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For the longest time, he had tried to convince himself that the emptiness he felt was because he was leaving a place that had been home in so many ways – one that he knew would forever hold a part of his life in its gentle grasp – a part that changed with some effort and a lot of destiny.

This would have to be quick, he reminded himself. His friends were waiting for him so that they could leave together, say their final goodbyes together. He had told them he needed to check personally if his project guide was back from his vacation so that he would be able to formally thank him for all his support. His project score had been a critical contribution to his final results – spectacular as they had been. 

But standing at the gate that separated the staff quarters from the rest of the campus, he knew that was not the only reason why he was here looking for Professor Gupta.

Over the several months last year, he had alternately convinced himself of guilt and innocence and that nothing had been lost or gained that last evening after Aarohan. He had fought an urge to rush forward and explain. And then he had argued against it, citing logical facts of having made no promises or gestures that couldn’t be explained by unspecific geniality. Yes, he had sung some songs. Yes, there had been moments when he had known what the impact of his words was. Yes, there was an mixtape lying either in a dustbin or a closed wooden box somewhere. But it was just that – a mixtape of songs – for a colleague who he shared a taste in music with.

A colleague?

He laughed at himself then. And when the laughter had subsided into a fit of coughs, he walked over purposefully to the apartment that he had only ever been to once before. When nobody answered the door, a part of him was relieved. And another part was amused enough to make him wonder if in fact he had known that there would be no one to open the door and openly gawk at him as if he were an apparition.

Whatever it was, it was a story that was over. A short, bittersweet tale that had no business being allowed to take shape. And yet it had and now there would be etchings in his memory that lingered forever. Words that would fade with time and be completely forgotten. Except when he would catch strains of that one song – about falling in love secretly and rivers meeting oceans.


River Song, Music and Lyrics

Song Title: Awaarapan Banjaarapan

Album: Jism

Singers: KK

Music: M. M. Kreem


Kahan kisi ke liye hai mumkin

Sabke liye ek sa hona?

Thoda sa dil mera bura hai

Thoda bhala hai, seene mein


Note: I know this is short – that is why the mid-week update – to avoid all the chappals :P Unfortunately I am now travelling for a short family get together (my nephew turns 1!) So the next update will be only Wednesday next. We will return to the Monday updates after that!

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  1. This chapter was like the blink of an eye. Lol.
    I knew that even though it was Arnav’s thoughts it wouldn’t shed much light. Only a glint..he HAD felt it..he had…parvato ki ik nadi milne sagar se chali. He had felt something as long back as then.
    I’m glad. But its sad for such a beautiful thing to end.

    Will Part 2 be back to present time? i.e..2014?
    Can’t wait.

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  2. Of many reasons that bind two people together, Music is a powerful one. They might be chalk and cheese, but its so powerful that it forces you to notice each other. Arnav and Kaveri had always talked about music, shared likes and dislikes and created a carefree bubble for themselves. They talked, laughed and sang together…music binding them unknowingly. Both are passionate about music and sincere about their course as well. Arnav to take notice and to like Kaveri was very simple that way, unaware of when the lines of friendship between them blurred and changed into an emotion which he couldn’t decipher. He tried to hold back, he tried to fight, he tried to run away from it…but inside him, his heart has figured it out, not a comfortable feeling for him I am sure! And so…the need to go see her one last time…knowing that she might not be there! I loved this……”And another part was amused enough to make him wonder if in fact he had known that there would be no one to open the door and openly gawk at him as if he were an apparition”.

    tera jalwa jo paaoon, main har gham bhul jaaoon
    ye aansoon jo hain behte, bas itna hain ye kehte
    kahaan tu aur kahaan main, paraya hoon yahaan main
    karam itna agar ho… ki mujh par ik nazar ho
    karam itna agar ho… ki mujh par ik nazar ho
    karam itna agar ho, ki mujh par ik nazar ho
    jaan o dil vaar doon main, zindagi haar doon main
    jaise shama pe marta hain parvana
    aaya tere dar par diwana, aaya tere dar par diwaana……
    aaya kis mod pe afsaana….aaya kis mod pe afsaana…..!

    Beautiful beautiful qawwali, beautiful lyrics! And yes Meera, your Shahrukh Khan again :D
    Btw, I know he acted in 2 films, Chakh De & Swades, won’t know if there were any other ;) Sowwiee :D

    So much to ponder over and wonder about this story Meera, I am truly hooked. Was lucky to read CW twice, EIT and this one…so distinctly different all of them, yet so unique and beautiful! Thank you! :)

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    1. Music is the strongest form of magic ! This song is beautiful, one of the many gifts, Music has gifted the world. Thank you for sharing it ! :)

      And of course if it’s an SRK song, I’m a little ( okay way too ) partial to it. So, I just couldn’t resist commenting.

      And spreading the Shah Rukh Khan Mania, here are some of his movies, recommended –

      Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaayenge
      Main Hoon Na
      Kal Ho Na Ho
      Veer – Zara
      Kuch Kuch Hota Hain
      Dil Toh Pagal Hain
      Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
      My Name is Khan

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      1. Aww you are such a sweetheart ! I do love his ‘Veer Zaara’ and the songs are heavenly! Sorry, you are going to hate me for this but I am not a mad Shahrukh fan, but I have watched all his films…and ermmmm… I thought he was good in the ones I mentioned up there where he actually acted unlike his other films. May be because they were not his regular dhakchik dhakchik commercial films and he has done an amazing job in those. Having said that, I have watched all his films, not watched “Dilwale” yet though. Sorry, no offence! I think Im going to face hell and be banned on this page forever for saying that! :D
        And this post has digressed from Meera’s story and….to top it I have talked of all this about Shahrukh, either ways there’s no escaping her wrath now ! :p

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        1. No offence taken ! I clearly remember in a conversation between Khushi and Trip about crushes, Khushi mentioned that she loves SRK. So, I don’t think we’re digressing. ( Phew ! Found an excuse that’ll save us from getting thrown out of here ;) )

          Love him, hate him, but you can’t ignore him.

          I would bet on this – for some of us here, he’s the one who makes us go all – Dhak Dhak… Dhak Dhak !.

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      2. AV sir knew he was leading kh on even when he had a gf in his hometown , can’t imagine the goody goody boy , topper, heart throb would do this ?
        Couldn’t he help himself ?
        No contacts after Aarohan , what was he thinking ?
        She is a kid, like he called the first year students
        He was going away , yet he pursued her ( changing the songs, mixed tape )

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        1. Chanlee, thank you for bringing back this feeling!

          It feels like yesterday that we were all at the River side heart raw and heavy.
          This interlude whispered something, making some lighter. It also made some pick up pots and pans.
          A salve for some, a gusty wind to flames for others.

          I’ve always felt these moments he shared with Khushi were the ones that he truly let himself be without the weight of what he was, or what he should be.
          The heart knows what it needs.
          And, as for all his actions – what you ask are all valid questions.
          As always, in the matters of the mind and heart, what is well and truly inside – cannot stay hidden. I felt we saw a glimpse of that with this interlude.

          I hope what you find as you read on, brings you as much closure as the pleasure it does. :)

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          1. Nivi, how are you? Hope your family is also well. Considering the strange times we are living through.
            P.S: I’m giggling reading all our comments, feels nice to in the midst of doom and gloom.

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            1. P, I missed seeing this. Everyone’s well here. Hope you and yours are *teep-taap* (as Manorama Mami would say).

              Oh man, that interlude was the bomb, if I may say so. I can never forget the frenzy and frustration that ensued.
              Good times, good times. :D

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              1. Yes as teep taap as can be in the situation. Good to hear from you Nivi. Its a relief in many ways that my folks are in Kerala.

                Yeah the interlude was the bomb alright, it left us scratching our heads more😁
                Take care and stay safe.

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  3. So he really did start having some feelings for Khushi and if I have come to know arnav’s character well enough, he would never ever toy with another girl’s feelings if he was already engaged to someone.

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  4. I did not know you were posting an early update – so pleasantly surprised – cuz I dont have to wait until the Monday after to read more of your magic weave.

    To stand up for myself and convince others of my innocence – easy peasy – partly because of genes and mostly because I am that good. To stand up to myself and convince myself of my innocence – sure, in a decade. Maybe.

    I understand AV’s need for conviction of innocence even if I don’t appreciate the perceived reason behind the need. I do. I don’t understand my dismay with AV. His chivalrous “let her sit” grates against his guilt. Guilt that he led her on, or that he feels something for someone other than his Juliet, or that the knowledge of his Juliet will hurt her?

    Also going from someone who doesn’t give a rat’s bottom about anything – to speculating, questioning and judging!!! What have you done to me Meera?

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  5. Ok Meera, finally decided to write my thoughts. I loved reading all the thoughts and comments from your brilliant readers. Hope you are having fun at family time. Wish your nephew a very happy birthday. Now coming to update– I am very heartbroken for Khushi and feel her pain as if it happened to me and my mind still keep on wondering about her hurt every now and than.

    I am not surprised after reading AV sir’s ‘S point of view as somewhere I expected that and also understand his point of view at his age and at that point of juncture in life when he has to leave and make a career and possibility of sweetheart also at home, so many things are going on and it is very expected reaction how he behaved most of the time and also in the end.

    I am so so happy and at peace to know that he was not completely unaffected by her as Khushi and we all were thinking. He also had some feelings for her– what was that, the story in future will tell that.

    On one hand I do not want to be angry with him as he never led her in any way except aarohan night which was also only through songs but never one word and of course as a human being he just went with his emotions.

    But on other hand it seems he understood Khushi has feelings for him, I am hurt by him for running away despite of knowing her feelings. He behaved selfishly. He could have given some closure at least for khushi’s sake if not for himself. It would have been so easier for Khushi to move on after closure and she would have been in peace that he liked her just little bit and all those songs and gestures were not her imagination only and would have wished good luck to him for future with heavy heart but at least looking directly in his eyes. Alas, what happened now is so painful for Khushi and she will never forget this hurt of falling in love at that tender age.

    I just want Khushi to behave very maturely and strongly in front of Arnav whenever they meet and really wish that AV sir goes through a hell of remorse and guilt when he sees her for his past behaviour. I know I am behaving like a sadist person but I want Khushi to give him no satisfaction that once she loved him. I wish he suffers much more with hurt— sorry it is my wounded heart speaking—–ah. Who knows that he may be by now happily married, or widower or divorced person, but whatever his status is, Khushi is not available to him and has moved on( at least on his face). Thank god this is just fiction otherwise I might have reached wherever this AV sir is to show him the repercussions of his behaviour.

    If I think logically I understand that at that point of time, it was not right time for them to be together but in current time Khushi has no time for him– bas– that’s it.

    By reading his point of view, he clearly had some feelings for her and that is tremendous relief to my crying heart but poor Khushi is not so lucky to have that relief , so imagine her anguish.

    I feel doubtful that he really had childhood sweetheart but that may be due to our bias towards Arnav always loves Khushi in our romantic heart but reality is different. However if he was in love with someone, that Khushi also should move on and totally no no to him now even if he wants her now.

    No pity for Khushi is acceptable and if Arnav wants Khushi in future, he will have to give very tough AGNI PARIKSHA. I am happy to see that Khushi still has true friend in form of Arjun with her especially when she has to meet Arnav..

    I will stop now as some of Arnav fan might throw chappals and tomatoes on me😜😜😜. In the end I still understand AV sir ‘s behaviour if I think rationally but ye Dil hai ki manta hi nahi.

    Meera dekho your story wooves this kind of magic that so many of your readers including me are going through a plethora of emotions with all these fictional characters. We are thinking about them , analyzing about them , much more than our AD.i just love you and your writing. 👌👌😄😄

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  6. Thank you Meera for that early update.

    Holidaying are we,….wishing ur little nephew a very happy first birthday. What a wonderful time in parents lives when a child is 1. Many milestones and happy memories to come. Enjoy get together. Hope ur little one is keeping well too.

    Back to the update comment.

    Few lines struck me in that short interlude. Inspite of it being short, it gave quite n insight on his last day on campus.

    So he knew that mix tape was either in the bin or box….but not yet heard… surprise there. Khushi’s reaction to him till the last day never wavered. (Here I am glad she didn’t hear the tape till she came back from the wedding)
    Strange tho how he was trying to convince himself that it was JUST a mixtape,…….was it,…..maybe it was………

    Secondly,….why does it feel that he felt guilty of taking of leading her on. Knowing very well the implication of his words and choice of songs.

    It’s still throwing me off as to why he did that,…..form of entertainment…..satisfaction to a male ego? ……..easy target?………


    Just mutual love for the similar interest that blurred colleagues relationship lines? Still what stuns me is he was a man in love fighting a battle of love. If that was love than what was this??? Entertainment?…….fun At an innocent hearts expense?

    Honestly, if not knowing his POV was bad,….than this is worse…….

    He made the effort to make emended before leaving,….but what did he expect,(that is if Kaveri was home)….Khushi to conveniently listen to him so easily after all these month when he had many more convenient chances to do the same???? Still not sure what his expectations r from himself,Kaveri, his Juliet or life itself. Career wise we all know he had big plans for himself….but the personal front definitely looks bleak and confusing.

    The last line:

    A short, bittersweet tale that had no business being allowed to take shape. And yet it had and now there would be etchings in his memory that lingered forever. Words that would fade with time and be completely forgotten. Except when he would catch strains of that one song – about falling in love secretly and rivers meeting oceans.

    That sums up his doing… he did lead her on….although, it will remain a secret but one that’ll haunt him all his life.

    The interlude was overflowing with his battle with himself for leading Kaveri to Arnav ( rivers meeting the ocean) .

    Given a chance again, would he have done things differently?……I have my doubts…….sometimes even the quietest of the oceans are helpless when it come to Destiny.

    Especially knowing :

    emptiness he felt was NOT ONLY because he was leaving a place that had been HOME in so many ways – one that he knew would FOREVER hold a part of his life in its GENTLE GRASP– a part that CHANGED with SOME EFFORT and a lot of DESTINY.

    Thank you for that interlude, ur Arnav still remains the elusive OCEAN……and Kaveri a steadily flowing River.

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    THNQ MRIESHKA……it was ur comment on one of my comment that made me realize the following….

    How did I not see this before,….its been right there in my face……What a well planned Googly Meera…….

    There is NO *Juliet* ………..HE spread the rumour to put a stop to all that was happening btwn them….

    He was leaving, n she is starting……to avoid the complications, long distance, n not have career hindrance,…..he put a stop to *IT*

    But he feels for her too…..there is a connect,….its not onesided……Kaveri wasn’t flowing aimlessly…..there was indeed a direction to her flow……

    YES……thank god for small mercies.

    Not that I am super psyched for making this tiny discovery…..or maybe I’ll throw in yet another googly.

    But now I can’t wait to read the now 2014 phase…..where I am excited to see how many hills, bends and turn a *river* shall flow through before freely flowing into *sagar*.

    This is gonna be an exciting ride.

    Dekho, nadi ke kinaare
    Panchhi pukaare kisi panchhi ko
    Dekho, yeh jo nadi hai
    Milne chali hai saagar hi ko
    Yeh pyaar ka hi saara hai caarvaan
    Kaisi hai yeh rut ke jis mein phool banke dil khile

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      1. Agree,….its not implied anywhere,……..

        Sorry didn’t see her reaction to comment similar to this……but what explain the sudden appearance of his parent on campus in the middle of the term.

        That too, on the night when he may have potentially heard Tripti saying Khushi loving……,

        on the night he decided to fan the spark he knew was there by changing songs, …..was he testing the waters?……..and when saw how deep he could sink, he got cold feet and choose to pull back.

        Sorry if my comment bother or annoyed u or Meera in anyways.
        I am a sucker for Arnav Khushi…..and am hoping against all odds he is single and ready to mingle….hahaha

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          1. Tell me bout it,…..

            I am in Mexico attending a family wedding and am supposed to be enjoying the mehendi and Sanger by the beach.

            But and this wonderful Gulf of Mexico is constantly bringing me back to *Naadiya kinaare*

            What to do……I even told the mehendi lady to only put mehendi on the back of my hands so I can use my phone…..haha such is the power of Meera’s stories.

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        1. Haha, you are the third person to believe Arnav started rumor himself.. It was me first, then Avanti and then you. And of course Meera denied that speculation :)

          I’m still not buying that Arnav is engaged to his childhood sweetheart. It’s not that I don’t want to see Arnav with some one else but something is not adding up.. But if they are indeed true, then I wish him a happily ever after.. Lol.. Jk..

          Loved reading your thoughts.. Penned very nicely..

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          1. Hey,…thnq….

            But I am no where close to how well some of the comments are written on this blog,….Meera has got some amazing minds reading her stories….and why not,…her stories are written better than a lot of published stories I have read.

            I agree with you, something doesn’t add up for sure.

            I was rereading few of the previous chapters and during rehearsals too there were times when Arnav seemed not too thrilled with Kav and Arjun’s *nazdikiyaan* he even questioned it at one point…..

            There was always that speculative glints in his eyes, as time passed and he got to know her more……he saw more to her than just another shy regular Mach girl….now don’t get me wrong…….that tease that Arjun threw towards them before one of the practice session is where I am thinking this whole thing started………..

            Before that it seems to me it was all just fun and games…….but again I m not sure when it comes to Meera’s writing….Meera ko Katha, Meera hi Jaane.

            It’s still boggling me as to how,…..a man so in love who is fighting for his love back home……can wear his heart on his sleeves.

            I read so many comments that said he slipped,..and it’s okay things happened……..but I don’t get it,……

            If he genuinely had a gf back home,…….then I guarantee this was just a little entertainment for him…..and if he felt a real connect here which he didn’t have a chance to explore as the time was not right than he would not be engaged ……

            Unless he is a kinda person who shall live all his life in *what if*

            The last line of the interlude still tugs at me….

            *A short, bittersweet tale that had no business being allowed to take shape. And yet it had *

            Now that I re-read it like over 50 times,….I think he meant it towards Khushi more than him…..he shouldn’t have led her on……and since he did ….. He may not remember the details and exact word but it shall come back to haunt him when he hears the song.

            So that tell me bring be back to a doubtful mode……that he was only playing with her emotions…sans the guilt and not being able to face her to explain…..

            Once again…its just my mind rambling …. No offence to anyone

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  8. just read the interlude and somehow I guessed that arnav knows about kushi’s attraction towards him but what pricks me is why he encouraged her feelings when he knows there is no scope.

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  9. As usual … am late at realising that you’ve updated the Interlude … :(

    First of all a very Happy Birthday to your nephew … and wish you a very pleasant holiday with your family …

    :) was going through the comments … some of them are much much longer than the Interlude itself !!!
    But your words had just the right impact on us readers …
    Feel really bad for both AV and Kaveri … I don’t blame either of them for going through with these emotions …
    Girls being much more sensitive than boys lose their hearts much more easily …
    But then he is older than her and I’m sure he must have had many girls falling for him and vice versa …
    The whole atmosphere … both being young and over that singing such beautiful romantic songs … this was bound to happen … Cupids arrow had to find its mark on both of them …
    From his thoughts it’s clear that he too was affected by the whole incident … but circumstances somehow did not work in their favour … But she will remain in one corner of his heart forever I’m sure …
    Waiting eagerly to know their lives at present :)

    Thank you Meera …

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    1. Whatever it was, it was a story that was over. A short, bittersweet tale that had no business being allowed to take shape. And yet it had and now there would be etchings in his memory that lingered forever. Words that would fade with time and be completely forgotten. Except when he would catch strains of that one song – about falling in love secretly and rivers meeting oceans …
      Beautifully written …

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  10. he did feel something for her unknowingly! he should have avoided her and he tried to do so too but then he changed the songs at the last moment, almost acknowledged her feelings ! what would have happened if his parents hadn’t reached there with their approval for his so called lovestory that evening?
    I so want to believe that if he was genuinely in love with that childhood friend he wouldn’t have lead khushi like this,not even unknowingly. but at the end it’s only man who makes mistakes.

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  11. Whaaaat!!! U know I read it again and again to satisfy cravings sort of feeling .I just sounded like a vampire yuck!!
    What are u doing meera making us addicts to your story:)
    I was just checking and there it was …… Only 3 days to go now instead of week
    I just want to rant out some sappy dialogues like “mujse a wait bardaash nahi hora raha hai”
    I cant remember hindi word for wait !!!Arghh poora filmy effect was destroyed
    Waiting 4 Wednesday

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  12. bahot gussa aa raha hai tum par…i know it is not right…but really..yaar….kis ke upar gussa karu? khud pe?? shayad …..par kusur to mera bhi nahi…tera bhi shayad nahi…kuchh kehna mera haque bhi nahi…par yeh shayad addiction ki hadd tak involve hona woh bhi with a fiction…. hi mera kusur hai…

    any way…lets talk about good things…now, we have little insight in AV’s mind….so yay…though we dont know anything about the engagement and childhood sweetheart story. but atleast some insight his mind..
    and also it is your time to enjoy your real world…wish you a good time…have fun with nephew…and family…

    by the way last short chapter…Blink of an eye…
    chhupa na bhi nahi aata, jata na bhi nahi aata… is for all three of them..shayad..

    Mohabbat kaise karte hain,

    Koi toh humko samjhaaye

    Kahin aisa na ho ke, pyaar bin umr kat jaaye

    Tumse milne ka koi, bahana bhi nahi aata

    is right for all three of them…Khushi,Arnav and Arjun….ha haa…ha ..haa..

    dil ke tut ne ki awaaz bhi nahi hoti,
    zakham -e-kari dil ki kahin zaahir bhi nahi hoti

    kabhi khamoshi, kabhi aasoon se kahi bhi jaaye,
    har dil ki kahani lafson main bayan bhi nahi hoti

    uss waqt tak hota hai iss dil pe khud ka ikhteyaar,
    jab talak unse nigahein chaar nahi hoti

    mana lo jitna bhi iss dil ko ke yaad nahi karenge,
    tasveer-e-jaana dil -o- dimaag se berang nahi hoti.

    ek pal bhi kabhi bhul hi na paayein jinhe
    yaad aane ki unki ,koi wajah bhi nahi hoti.

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  13. Meera..what a brilliant interlude yaar.. I was so depressed after the last chapter.. I am still not clear what exactly Arnav is thinking in interlude..I felt he is guilty of leading Kushi unknowingly..

    I read the prologue again for Nth time from different perspective..I wanted to make sure they met again after college..I am 100% sure now they met again..looks like on all her new beginnings..I feel her first job and B-School were her new beginnings and she met him there too..
    1) she says she is influenced by the management consultants whom she met during when she was R&D engineer..may b AV came there?
    2) He might be alumni of B SChool and would have met her..
    I am hoping he isn’t married and hence still messes with her mind..if he was married, she wouldnt even exclaim seeing his name..he would be just another senior manager..I hope I am true Meera..I don’t want Arnav to be married / divorcee / widower.

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  14. Hello meera! Sorry for not commenting in the last 2 chapters! Had a hectic month! But your chapters just blew my mind! I predicted Doomsday and you gave a beautiful and wonderful night of AaRohan. So Arnav really has feelings for her. But why the animosity of Khushi and Arjun towards Arnav in the prologue. Kuch baatein ho chuki hai, kuch Baatein abhi Hai Baki; bochar ek padi hai, barsate abhi Hai Baki! Wow you are making all of us musical!

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  15. Meera thanks for the interlude. The feeling after reading this was relief. Is it bcos her misreading of the incidents are not mistakes but there were some signs from him. Or this feeling she had towards him is not bcos of her immaturity or innocence or He will always carry her memories in some corner of his heart or this pain of guilt not only for Khushi but he’ll also feel. Waiting for the next book , are we approaching prologue or in between last day of college and prologue part. Eagerly waiting to know. Thx

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  16. When did you update the interlude?? Yaar Meera, ek tweet to banta hain, whenever you update.

    I loved, loved and loved the interlude.

    I am so with Arnav on his state of mind. Khushi was a beautiful confusion for him, isn’t it?
    Their wavelengths matched and he got carried away and let his emotions too get carried away.
    But what could he probably apologize to her?

    The emptiness he felt was not due to the fact that he was leaving the campus, probably the emptiness was arising from deep within his heart.

    Did he ever try to understand what he felt for Khushi during those few months? Did it haunt him later on in life as to what was that which was between them?

    One of my favorite songs comes to my mind when I think of Arnav now:

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    1. You know, when I first read the interlude I wanted to give him a whack :-) As did many others
      I would love to hear from Meera at some point how she chooses the songs for each update. The one for this, I have heard it before, but it had never registered with me. Last few days I’ve been listening to it sort of obsessively. It brings out that emptiness so beautifully, that when you read it again things sort of make more sense. Haven’t we all been there, when we’re young, and life is just starting out, made decisions which seemed right, fit in with what was expected of us, and then years later, one looks back and there it pops up; what if?
      I think what I can’t wrap my head around is why he made the decision to sing those songs. Khushi in her insecurity and her hangups about herself, never expected to garner his interest, she was happy with whatever little came from his end. But those songs, they gave rise to so much hope that when the hearbreak came it must have cut even more deeper. If one is go with this grande passion love story of his, second hand news eventhough, it just doesn’t fit in…

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      1. I agree.

        We need a chapter by chapter synopsis of what kind if though process u went through as u penned them down. Along with the choices of songs u made and why….

        But we shall not stop there…

        Lets further dissect what when through that brilliant mind of yours when u read all rollercoaster like speculations chapter by chapter.

        Meera please excuse me for hogging and pretty much living on ur blog day in day out.

        Mere i-…pad ke bookmark pe
        ek tera blog reload hota hain
        ufsoos magar
        ke meera humko
        update per hafta deti hain.


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      2. I totally agree.. If he didn’t change the songs at all and/or if his demeanor was casual/ reserved ( I would think that if he had a GF and if he suspected Khushi’s crush on him, he woul behave more reserved so as not to encourage her?), we the readers wouldn’t be upset with him at all (whoever that were upset that is). Khushi was resigned to the fact that her feelings won’t be reciprocated and she was okay with it. But the songs gave her renewed hope which was squashed brutally couple of hours later..

        And of course Arjun had to break that news to her 😏😐

        I was so enthralled by this AV like no other Arnav ; may be that’s the reason for my disappointment. I couldn’t think of him as a person making mistakes? I guess that makes him flawed and a real human being😬

        Liked by 3 people

  17. This interlude and Arnav-Varuns departure from Kaveri-Khushi’s door step deserves this background score……

    Mera Tumhara Kia Rishta Hai
    Kuch Bhi Nahi
    Agar Kabhi Tum Guzarta Dekho
    Kia Tum Mujhe Bulao Gi
    Shayad Nahi
    Agar Jo Phir Hum Kabhi Na Mile Tu
    Kia Tum Yaad Aao Gi’ Nahi
    Kion K Tum Meri Koi Nahi
    Main Janta Hoon Magar
    Ho Jub Meri Koi Nahi
    Kion Lagti Ho Mujh Ko Parai Nahi

    Jub Bhi Mile Hum
    Aisa Laga Phir Milenge Nahi
    Phir Bhi Najane Kisi Bahane
    Milte Gaye Hum Tum Agar Kahin Na Kahin
    Jub Aaj Koi Nahi Hain Bahana
    Phir Kion Tehar Jain Kadam
    Ho Tum Meri Koi Nahi
    Main Janta Hoon Magar
    Ho Jub Tum Koi Nahi
    Kion Lagti Ho Mujh Ko Parai Nahi

    Ek Ajnabi Se Itni Na Ki Thi
    Baten Kabhi
    Jo Chaha Dil Ne Kehta Gaya Main
    Tum Se Koi Bhi Doori Mujhe Lagi Na Kabhi
    Paas Tumhare Aaya Tha Kitne
    Ye Ehsaas Ho Raha Hai Mujhe Abhi
    Per Tum Meri Koi Nahi
    Shayad Mujhe Hai Yakeen
    Ho Jub Tum Meri Koi Nahi

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        1. Socha na tha.
          with Abhay Deol and Ayesha Takia.

          A young guts dilemma btwn a long time love and inecitabble real love along with family confusion is what the movie is about.

          Kinda helped me a bit understand Arnav-Varun a little more.

          Maybe i shant bemade at him or at Kaveri-Khushi upon her future reactions to him.

          I KNOW EH….

          today is the D-DAY….

          My reload button will definately crash today.


          Liked by 2 people

          1. Oh socha me tha. A friend of mine is a lover of this movie. A lot many times she had told me to watch it. I don’t know why but I don’t like Abhay Deol.😴
            But the sond is nice. Goes well with KavRun/ArHi 😃

            I am dying with antipication. Thinking every now and then,”Prologue aayega k nahi aayega” 😯😄

            Liked by 2 people

  18. This goosebumpy adrenaline booster of a song played in my car’s playlist today morning….of course A R Rehman….and then I thought of AV Sir! Look what you’ve done Meera!
    Masakkali was side tracked and this one had taken over my world for a very very long time…the frikking violins wouldn’t let me rest in peace!! Im sure you love it too!

    Update day Author Sahiba!!
    Like Avanti… too….just saying ;)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. This was an incredible soundtrack album and many a time its those hidden gems that stick with one rather than the much played popular ones. Thanks for posting :-)
      It has raised the anticipation to even greater heights if that is possible!

      Liked by 2 people

  19. Hey Meera,
    Read last four chapters in one go today. Sorry I was on long vacation to India.
    There is a reason why we Indians worship movies and songs. We can connect some part of our life with songs.
    Aarohan part was so heart warming. But most interesting was to read Arnav’s thoughts. Although he loved his childhood friend, he somehow got attracted towards Khushi. Excited to read more.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. Intehaaaaaaaaa hogayi intezaarr ki…
    Aayi na kuch khabarrr…. Mere yaar ki..
    Yeh humein hain yakeeeen
    Bewafaa woh nahinnn
    Phir wajahhhhh kya hui…
    Intezaaaaar ki!

    Just joining in … Mood set kar rahi hoon 😋

    Liked by 2 people

  21. I can’t believe I didn’t see this before… I was waiting for this!

    Kuch Kuch muje ho Gaya after reading this… It’s like a emptiness ..a known feeling that was hidden but it’s better that way in a way!

    Can’t wait for what’s in store for them .. Meera eager very eager

    Liked by 1 person

  22. i dont know what to write…
    you know.after reading your story…i always read comments…its somewhere gave me a releif that.apart from me..there are many who are crazy just like me….like thinking about fictional charactrs..their emotions feelings…..their future.. :)
    omg….actually…its hilarious to see someone crying in front of a lappy..while reading something….right :D
    okk…..i am sorry..if my perceptn is wrong…but i think arnav is a selfish guy who just want himself a best career..n i dont consider that he’ immature..
    god!!..he’ in 4th year of graduation..atleast he should know that..khushi is not like regular girls..she is innocent.n just started her college life..if he’ not at all intrested in her .he should’nt hav mislead heartbreak..
    After reading interlude i just have one questn…as it is mentioned by “reinventaddict”
    why he did that,…..form of entertainment…..satisfaction to a male ego? ……..easy target?………
    whatever reason he have in his mind..he cant simply play with an innocent heart…poor khushi..hope she’ fine.

    yaa i forgot to mention i m…waiting for your approval for The Emerald Isle Tales…

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Dear Meera,
    Phew…finally able to play catch up game…three more chapters to read for second part… Loving the story so far with ups and downs with emotions, attachments, falling in love (the first love hard to forget) and mix ones too, which Arnav has… choosing of all the songs and it’s placement of usage in the story is marvellous. Couldn’t ask for more…you have picked your favorite songs (nearest and dearest) and use them at appropriate time to share the feelings of our hero and heroine. Loved every single of those songs.
    For Arjun, what can I say…loving the character, his charm, wittiness, teaser, jokester attitude is wonderful…he is wonderful friend to Khushi…always making her laugh and pulling her legs whether she wants him too or not :-)…glad she has him to muddle through hardship. For Tripti, she is a loving, caring Sis…who has best interest at heart…always share her enthusiam, advice and push buttons of Khushi where it is needed to have fun in her life. Like/Love how she blurt out the word ‘love’ in her face. Love this character. For Khushi and Arnav, what can I say…they have their moments. There is more to Arnav then meets the eyes. Arnav fell in love too…I hope so… crossing figures here…
    I have laughed, giggles and felt sad for Khushi and her feelings. There will be time for her to shine too. Let’s see how the story moves forward. Loving it Meera…you are a genius. Thank you with all my heart.
    Dimple (if girlie456)

    Liked by 1 person

  24. It couldnt have been just one-sided with all that awareness between them and the songs he sang so soulfully – to her it seemed! But Arnav has another life and family beyond college which held him back and he just crushed or ignored the feelings he was beginning to have?

    Liked by 1 person

  25. You know, this interlude was just perfect! I loved every single paragraph, every line. It makes so much sense and it makes him very real and very human to me.

    If he had not known, not thought, not suspected, not doubted the he isn’t the man I thought he was. That he did, and wondered, felt what he did – makes sense and helps carve him into the character you are creating here. <3

    Sigh… They don't make men like this anymore Meera. What are you doing? Creating your Amans and Aditis and your Arnavs… All of them, every single one of them is drool-worthy, every single one elicits a deep sigh, Romance ho to aisa.

    Thank you Twiggy for inspiring this interlude. Much needed.


    Liked by 2 people

  26. Ooooooo…. Arnav Varun shared the feelings… It was in a way obvious but I am looking forward to the future story of the river and her ocean…
    So excited…

    Liked by 1 person

  27. Loved the update. This interlude gives the first hand glimpse into Arnav’s feelings regarding the episode between him and Khushi. What i loved is the realistic approach you have kept to the story. I can’t help but remember the old college romance in our lives, which each and every one of us had faced at some point of time. Loved the story till now to bits.
    And well, you sure are bollywood songs queen. Each and every song was just suitable to the mood of the story.
    Arnav did had feelings for Khushi, ah now that’s a relief. Want to have more such Arnav pov.

    Liked by 2 people

  28. As I come to the end of ‘Once a mountain stream’ all I’ve got to tell is that Meera you are an awesome writer…. I feel so so connected to your characters that even if it was not a very heartbreaking separation yet I have tears in my eyes for the immature Khushi who shouldn’t have fallen for AV without knowing one thing about him and an Arnav who is bound by another lady… As helpless as they both are they are deeply connected!

    And even for Arjun Agarwal who will have the biggest heartbreak !

    How can I forget to mention The Gupta household especially Tripti… That girl is something! I’m in love with her 😍

    Thank you once again for giving us such lovely stories that’ll be remembered and related to real life incidents in days to come 😆

    What I love most in ‘A River’ is the realistic touch… I could literally relate to Khushi …

    And the musical touch you’ve given to this is just breath taking!

    Thank you!

    With much love,
    Aalu :)

    Liked by 1 person

  29. Loved it..loved the realness of it..”sane” guys are like that..certified sadus :B Thts okay though as thats how they are wired on a serious note.. and “made no promises” is their universal lifeline I think..women think and too much from their heart.. the other kind is a bit more “practical”

    Liked by 1 person

  30. He did!!!! He did……..
    He did feel something but the fragile connection got broken before it could grow and strengthen or be given a name.
    Eager to see whats next for them.

    PS – where can I find Careless Whispers and your other stories.

    Liked by 1 person

  31. I think arnav also equally confused as khushi…both are on the same path…confused about their own feelings…
    She sang that song at the river
    And he remembers that…meera u just confused me…

    Liked by 1 person

  32. The interlude was crisp. But, I was like? Was this just you felt for her? Was this that easy for you to let go. Even if you didn’t feel for her, weren’t you guilty for leading her on? It surprises me Meera, How easily our feelings turn for AV. I don’t hate him, but I would still like to ask him, what did the evening mean? But then again, I feel I understand Khushi’s decision not to ask him. Maybe the possibility of being tagged as a fool is high. If AV could let go the evening like that, then perhaps she was over-imagining and asking him would only embarrass her further. It would make her come off as immature.

    ” Words that would fade with time and be completely forgotten. Except when he would catch strains of that one song – about falling in love secretly and rivers meeting oceans.”
    In several alternate universes of so many people, this is where the story ends. If you had a sadistic bone in you Meera, you would end the story there. It might have felt incomplete, but justified, because in reality we rarely discover what and why it happened. We never get the answers to those unasked questions. But, this is YOU, and you give us happy endings. SO, thank you for that.

    “Thoda sa dil mera bura hai
    Thoda bhala hai, seene mein”
    Wow, Meera. Thanks again for creating AV and Kavi.

    Liked by 2 people

  33. it was heartbreaking…..
    he knew that he lead her on…..why dammit….if you had a childhood sweetheart and had plans to marry her then why did you gave knowingly her gestures which means you feel something for her…….its not acceptable

    Liked by 1 person

  34. Dear Meeta,

    Hope you had a wonderful weekend..

    Interlude was very apt & yes he has feelings too..
    Arnav’s feelings expressed so well & u feel sad for him too.. chahkaar bhi he is unable to share his feelings as he has to first express to himself.. the last line of update stood out from the song which khushi sang
    nadi chali milne…👍

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I was afraid what if Meera would close the blog.. I was in hurry to read all the chapters,but I couldn’t read at stretch.. Grumpy hubby..Soti kyun nhi ho,, own health issues..
        btw,U r binge reading it..
        Thanx.. Ramzan is going gr8..

        Liked by 2 people

        1. It said something wrong with the username , refusing to upload , so changed it a little with my identity intact


  35. So, he knows there is a chance for Khushi to misunderstand him. Well, he did not realise the full impact he and his songs had on Khushi. Now he left. Left for good. The collage reunions are most probably after 10 years or 25. Where is the chance for them to meet again? Or is it going to be their second meet which was mentioned in the Prologue? 10 years or 9 years is a long time, but they kept tabs on his professional endeavours. How much do they know about his personal life? Are we going to get a glimpse of it? Too many questions.

    Liked by 3 people

  36. thats it he felt?? colleague my foot..he is convincing himself then why the hell he changed all the songs n made her yearn for him n now like coward he just want to think as far fetched memory how can u arnav varun??? n what about this majhab ki deewar love story of that even real story??? if u r in love already why u led poor khushi goddd!this is the first tym i pinned for khushi i m always a little biased to arnav but this arnav without even speaking, hurled accuses, slammed doors n telling her fark nahi padta broke my heart more…
    i said it before n saying ut again u r wonderful meera
    i dn even know that u r gonna read this or not seeing story is b ing written un 2016 but still i cud not walk away without telling u r an amazing in writer

    Liked by 1 person

  37. So he did come to her house for the last time before going. He is also thinking with his songs he lead her. And the picture with only legs I just love that meera. Very opt for Arnav pov. And so brave khushi . She immersed herself in academics and emerged as topper. Very well written meera.

    Liked by 1 person

  38. I recently discovered the world of IPK fan fictions and Boy haven’t I missed all of this magic for so long… This story is simply magical. I know I’m so many years late, but I just want to say Kaveri is me, I’m Kaveri. This story is beauty at its best, a soothing poem that manages to move you and make you feel. I know I still have a lot of Chapters to read-through, but Book 1 is enough evidence to state that you are an exceptional writer.
    Thank you!


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