For the two who began their journey 36 years ago by the banks of the Ganga in Varanasi.


He waited for the muted onslaught as Nishant turned around, a small smile curved on his lips and eyes full of brightness that reeked of nostalgia.

“You must bring her next week. It will be great to meet her after so many years. She doesn’t sound like she has changed at all. ”

Arnav smiled and looked away as he went back to his guitar and strummed the chord. “You’ve invited her.” He said by means of reply. His extending any invitation was hardly going to work. In any case he had used up all his leeway with the driving routine. Perhaps Nishant’s insistence would do the trick.

“Why didn’t you bring her this week? It is boring as hell to be alone in a strange country – you don’t need me to tell you that.”

Arnav stiffened for a second as guilt squeezed between his finger and plucked the guitar strings in cacophony. He needed to take a break from practice. His eyes were burning and his muscles ached. He had hardly any sleep and his body was telling him that a migraine was around the corner. And he couldn’t afford it – not in the first few weeks of his first project in his elevated status as Senior Manager. “I didn’t want to overwhelm her. We’ve had a pretty rough week at work. Jen is in Dracula mode now that she’s done me a huge favor by picking us over Murphy’s. Their Head of Consulting for the Americas was at the HQ for the orals.”

“Ha, like she did it out of the goodness of her heart. Murphy was probably quoting 2X of what you guys did.”

“Of course. But that’s not how Jen sells the story”

Nishant fell silent for a second and then mock-shuddered. “I don’t know how you do it, AV. I meet Jen once in a quarter for our program review and even that is too much. Not to mention the hours you put in.”

“Not all of us can leave at half past four in the evening. Not when hot shots like you ruin your homes and call us to fix the mess.”

NK rolled his eyes but didn’t argue otherwise.

Arnav smiled again and put his guitar aside. “Sorry this weekend is turning out to be a waste.”

Nishant shook his head as he came and plonked himself on the large leather couch. The pair of them were in the basement which Nishant used as his music den – a place very high on Arnav’s list of favorite nooks in the world. “You need a break. You need a life. The next video can wait.” He reassured him in that very Nishant Pathak way – stilted, half lost and yet fully earnest. “By the way, Divya told me what you said to her.”

“Of course she did.”

“She is my friend first, AV-Sir.” Nishant replied with a small smile.

Arnav raised an eyebrow at the suffix that seemed to still linger between them but let it go soon enough.

“So what’s the plan? Never to date again? Or perhaps date only a specific person?”

Arnav rose from his wrought iron chair and came to sit in the matching leather recliner opposite Nishant. “Neither.”

“Come on, AV! You had perfectly great dates if what I hear from Divya is right. And yet…”

“When are you going to grow out of being Deepak Tijori to my Sanjay Dutt, NK?” Arnav laughed as recalled their favourite comparison – one bestowed by Arjun a long time ago. “You know that I am the advisor by profession. I know how to think logically – I do that for a living. And what I am doing is based on a structured thought process.” Ha! He was getting rather good at lying. Structured thought process. Was he even capable of that in this crazy scenario with Khushi?

Nishant laughed wryly, “I can’t believe I am saying this to the mighty Arnav Varun but perhaps that is the whole problem – this logical structuring approach you take to everything in life. You cannot tell me that you don’t realize that relationships don’t work like that. There is subjectivity involved and that needs a different, sometimes thickheaded, brute-forcish approach.”

Arnav burst out laughing at the earnestness in Nishant’s voice. “What the hell are you talking about?”

Nishant looked stumped for a second and then shrugged. “I have no fucking clue.”


By the time Arnav was back on the road later that night on his return trip to the Inn, his nerves were taut and stretched, half in anticipation and half in a messy tangle of guilt and gumption. He was glad he had made the decision to leave the rented car behind for her and get himself another one at his own personal cost though getting a cab might have made more sense economically. The drive from NK’s place to the Inn – an hour of nothing but half-empty roads and unhindered speed, would help him prepare for the coming week. And he didn’t mean just work though that was going to pick up pace.

He switched the local radio station that was playing on the car stereo off and let the moving vehicle be swathed in silence as everything that was churning in his head settled down. He had no idea why he had told Nishant about her being in Detroit. He had no idea why he hadn’t done it sooner. He had no idea what he was doing at all. For almost a year now, he knew this situation that he now found himself would present itself. He had known then that it would happen even if he hadn’t known how or when. And he had “made it happen” in the only way that he knew how this time – picking up opportunities when they presented themselves and never thinking too much about the image of the end destination he had in mind – if he did at all.

Are you still waiting?

Arjun’s question may have lost its echo in space but it had firmly planted itself in Arnav’s head. It was a question he had not allowed himself to ask. He had always been one to measure words to people and situations – even himself. Arjun, as always, had no such compulsions and out he had come with the words, piercing.

Was he still waiting?

Is that why she was here on a project with him? Is that why he had told Divya what he had? Is that why he had to fight this hard to keep his eyes from straying every time they were in a room together – which was more often than not – literally every waking moment in the day? It was ridiculous. He sounded like an idiot. Heck, he was an idiot. To moon like this when the path was, had always been so simple. She had showed him how simple. And what had he done. Taken his shoes in his hands and run like he was in a comic strip that failed to incite any laughs – intentional or otherwise.

Suddenly the silence in the car was too much to handle. So he picked up his phone from the dashboard and clicked the Music library app and then the little album titled “After Aarohan” – one he allowed himself to indulge in very rarely and yet was the only kind of music he cared for at the moment. It was the album he had once had taped into an audio cassette and given it to her.


September 14, 2010

He knew this was a bad idea the moment it had struck twelve on the clock and the date had changed before his eyes. It was funny because till eleven fifty nine last night, the memory had not even made its presence known to him. And now he could do nothing but think about what the day meant. How was he going to focus on the training that was underway? The fact that he had finally stepped out of his sister and brother-in-law’s shadows and was making his way back to the corporate world? Towards what he had worked so hard for all these years? 

This is insane, he told himself even as he stared at the screen on the phone with her name on it. He never should have stored the number. He never should have asked J for the updated contact list of all Speed Motors participants. He had not only made evident his complete lack of control at the time, he had also made it impossible for himself to forget about her the way she wanted him to.

That she was angry was not what troubled him. After all he had made a ridiculous decision to help Arjun with an insane plan. And he had always known that look in her eyes when she looked at him. It had backfired and if he were honest with himself, it had backfired long before he had seen her in the wings as he sung that first song. 

What he didn’t understand, what he couldn’t wrap his head around was why she didn’t see that he was almost exactly where she was now? And where in God’s name had that question about Saira come from? Why the hell did Ti-Di have to tell her whatever she did about Saira? Why the hell hadn’t he been man enough to do that himself? What was all that shit about not wanting to burden her with what couldn’t help them? Saira was a reality between them five years ago. And he should have addressed it. And he should have come clean about Arjun. But….How could she not see that he couldn’t have disclosed Arjun’s story till he did? How could he lay bare the extent of someone else’s effort without the person’s explicit permission?

He took a deep breath and put the phone away. He couldn’t not call her today. And yet he would go insane if he didn’t. He had to. And her birthday was the best occasion to make one last attempt. Just like his birthday was the best occasion to make the first. A sharp pinch of steel lodged itself deeper in his chest as he recalled the disappointment of her not having wished him on his day. And she had remembered. He knew that. How he knew that he wouldn’t even try to understand, but he did.

The day rolled on as his nerves tightened and stretched around the sharp edges of his mountain-honed bones. By the time he could place the call on his cell, his chest was beating loudly in his heart and evening had molded itself around the earth. The phone rang for what seemed like forever. And he saw her in his mind, her hands holding the phone and looking at the number on the screen – knowing it was him because of course she hadn’t stored it but had still memorized the way the digits looked when they flashed on the screen. He saw her hands hover over the keypad, tempted to reject his call. And yet, he knew she would answer. 

And when she did, her voice came through the speaker pores near his ears, her voice soft like he could feel her breath on his skin. It was enough for him to lose his head and almost issue warnings about not letting her get away with running. And yet, he didn’t want to be the one forcing her to do what she didn’t want to do. Perhaps it was ego, perhaps it was more. 


“Happy birthday,” He said softly as he opened his eyes and stared out of the balcony at the half purple sky. It was a moonless night in Delhi irrespective of where the moon actually was in its orbit. The smoke around him was enough to obscure any pale yellow half-blobs in the sky – moon and halogen alike. 

“Thank you.” She said a small moment of silence later. He smiled as he realized he could almost hear her berate herself for having been petty about not having wished him when it had been her turn.

“I hope you had a wonderful day.” Say you didn’t. Say you thought about how it might have been if that last evening by the Ganga had never happened.

Silence again. 

He almost called out to her when she spoke. “It was a normal working day. And…” She hesitated, “It was okay.”

“Khushi,” God how he had missed saying her name out aloud. It rolled on his tongue like happiness itself. His lips curved as his eyes hurt and a dull throb began behind his eyes. He needed water. He needed… “Can we talk now, please? I’m…”

“Please…please don’t…I know you don’t understand why I am….Please…”

Her voice was breaking and he hated himself for doing this to her. What sort of an absolute irresponsible jerk was he – forcing a girl like this when she had made it amply clear that he had nothing to say that she wanted to hear? When had he become one of those men who couldn’t accept what was being made explicit? “Why? I don’t understand, Khushi. Why? I was stupid but was it so bad that you can’t bring yourself to see reason? What happened during Aarohan was ridiculous – my worst decision-making. And I have made some terrible decisions. But that doesn’t change…”


She repeated his question, her voice tremulous in a strange, un-Kaveri way. He had never seen her anything but collected – except that once when he had walked into her tent and she had been in physical disarray. How would he ever forget that? 

“Because you don’t love me yet. But I do.” Her voice filtered into his ear, strong and calm. “I love you. I have for years. That’s why.”

 Whatever it was that he was expecting to hear from her, it wasn’t this. To say that it felt like she had slapped him was understating the sting he felt in his skin. 

“I told myself at the River that it was not love. But after…the time we spent, I couldn’t deny it. But I also couldn’t delude myself into believing that I ever had a chance at being on an equal footing with you. See how it all panned out? I am still in love with you. And you don’t love me, yet.”

His throat flooded with air that seemed to choke his windpipe into a sailor’s knot.

“I know. You will tell me that it is not possible to fall in love like that. I can hear in my head how stupid it sounds. You said it too – and I agree – I don’t know anything about you at all. And perhaps I am that stupid. Who falls in love over a few songs? But…” She took a deep breath. “I have no doubt about what and how I feel. And that’s why…that’s why…Because you don’t love me..yet and whether you do someday or not…that Aarohan night – the fact that all that was for Arjun –  will always remind me of the time that I was alone in feeling the way I did.” She stopped. “I don’t know why I am saying all this.”

It was simple. This was simple. She loved him. All he had to do was say he loved her and this would be over. He wanted to laugh out as a splinter of insanity pierced through his chest. 

“Please don’t call me. Let’s forget about this. I want to forget about being this stupid. I want to forget about how irrational I am. I am sure you want to forget about…I mean I sound like a psychotic idiot – the kind of women films make fun of. The only way to forget about all this is to end this here now.”

He knew he wanted to say something. Except he had no idea what. What was one supposed to say to a declaration as urgently crazy as this was? She was wrong. She couldn’t possibly love him. What sort of love was this that couldn’t see beyond its own hurt? 


He hurt her. Because he wasn’t in love with her, yet. 

Wasn’t he?

“I am so sorry.” She said, biting back an audible sob. “I don’t know why I said all this. I didn’t want to…And it is not fair to you…I know because I have been there…”

Arjun. She was putting herself where Arjun was. And him where she was. This was all kinds of twisted. Surely the two situations were different? She felt nothing for Arjun and he…what did he feel for her? Physical attraction? He could taste the memory of kissing her…How could that be a bad place to start? 

How could it be the right place to start when she felt so much more? Perhaps she was right. Perhaps this really needed to end here. Perhaps this was for the best. 

“I am sorry,” He whispered, so softly he was sure she didn’t hear him. And before he could repeat himself, the phone had been disconnected and the only sounds in his ears were the evening vehicles homeward bound and beyond.


When he pulled in to the driveway of the Inn later in the night, a part of him simply wanted to walk up to her door and apologise for having run away that day. Fool. He had been a fool. He wanted to tell her that. And then he wanted to pull her close and ask if she still loved him. It was a ridiculous question and one that could have the answer he hoped for only if he was Lady Luck’s favourite child. He knew better and yet he wanted to do it. And when she said no – because how could she say yes – he wanted to shake her and call her bluff – even if it was not one.

And as always he didn’t. Just like he didn’t bang on her door the day she had come in from Bangalore. No, he had made peace with standing outside her block with clenched teeth till his head hurt. He had curled his fingers into his palm, forming a painful a fist as his nails dug into his skin. He had been worried out of his mind and yet all he had done was bark at her on the phone. And she had prickled up instantly making him feel like an idiot. What was it about this girl that made him act like a complete moron?

By the time he had parked his rental and made it to his room, his body was singing with nervous energy. It was time to hit the pathetic excuse for a gym that the Inn had. He was going to need to keep up with his exercise schedule just to stay sane for the next seven weeks.

River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Main Hoon Hero Tera

Album: Hero

Singer(s): Salman Khan (and auto-tune)

Music: Amaal Mallik

Lyrics: Kumaar

Raahon mein bhi, har kadam

Main tere saath chala

Haththon mein thhe, yeh haath magar

Phir bhi raha faasla

Seine mein hain chhupe, ehsaas pyaar ke

Bin kahe tu sun le zara

Dil hai yeh sochta, phir bhi nahi pataa

Kis haq se kahun bata

Ke main hoon hero tera?




Next Update: May 8, 2017

Thank you all for reading!

576 thoughts on “Interlude VI: Temporary Insanity

  1. Hello Meera,
    First of all i wanted to wish your parents a belated happy anniversary. I hope they had a great time on their special day.
    I’ve to say that of all the stories that I’m reading yours is my absolute favorite. While reading your stories I’ve laughed, cried and despaired for our beloved couple. You have an amazing way with words which takes your readers on a magical ride in whatever alternate universe you have placed our lead couple in. Your stories are timeless which can be read again & again. I’ll pray for you to keep getting inspired and keep Arnav & khushi alive through your work always. Stay blessed.

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    Neend naa mujhko aaye, dil meraa ghabaraye
    Chupke chupke koi aa ke, soyaa pyaar

    Soyaa huaa sansaar hain, soyaa huaa sansaar
    Mai jaagoo yahaa, too jaage wahaa,
    ek dil mein dard dabaaye

    ek beech mein deewaar hain, ek beech mein deewaar
    Mai tadpoo yahaa, tu tadpe wahaa,
    Haaye chain bhee aa naheen paaye

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  3. Throughout the journey of this story, Arnav’s sentiments have always left us readers baffled-more so because of the absence of their depiction. After this one, I am in a dilemma. Time (and by that I mean the chapters and subsequently the days that have passed) makes me want to forgive Arnav, since it’s clear that Khushi has accepted her fate. But then this interlude comes and the earlier feeling (read frustration) comes back again.

    To be honest, the pragmatic me can understand his predicament. Things ended before they could begin with Khushi at The River, so the hesitation and more importantly the dubiety is understandable; but it’s not that difficult is it? For starters, there was Saira with whom he began a relationship without any second thoughts. And then there’s Khushi who laid her heart out on a silver platter, and instead of accepting it, he’s taken out forceps and scissors and is still dissecting it.

    There’s already Arjun who’s doing his best to act as the mediator. Now will Nishant do the same? Or will his actions be the opposite of a mediator, thereby resulting in some form of positive step from Arnav?


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    It was great to know things from Arnav’s point of view coz’ no matter what both Arnav and Khushi have suffered in the past due to the decisions that they took!!
    Also the third call which we were waiting for ao eagerly to know.. we got it! But what it turned out to be was not expected by me. Arnav chose Khushi’s birthday to call her up and then from their the conversation took a sudden turn… We aaw Khushi proclaiming her love for Arnav but he wasn’t able to reciprocate it. So why Khushi wpuld have waited at that point of time. She, for her own good, asked him not to call her again and he didn’t.
    Maybe he wasn’t clear regarding his feelings for her.. but what now?? Is he still not able to cement his feelings for her??
    Please Arnav gear up before it’s too late!!

    Lots Of Love.. 😊😊

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  5. Haha I wanted it right..but so painful to read. He is in love and why can’t he acknowledge that himself. I am sure khushi would be thrilled to know he is physically attracted..especially when she thinks no one could find her attractive. Not that Arnav only fell for her on that aspect, but if he is holding on this long, it is much deeper than that. I hope his wait comes to end soon..we get to read some romantic chapters on how life can be wonderful when two people let go their egos and inhibitions and truly embrace it!

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  6. Meera ….
    With The River…
    It’s like falling in love allllll over again . The excitement , the uncertainty , anxiety , confusion , hurt egos etc etc .

    You bring out each emotional turmoil , happy moments so very vividly . Just love this journey you are taking us on.

    Though I do feel like shaking up these two characters , I’m so in love with .
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    Thank you for this amazing and emotional update…

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    This story is progressing so so beautifully…that I have read a few of the chapters two times at a go…the feelings and their translation into words is absolutely mind blowing. They way A & K are both holding back and letting go at the same time is heart warming….and like just like with every other story you have written …and me being a female reader…i am again totally completely in love with the Arnav Varun you have created. I have so much more to say…but ill be here now….reading, commenting and completely enjoying this story..

    Love it Mirabel! Thank you!

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    1. I am so sorry you had as many downs. Hope things have taken an upward turn already.
      Thank you so much for coming back and for such kindness :)
      And how I wish I was Mirabell :) That kind of beautiful writing is truly inspirational. Perhaps someday…

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  10. Resentment & regret; self-disgust & pity on why he didn’t took the chance when he was offered. She had declared on their 3rd phone call she loved him but her loved wasn’t returned. They don’t know each other. Before then he doesn’t know what he was feeling for her & another notion was Arjun & Saria so he had to bottle down his feelings. If there were no unusual hinderances & first attraction then he could have declared his love for her.
    She didn’t want to give a chance in building their relationship the first hurdle she encountered & her love wasn’t returned. She is afraid & scared if she gave a chance & still he didn’t felt for her then she would be in same boat & now more hurt then in past.

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  11. Nishant Sir will probably kick some sense into these fools’ brains. They have been so into themselves, it would be good to have a third person perspective however general that advice may sound.

    This was the third call that paved the way for the next 5 years of their lives. I was under the assumption that Khushi had blocked off all contact with Arnav but now it is revealed that it was Arnav who backed out after he was shown the easy way in. On his defense how he reacted was understandable. If he would have told Khushi that he reciprocated her feelings, it might not have been completely true and they would have had a relation based on a half-baked lie, and after his failure in his previous relationship(giving into what the other person wanted), he would want to tread carefully. But what is stopping him now, is he still unsure of how he feels towards her or is he afraid that she has gotten over him?
    It was extremely brave of Khushi to bare open her love in the call, although she believed very vehemently that her love was not be returned. To ask the love of your life not to make any contact in the future was a very difficult decision, but she went ahead with it coz she strongly believed that this might be the best available option in the long run.

    I always love to read Arnav’s version of the events. Usually he is so controlled that it is difficult to draw assumptions. So this chapter was a treat.

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    I truly hope Nishanth is instrumental in getting them 2gether again.. And that music once again stirs up the conversation(read heated argument) they truly need to start mending again.

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  13. awesome update yar
    so he called her on her birthday to wish and and make a move….she said that she is in love with him and he doesn’t……
    how can we blame khushi for not taking a step…..he wants to try were the relationship go and khushi doesn’t want to work it again and have a heartbreak again….she felt that they are always on the different pages……khushi thinks it will doesn’t work out. …… and arnav is not sure about anything…… and he also stopped that topic……its matter of the heart

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  14. Arnav Bitwa..
    Iss confusion ko kya naam doon ??
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    And I just couldn’t stop myself from telling you that today….after so long 😜


  16. The mystery behind the third call was solved. Arnav is putting up a brave front just like Khushi. He is making it very clear to the world that he does not want to be in a relationship with anyone. But, he does not want to hurt Khushi, so, he has to stay away from her. Khushi is also hurting. She can’t make a decision. She can’t stay away from him because of the project. Poor Khushi and poor Arnav, someone has to make the first move. May be at the gym? Both were planning to visit the gym at different times. Is it good time now?

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  17. Ha ha all this while thought kh is giving him a hard time, but AV had called her on bday ,
    undecided about his feelings
    even after she confessed
    I don’t think she can move forward or make the first move
    Arnav had more than attraction for Saira , he says he was in love, but let her go
    When he was on a break , he had feelings for kh ( Aarohan)
    After break up he never contacted her
    By chance met her at River ,gets physical , kisses ,
    but not in love with her , but waits , for what ?
    Is he still not certain that he is in love with her or is he trying or he doesn’t want to love & get hurt ?
    It is confusing for kh , so she has asked gayu ma to look for boys / men in

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  18. For one so un worldly & clueless, kh boldly confessed to AV knowing she will never be his equal or deserves him ( in her mind )
    That was so brave & sweet
    Arnav using logic instead of emotion & being subjective
    even after so much Bollywood bashan

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  19. Happy Birthday to our dearest Kaveri Khushi Gupta!!

    The girl with a beautiful voice and even more beautiful heart.. The one who never thought she had a chance with the man of her dreams for a decade.. The one who thought she will ‘get over him very soon but never did.. The one who declared her love on her birthday only so that she could end everything and move on. The one whose innocence was as endearing as unworldly sometimes, making her feel guilty for not being able to love her best friend iwho had fallen for her. The one who could not believe that she was worth falling in love with, especially by someone who was on a much higher pedestal than her.. The one who finally embraced her reality, weight and inches and all, boldly confessing her desires and coming out a winner of all our collective hearts!! Happy birthday to our dear heroine.. 😘😘

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    1. Hey Anagha..
      I m again here to reread Book 3…
      Iss pagalpan ko kya naam doon !!!
      I hope Meera will open Trysts with Tripti one day..
      InshaAllah <3
      Pls keep me updated if it happens ..

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      1. 🤗🤗 I too wish that she opens it or better yet, resumes writing the remaining story… I am always thinking about Tripti and Arjun’s incomplete story and imagine all sorts of things in my head.. 🙈🙈

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        1. Same here… I really like these two too much..Similarly,Aman – Aditi n Shay-Payal from The Emerald Isle Tales r my favorite too .. but Arjun tops the list .. But after my Arshi :D

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  20. I think the flashback of their discussion on her birthday perfectly summarized her feelings for him and why she was unwilling to give them a chance 5 years ago. That whole chat was so well written. The way you are breaking down their relationship dynamics shows what an accomplished writer/story-teller you are.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Well can’t blame Arnav for being cautious and wanting to take relationship slowly, after what happened with Saira whom he knew since childhood!! Arnav and Khushi hardly know each other, which would have changed had Khushi given their relation the time and space it needed.


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