Arnav braced himself as soon as he recognized the voice that was calling out to him. He turned to his left only to see Arjun cantering up the small hillock where Arnav was unpacking the materials to be used for tomorrow’s exercise.

It was almost two hours since he had left Khushi by the riverside. Both of them had found their way back to their parts of the returning group of rafters, all caked and matted from a long day on the river. He had quickly hurried up to Aman and filled him about the trip to Rishikesh for Khushi’s anti-tetanus shot. He knew he had chosen wisely in approaching Aman and not his sister because Aman only nodded and quickly changed the topic to things they needed to get done before next morning. He knew he couldn’t ignore Aditi for too long but every extra minute he could steal was worth the grilling he knew he would be subjected to by his Ti-Di. Especially after how they had left things between them early this morning.

Khushi, he had noticed had walked back to her tent. Both Arjun and Aditi had followed her and only Aditi had emerged several minutes later, looking nothing out of the ordinary.

Looking at Arjun now, the first thought that crossed his mind was if Khushi had already refused his proposition. He dismissed it as quickly as it had occurred to him, given Arjun looked as cheerful as always. And given what Arnav knew of his feelings, Khushi’s rejection was not something he would sweep aside without impact.

“Thank you so much,” Arjun said as he came to stand in front of him.

“What for?” Arnav asked curiously even as he straightened his back and winced as a lower back muscle that had been troubling him made its sore presence felt again. Two trips to Rishikesh and little sleep for days now, was not helping. He needed to get some sleep. And yet he couldn’t afford to waste even one moment that he had with Khushi. At least not till everything was clear between them. He could wait for the time she needed to settle things with Arjun but he needed to know that she had no reasons anymore to…He clenched his teeth. How was that going to happen unless Arjun confirmed that…Maybe it was a good thing that he was here…

“For taking Kavi to get the anti-tetanus shot. Though I am really surprised she agreed to go with you. I thought she might have used a thousand reasons that she can usually come up with to not do what she doesn’t want to.”

Arnav looked away and picked up the large net, hiding the rising heat in his chest. His reaction to Arjun – new as it was suddenly, bothered him. Back in IE-V Arnav had been extremely fond of Arjun – his goofiness and general demeanor was so friendly and affable that he was willing to bet his favorite guitar on the fact that there were very few people on the planet who might actively dislike him. So he schooled his features and smiled as he looked at Arjun.

“It needed to be done. And I have been there…so I know it is easy to dismiss but…”

Arjun nodded and then grinned up at him. “I did it, by the way. I took your advice. After all these years. I told Kavi how I feel. Finally.”

The knife in his gut twisted. He wanted to punch his own hand through a rock for the bile that seeped on to his tongue. Looking at Arjun’s open, happy face made him feel like a heel. How could he…Shit…He cursed to himself. “If you still feel that way about her, then I am glad you told her. Now one way or…” He checked himself. “Good.” He said softly and tried to smile.

“I don’t know AV-Sir. That girl drives me crazy most times. You should have seen the look on her face when I said the words. Which other girl, tell me, would not have guessed all these years? Sure, I didn’t feel like I want to be with her all day every day the last four years but…” He shook his head. “For such a smart girl, she is so clueless about…”

“Did you tell her? About Aarohan?” He blurted the words out before he could check them this time. The question had been digging into his skin for too long now. And for some reason, he knew he didn’t need to ask Arjun to know the answer. But still, he wanted to be sure. One final hurdle between them. He needed to make sure it was out of the way.

Arjun frowned and looked at him with a shrug. “Aarohan? That first one…” The light came on in his eyes next. “Ah that.” He seemed to consider a forgotten memory for a long second before he shrugged his shoulders. “No, I didn’t.”

It was a surprise that the skin on his palm hadn’t broken to ooze blood yet. Silently Arnav listened as Arjun continued.

“That Aarohan somehow…you know it didn’t end well.”

He could feel Arjun’s eyes on him. Khushi may have been clueless but Arjun was not. If anything he was sharper than most other boys Arnav knew. And not just gold medal sharp – which was a pleasant surprise and yet strangely expected. Arjun was emotionally savvy. He understood dynamics, used it to help – himself and others – rather beautifully.

There was silence dense as the forest to his right – up the mountain that walled the River on one side. Arnav stayed quiet as he walked over to hang the heavy maze of rope – not exactly a net as the River folks usually referred to it, but not unlike it – on one of the two poles that would hold it up like a tennis or badminton net.

“After Aarohan – it just didn’t seem like the right time and then no time seemed like the right time and by the time you had left college – I had forgotten all about it.”

He continued to work silently as Arjun came up and picked up the hammer than he had been unsuccessfully tried to reach while holding the net in place.

“You know now that she did have a crush on you then, right?” Arjun asked, his voice grave now. “More than a crush, in fact.”

Arnav used all his concentration to keep working as he hammered thick nails through small rope-hoops and into the wooden pole. When he spoke, he knew his voice sounded as even as it always did. “You should tell her, Arjun. She deserves to know. It may…” He crossed his fingers for both Arjun and him and hoped he was wrong, “…it may drive her decision.”

Arjun chuckled and tugged at the net to check if the loop had been hammered well. “Nah! Only if she says yes. Then I can tell her and she won’t be mad. If she says no,” He hesitated and Arnav knew what he was going to say a second before the words were out of his mouth. “Unless there is someone else, I am not going to settle for a no.”

Arnav ignored the voice in his head that urged him to tell Arjun right now, just as he had ignored the voice that had urged him to tell Khushi what he needed to. This was beyond messed up. And somehow, he had become the lynchpin of the tangled heap that the three of them were in. Yet, even if he wanted to, he couldn’t resolve it the way it could so easily have been.

They both stopped whatever they were doing and looked at each other, faces hidden in moonlit shadows and windswept hair.

“You once said it didn’t matter if she liked you because you weren’t available. You are now. Has it changed?”

Arnav swallowed and looked away. This was not his story to tell. And yet, he was the fulcrum of the tale. He wanted to say yes. And yet, he couldn’t. He couldn’t do it to her.

“Tell her, Arjun.” He urged. Please. Or I will have to.

He could see the nervousness in Arjun’s eyes now. And he did what he hated himself for doing. He turned and walked away.



He looked back in the direction of the tents and craned his neck to see if he could spot any movement from hers. Except the howling of the wind in his ears, however, all else remained still as a night like this would allow. Ever since the evening’s conversation with Arjun, he was on the edge. And some of the sheen of the expected conversation with her had been scrubbed away. Now there was more worry and withered reason in his thoughts.

It didn’t help that his migraine seemed to be back with a vengeance. It was hardly surprising given just how overworked he had been physically and mentally in the last few days. And despite knowing the consequence, he had ignored his body’s warning signals and refused to rest as much as he needed to. His sister had obviously seen it in the way he ate lesser than usual and doubled his water intake. She always did have that same look he knew from his mother’s when it came to keeping an eye on his health. Years of teasing her about prematurely ageing to be his mother and not sister, had hardly helped.

Arnav looked away and picked up his bottle to take another long swig. Once done, he placed the bottle back and considered strumming his guitar, except at the moment, he was stretched tauter than the strings on his instrument. He looked at his wrist watch and realized it was thirty minutes past ten. Though they had not explicitly set a time, which in retrospect he should have, he knew that Khushi would be out by the river soon. So the idea of walking up to his tent to change and bring his bedding, was out of the question. Sighing, he kicked off his sandals and lay down on his back, looking up at the clear skies.

It was a beautiful night. And it might have been downright spectacular if all he…all they had to deal with was the promise of desire and more. He took a deep breath and gave in to the drumming in his head.

His eyes drifted close as his mind quietened amidst chaos and his breathing became even.


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Pyaar Humko Hone Laga

Album: Tum Bin

Singers: Chitra, Abhijeet

Music: Nikhil-Vinay

Lyrics: Faiz Anwar


Kya haqeeqat hai apni

Kya tumhe batayenge

Kaun hain hum aakhir yeh

Kab talak chhupaayenge


{Tum chhupaao laakh humse

Phir bhi sab kuch humne jaana?

Har zubaan pe aayega kab

Hum donon ka yeh afsaana?}






  1. Really really sorry for disappearing without a note. Asli duniya kept me away from my laptop for almost a week (in this day and age, imagine!) – I am recuperating well now :)
  2. Next update on Wednesdsay, Oct 26, 2016 – late night IST
  3. If anyone here even knows of this song, please shout out. It will make me feel better about my taste in music :P (Tum Bin the album does have some wonderful songs, though)
  4. The song is rather dramatic. It may or may not mean much here. Just saying.
  5. Oh and sometimes, it really is just sleep ;):)

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  1. I have to say this – Meera does her share to trouble us readers. But we readers create more trouble for ourselves with all our kichdi speculations!!!! Omg… the kind that I am see if this week are unprecedented atleast for me…. hey bhagwan… what are we doing to ourselves !!!!!!

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    1. I’m preparing myself to appear as the biggest fool of the century, I’m sure all our speculations will be nowhere close to what it actually will be. Oh well, lets just chalk it down to some needed activity for the little grey cells 😃

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      1. Reminds me of a phamous song P…

        Wise men say ….
        Only Fools rush in..
        But I can’t help …speculating! :P

        Like a river flows surely to the sea
        Darling so it goes
        Some things are meant to be
        Take my hand, take my whole life too
        For I can’t help….speculating!!

        Achche song ki vaat laag di Appu! Elvis ki aatma tadap rahi hogi!!!

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  2. Mere yaaro,

    Jo apni neend kharaab kiye baithe ho, is darr se ke aage kya hoga, aaj bas ek sher suna kar hum sone chale.

    Ibtida e ishq hai, rota hai kya,

    Aage aage dekhiye hota hai kya.

    Chop chop,


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  3. My playlist just brought this on. This song touches the deepest part of one’s heart. A song that is very close to my heart, an exquisite composition in Raag Charukeshi… a complete song! lol The video is an absolute let down but hell, the notes make up for it! :)

    A wish for love ..a longing..a yearning ..
    A wish to be never forgotten or left alone without the other
    A wish to be together in everything, never letting go of that hand
    A wish to be loved forever…with a promise to be there forever…

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  4. Wot is it? Wot is that Arnav is so desperate for Khushi to know yet can’t reveal it himself for itseems he’s guilty for dat reason n also is pretty sure that it’s going to make Khushi drift away from him.
    An xtremely Nail biting situation Meera.
    I’m feeling terrible for the 3 of them. How Life just overturns abruptly? Ofcourse , wotever it is , has been simmering inside A for the longest time but will it shock Khushi away from him? Where does Arjun stand in this scenario? 🙇🙇🙇

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  5. Both Arjun and Arnav are doing things from their own stances….it’s all up to Khushi. She has to honest with herself as to how she feels for them. It’s high time for her makes up her mind.

    Let’s wait and see what Meera has to unfold!

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  6. Hello Meera
    Arnav ‘s and Arjun’s conversation is so coded.
    Till now we know only Khushi’s pov, so definitely there is much more to the story.
    Especially after their conversation, it is clear that much more has happened in that Aarohan. Which is crucial and khushi is not aware of.
    My god Meera, what a suspense dear.
    And Arjun, what is he up to?.
    Thank u for the update.

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  7. Read the last few updates together and loved them all.
    So Arnav and Khushi both have somehow started working on whatever their is between them. I love the care that Arnav has for Khushi. And it was well shown by how he took ber to Rishikesh and made sure that she take the tetanus shot.
    The kiss they shared in the tent was damn explosive. And I am happy that after that kiss Khushi at least had a clear perspective of what she needs to do.

    But after reading the latest interlude I am confused as to what Arnav and Arjun were discussing. It was from the Aarohan night for sure, the first Aarohan of Khushi and Arjun. It felt as if Arjun hid something from Khushi and has not told her yet.
    I just hope that Khushi clears out her stance in front if Arjun and tell him frankly about how she feels for Arnav.

    Hoping to read the next update soon.

    Lots Of Love..😊😊

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  8. small conversation between arnav and arjun yet gave something…something happened that night …but i hate the word ‘available ‘ from arnav… for all the love kushi has this word really insulting…i hope after five years seperation he will learn how to approach kushi…waiting for kushi to give both the boys much needed words…

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      1. Those word were uttered in utmost honesty….he wasn’t AVailable then….

        Think about it this way,…if Saira wasn’t in the picture, would he have ever said that??

        Prolly not. Cuz the story would be completely different then.

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        1. I agree. I cannot blame him for unintentionally developing feelings for her. You cannot control it. Will respect him for not acting on them as he was “Unavailable”. But still he IS guilty of leading Khushi, especially when he was “Unavailable”.

          But then love is a complicated emotion. And it makes you do so many things which your intellect or conscience will not allow you to do.

          All three of them of guilty of doing things they otherwise won’t, for love. Maybe all of us, at one point in our life, are. So cut them some slack. :-)

          And as usual will try to say it with a Sher.

          इक बार तुझे अक्ल ने चाहा था भुलाना

          सौ बार जुनुं ने तेरी तस्वीर दिखा दी


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          1. Who can guarantee that he wasn’t available on AaRohan night,….maybe he indeed emotionally detachedsans available from his POV.

            Secondly, all 3 of them — guilty or not…all three were heavily invested emotionally and that I agree with. And mistakes are a part of growing up as long as one learns from them.
            This although isn’t about that….it’s how those mistake or that mistake will come to effect the dynamics of current relationships.

            Having said that, both Arnav and Arjun know it’s going to have and impact. Arnav know that he might loose her again — yet want her to know. That’s maturity.

            Arjun wouldn’t mind sharing it with her but on his own accord. That would be deemed selfish or it could also mean he is trying to protect a friend and once she’s emotionally bound he will have a better chance of dealing with hurt it may cause her.

            I am not questioning anyone’s benefit of the doubt. But it’s hard to justify the point without being speculative as the timeline is questionable at this point in the story.

            PS: Hindi reading isn’t my strong point so excuse the inability to read anything in Hindi — be it Sher or Cheetah. 😂

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                    1. Thanks Avni!! I assume that is your name. It is a beautiful name and she is not just beautiful but is very talented too.

                      And sharing your name with her is a nice thing, Now!!! ;-)


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                1. Will it suffice if I said you had/have a girl crush on her? 😜

                  She definitely was and is a reining queen, — aging so gracefully….I do t know if it has anything to do with doctors sahib connections (certainly doesn’t look like it)

                  She’s still got the charm, that holds hearts captive with just a look let alone the smile.

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                  1. Hahaha! For her, you can assume whatever you want to in my case! Go wild Avz! ;) :P

                    She was, she is and she will be the most naturally beautiful face Ive seen on the screen. Loved her as an actor too.
                    I remember a dialog from the new Devdas movie, one of those which went unnoticed. I think its when he passes out drunk for the first time after Paro gets married and Chandramukhi takes care of him along with Chunni Babu. He tries to pay her for her time….and that shot…where she says..
                    “Yeh jo baar baar aap haathon mein rupaiyye utthaate hain na Dev Baabu, kothhon pe yeh tawaifon ke talvon mein hote hain” Etched! Forever etched! The tone, the eyes, the face and the adaa! Everything! Im a big huge fan..forever! Bass! :)

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                2. All my lovely ladies,

                  It took me years to come to term with sharing her name. Mind you, I LOVE my name and it was special because I was named by my grandfather and I was the last child in our family named by him.


                  I had a misfortune of having a guy with surname Dixit from 3rd to 10th in school, same guy was in my tuition classes and in University.

                  It meant endless teasing. Our names being written on each other’s desk AND people trying to conspire during picnic to make you sit together. And songs, arghhh!

                  And having my kind of luck meant, taking your first job , when you are 19, in a small place started by a 23 year old guy who is mad about, who else, your namesake.

                  On top of this, if you do not look the standard pretty, it means enough people making fun of your name.

                  It did take me a few years, enough lectures from my no nonsense mom and life in general, to come to terms with it.

                  Funnily enough, now when I say it with ease, I live in a place where people neither know it nor can pronounce it. :-D


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                  1. I’ve been scarred for life from hearing every bloody (pardon the french) song there is which has my name in it (which happens to be priya) during my college days. It was not always pleasant, deeply mortifying many a time,even though at that age one enjoyed the attention from the opposite sex you wished it wasn’t so when you had to listen to those songs 😃 I’ve asked my parents if they couldn’t have found another name! But I do love my name, it is what it is 😃

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                    1. It crossed my mind to ask you about this a few weeks ago P. But we dont know each other well and I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask :) Sometimes people do go overboard and cross all lines without a thought, at times one suffers more than is visible to the eye. I am glad you took it in your stride and have become the wonderful person we all have met here! :) Big hugs love! Big big tight hugs! :)

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                    2. Priya,

                      I have to concede that Being Named as Madhuri is NOTHING compared to this.

                      We had a Priya in our class and her fate was worse.

                      Adolescent children can be unintentionally cruel sometimes. But it also prepared me to take being ridiculed in my stride.


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                  2. Madhu, I love your name. I have an aunt by that name. I have had a friend whose name was Madhuri. Beautiful people in my life :) It helps that Im a huge fan of La Dixit as well. But I understand where you are coming from and it must’ve have been uncomfortable if not hell. Sometimes you wish you could just wish that part of your life away, but I guess you are what you are because of it. And you come across to me as a beautiful and sweet person. Madhuri has to be sweet! :) So Big Hugs!

                    Zaala gela visrun jaa gadyaa! Ani Urdu shayari cha explanation kay mhane? I am pleasantly surprised! A marathi mulgi with appreciation of Urdu poetry is rare! :)

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                    1. Sohni,

                      Madhu is one of my nickname among friends and family. :-) (And name of a few characters played by La Dixit)

                      So thanks for reminding me of it. Since last five years, my most used name is Baiko. My Telugu husband thinks that Marathi men call their wife Baiko. :-)

                      And I agree that even though uncomfortable, it was a beautiful phase of life. I wish I can go back in time and tell my 13 year old self that it is okay to be teased and I will be a very close friend of the said Dixit boy. ;-)

                      I am surprised with your Marathi knowledge. But being Marathi also means you might be doing theatre since school. And I landed up with a group in University, who did a (rather naughty) Urdu play. Learnt a lot then from two seniors. Both from Uttar Pradesh, one from Lucknow. I remember, him taking my class over my pronunciation of “khat” :-) Let’s say I had my share of Nishant sir!!! :-)

                      बस इतनी सी बात है


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                    2. This Marathi mulgi better know her marathi well! :) Baiko sounds cute, I call my hubby “Aaho” at times and we still exchange ‘that’ look and smile lol. Teasing is something we all have been subjected to I guess, for different reasons in a particular phase of our life. Im glad we all left that behind, learned something from it and moved ahead in life. :)
                      “Khat”…..”kh” from the epiglottis? :D

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                    3. Ah! Your name definitely does not sound very Marathi but very beautiful. It means pretty.

                      And my Navra is Telugu, he won’t get “अहो”

                      He learned a bit of it to pataofy me. ;-)


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  9. Was it Arnav who encouraged Arjun to look at Khushi in a way more than a friend or Arjun did have this feeling for her. Even if she likes me I am not available…… that was so so rude or heartless….I just don’t know …

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  10. I think all 3 of them are in a relationship muddle. Arnav and Arjun were both aware of Kushi interest in Arnav but since Arnav was committed he probably encouraged Arjun as he was also aware of Arjun’s interest in Kushi. But what incident both of them are referring to now seems something different – while Arjun seems a little nonchalant about it Arnav seems to be attaching a lot of importance to the incident . Whatever it might be it would definitely have a huge bea img in the dynamics of their relantionship

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  11. It’s getting all muddled up now! I really don’t know what to make out of Arjun and Arnav conversation. Just few things cleared up that they did talk to each other about Khushi. Arnav hit himself with the axe by encouraging Arjun to propose her. Arjun seems to be hiding something all these years from Aarohan. I swear to God if that is even the minutest reason for them being separate from each other for so long, or getting separated again now for five more years, I will find this Arjun and kill him! 🙈 Aiyyo! I am seriously considering it after seeing things going haywire for them after that beautiful moments they got together which now feels like ages ago and oasis in the desert of their togetherness. Ti-Di and Khushi’s conversation is going to be seen later, I guess mainly because it feels like that might be the turning point of the story. Interlude always creates this haziness among us and I can’t wait for next one to bring some clarity. Lovely update dear! ❤️

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    1. I forgot to say about the song. You definitely are not alone. I too like tum bin album, it has gems in the form of Jagjit Singh’s voice which I can hear anytime. Recently listened to all of it after release of tum bin 2 songs trailers and would never deny listening again. 😀

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    1. No one is a villain by choice….ones course of actions makes them appear as one in 3rd persons POV….
      He may very well be a hero in his own POV, a Most likely choice in Aditi’s POV, a friend for infinity and beyond in Khushi’s POV, and intruder in Arnav’s POV.

      It all depends on how we perceive these character and project them that will determine how we’re view them.

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  12.  Sorry for late comment. omen n ommition after stolen moments I was laughing my heart out by the heading and after reading I felt you know how to keeps your reader grounded after letting them dream on   sky soaring imagination n speculation of romance !
    Interlude!  Now things are looking bleak or prenotion of the seperation……. ahead .It is  amazing how each time you comes up with things which no one speculate  😊😊

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  13. This is possibly the only story where I enjoy the comments as much as the story. chalo sacchi mein story thoda zyada but I look forward to both quite eagerly. I cannot speculate or read more into the words like some of you do but I appreciate the chatter and bonhomie!!! It’s simply a lovely place to hangout.

    Last but not the least this is my first comment here and it’s been somewhat hard. This story started uncannily like mine and its similarities quite mind boggling. Being objective was hard but now that it’s moved its course, I can see it as a story. It’s beautifully written like all of Meera’s work and I eagerly wait each week for an update.

    It’s an addiction of sorts but kahani aachi lage isme koi buri baat to nahi!!!!!!

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    1. Srirupa/Sri/Rupa….
      (Personally I like Rupa) 🤗🤗

      Welcome, and glad u decided to voice and share ur thoughts. Indeed a fun place….
      Hopefully we will see u around often. And look forward to future interactions,


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  14. After reading ALL the comments I have reached only one conclusion !!! Whatever both these boys have been up to and concealing from Khushi/Kaveri all these years has not been good … Am really curious to know what it is and how it would change the dynamics of the relationship between the threesome !!!

    My song for this interlude …

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  15. My theory for the day 😊
    May be in one of the light casual conversations in Bose or some friendly ragging session, Arjun tells about his feelings for Khushi to Arnav and Arnav encourages him to voice it to Khushi. Then Arjun tells Arnav that it’s not gonna work coz Khushi has a major crush on him. May be he wanted to see if Arnav reciprocated any of that coz he didn’t want his best friend to be heart broken or may be he wanted to see if he stands any chance wth Khushi. Arnav might have refused that Khushi feels anything of the sort…. and then may be they had some stupid bet or challenge or something where Arjun says he will prove that he is correct kinda thing…and may be the change of songs was his idea to see how Khushi reacted to it and prove his point. I am thinking Arnav migh have agreed to play along because he was intrigued by Khushi at that point and I don’t think he could have guessed the intensity of Khushi’s feelings for him.
    May be Arnav didn’t tell Arjun about Saira at that time. I am thinking things might have started going sour with Saira already. Also I think it s mentioned in one of the chapters about how Arnav has noticed everything about Khushi. So may be he as in the phase of trying to understand why Khushi was always in his radar, trying to sort his feelings about Khushi kind of phase. On Aarohan night hearing the convo between tripti and Khushi would have given a hint to Arnav about the seriousness of Khushi’s feelings and may be he got caught in the moment and the 2 unleashed the chemistry between them through their soulful singing. Arnav ‘s family coming down to surprise hm with their acceptance of his relationship with Saira was not known to him and that must have made him tense because he had no time to sort his own feelings or explain anything to Khushi. He decides to make an attempt to explain and offers dropping her home and that gets interrupted by Arjun. news or Saira existance in Arnav’s life and also the chemistry that he witnessed between Arnav Khushi must have jostled him. May be that night there was some conversation that happened in Bose (doesn’t Arjun mention about some party in Bose after Aarohan) where Arjun says how right he was about Khushi for which may be Arnav says – even if Khushi is interested he is already committed elsewhere.
    Then we see Khushi trying to move on with life with a vengeance and Arjun might have refrained from proposing to her because he did not want to rock their friendship (he says something to that effect to Khushi now also)
    I think this theory supports couple of statements in the interlude of:
    You now know that she had a crush on you alluding to the fact that Arnav had not acknowledged/agreed to that initially.
    Now seeing Arnav and Khushi together at the river would have confirmed to Arjun that she is still not completely over him. May be that’s why he feels guilty that he did not share the news of Arnav Saira break up with Khushi. Did he propose to her now finally because he wanted her to take the bold step and tell Arnav her feelings for him as he is single and available or decide that she is over him and will be willing to try things with Arjun – decide one way or the other. Is that why the question to Arnav as to whether now you have feelings for Khushi?
    I think he loves Khushi to death and as much as he knows her feelings towards Arnav may be he couldn’t go down with out telling her at least once.

    When Arnav is insisting to tell about Aarohan to Khushi, he is nervous because he may lose the friendship that he has with her as well which he does treasure a lot.

    OK – now I am certified mad because instead finishing left over work due for submission tomorrow to my boss I am in river world typing mostly stuff that will anyway be proven wrong by our brilliant author … But this does give satisfaction at some level😊
    My poor husband who took me out for dinner to celebrate Barun quitting the show and the show coming to an end thinking I will finally come out of Arshi land has absolutely no words now. He has totally given up on me 😀

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  16. So something happen at aarohan which Khushi didn’t know. Did Arjun done something not right and Arnav wants him to tell Khushi so that she could decide quickly. Bug it looks like Arjun is in no mood of tell her anything. Plus he know she had crush on AV, more then crush still he don’t want to tell her. Just because she is smart and he want her in his life no matter what. He himself said he don’t like to stay with her whole day. This girl s nit right and he is going to mess up big time.
    And Arnav don’t want to interfere in her decision. This is so complicated. Khushi’s silence also not helping him. She should take a stand as soon as possible. But she can’t speak in front of Arjun how can she refuse him.
    I am so restless for this situation. Don’t know what will happen next.
    Marvelous update meera.

    Liked by 3 people

  17. So Arjun knew about Khushi’s crush on AV and AV knew about Arjun’s. Did they lay a bet on who will win her affection? That seems the most feasible response to all that is going on. My heart is already breaking for Khushi. She definitely doesn’t deserve this.
    Anyway, I’ll wait for you to unravel the mystery of what really happpened years ago.

    Liked by 5 people

  18. poor khushi! the 2 boys have played behind her in the past. this would make things more messier for the 3.
    I wud be glad if khushi shuts both of them out of her life for sometime.
    waiting for the next update as eager as ever.

    Liked by 3 people

  19. Is it possible that Arnav Khushi are together…and arjun is not heartbroken??
    Oh Hot Damn!!! What is Arnav gonna do now? and what are they talking about? I am too curious (unhealthy-ily)….
    I will just have to wait now… You do manage to throw new twist ever so smoothly….:)

    Liked by 3 people

  20. Meera,

    As I confessed earlier, I never saw the serial and so I never visualize the actor or actress but the story is beautiful as a stand alone one.

    And the cherry on top is this place to talk, share, argue and just be happy.

    Thanks for this कट्टा, as we call it in Marathi. A place where friends meet.


    Liked by 6 people

  21. And for rest of our lawyers,

    अच्छि कहानी kaleidoscope की तरह होती है, हर बार घुमाओ तो एक अलग पहलु नजर आता है

    आज रात को सोने जाने के पहले तीन शेर अर्ज करना चाहुंगी, कौन सा किस के लिये है ये अपनी अपनी मर्जी के मुताबिक, :-)

    तुम मेरे लिये अब कोई इल्झाम न ढुंडो,
    चाहा था तुम्हे इक यही इल्झाम बहोत है

    तुम मेरे साथ हो ये सच तो नही है लेकिन,
    मैं अगर झूठ न बोलू, तो अकेला हो जाऊ

    वो तो खुश-बु है, हवाओ मे बिखर जायेगा,
    मसअला फूल का है, फूल किधर जायेगा

    I have very specific character in my mind for each of them but then I want to see how all of you interpret them.



    Liked by 4 people

      1. Thank you my lady! And as per a lot of suggestions, I tried to watch some of the episodes of the serial.

        And I have to say with utmost honesty, I did not find it appealing enough. And my lady Meera, “You” are to be blamed for this. The characters which you created are so much real and I can relate to them and there is a beautiful simplicity to it that I am not sure any daily soap can manage. (No offence meant for all the fans but a lot of it was over the top compared to something this good and realistic)

        I have to concede most of them were acting well but the writing, :-(

        I have been spoiled by your way of writing and it is going to be hard to digest melodrama. The last drama serial I followed on television religiously, is really old and many may not know it. It was called “Sailaab” and at that time there were Team Avinash and Team Rohit at school. (You might get the reference if you have seen it)

        And part of it’s appeal was ordinary characters, beautiful dialogue and simple situation, and you can still get a really beautiful love story from it. And your story is same. Thanks a lot again! For simple pleasures!


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  22. awesome update.. what is the truth about arohan that is making arjun nervous?
    and the last point in your notes is making me nervous.. oh no! will sleep be the reason that arnav wont be able to have a talk with khushi?.. i know i should brace my heart before i read the next update..

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh trust me,….I am not dreading AV Khushi no convo as much as I am dreading Aditi Khushi conversation and its aftermath. Esp if it continues with Arjun and that means she will know half backed story and one sided speculative conversation. 😰😱😲😳

      Khushi will end up being in the same situation we all are 😲😲😲😳😳😳

      Deva! Wonder how will I enjoy Diwali with this story looming over my head is an issue for another day. 😂😂😂

      Liked by 4 people

        1. We have some more days left before the next update so thought to share this song with you girls   enjoy this song , one of my favourite (cheezzzz… how many are my favorite god knows!!!)
          Watch “Piya tora kaisa abhimaan” on YouTube

          Liked by 5 people

          1. Beautiful!! Sorry for the late reply but this is one of my favourite films too. :-)

            And the song is a beauty……………..

            So many things which we like and forget about them and it is such a treasure to find them again when you least expect it.


            Liked by 3 people

  23. Amazing update meera…
    Now another secret between arnav and arjun about which khushi is clueless like always….
    Eager to know what happened at aarohan…

    Liked by 3 people

  24. I really don’t understand what Arnav is up to. I mean during college he in a way understood that he has lead on Khushi, that means he knew she was attracted to him. At the same time he did nothing to undo it and also asked Arjun to tell Khushi about his feelings. And even now he didn’t say anything which would bring down Arjun’s hope.
    Arjun seems like a very perspective guy. He knew at that time about Khushi possible having a crush on Arnav and looks like he notices it now too. May be it was this tension which made him confess his feelings to Khushi after all this time.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. This was quiet an amazing update meera leading to so many wonderful speculations from many readers and all of them seemed very possible. After reading all these comments– I responded individually to many of them but I honestly could not write down my thoughts as my bheja completely fried after reading so many possibilities that I lost track of my own thoughts 😜.

    My hats off 🙏🙏🙏to you Meera that how you maintain your calm and sanity in the midst of all this insanity created by us sanki sisters and many other readers.

    This update was certainly mindchurning and very much enigmatic similar to Arnav and now Arjun as well. I am just waiting and counting for tomorrow with my mouth and lips completely sealed 😬😬.


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  26. Though I am reading it much later than the others I can see this cliff hanger has really got every one worked up
    much like me right now, thoughts cannot be controlled – hence speculation is bound to happen.
    Methinks Arnav and Arjun had conversation, then , and Arnav asked him to pass some message to Khushi explaing his side of things,or maybe Arjun warned Arnav to stay away from Khushi,and they got into a tussel .
    OK enough o f# what happend then , let me go back to rivering.

    Liked by 1 person

  27. I am really shocked after completed this chapter…arnav already knows that arjun loves khushi…surprised that arjun already mentioned arnav about khushi’s crush on him…and arnav told arjun that it didn’t matter to him and he weren’t available…i am really shocked…this means arnav didn’t love khushi at the time of aarohan…then qhy he sang those songs…and his gestures towards her…i am confused again…there is so much to know…
    I really wonder about khushi’s reaction after hearing this…she is already disturbed of having conversation with arnav about saira…now this…

    Liked by 1 person

  28. What the! Arnav gave advice to Arjun to share his feelings & what his heart desires. I hope it was long time ago…4 years to be precise…Aarohan. So he knew how Khushi felt & how Arvan felt. He didn’t persue then but now he had when 3 of them came face to face with each other like seeing them in the mirror & it shows their true self. He came to speak with Arnav to see & figure out how he felt for Khushi…the light he saw in her eyes wanted to see & make sure he saw in Arnav…he wasn’t available back then but available Now. That’s how Arjun knew Arnav was engaged & saw his coast was clear…no need to worry.
    The statement he made bothers me…”I didn’t feel like I want to be with her all day every day the last four years but…” that says he has no feelings but changed his mind. Was he being spiteful & jealous. There is more to the story then meets the eyes.
    What both are talking about? Secrets! Between them. What Arnav knows…what did Arjun do & not telling her. So waiting for Khushi’s respond debating wethere to tell her his secrets or not based upon her response. That just mean & malice. She might be mad but will understand…won’t say about it until she says “yes”.
    Did he kiss Tripti?

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Forget to mention… if he kiss Tripti that would be the killer blow… Khushi will be furious with him. While you wanted to woo me but you went behind my back & played with my sister. Tripti was close as Khushi…that might be the thought of Arjun.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. He is playing with her…Had nerve asking me…proposing ….keeping secrets all these years. Khushi is not forgiven when it comes to her sister. She will be furious. 😡
    That was low blow on Arjun’s part…Arnav waited for her but tiredness engrossed him.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. The sneak! Im suddenly getting an image of a master manipulator in Arjun… the last 2 chapters have shown how easily he can get the other person to say/not say to get what he wishes (plz imagine an exasperated emoji)

    He has a lot of knowledge of what went on and what is happening, even now. Looks like he successfully ensured that khushi was given a wide berth in the 4 years so that he wouldnt be heart broken eventually…
    Nishanth Sir, the classmate Vishal, AV for sure..(he knew abt AV being engaged and kept the info from khushi).
    That’s serious manipulation… even when he can see the signs of y Khushi wants to decline his proposal, he steered clear off the conversation leaving her feeling guilty and unable to actually say the words to decline!

    Then he goes out to AV and tries manipulate him by telling him that he proposed to khushi, and that she hasnt made her decision as yet. AV warning too doesnt deter him, abt telling Khushi what happened 4 yrs ago…

    Looks like we r in for another misunderstanding, but we atleast have an inkling who is masterminding them. I’m worried now coz Arjun is again with her when the story reaches the prologue stage!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  32. wat happened really on the aarohan night…..arnav encouraged arjun at that time because he was unavailable…urgggh I am hating this word….wat the hell he was thinking years ago….he knowing lead her on when he was in a relationship….
    dnt knw wat is it bit it will take khushi away from him once the truth is out

    Liked by 1 person

  33. Interlude is scary..
    What is it that A-A know n my KKG doesn’t know..
    She is still friends with Arjun n doesn’t wanna face Arnav in the Prologue..

    #worried ..

    Liked by 2 people

  34. Is Arjun reaching out to AV sir because he once know him or was he fishing for something.
    What is that Arnav was insisting Arjun tell Khushi which I am sure is going to complicate things between them. Now I am more intrigued.

    Liked by 1 person

  35. Feel very anxious about Arnav / Arjun convo
    Why is Arjun drilling Arnav or what is AV sir urging Arjun to do !
    More than a crush says Arjun , he knew , also thinks he doesn’t pine for kh day & night
    Arnav slept before kh reached the charpoy
    Scared for the trio
    Don’t want them to get hurt , but it is not going to be so


  36. Wonderful update meera. And the song from tumbin..icing on cake for me . I loved all the songs from the album specially the one sung by jaggjit singh. What arnav and arjun were hiding from khushi? Arnav is ready to say that but arjun is waiting for khushi’s reply to his proposal. Is that going to change the equation between the trio?

    Liked by 1 person

  37. I think they had spoken on Aarohan day regarding Khushi’s feelings and Arjun’s feelings and Arnav might have suggested him to propose her as he was already committed to Saira


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