Campsite: A River Runs Through It

Nadiya Kinare

An adda for questions, answers, songs, general gup-shup, chai, samosas and anything else that all of us can come up with!

557 thoughts on “Nadiya Kinare

  1. To a one of a kind romance; with you Meera, your story, your generosity of spirit with this space and the sisterhood. Five years ago, around this time this story started, the river started its trickle. I remember reading the river poem that you had posted on IF, as a preview of what is to come, and in a post script of sorts you had mentioned the first post/chapter was going to come on or before Feb 14th. I think it came a few days post Feb 14th.
    Just wanted to say Thank you! You may not know it but you have given a lot, some things profound and meaningful. Here’s looking forward to reading more from that pen of yours, while wishing you the best in life.
    A song I’ve been tripping on recently…

    Cr: YT/Uploader

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