Welcome back to my world of stories. After a long gap, I am here, bringing to you something that is close to my heart for many reasons.

1. They say that stories carry a part of the author in them and if you read enough of someone’s work – you can know what that person is like. After this story though, you won’t need to read any other of my stories to know who I am. While the romance itself is not my real life story – a lot of peripheral situations are! So if something doesn’t appeal to you – please be kind!

2. After The Emerald Isle Tales, I was so nervous of never being able to write that the only way I could was to go back to the initial days of writing. There are no magic people, 18th century Irish curses, scheming publishers and cougar authors in this story. It is a simple story of two people spread over a few years. I promise you there are no big twists, scary secrets and heartbreak that makes you want to weep (or pull your hair out!)

3. This story finally gives me a chance to explore the possibility of weaving writing with my only other true love – Hindi films and songs. There will be a lot of that. And I am not known for very eclectic taste in music or movies. You have been warned!

Now that the above is said and done – here are the next set of…well…


Story– This piece is purely a work of fiction and my imagination. Any resemblance to anyone living, dead or fictional is coincidental and maybe just a product of having access to information that is so widely available and accessible

Pace- Not much has changed about how I write. I expect the pace to still be slow. This a love story but not one where the leads meet, clash, almost kiss, fight, cry, kiss, confess, make love and live happily ever after in toe-curling quick succession (I don’t know how to write those :( ). If this is not your cup of tea – I will completely understand.

Update Schedule: Every Monday evening IST

Access- The story will remain on this blog from now until a month after I finish. I will not take access away without letting those who start with me or join midway, finish the journey (if they still want to, that is!).

Comments– I always love reading what you have to say. And I will always understand if you don’t have anything to say. However, I may not have time to respond to each of your comments personally. Please do not take that as a sign of my arrogance or indifference – I just expect my asli duniya to be crazy as it has been to not allow me the luxury of connecting with you as much as I would like to.

And now if any of you are still around after that long note, I present to you. I hope you are not disappointed.

A River Runs Through It

40 thoughts on “Preface

  1. Am so glad you are writing again.
    This story is beautiful has its own charm takes me back to college …aww I miss college now ….
    Hoping to read manybmore updates n stories from you
    Love n wishes.


  2. just got to know about your new story.. am so glad you have started writing again and excited that you are sharing your story with us….. thanks…:).. now off to read your story…

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  3. You are an amazing, brilliant writer and I am so happy that I am getting the chance to read this story as you write it. Thank you for that. :) – ship13(IF) (a big fan :) )

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  4. Just found this story…I am already half way through “Second chances” and loving every bit of it….hoping to read this soon as well…..
    Consider me as a regular reader from now on…love your work. ..

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  5. Talk about late entries….I swear I didn’t realize you had embarked on a new story. I did respond on IF but after that I don’t know how I could have been so stupid as to not follow it up. I am so so sorry Meera. I am just about to start reading this.
    But first…Welcome back. It is so good to have a Meera30 story again. Here’s to new journeys and newer destinations…

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  6. Hi Meera, just got to know through IF that you are back with a new story. Welcome back :) Looking forward to a new journey with you…it’s a pleasant one thus far (chapter 12). love the way you write…and also love the way you have interspersed bw numbers…brings back lovely memories. great going. hope chapter 13 will be up soon. cheers!

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  7. Meera, not sure how I never came across this story of yours..pls add me to your PMs if you are sending..of course I will now follow this blog…yet to start the story..just saying I will love to read whatever you write!


  8. Hi Meera, Its been such a long time since I read your story. I gave up reading or for that matter writing fan fictions nearly 9 months ago. But since my wrist has healed and the reunion show was announced, my love for the stories came rushing back. I read your note and I’m glad you will be continuing your story again. I’m going to start reading this one from scratch, you know how much I love reading your stories. Keep writing, keep spreadig the magic! K

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  9. * New Reader Alert ! *
    A story involving Arnav – Khushi and Hindi films AND their songs !
    A huge fan of almost everything related to Hindi movies (especially the music) , I cannot ask for more.
    I’ve arrived a year late but I’m hoping to stay until the end of this journey to the sea. I’ll catch up slowly but surely.
    * Takes a deep breath, and plunges in *

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      1. 2. After The Emerald Isle Tales, I was so nervous of never being able to write that the only way I could was to go back to the initial days of writing. There are no magic people, 18th century Irish curses, scheming publishers and cougar authors in this story. It is a simple story of two people spread over a few years. I promise you there are no big twists, scary secrets and heartbreak that makes you want to weep (or pull your hair out!)

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  10. Hi Meera,

    Just came across this story of yours and would love to read it. I have started it but it will take time for me to update myself with the current running of the story. But I will definitely come up to it.

    Meanwhile, whatever I have read is again enthralling just the way your other works have been. I have read your Tales of Emerald Isle and A Word’s Worth as well. They are amazing.

    Also I had a small request.. I had started reading Careless Whispers but couldn’t complete it due to my health issues and now I am unable to access he blog since it is a protected blog. I would be thankful if you could provide me access for the same. I would like to complete that journey as well.

    Lots Of Love.. :) :)


  11. Hi Meera,
    I would really like to read Emerald Isles Tale and would really appreciate if you can share the story with me.
    I am sorry to be asking for it here in this forum but I wasn’t sure how else to do that.


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  12. Hi Meera, I know I have asked this before too and haven’t got any response. But reading the River now and having read Careless Whispers in the past, I am really so eager to read Emerald Isles. Please give me an opportunity to do that.

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    1. Hey – my other blogs are currently private with no access to anyone. If and when they become available in the future I will post a note here on the River blog. Hope you understand. And sorry for the delay. I thought I had responded earlier.


      1. Oh, I didn’t know that they were not open to anyone. I will wait. No need to apologize. You get so many comments and queries. It is not always possible to respond to every one of them. I understand.

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  13. Dear Meera,

    Ok, so while I’m the last one who would voluntarily celebrate anniversaries of any kind, this one is special and try as I might, I cannot help myself from writing this.

    WordPress says it’s been a year since I found you. As usual, I didn’t believe it, and went ahead and checked for myself. And the hell, it really is!

    The River has always held a special place in my heart – my previous letters are testimony to that, you would know best (after you finish rolling your eyes). And it will always will.

    A year has passed, and I can only look back and see how much you’ve gifted me by allowing me to be a part of this journey. I have no idea how I survived without it before. I’m dead serious. Do not laugh. I cannot imagine it.

    I remember being a frightened little reader, who posted her first comment, thinking who the hell would want to listen to an idiot who’d been joining so late, and repeating the same things a hundreds of readers have already told in such awe-inspiring and lovely ways, and with such finesse. It took a long while after that first wave relief – that you’d atleast liked my comment -hit me, to let go of the fear. One was because I didn’t have anything new to share – and I’m not ashamed to admit that I would run over the few words I wrote a 100 times, praying that if you smiled even at a word that was there, it would be a successful little thank you. Two, who am I to comment on such a thing of beauty? A no one, who was fortunate enough to read your story.
    It is a fine memory that will never fade.

    But this is just one amongst the million memories that were created here. I found you, the sisterhood – all of them like no other, and a whole lot of myself.
    How must I repay for this gratefulness, for this love? I don’t know. Two words are all I have.

    Thank you.

    Thank you Meera. For all eveything that has been said, and for every little thing I haven’t.

    I wish you the shine of stars, the warmth of summer breeze, the love of a countless fans and friends. I wish that you find everything you seek; happiness and success with everything you touch.

    And I also wish, we would soon see your books at a store, where I can very childishly brag that this fabulous is author is my friend. Zakir Khan doesn’t know you yet, or that Izzat video would have been very different.

    A fan and a friend.

    PS: My friends will vouch, I stick like a parasite. The Kya-museebat-maine-paala kind. So good luck to you, for you have to bear this soul for as long as I last.

    PPS: I was sorely tempted to mail this to you and not put it here. But I thought it would feel right and just a whole lot better in this space – a small little droplet right here in the sea. It also maybe so that I can come back next year, and the year after that, and always.

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    1. Dearest Nivi – And please note that I am not saying this because it is nice – It is I who have been lucky to have found you here on this blog and this story. Your kindness, your generosity, you immense talent for the written word – what shall i be most grateful for? I have said this before and I will always maintain, that my biggest takeaway from my writing is the wonderful people I have had the pleasure of knowing and befriending. Who am I but someone with a whim and look what you make me! So thank you for being here and thank you for being so so so so good to me and for me. I can NEVER say it enough.

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    1. Hey – only IF work is available for access at the moment and you’ll find it if you google for meera30 and india forums. My other stories have been removed from access for the time being

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  14. Can’t believe I missed this one! So glad to see you writing again. Your stories have been cathartic in times of distress. And on other times the cause of it. The way you envision the lives of your characters is unbelievably close to reality. Yet another journey awaits. Ecstatic to start this one. My best wishes to you. Manitaxx

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