she had decided to resume what they had both admitted had been a failed exercise routine ever since they could remember. Since then, every morning, the two of them had spent forty five minutes walking briskly with little gossip but truckloads of motivation that can only come with company in misery. On one of these outings, they had accidentally bumped into Shyam Anandraman who was, much to their surprise, walking out of a popular weight loss clinic. Khushi and Raagini had both intended to slink away, at least as much as their frames would allow, to spare Shyam – someone they both held in awe – any embarrassment of having been seen so. However, Shyam had spotted them first, grinned an almost boyish grin and offered to buy them breakfast.

“I am five kgs lighter than I was a couple of months ago. It’s celebration time,” Shyam had declared and both Khushi and Raagini had been too shocked to say anything except agree.

Breakfast had been at a nearby five star that A&M teams usually picked for their team outings, farewells and other social events. And it had been a lot more conversation than eating – which was perfect given what all three of them were working towards.

“Why the weight loss center?” Raagini had asked finally, forcing Khushi to breathe a sigh of relief as the elephant in the room – pun not intended, she assured herself – was finally acknowledged, rather tackled head on.

“Feedback from the Partner admission process.”

Khushi knew her eyes had widened even in her own head and she had been unable to keep her face from twisting distastefully.

“To lose weight?” Raagini had practically squealed.

“It’s not that bad,” Shyam had said, laughing at her apparent disgust. “I wasn’t asked to lose weight before I made Partner. My work was enough for that.”

“It doesn’t bother you?” Khushi had asked, her resolve to keep personal questions to herself melting in the face of such open disclosure.

“Why should it? Appearances matter. We meet clients, talk about really important things – jobs and livelihoods, organizational futures – they depend on things we say. I know I might sound presumptuous but unless we take ourselves seriously, why would anyone else? Why would our clients?” Shyam had said, his tone serious and deep in way that was usually reserved for the more important things he had to say to people. He was a stickler for time, for instance. As a rule, he would reach every meeting, every call scheduled at least five minutes early – something so many people Khushi knew needed to learn.

“As long as our work is thorough, how…”

“How much time do you spend on formatting a slide once the content is frozen?” Shyam had interrupted Raagini as he looked at them both.

Both girls had grinned sheepishly – both knew the other was very particular about having perfectly laid out slides – clean and grammatically accurate – an attitude, they realized was not as common as they once thought it to be at least for their profession. And the fact that Shyam Anandraman – the head of A&M Strategy Operations – knew this about them, proved exactly how much it was valued.

“It’s the same concept. You groom yourself to the best of your ability. You keep yourself fit – weight doesn’t matter. I chose to kick start the process with the Center because I am also medically closer to an age where these things start to matter. But the ground rule is – you take yourself seriously for others to do the same. And that includes how you look. It’s a reality of life. Appearance will never be greater than what you can do but it is not be discarded either.”

The conversation had veered off after to different topics, mostly ranging their families but Shyam’s words had found their mark. Not that Khushi liked to acknowledge it.

“You have to admit though, he is biased. I mean he does want to put his best foot – rather foot soldiers forward.”

Raagini chuckled but shrugged as she leafed through the shirts hanging in different racks, her eye half closed as if in deep concentration.

“It feels wrong.” Khushi admitted eventually, more to herself than to Raagini. “When I was growing up, my mother clamped down everytime anything related to beauty came up.”

‘Because it would distract us from our padhaai.” Raagini completed with a half-wry smile as she picked up a leather skirt that would miss her knees by several inches. “My mother didn’t let me have my eyebrows shaped till I was in college, can you believe it?”

“Ditto,” Khushi agreed. “And I am Krur Singh in my natural form, I have to tell you.”

Raagini burst out laughing even as she let the leather skirt slide down to the floor. “Krur Singh.” She bent over and continued to guffaw even as Khushi felt her cheeks warm. “It’s been years since I spoke to anyone about Chandrakanta.”

“Anyway,” Khushi continued once their combined laughter ebbed. “Somehow I grew up thinking that focus on how I look somehow lessens my focus on how smart I am. So I actively stopped thinking about it.”

“And then we made it to business school where we have spectacular looking women – people actually – who are also simply brilliant – geniuses in fact. I hated that.”

“Yes!” Khushi agreed. “I wanted to tell them – hey you can’t be pretty and smart – then what am I!! And now there is this person who says…well he didn’t say beauty, he said grooming but for years it was the same thing.”

Raagini took a deep breath and sighed. “We are one screwed up pair of girls. I think we need therapy.”

Khushi nodded with a small smile. “As Gregory House very wisely said, we are all screwed up by our parents. I don’t know how any therapy can fix that.”

“He was very wise, indeed. Also, sexy as hell. Sarcasm is such a turn on.” Raagini said with wiggling eyebrows. “Bollywood on the other hand would easily pick this moment, as the one where a brainwave hits our heads and we walk into a parlor and ta-da – makeover and stunning beauties. Seriously Kavi, before you leave – let’s go…full salon day. Let’s go crazy. We may not have hair that can be pleated into a U-shaped tube but goodness we could use some jaw drops.”

Khushi stared at her friend with an open mouth and quickly turned around and walked away before Raagini could get any crazier. Salon day with makeover just before she was headed to the US. No way.

No fucking way.


“I cannot believe I won’t get to see your shopping from today.” Tripti cried into the phone.

“Can you believe you are even getting a chance to say these words to me?” Khushi retorted even as she surveyed the damage to her bank account which now lay splayed on her single bed, taunting her with the cardboard tags peeking out from under necklines and hemlines. “I cannot believe some of these things I’ve bought. I mean I bought skirts for Shiv-ji’s sake. Skirts!”

Di, you have killer legs. I mean remember how Mom and I always comment on how thin your churidars always are…”

“Yeah, compared to the rest of my body…”

“Whatever. It doesn’t matter. You will look stunning. And you are really tall or have you forgotten?”

“Apparently I have. I allowed Raagini to persuade me into buying heels. I mean how will I spend full days in these monstrosities. I have no clue what came over me.”

“I am so proud of Ramu. She did the unimaginable. She made my sister shop.” Tripti enunciated as dramatically as ever.

Khushi rolled her eyes.

“Log in to your Skype account. And model them for me.”

“Over my dead body.”

“Definitely not over your dead body. I mean if you are dead, pretty clothes aren’t going to help, are they?”

“I didn’t buy pretty clothes. I just bought different clothes.” Khushi said vehemently. And then sighed softly. Some clothes – especially a pale peach layered chiffon blouse and a similar sky blue one – they were pretty. At least she didn’t get a hair cut and color like Raagini had insisted she do.

“Admit it, Di. You are a little happy. You bought pretty things.”

“They all look pretty on the hangers. On me… Shit, what was I thinking?”

“Di, please grow up. Wear your fun business formal clothes. Be a super stud consultant. Blow everyone out of their minds. Get asked out. God, I wish I could just write your America story.”

“Pyaare Mohan, tum paagal ho paagal.”

“Nahi sahib, ab toh hum bilkul paagal nahi hain.”

“Ab toh kya matlab,” Khushi continued with a laugh. “Pehle paagal the kya?”

“Log aisa kehte the sahib but humne kabhi nahi maana ki hum paagal hain.”

The sister convulsed into laughter over the phone even as Khushi plonked herself on the bed and fell back against her pillows. “I’ll miss you Krishna Tripti Gupta. And I cannot believe I won’t be here when you come to Bangalore. I’ll leave the keys with Arjun, okay. In case you want to use my place.”

Tripti went into a tizzy of coughs and sputtered as she spoke. “Not staying at your place, Kaveri. I’ll stay on campus. I even have an IM-B buddy assigned.”

“Who is it? If not me, at least Arjun would know.”

“Forget about the logistics of my stay, Di. I’ll be there for less than forty eight hours. Even if you were here, I am sure I’d have hardly gotten to see you – what with the schedule A&M makes you keep.”

“But I will still miss seeing you.”

“I was in Bangalore less than two months ago. And then we went home for Diwali. I think we’ve seen each other enough. Now go see some US of A and come back and tell me stories.”

“Sometimes you are exactly like Ma. So khadoos. And you are right. You are in Bangalore too often these days. What is up with that?”

“If I am like Mom, you are exactly like Papa. Jumping from one topic to another without warning or relevance. So infuriating.”

“You are useless.”

“You are useless.”

“Bye Tripti”

“Bye Khushi.”


“Stop smirking.”

“I am not smirking. I don’t even know how to smirk.”

Khushi bent forward and twisted Arjun’s head around so he could see himself in the mirror on the wall opposite to where they were seated. “That expression on your face. That’s a smirk. And I hate it. So stop.”

“Tch, tch. Poor Kavi. So tensed about going on a trip most A&M-ites would give an arm and a leg for.” He teased and then winced dramatically, “Oww…you broke my neck I think.”

Khushi rolled her eyes but said nothing. Arjun continued with a half exasperated sigh. “Uff, we talked about this. This thing you are going for, it is a professional arrangement. Of course only for as long as you want it to be. Because he…I’m telling you…Behne De…”


“Fine, fine. I am kidding. I am kidding.”Arjun replied even as Khushi reluctantly put the gleaming spoon back on the plate and placed it by the bedside table. “You’ve been working with him for what three weeks now. Has it been uncomfortable even once?”

Khushi took a deep breath.

“You told me it was totally normal. You said it. And I know you weren’t lying. Because you didn’t volunteer the information and when I asked you weren’t glib or sarcastic. You simply answered.”

“I don’t want to go.”

Arjun grinned at her. “That’s just you being you. Inertia” He shrugged. “It always happens to you.”

“Why aren’t you on this project with me?” Khushi whined.

Arjun’s grinned mellowed to a smile. “Because this is your story.”

Khushi rolled her eyes and stuck her tongue out. “For the last time, my life is not a story.”

Arjun chuckled and put his dessert plate away. “I can’t wait for you to be back with interesting news.”

When Khushi threw a pillow at his head and followed it up with another even as he got up and backed out of the door of her apartment, Arjun held his hands up saying, “What! I mean news of having delivered a great project, of having wowed the client, the gora Partners who will call you Kah-very, you know.”

Later at night, her phone buzzed with a message from Arjun. “Come back with interesting news and I might just give you some myself.”

Before she could finish frowning, her phone buzzed again. “Don’t even bother calling me or asking me what I mean. I am not telling till you get back from Detroit.”

Detroit, Khushi sighed as she let her phone slide back to the table top with a small thud.

River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Dil Chahta Hai

Album: Dil Chahta Hai

Singer(s): Shankar Mahadevan, Chorus

Music: Shankar, Ehsaan, Loy

Lyrics: Javed Akhtar


Kaisa ajab yeh safar hai?

Socho toh har ek hi bekhabar hai

Usko jaana kidhar hai?

Jo waqt aaye, jaane, kya dikhaaye?

Next update on Mar 27, 2017 – late night IST! Thank you all for reading!

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    I knew that Khushi is not a slim girl but I didn’t know that she is plus size , it itself is unique Meera . I might have read more than 100 OS/FF inspired by the characters Khushi , Arnav but in 99% of the stories Khushi is like a super model with hot body but this characterization is so real . Isn’t she bit hesitant cause of her physique? I agree with Shyam appearance matter in professional life especially if you are associated with corporate . It doesn’t mean that we will get acceptance only if we own a hot body but how we groom ourselves definitely is important .
    I used to wonder why the characters like Arjun and Krishna are exactly like my friend and sister ,then I realized that perhaps the majority might be feeling the same and the reason is ,like all writers you are good observer too. Your Arjun is very much similar to one of my friend my only male friend . He is as annoying as Arjun but like Arjun he was always with me in my happiness and difficult times . And Krishna is like my sister , we are more like friends than like sisters .
    6 more days to 27th . I am as eager as Arnav ( I hope the nonchalant Arnav is just a mask ,)

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      I mean why?
      I knew. I fucking knew that, it is you here. And you tho bas….love to leave me high and dry (NOT going the gutteral lane, not a bit, no)

      *breaths deep trying to calm down*

      Reading Khushi shopping, I swear I saw myself doing a bit of shopping.
      Jesus Christ, lady. You are bang on about the plus size and the shopping limittions that it brings. God knows, I’ve been there for almost a decade.
      Its pure horror I swear.
      Kahi pe ye lage na lage but when you go to shop, the truth shall be slapped right across the face.
      You know, ki, jo pasand aaya wo apni size pe nahi milthi.
      Aur jis size pe milthi hain – as in, the one that’d actually fit – wo pasand aathi nahi.
      But owing to the time and energy you’ve spent already, agar you just compromise on something, uski price se tho ISRO ki ek satellite ki ek sponsor ban sakthe hain yaa (a litle bit of exaggeration there, but well, the frustrations calls for such comparisions)

      Gawd, when I first got into my job, I was plus sized, alright (thanks to my PCOD – the same one that had me sleep in a hospital the past few days – again).
      And I swear I was running along Khushi’s lines. Ki yaar, its unfair ki the women around get to be both gorgeous and smart. I mean, that’s not fair, c’mon!

      And the whole weight thing. I swear it just ook me by startling surprise coz, believe it or not, I my Project Lead, a middle aged woman who kinda really liked me began to tell how looks too are important in the field. I saw her hittin a gym and she kinda took me out to a coffee shop to give me this “gyan”
      And the words are bloody damn same. I mean, I now wonder ki if there’s a book out there, you know, from where these people get these lines re-quoted or something.
      She was like, there are a few clients who believe that, if a person cant take care of one’s body on a serious note, he/she can NOT justify the project coz hey, if you cant do something right with yourself, whats the guarentee that you will do right with the project?
      To say I felt as if slapped right across my face will be an understatement.

      And of course, I got back saying its unfair and stuff and you know what example my Lead gave me? The bloody same graphical decorations of the power point rpesentation.

      So you see, you basically write a part of my life – a scene right out my life – and dayum, it caught me real off-guard for a moment before I burst my ass of laughing.

      Arnav and Khushi have been working. For 3 weeks. Even if miles away. Even if only through telephones.
      Dayum. Dayum dayum dayum.
      I love how its going and where it is leading to.

      He out her on MUTE on an excuse to get coffee when Shyaam got late to join? Man…I wanna both smug smile and whack his head. Nay, I’d rather smile in all smugness.

      Tripti is on frequent Bangalore trips – the sister is yet to figure out why. Nice.
      Oh and the promise that Arjun made at the end?
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      You know the best part?
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      **********Because he…I’m telling you…Behne De…*********** This one. Right here is…
      Yeah thats a sound and imagine me going all mad here.
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      Oh by the way, amazing update, Meera.
      It is as revealing as entangling.

      Detriot, here we come.
      Oh, or rather, Arnav Varun, brace yourself.

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      1. You are so cute like your name candy dear. I was rofl after reading your comment. It’s very apt and so true ESP about pcos and all. Dear God hope you are well now from your hospital trip. Now since you joined us sanki sisters here on river platform– I always look forward to read your comments.

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        1. She makethe me blush.

          And dayum, Im still reeling in the feel of joining the sanki sisters.
          It feels so weird and relieved at the same time to know that I am not the only sakni around, you know?
          Good for both the ego and heart.

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      2. Candy—- there you are !!! was wondering where you’d disappeared!!!
        and you were in the hospital?????
        Oh gosh!! I hope u are better now and well recovered!!!
        Loads of love and huggss… good to have you back babes!!!

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        1. Hugs and love all back at ya!!!!
          And yes, here I am :D
          Yeah, I keep visiting hospital every now and then ;)
          Thats a part and parcel that I come with.

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  20. Accha one question — how old is Shyam? I need to figure out if it’s weird that I vaguely ship him and Raagini :D Beyond that — I really enjoy the way you’ve portrayed Khushi’s weight. Her insecurities that relate to it are explained really well, however, what I really love is that you’ve also portrayed her as an object of desire — in previous chapters, neither Arjun nor AV saw her weight as a concerning factor (or even thought about it at all). It’s interesting to see IRL too — one of my friends mentioned that she once complained about her weight to her boyfriend, who looked utterly baffled that she saw it as an issue. That’s not to be said that every guy is like that — however, the ones who are worth dating definitely are.

    The other perspective is what Shyam said. I loved how he explained why he’s trying to lose weight — you framed it in a way where it was about how he wanted to feel better about himself and felt like it was good for him to do. I really enjoyed that conversation — you’ve done a fantastic job with that theme in this story.

    Love always,

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  21. You got some nice social issues Meera.. professional education ruined me :-) in a good way..I still dont know to groom myself ..damn I dont even know to blow dry my hair..its almost twenty years since I left Engineering college..!!Sometimes I feel very awkward but still lazy :-) :-) am not doing any Hi Fi consulting.. just normal software consultant..
    I find Kushi so similar to me.. this story is very close to my heart.. I am not as brilliant as her but dont have so much complex..but a little bit like her..if I was as brilliant, I wouldn’t give a damn to the world..

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  22. Nice update meera.
    as always you left wanting for more.
    Weight issues and grooming techniques I totally agree with all aspects put forth.
    Funny thing a few girl friends of mine n me we took a make up basic learning session on how to use diff products n brushes. I felt so damn stupid that day – I had no idea about a lot of things
    We do have a PDF for reference now ;)
    Hope next Monday comes soon n we get some nice AV-KK interaction

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  23. My comment from yesterday vanished in thin air! Never mind, I am reproducing my thoughts from yesterday and some more… 

    The title is so apt! Are we talking of just the physical ‘mass’ here, or is the river-sisterhood weighing in some options too?
    Like many others who have empathized with Khushi, I would like to chime-in here. Ramu says how padhai was the single-most important thing to focus in life. For me (although very subtly told), padhai and (Carnatic) music, quizzes/debates, and some sports (so thankful that it was only swimming) was life, in school/college. My krur-singh brows got shaped after I graduated with a doctorate in an Engg. stream… in fact to let out a secret, it was actually *after* I landed a plum R&D job :-p
    At school, people made fun of me behind my back, the weighing scale being perennially tilted towards the lower end did not help either. I got back at the wagging tongues by working doubly hard at whatever I took up and excelled most of the times. As a professional, I did groom myself a little, to ‘fit-in’. That plus the self-confidence worked wonders. And now, I am beyond caring.
    Meera, you have really weighed-in Khushi’s options so well! The very fact that you make us introspect with every chapter speaks volumes. So, no more comments on your writing.
    Last week, I dedicated a song to your simplistic depiction of AV-KKG’s lives. This week, the dedication is simply to and for you.
    The title track from Waqt, one of the better movies directed by a certain Mr. YR Chopra. Ravi’s music, Saahir’s shayari, Asha Bhonsle’s voice and a beautiful Sadhana among others:

    Aagey bhi jaane na tu, peeche bhi jaane na tu,
    Jo bhi hai, bas yehi ek pal hai
    Anjaane saayon ka raaho mein dera hai, andekhi baaho ne hum sabko ghera hai
    Yeh pal ujaala hai baaki andhera hai, yeh pal gawaana na ye pal hi tera hai
    Jeene waale soch le, yahi waqt hai kar le poori aarzoo ||

    By the way, Partha and Partha-Sarathi are all set to take a ride… that’s an interesting development. And thanks for flying us to Detroit. I have actually never visited MI thus far.

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    1. Wow— I am a big big fan of all the songs of waqt movie and one of the favorite is the one you mentioned. I get lost in this song. Just beautiful. I have seen this movie multiple times just bec of the songs.
      The mist favorite of mine is — hum jab simat kar aapki bahon me aa Gaye. Bec of this song and picturisation— I had childhood crush on Sunil dutt ( ESP he belonged to my neighborhood town in Haryana and I had the pleasure to meet him personally when he donated money to my work place in memory of Nargis’s death from cancer),

      Sorry to write a big comment on your post but could not stop myself.

      btw– agree with what you said about chapter

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  24. I came back and read again..what a lovely comment! Bang on about girls sorting themselves and others. Women are women’s biggest enemies 😔. I am also there with you about picking the battles we choose to fight. In the bigger scheme of things, waxing seems such a tiny atom! Sigh, the world was a much simpler place when we were growing up!
    ‘There are no ugly people just sloppy people’ so true and speaking of deodorants reminds me of a situation I had to face at work one time. A coworker who for some reason had overpowering body Oder wasn’t in the habit of wearing any deodorant. As she came from our part of the world, my manager actually took me aside and asked me to talk to her about her problem. I cannot explain how awkward and embarrassing I found the talk ..let alone gauge how she must have felt. But it needed to be done and did it, I did! Perfumes- I have a couple which are signature sandy perfumes..don’t go out without them 😜
    I’m undecided on Arjun and Tripti too but am in the wait and watch mode :)
    Brilliant comment again!

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  25. awesome update.. i have to say that this is one story where i can find parallels in my own life so often.. and it feels great how you have written it so beautifully taking instances/experiences from real world..
    loved the Chupke Chupke dialogue.. it is one of my favourite movies :D
    and krur singh.. haha… yakkooo..
    eagerly waiting for khushi’s detroit trip.. it seems two love stories are about to unravel..

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  26. Aweeeesome!!!!
    I cud totally relate to raagini n khushi’s convo at the mall. And this just nailed it : “Appearance will never be greater than what you can do but it is not be discarded either.” I love this Meera! Its much more than a sentence for me. I struggled for quite a few years with the herd mentality n to reach the current state of mind. It took time for me to realise it n love n respect myself for how n what Iam! Sigh.
    Setting aside the ‘non existent’ personal equation between A&K , theirs is going to be a hit pair & a successful duo taking into consideration their past experiences 😁😀
    Ha. Tripti sure knows to be cryptic huh? A lil more pondering on the situation by K n both Arjun n her will be busted. I hope she doesn’t find it out before they tell her. I have this gut though! Anywayyyy. Detroit n AV , here we come!!!!

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  27. Fabulous update meera.
    I am dying to know stories of her trip where she will share work space with AV. And I wish he didn’t let her come back without solving their issues and break her ego too. If she can forgive Arjun then why not Arnav?
    Loved her conversation with Shyam. And you have written this aspect of life so brilliantly. Only people with weight issue can understand what they were discussing about. I can tell you, I my self had same issue when I was in school of college. Even if I drink only water, I will put on weight.😅 That’s why I can relate to Khushi so well.
    I think it’s time for Khushi to move on and accept what she feels about Arnav and spare them and us from torture.
    Can’t wait to know what happen next.
    Thanks for awesome chapter.

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    Awesome update all in all, I had a small smile playing all the while I read the update, beautifully written Meera, thank you for presenting this story to us!

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  29. Hi Meera

    Loved the update..loved the bonding between Khushi and raagini, Khushi and Tripthi, Khushi and Arjun.. out of all these bond.. my heart always wishes to see how Arnav and Khushi are going to bridge their bond..

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  30. Kushi must be nervous, but I sure am excited about her U.S trip. I wonder what will be AV’s reaction on seeing a much more sophisticated Kushi. They are still awkward with each other when there is no third person present. So, the initial days in U.S. are bound to be awkward and will take time to get over.
    Kushi is clueless as to Tripti’s frequent visits and how smartly Tripti diverted the topic. And Kushi-Arjun convo had me chuckling..only Arjun can do that..”Behene Do…” :D And Ragini seems to be just the friend Kushi required at this time.
    With regard to the grooming, I do think that you must always be presentable. Don’t you think grooming boosts your confidence? You may hit the gym or not, but you must be healthy. That means taking care of yourself.

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  31. I apologise M for being MIA since last two chapters. Life was acting as Life and i have really no time to read properly and comment. Humka Maaf kar do. 😐

    Coming to chapters. I like okay. I like Arjun. It is so difficult for me to like him because as such he has not done anything but still the teen in me held him responsible for all that happened at River including Arnav Ofc. But now i am happy for whatever happened. Jo hota hai acha k liye hota and all that. And Arjun these days is making me happy with the things he is saying. He said that she might have to work with AV and voila!
    And that teasing remark about behne de😍i was all heart eyes while reading. Is he like this when he is with Trip? I so want to read about Parth and His Krishna.

    Ragini. She is that bestie who take you out of your hibernation and make you Shop! I hate shopping and i hate when my bff came and bombard my life with different (read pretty)clothes. So yes i can relate with khushi totally. And yes I do check sizes before buying a dress/top/anything. Sometimes its between M and L and there’s no such size available. Why shivji😑
    Shyam said bilkul right. Appearances sometime does matter. Because its a cruel world out there and we have to groom. Groom yes . Looking pretty i dont know . I am sure khushi will look pretty in those sexy skirt and blouses. I am dying to see someone ‘s reaction . Detroit. Detroit. 😍

    And Trip-Kaveri talk. I love that man. Its so refreshing and make me yearn for a sister . But okay hai. I have Many. And i love sisterhood. So those coughing sprees? Tripti Arjun need to do some explaining . 😉😉

    Why he put her mute? What’s his plan or is there is no plan?

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  32. Hi Meera.

    Finally caught up with last few chapter of Book 3. What an impressive phase of life for Khushi. Her carrier growth and mental growth is commandable.

    1. Ragini,… reading about her craziness, someone who brings out the girly side in Khushi. 🤗🤗
    2. Arjun: he has come a long way with his heart break. Glad to see their equation has changed for better….apprears a lot more balanced and more like equals. Neither appear to shield the other nor buffer the conversations. 👌🏼
    3. Shyam — leader par excellence! He is a senior, would he be 5-8 year Arnav’s senior? Does that mean he is in his mid/ thirties? Married? Not that it matters, just being my curious self as we didn’t get much details on his personal front. 😝😝
    5. RDX: rofl. Sounds like a khadoos adiyal rakshas….but enjoyed reading about him through all other characters POV. 😆😄
    6. Tripti: that girl is faster than Khushi, just like all second borns are. Her conversations and come backs while interacting with Khushi are a joy to read. She definitely has a secret up her sleeve, I m surprised multiple trip to Bangalore n that cough went unnoticed. Ehehe🤣😂
    7. Khushi: wow, what tremendous carrier growth in short span of time, and yet try as she might dil wahi ka wahi atka hai….inspite of all that I am super glad to see definite steps being taken to show her mental growth and change of mind set. This will definitely help boost her self confidence and belief in her own abilities. Will help her see herself as an equal amongst the corporate colleagues. Once that happens, she may just stop seeing AV on a pedestal.

    4. Arnav: what do I say,……after that one day visit and the song at the party, his silence is quite uncharacteristic. Yet I get why he is behaving they way he is. Do I feel he has got something’s to do with Khushi’s Detroit visit? Well not at the professional front,but certainly yes when it comes to placing his own card right.
    -I was quite intrigued to see how RDX approved the presentation just around the time AV informed him about shifting Khushi for the Detroit project, coincidence much.😝
    -No sooner did Shyam inform Khushi about all the Detroit details,….a sudden slip of tongue to use Khushi to address her….nice touch ….AV 😝
    -Arjun who is currently working with AV in a project and was also a speed motors employee didn’t get selected for Detroit project as this selection was based on RDX presentation. Which coincidently was being worked on by Khushi and Ragini…the 2 girls who were placed under RDX as informed to Shyam by AV in the party….wah bachoo….👍🏻😝😝DiMaggio I tell ya!!
    -Arjun is the same person who helps Khushi rationalize her feeling,….”you’ve tried staying away for all this time and it’s has not worked,….how about go closer and confirm it’s not going to work”….interesting choice of words and commendable timing…wah manna padega. But Kya kamal ka coincidence hai…..😝😝
    -So now that he has got her where he wants her,….in Detroit away from Arjun, Ragini, Tripti or anybody she will know other than the one person whom she’s been running away from, Can she run again?…nope, as she’s committed to the project. She not only has to face him, but work with him till the end.
    Boss this is called — check n mate.
    This confirms he is indeed smarter than anyone else in the room, n he knows it too.. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Yeah Dekh ke ek sher yaar agaya…

    Agar kisi cheez ko shiddad se chaho,
    Toh poori Kainaat usey tumse milane ki koshish Mein lag jati hai.

    He didn’t get his chance to say his side twice. Aur abh Hal aisa hai ke woh Khud uske paas aa rahi hai,….👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    Meera,…sheer brilliance madam.

    Can’t wait for:
    1. how long will she be in Detroit…hopefully way past march 17th….😜😝😋
    2. Looking fwd to either more of her shopping or a spa day with Ragini as she’s seriously deserves a relaxing girly day after putting in crazy hours 💅🏻💇🏻💆🏻👙👗👠👢👛👚
    3. her landing in Detroit. 🛬🏙 for the most awaited Deedar

    Enjoying the story and apologies for dropping in late.


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  33. I love how this story is not just about the two leads (or three, since Arjun is a vital part of the dynamics), but also about things that you can relate on a personal level. Khushi professional chart gives me various occasions to reminisce about how it was and is on a daily basis, and that makes reading this all the more fun.

    Shyam’s comment on formatting made me chuckle. I remember working on a project where I spent two hours formatting a slide deck, before handing it over to the other half of the team, only to learn later that they had used the non-formatted version to build up on it :P

    Anyways, coming to the story, I know your Shyams are never villains; even so, reading about Shyam and buffer for Arnav and Khushi in the same line gives me a funny feeling

    While I enjoyed the to and fro between Arjun and Khushi, it did feel a bit weird. Tripti might have made all the difference, and I’m happy for Arjun but having your ex-admirer tease you about the person with whom he had to fight for your affection, only to lose badly is damn complicated. The mention of ‘Behne De’ did ease things though ;)

    So Detroit has come calling! And it is bound to bring interesting news, I can feel it in my bones. By the way, how long’s the stay in Amreeka?

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  34. This comment ideally should have been for last chapter.
    (Bollywood trivia alert)

    I wonder what was the exact bet on Sonam. I hope K has made Arjun pay enough, :-)

    Because Sonam was a Yash Raj find, I remember watching it in theatre.

    She was introduced as a lead against Rishi Kapoor. Vijay resembled another of my favorite Yash Chopra film, Trishul.

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  35. I saw somewhere discussion inching (pun intended) towards short skirts and Meera clarifying it.

    I did a double take and re read the chapter again (due to that, a few more things strike me too). I guess the mention of a leather skirt which is way above knees might have caused the confusion. (Detective Madhuri Holmes) ☺

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  36. Reading this update made me realize how much of soul sisters we all are. The parents who don’t let you shape your eyebrows and get hair cuts or cute clothes because that will take your focus away from studies. The self image you grow up with where the boys always prefer those other girls and wearing the big clothes…lol…till one day you discover you are as beautiful as your mind’s eye let’s you be and then to find that Soul mate who thinks you are becautiful no matter what…even when you have the flu they lovingly tend to you and continue to think you are beautiful.

    I am so excited for the Next part. Why so little AV sir…want to hear more from him.

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  37. Sorry for being awfully late, but better late than never I guess
    Loved the update as always- this story of yours is unique in the sense that compared to other works, some of the scenes in this story are just like a chapter out of my own life (to me and I am guessing for a lot of the readers here too). Like the first onsite and the shopping splurge before that. Brought back a lot of memories for me.
    Of course shopping for clothes those days was far less complicated as I was a good 30 lbs lesser than what I am now. Sigghhh!!!
    AV – if only I could get a peek into his ever elusive mind. I am guessing that he is equally baffled by all the recent happenings- Khushi moving into his first big deal as a senior manager and her imminent trip to Detroit. Surely, he must be looking at it with some amount of trepidation??? I find it very difficult to think that it could have been premeditated by him or that he would be eagerly looking forward to it or anything like that.
    Yes Khushi got her heart broken twice, felt betrayed by him but among all the things that she felt at the camp when the betrayal was revealed by Arjun – she feels that Arnav Varun was the only one who seemed to be getting his way amidst all this – I think that was wrong. He has paid a heavy price for his lapse and his trying to convince her to give them a chance over a period of one year didn’t succeed. I am guessing A&M would have provided the ample distraction that he very badly needed at that time and preofessinally that seeemed to have done him good. So now that. Khushi is and going to be in the same space professionally, it must make him a little apprehensive???

    Trip and Arjun??? Really??? Somehow I am still a little….hmmm..I don’t know

    What’s the next chapter going to be? Khushi’s first day at Wyatt Inc (in her spanky new clothes) or AV interlude or Tripthi’s Bangalore stay or something else?? Whatever it is it will be a treat to read as always and can’t wait for it


  38. And I am very late….:( Sorry Meera…

    Coming to chapter ..It was super…I loved the Khushi – Ragini bonding …Those conference calls, those subtle instance towards Parth and Krishna’s relation, Shyam and weight issues …And finally the ever dashing hero AV…

    Can’t wait for next update !! I hope it’s Detroit Wal update 😍 and nothing else …As it is Ugadi / Gudi Padva, please AV – Khushi wala update…;) Good way to start new year you know ;) ( I hope this bribe works :P)

    PS : Can we get nxt chapter’s title..?? It keeps this blog active…Actually , last time there were fun discussions on Strange tidings ;)

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  39. Hi Meera 😃
    Thanks for the interesting update 😃
    So finally khushi and av going to work closely
    Let see khushi will give a chance to her relationship
    How will be arshi’s equation
    I am really eager to watch
    Update soon 😃

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  40. Meri aankhiya AV darshan ko pyasi😪😪.

    Mai to kab se khadi is paar
    Meri aankhiya thak gayi panth nihaar

    Aaja re AV to aaja.

    Meera rehem— AV ki absence aab bardasht nahi hoti😩🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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  41. For much awaited Deedar ,

    जैसे जैसे दर-ए-दिलदार क़रीब आता है
    दिल ये कहता है कि पहुँचूँ मैं नज़र से पहले

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  42. And this one is for Intezar of Meera and her words,

    इस हवा में कर रहे हैं हम तिरा ही इंतिज़ार
    आ कहीं जल्दी से साक़ी शीशा ओ साग़र समेत

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  43. Loved the song Dil chata hai .one of my all time favourites I Agree with Shyam grooming is important and doing so does not making a person frivolous. Of course action and what you deliver is right on top – grooming is a close second.
    Enjoyed the shopping spree again a great way to bond with your sisters and girl friends.
    Ja Khushi Ja

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  44. Krur singh and his eyebrows 😂

    That’s exactly how I would always describe mine..chod diya toh waise lagungi

    Another one was the clothing and how normally we reach to the same comfort clothing and anything hatke needs like shakeup ;-)

    So many small things you weave in the story and so effortlessly it looks and connects to the true world in some shape or form..even with emotions and anxiety or restlessness or overworking situations…loved it!

    Now I want to see Kaveri meet the pacific of Atlantic Ocean from your eyes :-)

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  45. Nice chapter👏👏…friendship is blooming & grooming is in vicinity…shopping spree …girl time. Like it.
    Getting advice from the mentor Shyam. Well from him to receive is a blessing in disguise.
    Interesting news…😜😜 From here Arjun & Tripti; from Detroit Khushi & Arnav. I hope she gives him a chance.

    Liked by 1 person

  46. Khushi finally indulged in the most treasured hobbies of women all across the world, Shopping. She is really fighting with her weight issues, rather than shopping for what she likes, she is looking for what might fit her. I loved what Shyam had to offer to these two. Khushi is one of the perfect example of his theory. Despite being where she is right now, with all her success in her recently started career, she is still being pulled down by her appearance(she thinks so of her). In the field the are in, physical impressions do matter if not as much as their individual personality or technical expertise. Being lean or bulky is not the issue, its about being confident in your body.
    Anytime Tripti makes an appearance, she just brightens up the atmosphere. Would absolutely love to have a sister like her.
    I am also hoping along with Arjun that Khushi should return back with interesting news and no I am not talking about any project or client appreciation here.

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  47. Interesting news indeed… The spluttering coughing bouts and Bangalore trip… Am guessing and guessing indeed!

    For some odd reason, Khushi and he shaken confidence reminds me of Rani in ‘Queen’. She will rock, and rock someone’s world too… For sure.. Can’t wait for the Americas chapter to start!

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  48. Khushi-Tripti convo is hilarious..
    Ragini forces her to shop for herself..
    I wish there would be a friend like Ragini in IPKKND..

    Arjun so bafly wants Khushi to end up with the love of her life..
    When she will bring some GOOD NEWS,he’ll declare his own…

    #Excited !!!!!!

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  49. Detroit here we come!
    Khushi was getting ready (rather Raagini and Tripti made sure she was looked more pretty and ready with trendy clothes) to go to Detroit. Arjun does not know how to be subtle. He outright told her to give her relationship with AV Sir a chance. He got a surprise for himself. He will only reveal it when Khushi comes back with an interesting news.
    AV stays at the same hotel as Khushi. When the Universe is conspiring against her, what can she do? Is it the universe or is it Arnav? We yet to find out.

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  50. I can relate to what kh is saying , orthodox upbringing , all girls school , had me in all smug & happy,until I was in college , I starved as didn’t know how to cut down carbs or eat wisely ( there was less awareness those days ) by the end of second year , I was Uber thin, but then I had started meditation, it helped me in resilience, portion control, to this day I have kept cursed MRF away from my mid section/ thighs / forearms
    Did my eyebrow /waxing only for my ponnu parkum padalam , my cousin took me to parlor
    It was a conscious effort after the wedding, vowed won’t gain weight , I have kept my promise
    I look like my daughter s sister is the general consensus but I don’t take it to heart
    don’t want medical condition becos of obesity
    So yeah grooming is not vain ,wearing ironed bright cottonChuridar , Kurta as opposed to sequined , ill fitted pastels in the name of fashion
    Clean nails , hair, teeth , hygiene is the key
    It is sexy , sp if a man has pink shiny short nails & cool hair cut , it is a turn on
    The motor city is awaiting Arshi romance
    Why didn’t kh straighten her hair & add highlights
    They go back to original form a little later , just for a change she could have
    It would have been just like jassi s makeover

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