As water swirls, in ice and snow

As mountains part, to let it flow

A hesitant stream is born again

A dream, a wish, upon wind and rain


Through the years of land

Through the grains of sand

Through life and death

And every single breath


A river so strong, so sure, it turns

A glide, a gurgle, a current that burns

And yet it knows that the end awaits

The ocean so vast, so deep at its gates


For a journey that ends has only just begun

The river and the sea

Two hearts but one




31 thoughts on “Journey To The Sea

  1. The river and the sea

    Two hearts but one

    At first it’s a glance, you don’t realize when your eyes reach the last words of the poem, having made not much of it save the beauty of the rhyme, the beauty of the images that first come to mind, the beauty of sounds that come to mind.

    But when does one realise that it’s not something ordinary? That one has found a gem?

    It’s in the ascent that eyes make to the top and journey down again, and again, and again, and again, you cannot stop yourself. And every time you re-read, the words appear more beautiful, the images more vivid, the sounds more real and the poem becomes a song.

    That’s exactly what “Journey To The Sea” did to me.

    Kaveri Khushi Gupta and Arnav Varun. Good Lord dear author, there’s a river and there’s the sea. That’s her, the hesitant river at first, a dreamy romantic, wishful young girl. She’s vulnerable but she’s hopeful, fanciful.

    It’s that girl’s journey through life, through years of land and sand (hardships?) life and death (of dreams or hopes?) but the years make her strong and… yet at the end he awaits – The vast, mysterious ocean, one she can’t elude. They are destined to meet and become one.

    I missed this and I am reading it all again. It’s Meera behen’s story after all and I can’t just swallow it in a go. I have to savor it, revel in it. Fret over it, rejoice with it. Fall in love with it.

    At this point, before I shut up, I can’t help but share this song that has been playing in my head, that plays whenever I read this poem. Journey to the sea invokes in me uncannily similar emotions as this classic by Mukesh does.

    Oh re taal mile nadi ke jal mein,
    Nadi mile sagar mein,
    Sagar mile kaun se jal mein,
    Koi Jaane na…

    (Oh yeah, who is this Arnav Varun… koi jaane na)

    Ria (cineraria :IF)

    PS: Sorry for that rambling behen, I just couldn’t help it.

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    1. Chapter 4: Tere dar par sanam
      Even in her wildest dreams, Khushi hadn’t imagined using the keywords she was currently typing into the Google search box. “How to tell if a guy likes you”  “What not to do in a new relationship”  “Ten things every guy looks for in a girlfriend”  She wondered if all this would serve any purpose. As […]

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  2. You literally give life to words you use, hands down! I’m mesmerized and enchanted with the lines and I’m yet to read the story!

    I have no idea what the story is about but am already intrigued thanks to the many spoilers in my CC 😂

    Just wanted to mark my presence in the blog and let you know of this new follower 😌

    Thank ya!
    Aalu 😊

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  3. Hiee…Meera!!
    U r a Unique writer among the ones I have known….Meera!!🙋
    Everything U write… like U own U absorb it….
    I love the Khushi Kaveri (The bestest name instead of Kumari😋)Gupta in Ur story…&her thoughts… So simple & so natural…that any normal girl would think or do…&That’s the best part of her character….
    Coming to Arnav Varun…as a Singer…He z new for me& Fresh too…Like the breezy humming of the River Kaveri😘💜👍
    Superb Narration…Meera👌👌!!!

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  4. SO finally we are at final stage 😃👍
    Let see how khushi ‘s meeting with arnav goes
    What happened that they were seperated??? Bcoz of that arjun thing
    Let see how now the present story goes
    Update soon 😃

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  5. Hai Meera … I must say that you are an excellent writer !! Have read your couple of other arshi stories and I’m very pleased with the way you take the story line ahead..can’t wait to read your other stories. Had sent you requests to read a word’s worth and Emerald Isle since its private blog. Can you please give me access to those or send the link ?

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  6. Such a heart touching poem… You’ve captured the essence of the beautiful journey of life and love so well. Your words always convey warmth. I hope you never stop writing <3

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  7. Such an awsome poem so heart touching and deep.
    Each word and its deepest meaning of life

    And yet it knows that the end awaits

    The ocean so vast, so deep at its gates
    My fav lines
    Meera hav u wrote any other story because after reading this i m craving for more
    A river runs through it is a story for lifetime
    I hope and request you to allow us to read it future years …
    This story has been an inspiration and somethin i can relate to
    THe college office and all its realistic
    // i would love to read it in future always //

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