For all those the River couldn’t manage to carry along, I never forget I lost you on the way!

“I need you to run the status meeting this week.”

She looked up from her laptop, suppressing an involuntary shiver as she felt the heat from Arnav’s body right behind her. She pushed her chair back gingerly, avoiding bumping into him and rose.

Arnav waved his hand and asked her to keep sitting which she ignored promptly and turned to stand facing him nevertheless. She wasn’t about to crick her already strained neck.

It was the middle of the week and to say that she was buried with things to do, was a massive understatement. If this had been RDX’s project, someone from the team would have either burst into tears or stormed off the project – both events had happened during her two month rigorous imprisonment sentence with the man. Arnav Varun, however, was meticulous and organized to a fault. He planned, prioritized, reviewed, reprioritized, discussed and ensured that at any point in time, they knew that they were working towards a given outcome. This meant that there was additional time budgeted for just reviews – which technically ate into their “working” time and expanded their days well into nights. But given that they were fast heading towards the first key review milestone for the project which was scheduled for the end of the next week, it was a blessing in disguise.

But so far, everyone was working on their individual pieces. Arnav had made it clear that he would be the one holding it together because the separates needed to be perfect for the ensemble to be impressive. Project management essentials like status meetings with Mike and Jen, had been his territory. Asking her to run the meeting, was unconventional. And it meant he had something on his mind. “Are you travelling?” It wasn’t unusual for Senior Managers to step out to meet other clients during the week. But that usually happened when there was a seasoned manager on the project. The team at Wyatt was smart but still most people who were great individual contributors. Ken was a Consultant just like Khushi. And Maddy, an experienced Senior Consultant but from the Technology practice which meant that his responsibilities were restricted to his area of expertise unlike Khushi and Ken who were also expected to be generalists of sorts.

“No. I want you to have some face time with Jen once before the mid-term review next Friday. During that review, I’d like you present the initial findings from the secondary research for customers and competition. Maddy will do the Wyatt readiness and technology sections.”

Khushi felt a frisson of nervous excitement ripple through her chest. Presenting to clients was the crux of their profession. And she was going to have that opportunity this soon…If it wasn’t for Arjun’s many stories about how Arnav encouraged him and others to present to clients – even if just one slide at a time – at regular intervals, she would have even considered doubting his motivations. And what Arjun and others had gotten the opportunity for was presenting over the phone – for projects mostly small scale and low criticality.  This was…beyond her expectations.

“You will be fine.”

He said softly but didn’t wait for an answer. Before she could say anything, he turned on his heel and walked away. In the next twenty minutes, she had a copy of the last status meeting document and talking points listed neatly in an email with closing comments on running through the document for the meeting as practice in about twenty four hours.

The next day and half zipped by what with the time she needed to spend on getting her work done and preparing for the status meeting. Status meetings were usually low key affairs. Jen being the Senior VP of Global Platform Strategy usually stayed away and allowed Mike to review. Arnav and Mike hadn’t any cause to call for Jen’s intervention yet. This week too, Jen’s dropping by was touted more as a health check review than anything more serious. By the time Khushi got to the meeting, the event however, had gained epic proportions in her head. She knew it was last minute nerves and that once she started speaking, she wouldn’t even have time to think about how scary it was. Arnav assured her once again that she would be fine just before the meeting and for some reason, it mattered that his words were confident, even amused at her state. He trusted her. She had no option but to do well.

The status meeting went by smoothly. Content wise, it was not earth shattering and hence she couldn’t revel in its “success” but she was glad it had be done with elan and that Jen had been pleasant and largely in line with their path of progress.

However, with the status meeting behind them, the mid-term review became clearer and a cloudburst of things to do exploded on their weekend and ripped any chance of reprieve from their schedule. If Arnav had a trip planned to Nishant-Sir’s house over the weekend, he didn’t mention cancelling it. Ken and Maddy too stayed back and the entire team, Arnav included, plonked themselves in the lobby of the Inn, much to the amusement and awe of Inn-keepers and residents alike. On her part, she texted Rajat to let him know that she was working the weekend and hence would have to push their meeting to the next. On the phone call with her parents on Saturday, she brokered a no-non-sense tone with her parent-guilt-ridden brain and sidestepped the topic of groom viewing with careless ease.

The week that followed expanded once again into the fifteen hour work-day zone. For Arnav, Khushi was sure, the days were even longer given he had to review different tracks, review with Jeff – who would also be there for the Executive review at the end of the week. Much to her amusement, Arnav had somewhere by Wednesday, even assigned Jeff a couple of slides which he told her in a wry comment that he would have to redo anyway. “Have you ever seen a Partner made slide? It will make you wonder how they ever crossed even the first promotion milestone.”

She had laughed then and once again, noted with awe, just how at home Arnav in the situation – chaos, stress and uncertainty notwithstanding. And her little experience at A&M said that this was not the norm. What did Arnav’s bosses – Shyam for instance – have to say about his “development” areas – a fancy, HR friendly term for weaknesses, she wondered. The man didn’t have any! Not professionally anyway.

The Friday of the Executive Review eventually reared its ugly head even as Arnav had taken full control of the document and relieved people of their individual sections almost twenty four hours in advance. He did ask them to make changes but those were minor. He personally edited the slide pack for every word and every punctuation. Jeff arrived at the Wyatt office early Friday morning and the team went through multiple dry runs of the presentation. She had been a debater in school, she had even enjoyed being one – but school was a long time ago. The presentation practice sessions the team went on with, was a blessing in disguise though Arnav and Jeff both made few comments on her section except to ask her to slow down while speaking – an Indian habit, Jeff remarked matter-of-factly the first time Arnav asked her pause and take a deep breath. By the time she was walking into the large executive boardroom-cum-video conference center at the top floor of the twenty storied building, she knew she had the best preparation one could possibly have in a similar situation.


“You did well.”

Khushi looked up from the menu which she was still reading despite having placed her order. Arnav was smiling at her, his face and body more relaxed than it had been in days.

She snuffed the need to dismiss the praise as she usually did and nodded her head. “Thank you. All the prep really helped.”

“Jeff is a big fan of prepping before meetings. Most Partners are. Project reviews are rigorous, yes but orals prep is usually a lot more intense. Big money is on the line.” He explained, referring to the colloquial term used in the firm for the final pre-sales presentation of project proposals to clients.

“I was a little thrown by the proxy market question that Jen raised. I said India but I am not convinced she or anyone else bought it.” Khushi offered, picking on the one small part of the meeting where she had been stumped.

Arnav shook his head. “My bad. I should have remembered to give you a heads up. It’s Jen’s favorite question. She brought it up multiple times during the proposal too. And her suggestion for a proxy was India too. Which is natural because of how often media, even firms talk about China and India markets in the same vein. And while there are similar shades, the markets themselves – especially automotive on the manufacturing side are very different. Customer behavior is advanced. State support and regulations are very different. So I don’t agree with Jen and the last time we discussed, I thought she was finally convinced.” He shrugged as he picked up his glass took a slip of his ice water. It was single digit Celsius temperature outside and he was drinking ice water. She shivered just at the idea.

“So it was a test? To see what I say?”

“Or to see if we are still sticking to our guns. It could be both. Jen fancies herself as a bit of a badass when it comes to getting work done from consultants. She likes to think she is keeping us on our toes.” He said with a little laugh that almost reeked of superiority, “But she has a sharp mind and she sees reason most times – which is not something I can say for a lot of clients.”

Khushi chuckled. She had liked Jen almost instantly the first time she had met her – well dressed but not unapproachable, sharp but not unsmiling. And if she were honest with herself, Khushi did feel that Jen had been a little easy on her – not condescending but pleasantly disposed to cut her some slack – smiling during Khushi’s presentation, asking questions but directing them more to the team. Perhaps this was her idea of giving a newbie some room. “How do you do this regularly – on a daily basis? I mean I feel like I will be battling some very serious lifestyles diseases if I have to deal with this much pressure every day.”

This time it was Arnav’s turn to chuckle. “Haven’t you heard? You get used to it.”

She looked at him skeptically and realized he really was joking.

“According to RDX, there is no way to get rid of presentation nerves except to talk so much that there is little difference between a regular conversation and client presentations.”

She made a face at the mention of her first project manager and kept quiet.

“That’s not an unusual reaction to RDX’s mention.”

Khushi’s disdain deepened along her brow. “He is not a pleasant person.”

Arnav raised an eyebrow with a bemused smile. “He is a let’s-throw-everything-at-the-wall-and-wait-for-something-to-stick guy, I agree.”

“Which is the key reason why his team ends up working insane hours regularly on a stretch and with changing directions every time they are close to finishing.” She replied sourly.

“But he puts in long hours too. At least there is that.” Arnav offered.

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “It doesn’t help when I’m dying of hunger to know that the chef who just burned food out of sheer stubbornness, is hungry too.”

Arnav raised an eyebrow. “That was quite an elaborate metaphor. You really don’t like him.”

“No, I don’t.” She confirmed without remorse.

“It’s not just the work?” Arnav guessed a second later.

She nodded and found herself elaborating almost uncharacteristically. “One night we were working late in the office. It was almost eleven. We’d skipped dinner and lunch was almost twelve hours ago. So Rahil,” She said, referring to a Manager from the Bangalore office – her senior, Arnav’s junior, “goes and brings us the last remaining sandwiches from the café – everything else was closed. And just as he was about to give me my sandwich, RDX goes – Rahil – don’t disturb Kaveri. She needs to get the updates to the model done and refresh the charts.” She took a deep breath. “Rahil, being Rahil, didn’t drop it. He says to RDX – Raghu – it’s going to take her less than ten minutes – she can get back on the job after eating. And RDX goes – I’m pulling rank here, mate. We need this done. Kaveri, you can eat when you are done.”

She stopped, her breath uneven and rapid. She could still feel the anger of that moment in her face. And it seemed to matter very little that she had spilled out her guts to a man she had been walling herself off from.

Coincidentally, this was the exact moment that their server chose to bring them their food. She leaned back as the girl Kate, half exasperated, half exhausted, announced their orders and placed their dishes in front of them. She still needed to get used to the individual ordering system in this country as opposed to the table ordering that was mostly the order of the day back home. It was just the two of them at dinner today – Thai she had declared at first ask. The rest of the team had headed home early in the evening to take the much needed mid-project break – though technically, they were only just gone for the weekend.

“What did you say?” Arnav asked as the server left and they had begun to dig into their meals.

“What could I say?” Khushi replied as she spooned her curry into her fragrant rice and waited for the saliva in her mouth to settle down before she opened it. “I was stunned – I am almost always. It is what Meg Ryan describes to Tom Hanks…You have seen You’ve Got Mail?.” She looked up to ask and then grinned sheepishly as she saw Arnav smiling to himself. “Don’t laugh. It does bother me that I live my life with so many borrowed dialogues.”

Arnav chuckled at that and shook his head. “I am not laughing. Continue.”

“Where was I?” She asked, suddenly thrown by the radiance on his face. It was like looking at someone entirely different.

“Meg Ryan.”

She grinned again, “Yeah. So like Meg Ryan says in the movie – I never know what to say to someone when they are being mean. So I was just stumped. I went back to work, finished it and then there was no appetite left to eat. Not that it mattered to RDX. Then I went home and kept thinking about what I could have said. And then eventually, I think I decided that I was overreacting; that maybe it was not such a big deal.”

Arnav paused and put his fork and spoon down.

She saw the rebuke in his eyes and decided to pre-empt the question. “What would you have said?”


She nodded.

He shook his head. “It depends. On how I felt at the time, on what my relationship with the person was…”

“I thought consultants don’t give each other the standard consulting answer?” She quipped with a raised eyebrow and almost laughed out aloud when she saw his eye widen in surprise before he laughed.

“Fair enough,” He said, raising one palm facing her in acknowledgement. “I would have said that I was hungry and that I needed to eat before I could think or do anything else.”

Khushi looked at him skeptically. “You would have said that?”

Arnav nodded. “Ninety-nine percent probability, I would have. Even if I wasn’t hungry.” Then he frowned as if to consider his own answer. “Especially if I wasn’t hungry.” He added after a long moment.

Khushi stared at him for a long moment. And then just let out an exasperated breath. “Do you make any mistakes at all?”

Arnav smiled quietly for a second. “I let people go. Even when they mean more than a lot to me.”

It was a rhetorical question. People weren’t supposed to answer rhetorical questions. Someone as smart as him should have known that. Now what was she supposed to do with this line? What was with him and these one liners anyway? She looked away from him, took a deep breath and filled her mouth with green curry and rice. The milky coconut gravy and tangy lemon grass hit her taste buds enough to cover the cocktail of misery and longing that was seeping into her taste buds thanks to the topic of conversation.

“See,” Arnav added a second later, as he finished chewing his own dish – something with chicken and a Thai sounding name that she was positive she couldn’t pronounce even if they plonked her in Bangkok for a year. There was no trace of anything other than general pleasantness in his voice when he spoke. “The thing with people like RDX is that you need to take charge of the relationship quickly and use your strength as a valued resource – which you should know you are if you last more than a week with him – to keep him at bay. He pushes and prods to see how much he can get away with. And most newcomers let him get away with a lot because they don’t know that they have, that they can claim their boundaries.”

Khushi made a face. “I can’t think so much. What is, is what is. I am a professional, others should just be too. Why is it so difficult?”

“And there will be some. But there will also be others who aren’t. Being prepared to deal with all sorts of people is critical – the sooner you learn the better.”

She mumbled something unsavory in her head. “Most others at A&M are far removed from this character type. How does RDX get away with it?”

“Do you know how much money he brings to the firm?”

Khushi snorted and rolled her eyes.

“The target for Partners at his level is four million a year. Last year he sold two such deals. That much money is un-ignorable.”

Khushi’s eyes widened, “He got eight million dollars as revenue last year?”

Arnav nodded and went back to his food. “He does a lot of the technology implementation deals. But still, it is something. To give you an idea, this engagement – you know the pricing – we are hardly touching a quarter of a million at billing.”

Khushi shuddered and took a deep breath. “What the hell was I thinking wanting to be a consultant? This is a nightmare.”

Arnav laughed and shook his head, presumably putting her down as an incorrigible, naïve, fearful idiot. Unfortunately for Khushi, there was little to argue here. The man might just be right in his assessment.


They returned to the Inn a little before nine – early by all standards. The conversation during dinner and on the way back had remained largely about work and light – enough for her to forget about any awkwardness that had been a part of most of their pre-weekend interactions. So in some sense, it was almost a shock when Arnav turned the engine off as he eased into the empty parking slot in front of her block and asked her, “I’ll see you here at the lot at nine tomorrow morning?”

She blinked and tried to think of what he meant when he clarified himself, “NK’s place. The edited video needs to be approved and uploaded. But that is just half a day. Mostly this weekend will be about hanging out, singing – not too many people. We could ask Divya to take us on a trip to Ann Arbor. It’s a beautiful campus and neighbourhood.”

The offer was so tempting, she could taste the crisp flavor of unfettered relaxation on her tongue. But she had signed up to meet Rajat Garg and put herself through torture. She was a masochist, after all. Why else would she had agreed to this madness that her mother was so insistent on? “I…” She licked her lips and realized that she was genuinely upset – not just about having to say no to a fun weekend but also because she really didn’t want to say no to Arnav. “I can’t. I need to meet someone this weekend.”

She wasn’t sure if it was because she said someone with such hesitation or because his senses were unusually sharp but it was almost as if a small light went out of his eyes. “You have relatives, friends in Detroit?” He knew she didn’t. If she did, she would have mentioned it and wouldn’t have taken four weekends to go see them.

She looked away and tried to summon some indignation that would help her throw back at him the fact that she wasn’t exactly answerable to him outside of work hours. But the feeling of…What did she want to do? What the hell was she doing? “I’m sorry, I can’t come with you tomorrow. I really would have liked to. But I can’t cancel this – I was supposed to do this last weekend but…”

Arnav continued to look at her, his eyes now completely shuttered though not a thing had changed on his face. The half smile that had sneaked up on her sometime during dinner and had remained firmly ensconced, stayed unmoved. “You should hold on to the car keys then. I’m sure you now need a supermarket trip.”

She nodded and got out of the car. He came around to hand her keys and smiled almost wistfully, “I’ll see you Monday morning.”

She stood there for longer than she should have, alone in a nearly empty parking lot.

And she dreamed of intertwined hands later that night.

River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Jab Kisi Ki Taraf Dil

Album: Pyar Toh Hona Hi Tha

Singers: Kumar Sanu

Music: Jatin Lalit

Lyrics: Sameer

(I take the opportunity to apologize to Bryan Adams for that starting piece since Jatin Lalit never will. What a heart breaking realization it was! It still hurts. Almost as much Raja ko Rani se pyaar ho gaya.)

Chaahne jab lage, dil kisi ki khushi

Dillagi yeh nahi, yeh hai dil ki lagi

Aandhiyon ko dabaane se kya faayda?

Pyaar dil mein chhupaane se kya faayda?

Jaan se pyaara jab dildaar hone lage

Bol do gar tumhe pyaar hone lage



Next update: Monday, June 19, 2017, late night IST

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    Sail, not drift.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt

    This ball is in Arnav’s court, and has been for 5 years or more. There is nothing more for her to do even if each cell in her body is crying blood. He may be able to put his life on hold for 10 years, but realistically speaking, it’s just plain hard for girls to follow suit. There’s just too much pressure and years of conditioned upbringing just makes us more susceptible to align with the norm than fight it. And fight for what in her case. There’s not been a peep out of him in this matter. Obviously he needs a few jolts and if Rajat is the stimulant he needs, so be it….even at the cost of sounding very self-serving. Until then I can sympathize with him, but cannot empathize. His lines are the kind that rips through your heart, but after a point it makes me think so what….it’s not enough.

    All the work stuff was like reading a horror story. I made every effort to understand…but it was like those arrows and weapons in Ramayan….they travel great distances to meet one another with funky music in the background…and then nothing happens…they get fried…my brain was trying to connect all the dots with optimal concentration…but nothing came of it….except complete and total frying of all the limited neurons I came with☠. And then you moved on to that awesome narration of her inability to have good comebacks. Again must stress, you address such everyday characteristics. I mean everyone must have felt this at some point right? I have the good comeback lines….but it always comes after the conversation😒. And I beat myself over the delayed dawning. The few times I have used them, have been moments that had me suspended mid-air for a long long time. Like when I took doggie and kiddo for a walk few weeks back…dog got tired…I picked him up and continued to walk….smartass on a bike passing by says to me…”he has legs, he can walk”…..and I said to me, act quick, this is the time to seek retribution for every unjust conversation ever 😂…and I said to him “So do you, and you are on a bike”….That look of surprise on his face….priceless…that look of gotcha on mine…muah😘. My daughter said “Mom that was so cool”…that’s high praise coming from her. She usually only uses about 6 words with us… “stop”, “no” or “do I have to?” So I hope one day Khushi can look RDX in his eye and say what she actually wants to. He may be a genius and almost indispensable, but if you make your team unhappy, time to reflect and retreat to fine tune yourself. But of course if that’s not verbalized, there’s no way for him to know and the more he thinks that it’s ok to be a jerk. And starving someone, that should be illegal. You never know, there may be people with diabetes working for you…it’s a dangerous precedent imho. He could end up costing the company millions of $. Sounds like a HR disaster waiting to happen.

    Loving it Meera. I love all the little issues you are touching. And I love Khushi…she is so real, so helpless, and so in love with someone who is as reticent as Arnav. If I didn’t want them to be together as much as I do, I would really wish she has a great meeting with Rajat. Which I still do…except that I hope Arnav crashes their party 😂. Thank you so much! Hope this week zooms past us.

    Liked by 11 people

    1. 😂🤣
      You say all the stuff I want to or which I think of but then the words fail me. I’m like khushi too, forever failing at making comebacks, they of course happen, much later in my head. And all those consulting work jargon went over my head too, I had no clue, so I guess i can claim a tiny bit of knowledge now.
      And so true, its so difficult for girls, the world and everyone in it makes it their business to see that you’re married. I won’t blame parents many a time, it gets difficult for them too, to handle all the questions that are constantly thrown at them.
      The ball is definitely in his court, she with all her issues (if one were to term them as issues) confessed, told him things as it is. And he ran. Even I want her to have a good meeting with the Garg fellow, something has to shake him out of whatever funk he is in.

      Liked by 5 people

    2. Wow Sapna. This was a gem of a comment for me especially it seems you have worded ( of course very eloquently ) what I wanted to say. I absolutely loved the quote— very very apt. You have to sail indeed to reach the port, no short cuts will work–AV sir needs to learn this most definitely and pretty soon. Yes no matter how modern we girls are but social and other factors as you mentioned do play imp part as life is not fairy tale and Khushi is 28 and that is highly marriageable age and if she has no one of her choice available–these factors are difficult to ignore. Anyway when did Arnav ever gave her any concrete proof of his feelings and instead he ran away ( whatever his reasons were)when she verbalized her feelings. In real life there is no reason for Khushi to wait for him but of course sapno ki duniya is best and river is bestest. So like you me too happy for her meeting Rajat and I want him to be nice and handsome person 😘😻😝.

      You said truly about these comebacks and don’t we all have these exhilarating moments when we replied back to someone as deserved. My hubby is always very good in giving these comebacks in classic one liners and that too smilingly and I am always envious of this quality although I don’t admit it easily on his face instead says it’s because he is snob but his answer is due to his upbringing in Delhi–it is part and parcel of live in order to succeed and I do feel the difference as I am from moderate size city in UP and somehow acquiring this skill was not much needed. Btw your reply was awesome and I was LOL— can imagine the face of the biker— well deserved.

      Liked by 3 people

      1. I hear ya. My husband’s kinda street savvy too. Definitely the big city effect.

        Nice and handsome Rajat sounds perfect Meenu 😉. Phir tho yeh nadi samandar tak ruk ruk ke jaayegi 😋😋

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    3. Loved your comment . You expressed everything so well . Though I must say I cannot write n express myself as you .
      Meera truly touches on the daily details and nuances of our chaotic , hectic , humdrum or reticent ( where applicable ) home and professionsl lives .
      Waiting for Rajat to enter the scene 😍

      Liked by 3 people

      1. Thank you 😊
        You express your appreciation of Meera’s work perfectly well. I for one, do need the aid of more words and personal experiences to do the same. Happy Weekend!!

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  15. After knowing…no trying to understand…a little of their work life which is so hectic! frankly asking…Is there any time left to even for a peaceful normal talk, except when they are eating& driving,forget romance & There too they were discussing work& work related!!

    No wonder Khushi felt it as a nightmare even after done the job up to the mark as said by ArnaV….seriously…what is he??
    How can he put Presentations & general conversations on same line…God….I bet..he didn’t know the word “StageFear”.

    But that’s what he is…capable of everything.. Understanding anything… Get along with everyone alike…
    But Khushi…who is somewhat.. no mostly reserved type..could only dream & wonder.But that’s how she is!!

    & So ArnaV better to take a a leap… first& he was trying ofcourse but not enough I think…But this Rajat is a much needed push for Arnav to not to ask but just Kiss her the next time or even better now itself😜Otherwise he definitely should learn to read her mind
    & because Khushi clearly has no intention(I don’t know what else to say) of stepping forward & act on what she actually wants& thoughts in her mind!!

    Superbly written Meera!!

    Liked by 3 people

  16. Hmm a lot of technical details that I learned here . Good they are easing into a comfortable zone with each other. Looks lik a carefully laid plan by Arnav. Really hope next update is going to be more of A-Ks prem kahani 😀

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  17. Dear I loved the update.

    Arnav wants Khushi to become successful in her career so he is giving her those opportunities.

    Arnav wants to take their relationship further but Khushi is not showing any inclination. On the contrary, Khushi is going to meet a guy approved by her parents for arranged alliance. Yet she is not willing to give Arnav & her relation a chance.

    I genuinely hope; Khushi opens up about her feelings for Arnav to Arnav only so that their love story can begin……

    (orchids8888 from IF)

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  18. Dearest Meera,
    Your stories are living beings that walk my days and thoughts with me, in the most innocuous of ways – springing to fore when entirely unsuspected. I had this one marked for a while now, and have only just gotten around to catching up on it, during a short holiday to Pokhara. The idyllic setting and your fascinating web are the making of therapies! While a much more detailed response may be warranted, perhaps nothing said, and left unsaid, will entirely convey the tangibility of your writing. Have you read/heard of the infamous story of Sybil, and her 16 multiple split personality case? It was a revolutionary work at many levels, back in the 70’s, although in more recent times its authenticity has been challenged by counter works. Anywhooo. Reading stories that linger is my personal version of split personalities, haha! It’s not just characters whose stories seem so real, you care about them much more than fiction – it’s more like characters becoming integral to trifles in your routine, no? Your characters pull that off for me, naturally! And here’s the cool thing. I seem to have embarked upon the river’s journey, just as it is taking a turn towards my alma mater!!! Will they be heading to Ann Arbor at any point? I can taste the moments that could be spent at Kerrytown, or over the Huron, at the Arb, or by the School of Music. A2 is a lifestyle – I can’t wait for Arnav and Khushi to go live it! :))
    Until the next update (too much misery to now have to wait for installments when I could read all of this in a go!) – I hope your Scheherazade will be spinning her fresh spoils!

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Hi ..Am new here and just finished reading it all up. Loved the concept of the Arnav and Khushi with the bollywood songs and music intertwined in their story. There is their story which you have narrated with such depth and fantastic words and then there are the songs which flow through each chapter of the story which also narrate out their story beautifully. The first part was at their college and it was almost like I was one of them at college and attending their cultural event. The characters are fantastic be it Khushi’s sister or Arjun. So beautifully written as how Kaveri has fallen in love with her ocean but it was a good idea to keep us surprised about Arnav’s feelings which you had skipped though frustrating at times made the reader to want to continue reading more and more just to find out what this guy felt! The second part was at the River at Rishikesh and wow you were stunning at your description of the Ganges and its beautiful surroundings. When the team were going about their adventures it was almost like the reader was standing there and watching it all happen. The conflict Khushi faced between Arjun and Arnav was so well written. To be with a friend who has always supported her or be with her first love. And finally we come to the corporate world in the the third part. You have transported the reader to the corporate world and its amazing how you have managed to bring about three different settings to the different parts of the story. Kudos to your writing. Now we have Rajat in the picture. Will this help Arnav bring his river closer to him? I wonder why Arnav is reticent when it comes to Khushi but with Saira he seemed to not have any problem. Was it because of Saira incident that he has clamed up? Well done meera and I am glad I stumbled upon on this wonderful story. ~ Swapna

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  20. “You should hold on to the car keys then. I’m sure you now need a supermarket trip.”

    Does Arnav really think that Khushi and her guest will cook and stay at their inn and talk all day? Is he thinking Khushi will be meeting her old school girl friend? If he knows it is prospective groom she is meeting, how will he react? I want some reaction from AV sir. Wish they have finished that no going back kiss past week before the phone call interrupted them.

    Hope this Rajat will be the course for river to join with ocean.

    Liked by 4 people

  21. Is this the last straw AV sir waiting for ? To see/realise that one too many more time she will be going away..
    By now I just learn to go with the flow.. along with the river.. aakhir milana to sagar, oh sorry .. Arnav se hi hai 😏
    On side note.. from the YouTube vid incident time I have a feeling AV already had seen the logo and it will be revealed to us like shared birthday thing from magic land.. ahhh magic land😍😍.. I miss it..
    Back to rivers ..
    Another thing is .. I feel betrayed that Khushi still is unaware of AK equation.. so not fair 😒..
    And one last 1 is.. I hope you write a spin off of AK some day .. would love to be part of their lives .. if you may allow😀

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  22. I wish I can live in the virtual world, by the River side for ever.
    Well, one can atleast dream….

    This was continuation of the previous weekend in my head at least.

    Yeh ehsas nazar se jo bayan hai,
    Meri itlaja hai tum inhein padh lo,
    Mera har andaaz yehi keh raha hai,
    Meri Muhabbat ka tum yakeen kar lo.

    Fir ek bar tum khud pe,
    Aur mujh pe yakeen kar lo,
    Mera har andaaz yehi keh raha hai,
    Meri Muhabbat ka tum yakeen kar lo.

    Rishta jo hamare darmiyan hai,
    Tum fir uska etaraaf kar lo.
    Mera har andaaz yehi keh raha hai,
    Meri Muhabbat ka tum yakeen kar lo.

    khata maine ki hai, kaise bhul Jaoon,
    Kaise fir ek bar tum pe haque jataoon,
    Mera har andar yehi keh raha hai,
    Meri Muhabbat ka yakeen kar lo.

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  23. I let people go. Even when they mean more than a lot to me.” Khushi is right what is with him and one liner? Why don’t he address the matter directly?
    she is going to meet Rajat and he knew now. What is he going to? Just sit and let her go? I want to know his thoughts on this meeting.
    I am also worried about this meeting. This tension between them when they are around each other kills me too.
    How is he going to concentrate on song recording while she is away to meet another man.
    Song is beautiful. Perfect for them.
    Thanks meera for lovely update.

    Liked by 1 person

  24. Their friendship is slowly but surely building up :-)
    There has always been an awareness between them and the attraction has been strong (even though Arnav has not been able to take the next step for all these years!). Even in Detroit, they have been really awkward in each other’s company.

    Understanding each other and being friends is the best thing that can happen to their relationship – once they are comfortable with each other, then that extra step forward would just be the natural thing to take. This meeting with another suitor may just be the wake-up call for Arnav!

    Liked by 3 people

  25. River was flowing and I got left behind :) Though managed to catchup with the flow of river.

    Lovely updates, love the way both of them have become comfortable and Khushi is able to share her emotions with Arnav. She is going to meet Rajat and it seems Arnav suspects something but as usual does not probe or say anything….What will it take to push him in to taking action – news that Khushi is getting married. The weekend at Nishant sir was awesome, have always known that Arnav expresses himself via songs But he has to say the words and good to know that he realizes that. Waiting eagerly for the next update

    Liked by 1 person

  26. sorry sorry sorry for being so late….I was in ARhi land and read the update in Mackinac island Michigan 🙂 Meera, please make sure Divya arranges a trip to Mackinac island in spring and make sure Jen asks Kushi to continue her onsite stay.
    when I drove thru Detroit , Ann Arbor all I could think was River 🙂
    Great update as usual.. Wake up , AV..else Rajat baazi marega.. Jo AV, Arjun, NK Sir se na ho paya, who Rajat karega lagta hai ..hee heeeee
    as usual with my stupid filmy prediction which never comes thru..looks its its AV Bday week and Divya will talk to Kushi and they might arrange party..Kushi might give a surprise visit to AV and in turn AV will surprise with a grand LOVE declaration.. guess he was upset about her not joining them over the weekend bcof his bday..thats why the wistful sigh..
    about your dedication to the readers who are not active any more..that was wonderful gesture proud of you..among the writers who demand comments for every chapter and if you miss for few, they wont give access ; you are way above them..Respect …


    Liked by 3 people

  27. Finally made it, and read both chapter 13 and 14.
    Arnav, you had to ask permission…..uff
    Mamiji, had to call…uff
    Toooo much……beautiful morning turned into how could it go sooooo wrong….
    And then they work…..loved their professional relationship, how Arnav eggs them on….clarifies…
    I am just waiting for Arnav to get to know about Rajat….aur pooch permission…ufff….phir honge fireworks….
    Thank you for the lovely chapters…..

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Arey there was just one unread chapter out of all to read yesterday.. But glad I read it with a relaxed mind..
    After spending the whole day with each other, I guess the most striking moments they share are the ones in car port.. And today, it was just more than usual tugging at heart kind of thing.. what with the ladka dekho.. Khushi kisi aur ke baare me soch hi nahi sakti..aur Arnav ko jitna samjh aaya, thats enough to pinch his ❤
    Excited for more!!

    Liked by 2 people

  29. Hello Meera
    This man is Professional genius, everything is in control.but personally???
    But with every chapter, I loving their progression, they r warming up.
    Arnav’s answer to khushi’s question shows that Arnav is thinking all the time about her and thinking of opening up, definitely his saturation point is coming near.
    Now coming to week end plan, will they get time together,
    Will khushi finish her meet and greet with Rajat, around breakfast time , will she go to NV’s house…
    Thank u Meera, for this beautiful tale.
    Thank u so so so much.

    Liked by 2 people

  30. awesome update..
    glad that arnav and khushi are having normal conversations.. but arnav does say a lot in his one liners.. “I let people go. Even when they mean more than a lot to me.”
    now the question is if he will do something about khushi’s meeting with rajat.. i think he has kind of guessed what this meeting is about..
    arnav really should take advice from the song.. bol do agar tumhe pyar hone lage.. :)

    Liked by 1 person

  31. Meera I have been a fan of your writings for long. I still miss emerald islands( I would so buy it if you ever decide to publish it). This story was introduced to me two days ago by friend. I love it and looking forward to the journey of kushi and AV. Keep up good work

    Liked by 3 people

  32. Hey Meera…I truly feel sad for the ones who are not a part of this journey anymore,also welcome those who have joined us abhi…Isn’t that how a river’s journey like…all it does is flow…Our River is no different.

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Dear AV Sir…please watch out for competition.This groom hunting is getting serious now.Is Arnav hurt that Khushi has agreed to see this guy?He wants Khushi to own up her feeling for him while he is conveniently borrowing words from the masters of music and lyrics??
    A thorough professional and best co- worker…very impressive indeed.I love his confession about letting people go…is he doing it yet again??
    Which one of them is going to wake up and realise that time is running out sooner or later their families will expect them to marry?
    Though these two frustrate me…for me thats the beauty of the story…I am here till the end and beyond…

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Noooooooo Update???????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔

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  35. Hey update was good.. U have so very well pictured the corporate world.. I jus thought bout all my project meeting n status calls n interacting wid clients.. it jus flashed back infront of me.:
    And what to say bout Arnav and khushi.. finally they talk normally now..
    Waiting for Arnav to know dat she is meeting the person for marriage.. wanna see how would he react..
    can’t wait..

    Liked by 1 person

  36. 3 July????????? One more week???????? 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔💔😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😥😥😥😥😥😥⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳⏳🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘🆘


  37. that was a brilliant update…it was a different experience altogether to read about Arnav and Khushi in their work space…I am glad the relationship they share there to is warm and cordial…Arnav being Arnav is being supportive of Khushi, just like he is with others in the work arena and that is a very good thing….it is lovely to read how Khushi always ends up opening up to Arnav and as an added advantage Arnav always has an patient ear to listen to Khushi’s talks…in the flow of conversation as Arnav told Khushi he lets people he cares for leaves, this shows Arnav really wants to set things right between Khushi and him and grab this yet another chance life is giving him with Khushi with full hands….really nice…Khushi and Arnav’s relationship to rebuilt again needs open conversations like these and much ,more…good going…so the weekend is here after a hectic schedule at work for Arnav and Khushi..Arnav wants to leave for NK’s with Khushi but she backs off as she has prior commitments…hmmm…wonder how Arnav will react when he gets to know Khushi is meeting a prospective guy for marriage…maybe this will be the much needed push for Arnav for him to win back Khushi..I somehow think Khushi might ditch the prospective groom midway or leave to NK’s after meeting him, just a guess…anyway well written update…please do continue soon…waiting for the next update eagerly.. :-)

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  38. It’s like poking an eye into a kaleidoscope. Some patterns are seemingly familiar, and just when you think the dance of colours had a routine, you see something new. It may not necessarily be what you expect or even like and yet, you can’t help but stop and stare. Twist and repeat until the unsaid decorates another design, or until it sneaks back in through a new one.
    But the scope has got to stop spinning someday, and maybe it is now. This stopped becoming a question of who would take the first step, the moment he cradled her face like a lovesick mongrel.
    All we need is someone to tie their shoelaces together.

    It’s fascinating that work-wise they seem to have a balance, even a rhythm that can be ascribed to as much as individualistic traits as the things that are similar between them. When he said that line – wasn’t it like looking into a mirror? Does similarity, in some ways, land two people in a circle they can’t quite break? I don’t know. But I do want to see how either or both of them, cleave a way. The fact that their professional relationship is just what it should be, perhaps better than what they imagined, is relieving because workplace, titles and positions have often been known to wreck relationships. I hope when they do get together, this does not change.

    I am actually scared for Khushi. Maybe because, I don’t trust her enough to say no to Garg even if she has no reason to. So, call me a sadist and I wish he says something that doesn’t sit well with her, so that she can say Hasta la Vista.
    Maybe then Arnav can know and sing this song for her? –

    Rehna tu hai jaisa tu,
    Thoda sa dard tu, thoda sukoon,
    Rehna tu hai jaisa tu,
    Dheema dheema jhonkha, Ya fir junoon,
    Thoda sa resham tu humdum,
    Thoda sa khurdura,
    Kabhi to add jaaye ya lad jaaye,
    Ya khushbu se bhara,
    Tujhe badalna naa chahu,
    Ratti bhar bhi sanam,
    Bina sawajat, milawat,
    Naa zyada naa hi kam
    Tujhe chahun jaisa hai tu

    All that being said, this was a lovely chapter Meera. One which wasn’t read only once.

    PS: If the above sounds like malarkey, forgive me. I seem to have forgotten how to comment. :S So sorry that the 48 has become 84. :|

    Liked by 1 person

  39. I seem to have Res’d this chapter… can’t find it…
    “I let people go. Even when they mean more than a lot to me.” O my heart…dhakdhak 💓!
    This was a strange chapter. Not much ‘happened’, but I felt this somehow brought them on an even keel. That conversation did a lot…them talking so normally even if it was work related. Unfortunately things were yanked back into unease with mention of that Rajat person. Damnit.
    Chapter was a nice even pace…it was good.


  40. Wonderful chapter…they are building their relationships at least on professional level. Advice & recommendations are passed on…standing up for true self against difficult boss.
    She didn’t want to tell him about her date with Rajat. I wonder why😜

    Liked by 1 person

  41. Woah! How he is making her trust herself and all. And they are talking man! About work life and life. I am liking this new found ease between them. Of course there are one liners here and there but those are necessary to increase the pace yeah?

    God! I missed river so much. This binge reading is fun!

    She is not going to meet Rajat bas!😑

    Liked by 1 person

  42. That was one hell of a week – reviews, meetings, presentations. I seriously wonder how the consultants go through such grueling work schedules. I have a question for you Meeea, is your line of work same as Arnav and Khushi in this story because your knowledge on this field is impeccable. This has always been what I loved most about your style of writing, instead of brushing through some parts you take a very keen interest in showcasing the all the angles of the characters. Arnav and Khushi are not just star crossed lovers but they have their own individual personalities and careers and by highlighting them in this professional environment, you have given us a more vivid picture of them.

    Meeting with Rajat is finally happening this weekend. I can sense a change in Khushi’s demeanor. From wanting to run away from Arnav’s company at the earliest opportunity, she is now disheartened to say no to his invitation.

    Thank you for this wonderful chapter Meera. I really appreciate all the hard work you put into writing this story.

    Liked by 1 person

  43. Awww… they had an amiable week and evening only to be crushed at the end with the impending meet with Rajat…
    Yeah.. Tripti’s parents r truly annoying…hmmmmffff


  44. So khushi is going to meet Rajat….did arnav knows….I think he had a doubt….
    khushi is behaving him like professionals and he is also giving her space but sometimes you should voice out your feelings…otherwise the other person wnt understand

    Liked by 1 person

  45. Feeling bad for Arnav..
    How much is he trying to work it for them this time,Khushi’s response is zero..
    Why can’t she say no to her mom…
    Arnav has already some inkling about Khushi’s being disturbed after the call ..
    He simply resigns to what she wanna do ..
    Both r disappointed but won’t do anything to change the situation..

    Liked by 2 people

  46. Khushi has done a great job status meeting. She was a bright student and good at what she was doing at work. That is why she was selected for this project. But, She is not good at matters of heart. She is but, for a person who thinks no one can fall in love with her because she is chubby, Arnav’s actions and words are hard to believe. Hmmm, now Arnav knows she is going to visit a boy who can become her groom if she decides to go ahead with her mother’s wish. Arnav has to go to NK’s place for video uploading and that jazz.

    Liked by 1 person

  47. Meera when I read HR development areas as weakness in AV, my gutter mind went over drive , don’t know why ?
    AV , KK or me for that matter are so seeda saada, chamathu, why shivji,how, where did it come from ?
    ‘ I let people go, if they mean more than a lot to me ‘
    It is like AV read my comments from River , I had asked the same question ?
    First Saira , then khushi? How can AV let them go ?
    Don’t you fight for your love
    She stoops to conquer doesn’t mean loose yourself, it is fighting for your haq
    He is truly a legend at work, but where is the Shatir dimaag when he needs it ?
    Thinking naively that KK is visiting Walmart , cooking, resting & reading
    You have entire female population , old & young, Hindi non Hindi speaking, multi cultural, racial, national swooning over you
    Your lady love is meeting a prospective groom , yet you are clueless
    Wake up & smell the adrak wali chai
    Grow some 🌚 get her before it is too late
    Though she will embrace a Bollywood ending , like you running to the departure gate with airport authorities chasing you ,or shouting rukho, yeh shaadi nahi ho sakta
    we want chocolates, flowers, ring & RV


  48. I am slowly wading through this river and somehow I feel A-K here at this stage in their lives are the best version. Khushi may not be the wide-eyed innocent girl and Arnav may be roughened with experiences but the fact that in the so-called-rat-race, they didn’t give up the one thing that binds them both so much – the songs – is heartwarming !

    Also one of my fav songs got featured and I just realized that it was a copied tune :( I am just going to pretend that Bryan Adams stole it from our J-L is a class inception style drama :P :P


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